Bolivian Box Office For 2010

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Toy Story 3$1,000,14715$1,100,757Jun 17Walt Disney Pictures
2Avatar$950,26118$1,454,156Dec 1720th Century Fox International
3Alice in Wonderland$675,99013$676,994Mar 4Walt Disney Pictures
4Shrek Forever After$616,10116$644,133Jul 8Paramount Pictures International
5Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$591,99633$616,542Nov 18Warner Bros.
6Clash of the Titans$525,04617$525,046Apr 15Warner Bros.
7Resident Evil: Afterlife$400,47416$400,474Sep 10Sony Pictures Releasing
8Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$355,88811$355,888May 27Walt Disney Pictures
9The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$326,47222$429,153Dec 920th Century Fox International
10Iron Man 2$311,08614$311,086Apr 29Paramount Pictures International
11How to Train Your Dragon$282,50413$282,504Mar 25Paramount Pictures International
12Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore$273,14812$273,148Aug 19Warner Bros.
13Despicable Me$265,91214$265,912Jul 29Universal Pictures International (UPI)
14Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole$255,93517$255,935Sep 30Warner Bros.
15The Sorcerer's Apprentice$252,2228$252,222Jul 16Walt Disney Pictures
16The Karate Kid$249,80911$249,809Jun 24Sony Pictures Releasing
17The Last Airbender$237,46113$237,461Aug 26Paramount Pictures International
18Megamind$231,31114$278,640Dec 2Paramount Pictures International
19Paranormal Activity 2$210,7947$210,794Nov 4Paramount Pictures International
20The Twilight Saga: New Moon$203,96710$203,967Jan 1-
21Tooth Fairy$174,8098$174,809Jan 1420th Century Fox International
22Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$168,31510$271,964Dec 2520th Century Fox International
23Inception$163,44310$163,443Aug 5Warner Bros.
24The Twilight Saga: Eclipse$160,67113$160,671Sep 23-
25Grown Ups$151,6998$151,699Aug 12Sony Pictures Releasing
26Pocholo y su Marida - amor a lo gorrión$151,5118$179,924Nov 25-
27Robin Hood$146,02010$146,020May 20Universal Pictures International (UPI)
28A Nightmare on Elm Street$144,7456$144,745May 13Warner Bros.
29The Princess and the Frog$138,3958$138,395Jan 1Walt Disney Pictures
30Gulliver's Travels$137,50315$442,038Dec 2320th Century Fox International
31Old Dogs$137,1915$137,191Jan 28Walt Disney Pictures
32Sherlock Holmes$133,0797$133,079Jan 14Warner Bros.
33The Wolfman$131,80312$142,291Feb 11Universal Pictures International (UPI)
34Tron: Legacy$122,20716$193,227Dec 16Walt Disney Pictures
35Piranha 3D$111,9626$111,962Sep 16-
36Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief$110,57712$121,320Feb 1120th Century Fox International
37Life as We Know It$105,2745$105,274Oct 21Warner Bros.
38Search for Paradise$101,8796$101,879Jan 7-
39Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
$94,39510$94,395Jul 2220th Century Fox International
40Marmaduke$94,2678$94,267Jun 320th Century Fox International
41The Book of Eli$84,6766$84,676Mar 18Sony Pictures Releasing
42Salt$84,39710$84,397Aug 19Sony Pictures Releasing
43Legion$82,4306$82,430Apr 1Sony Pictures Releasing
44Predators$81,4318$81,431Aug 520th Century Fox International
45Devil$80,3306$90,168Nov 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
46Eat Pray Love$75,3157$75,315Oct 28Sony Pictures Releasing
47Sex and the City 2$72,9136$72,913Jun 3Warner Bros.
48The Hurt Locker$72,2082$72,208Feb 18-
49Vampires Suck$71,4525$71,452Oct 720th Century Fox International
50Paranormal Activity$71,2934$71,293Mar 25-
51Due Date$65,2657$65,265Nov 4Warner Bros.
52The Bounty Hunter$59,1726$59,172May 6Sony Pictures Releasing
53Solomon Kane$57,9685$57,968Oct 7-
54Garfield's Pet Force$56,2513$56,251Oct 28-
55Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$49,4966$49,496Sep 2320th Century Fox International
56The A-Team$49,3008$49,300Jun 2420th Century Fox International
57The Strangers$46,3472$46,347Jul 1-
58Edge of Darkness$45,5177$45,517Feb 25Warner Bros.
59The Tourist$45,0226$163,402Dec 23Sony Pictures Releasing
60Date Night$44,8875$44,887May 1320th Century Fox International
61Furry Vengeance$39,8975$39,897Oct 28-
62Valentine's Day$39,7605$45,439Feb 11Warner Bros.
63Planet 51$39,0303$39,030Jan 7-
64The Back-up Plan$38,5014$38,501Jul 1Sony Pictures Releasing
65The Blind Side$35,0975$35,097Mar 18Warner Bros.
66Halloween II$34,7194$34,719Oct 28-
67The Town$34,2624$34,262Oct 14Warner Bros.
2009 Re-release
$33,8622$33,862May 6-
69Invictus$33,5394$33,539Feb 4Warner Bros.
70The Social Network$32,9875$43,052Dec 2Sony Pictures Releasing
71The Other Guys$32,4694$32,469Oct 21Sony Pictures Releasing
72Toy Story 2
2009 Re-release
$32,0644$32,064Feb 18Walt Disney Pictures
73Killers$31,6735$31,673Nov 25-
74Regresa$30,7515$30,751Apr 22-
75New in Town$29,8383$29,838Apr 8-
76Saw VI$27,6744$27,674Feb 4Walt Disney Pictures
77Nine$27,2484$27,248Jan 21Sony Pictures Releasing
78Shutter Island$26,8277$26,827May 27Paramount Pictures International
79The Appeared$26,0291$26,029Jun 10-
80Zombieland$25,7636$25,763Jan 7Sony Pictures Releasing
81Going the Distance$25,6944$25,694Sep 16Warner Bros.
82The Expendables$24,8986$24,898Dec 2-
83Scar$22,8782$22,878May 20-
84Toy Story
2009 Re-release
$22,0074$32,214Feb 11Walt Disney Pictures
85Dear John$21,2714$21,271Apr 8Sony Pictures Releasing
86Case 39$21,1385$21,138Jun 10Paramount Pictures International
87Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant$20,8247$20,824Mar 11Universal Pictures International (UPI)
88Igor$20,7664$20,766Sep 9-
89Did You Hear About the Morgans?$19,3754$19,375Mar 11Sony Pictures Releasing
90The Salvation Poem$19,2673$31,883Apr 15-
91The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus$19,0194$19,019Mar 25Sony Pictures Releasing
92My Best Friend's Girl$18,5936$18,593Sep 2-
93Drag Me to Hell$18,3285$18,328Jan 28Universal Pictures International (UPI)
94All About Steve$18,1594$18,159Feb 2520th Century Fox International
95Whiteout$16,5553$31,677Dec 25Warner Bros.
96Up in the Air$14,1008$14,100Mar 4Paramount Pictures International
97Machete$13,8914$13,891Nov 11Sony Pictures Releasing
98Remember Me$13,2464$13,246Jul 8-
99The Forbidden Kingdom
2010 Re-release
$12,4292$12,429Sep 16-
100Sorority Row$12,3246$12,324Feb 25-
101Nanny McPhee Returns$12,1877$16,920Dec 23United International Pictures (UIP)
102Ninja Assassin$11,6624$11,662Feb 18Warner Bros.
103Letters to Juliet$11,5754$11,575Sep 9-
104The Men Who Stare at Goats$11,3964$11,396Apr 22Sony Pictures Releasing
2010 Re-release
$11,1614$11,161Nov 25Sony Pictures Releasing
106Armored$10,3234$10,323Jan 28Sony Pictures Releasing
1072012$10,16712$739,891Nov 12Sony Pictures Releasing
108Two Lovers$10,0913$10,091Aug 26-
109Couples Retreat$9,7364$9,736Feb 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
110Astro Boy$9,3534$9,353Apr 8-
111It's Complicated$8,0964$9,407Jun 17Universal Pictures International (UPI)
112Paintball$8,0203$8,020Oct 21-
113Transporter 3$7,8933$7,893Jan 7-
114Undertow$7,7735$7,773Sep 2-
115Green Zone
2010 Re-release
$7,7514$7,751Aug 12Universal Pictures International (UPI)
116Everybody's Fine$6,7032$6,703Mar 18Walt Disney Pictures
117The Secret in Their Eyes$6,5172$19,137Mar 25-
118Smother$6,2762$6,276Oct 7-
119A Christmas Carol$5,8137$127,367Dec 3Walt Disney Pictures
120Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure$5,6434$5,643Jan 14Walt Disney Pictures
121Flawless$4,7382$4,738Feb 18-
122Be Kind Rewind$4,6452$4,645Jun 10-
123Good Business$4,4834$4,483Nov 11-
124Precious$4,3263$4,326Jun 10-
125Paris 36$3,7642$3,764Sep 30-
126Transsiberian$2,6413$2,641Jun 10-
2010 Re-release
$2,6282$2,628Mar 11-
128The Lovely Bones$2,6115$2,611Apr 15Paramount Pictures International
129Happy-Go-Lucky$2,4083$2,408May 6-
130Julie & Julia$2,3354$8,105Dec 25Sony Pictures Releasing
131Broken Embraces$2,1244$2,124Apr 22United International Pictures (UIP)
132Land of the Lost$2,0875$20,061Dec 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
133Love Happens$1,9782$1,978Sep 16-
134Two Brothers
2010 Re-release
$1,9582$1,958Jul 15-
135My Mom's New Boyfriend$1,6051$1,605Aug 26-
136The Host
2010 Re-release
$1,5462$1,546Feb 25-
137An Education$1,4482$1,448Mar 25Sony Pictures Releasing
138Diary of a Nymphomaniac$1,4161$1,416Aug 12-
139Bangkok Dangerous$1,2362$1,236Sep 30-
140Swing Vote
2010 Re-release
$1,0842$1,084Oct 14-
141Carancho$1,0542$1,054Oct 21-
2010 Re-release
$1,0492$1,049Mar 25-
143Ponyo$1,0241$1,024Apr 8-
144Paranoid Park$9732$973Feb 18-
145The Unknown Woman
2010 Re-release
$9252$12,780Jul 15-
146The Zone$9191$919May 27-
147Alone with Her
2010 Re-release
$9132$913Nov 11-
148Cassandra's Dream
2010 Re-release
$9011$1,261Dec 23-
149Eastern Promises
2010 Re-release
$7051$705Nov 11-
150The Maid$6491$649Oct 14-
151Vicky Cristina Barcelona$6481$648Jul 15-
2010 Re-release
$5621$562Nov 11-
153The Time Traveler's Wife$2854$12,138Dec 17Warner Bros.
154A Boyfriend for My Wife$2601$260Oct 14-
155Irina Palm
2010 Re-release
$2411$241Jul 8-