Domestic Box Office For 2009

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Transformers: Revenge of the FallenDreamWorks $402,111,8704,293$402,111,870Jun 24
2Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceWarner Bros. $301,959,1974,455$301,959,197Jul 15
3UpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $287,002,9673,886$293,004,164May 29
4The Twilight Saga: New MoonSummit Entertainment $284,512,3924,124$296,623,634Nov 20
5AvatarTwentieth Century Fox $283,624,2103,461$749,766,139Dec 18
6The HangoverWarner Bros. $277,322,5033,545$277,322,503Jun 5
7Star TrekParamount Pictures $253,730,0194,053$257,730,019May 8
8Monsters vs. AliensDreamWorks $198,351,5264,136$198,351,526Mar 27
9The Blind SideWarner Bros. $196,563,3183,407$255,951,749Nov 20
10Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursTwentieth Century Fox $196,472,3004,102$196,472,300Jul 1
11X-Men Origins: WolverineTwentieth Century Fox $179,869,1454,102$179,869,145May 1
12Night at the Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianTwentieth Century Fox $177,211,9964,101$177,211,996May 22
132012Sony Pictures Releasing $162,349,0013,444$166,112,167Nov 13
14The ProposalWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $158,534,1183,158$163,958,031Jun 19
15Fast & FuriousUniversal Pictures $155,064,2653,674$155,064,265Apr 3
16G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraParamount Pictures $150,201,4984,007$150,201,498Aug 7
17Paul Blart: Mall CopSony Pictures Releasing $145,516,7903,206$146,336,178Jan 16
18TakenTwentieth Century Fox $144,966,9293,184$144,966,929Jan 30
19Gran TorinoWarner Bros. $142,214,2093,045$148,095,302Dec 12
20A Christmas CarolWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $136,889,0513,683$137,562,562Nov 6
21Angels & DemonsSony Pictures Releasing $132,553,1443,527$133,375,846May 15
22Terminator SalvationWarner Bros. $125,322,4693,602$125,322,469May 21
23Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsSony Pictures Releasing $123,765,1933,119$124,870,275Sep 18
24Alvin and the Chipmunks: The SqueakquelTwentieth Century Fox $120,727,2823,747$219,553,378Dec 23
25Inglourious BasterdsThe Weinstein Company $120,540,7193,358$120,540,719Aug 21
26G-ForceWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $119,276,7033,697$119,276,703Jul 24
27Slumdog MillionaireFox Searchlight Pictures $119,085,6922,943$141,313,054Nov 12
28District 9TriStar Pictures $115,350,0333,180$115,646,235Aug 14
29Couples RetreatUniversal Pictures $108,297,4653,074$109,204,945Oct 9
30Paranormal ActivityParamount Pictures $107,792,8452,712$107,918,810Sep 25
31WatchmenWarner Bros. $107,353,3803,611$107,509,799Mar 6
32Sherlock HolmesWarner Bros. $102,102,9563,626$209,028,679Dec 25
33Public EnemiesUniversal Pictures $97,104,6203,336$97,104,620Jul 1
34He's Just Not That Into YouWarner Bros. $93,953,6533,175$93,953,653Feb 6
35Julie & JuliaSony Pictures Releasing $93,615,0512,528$94,125,426Aug 7
36Madea Goes to JailLionsgate $90,508,3362,203$90,508,336Feb 20
37The Ugly TruthSony Pictures Releasing $88,766,4962,975$88,915,214Jul 24
2009 Re-release
Summit Entertainment $79,957,6343,337$79,957,634Mar 20
39Hannah Montana: The MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $77,127,5213,231$77,127,521Apr 10
40Where the Wild Things AreWarner Bros. $76,301,9793,735$77,233,467Oct 16
41The Princess and the FrogWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $76,035,0283,475$97,955,233Nov 25
42ZombielandSony Pictures Releasing $75,296,6533,171$75,590,286Oct 2
43CoralineFocus Features $75,286,2292,320$75,286,229Feb 6
44The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonParamount Pictures $74,843,1782,988$127,509,326Dec 25
45Hotel for DogsDreamWorks $73,034,4603,271$73,034,460Jan 16
46Law Abiding CitizenOverture Films $72,764,2272,890$73,357,727Oct 16
47This Is ItSony Pictures Releasing $72,091,0163,481$72,091,016Oct 28
48I Love You, ManDreamWorks $71,440,0112,829$71,440,011Mar 20
49Marley & MeTwentieth Century Fox $70,702,2893,505$143,146,360Dec 25
50ObsessedScreen Gems $68,153,8342,634$68,261,644Apr 24
51The Final DestinationWarner Bros. $66,477,7003,121$66,477,700Aug 28
52Friday the 13thWarner Bros. $65,002,0193,105$65,002,019Feb 13
53The Taking of Pelham 123Sony Pictures Releasing $64,301,8543,077$65,452,312Jun 12
5417 AgainWarner Bros. $64,167,0693,255$64,167,069Apr 17
55Race to Witch MountainWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $63,643,9943,268$65,402,038Mar 13
56The Time Traveler's WifeWarner Bros. $63,414,8462,988$63,414,846Aug 14
57BrünoUniversal Pictures $60,054,5302,759$60,054,530Jul 10
58Bride WarsTwentieth Century Fox $58,707,1703,228$58,707,170Jan 9
59The Haunting in Connecticut
2009 Re-release
Lionsgate $55,389,5162,732$55,389,516Mar 27
60Ghosts of Girlfriends PastWarner Bros. $55,250,0263,175$55,250,026May 1
61Bedtime StoriesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $52,115,1123,684$110,101,975Dec 25
62Funny PeopleUniversal Pictures $51,855,0453,008$51,855,045Jul 31
63I Can Do Bad All by MyselfLionsgate $51,733,9212,255$51,733,921Sep 11
64My Bloody ValentineLionsgate $51,545,9522,534$51,545,952Jan 16
65Land of the LostUniversal Pictures $49,438,3703,534$49,438,370Jun 5
66My Sister's KeeperWarner Bros. $49,200,2302,606$49,200,230Jun 26
67Old DogsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $46,528,5733,425$47,397,427Nov 25
68Underworld: Rise of the LycansScreen Gems $45,802,3152,942$45,802,315Jan 23
69Confessions of a ShopaholicWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $43,207,3332,534$43,207,333Feb 13
70Year OneSony Pictures Releasing $42,689,0263,024$43,337,279Jun 19
71The UnbornUniversal Pictures $42,670,4102,359$42,670,410Jan 9
72PreciousLionsgate $42,567,9891,003$47,566,524Nov 6
73ValkyrieUnited Artists $42,175,9752,838$83,077,833Dec 25
74Drag Me to HellUniversal Pictures $42,100,6252,510$42,100,625May 29
75OrphanWarner Bros. $41,596,2512,750$41,596,251Jul 24
76DuplicityUniversal Pictures $40,572,8252,579$40,572,825Mar 20
77It's ComplicatedUniversal Pictures $40,375,8752,955$112,735,375Dec 25
78Planet 51Sony Pictures Releasing $39,410,5583,035$42,194,060Nov 20
79SurrogatesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $38,416,6412,992$38,416,641Sep 25
80Yes ManWarner Bros. $37,661,2863,434$97,690,976Dec 19
81Ninja AssassinWarner Bros. $37,303,4652,503$38,122,883Nov 25
82State of PlayUniversal Pictures $37,017,9552,807$37,017,955Apr 17
83NotoriousFox Searchlight Pictures $36,822,0611,641$36,822,061Jan 16
84The Pink Panther 2Sony Pictures Releasing $35,922,9783,245$35,922,978Feb 6
85All About SteveTwentieth Century Fox $33,853,9382,265$33,853,938Sep 4
86Up in the AirParamount Pictures $33,655,2132,218$83,823,381Dec 4
87Halloween II-$33,392,9733,088$33,392,973Aug 28
88The Informant!Warner Bros. $33,316,8212,505$33,316,821Sep 18
89The Last House on the LeftUniversal Pictures $32,752,2152,402$32,752,215Mar 13
90The ReaderThe Weinstein Company $32,519,6801,203$34,194,407Dec 10
91500 Days of SummerFox Searchlight Pictures $32,317,3121,048$32,391,374Jul 17
92EarthWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $32,006,6031,804$32,006,603Apr 22
93The Men Who Stare at GoatsOverture Films $31,976,9372,453$32,428,195Nov 6
94PushSummit Entertainment $31,792,9092,313$31,792,909Feb 6
959Focus Features $31,749,8942,060$31,749,894Sep 9
96The SoloistDreamWorks $31,720,1582,090$31,720,158Apr 24
97Toy Story
2009 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $30,330,8051,752$30,330,805Oct 2
98The StepfatherScreen Gems $29,062,5612,734$29,062,561Oct 16
99DefianceParamount Vantage $28,619,5761,793$28,644,813Dec 31
100The UninvitedDreamWorks $28,596,8182,344$28,596,818Jan 30
101Saw VILionsgate $27,693,2923,036$27,693,292Oct 23
102InvictusWarner Bros. $26,677,1332,170$37,491,364Dec 11
103BrothersLionsgate $26,222,7792,088$28,544,157Dec 4
104Dance FlickParamount Pictures $25,662,1552,459$25,662,155May 22
105The InternationalSony Pictures Releasing $25,450,5272,364$25,450,527Feb 13
106The Fourth KindUniversal Pictures $25,396,7202,530$25,486,040Nov 6
107Aliens in the AtticTwentieth Century Fox $25,168,7043,108$25,168,704Jul 31
108The WrestlerFox Searchlight Pictures $25,063,558776$26,232,937Dec 17
109Seven PoundsSony Pictures Releasing $24,012,8392,758$69,951,824Dec 19
110Observe and ReportWarner Bros. $24,007,3242,727$24,007,324Apr 10
111FightingUniversal Pictures $23,091,0102,312$23,091,010Apr 24
112Love HappensUniversal Pictures $22,965,1101,922$22,965,110Sep 18
113Revolutionary RoadParamount Vantage $22,598,0111,077$22,911,480Dec 26
114FameMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $22,455,5103,133$22,455,510Sep 25
115TwilightSummit Entertainment $22,096,8783,649$192,769,854Nov 21
116DoubtMiramax $21,635,7151,287$33,446,470Dec 12
117ShortsWarner Bros. $20,919,1663,105$20,919,166Aug 21
118GamerLionsgate $20,534,9072,502$20,534,907Sep 4
119Did You Hear About the Morgans?Sony Pictures Releasing $20,380,0462,718$29,580,087Dec 18
120Astro BoySummit Entertainment $19,377,8713,020$19,551,067Oct 23
121Under the Sea 3DWarner Bros. $19,351,282108$36,227,390Feb 13
122Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert ExperienceWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $18,662,1321,276$18,662,132Feb 27
123Fantastic Mr. FoxTwentieth Century Fox $18,644,5562,304$20,958,741Nov 13
124The Invention of LyingWarner Bros. $18,451,2511,743$18,451,251Oct 2
125InkheartWarner Bros. $17,303,4242,655$17,303,424Jan 23
126MilkFocus Features $17,246,974882$31,841,299Nov 26
127Fired Up!Screen Gems $17,187,0531,811$17,231,291Feb 20
128The Tale of DespereauxUniversal Pictures $16,857,7553,107$50,877,145Dec 19
129New in TownLionsgate $16,734,2831,941$16,734,283Jan 30
130Jennifer's BodyTwentieth Century Fox $16,186,9472,738$16,186,947Sep 18
131Imagine ThatParamount Pictures $16,123,3233,011$16,123,323Jun 12
132AdventurelandMiramax $16,044,0251,876$16,044,025Apr 3
133A Perfect GetawayUniversal Pictures $15,515,4602,159$15,515,460Aug 7
134ArmoredScreen Gems $15,498,2401,919$15,988,876Dec 4
135The Goods: Live Hard, Sell HardParamount Vantage $15,122,6761,849$15,122,676Aug 14
136The BoxWarner Bros. $15,025,2792,635$15,051,977Nov 6
137I Love You, Beth CooperTwentieth Century Fox $14,752,3681,872$14,752,368Jul 10
138Last Chance HarveyOverture Films $14,681,0351,108$14,889,042Dec 25
139PonyoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,468,251927$15,090,399Aug 14
140Capitalism: A Love StoryOverture Films $14,363,397995$14,363,397Sep 23
141Frost/NixonUniversal Pictures $14,252,8111,105$18,622,031Dec 5
142AmeliaFox Searchlight Pictures $14,207,9781,070$14,246,488Oct 23
143Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's AssistantUniversal Pictures $13,869,5152,754$13,869,515Oct 23
144Crank: High VoltageLionsgate $13,684,2492,223$13,684,249Apr 17
145Whip ItFox Searchlight Pictures $13,025,0181,738$13,025,018Oct 2
146The Hurt LockerSummit Entertainment $12,671,105535$17,017,811Jun 26
14712 RoundsTwentieth Century Fox $12,092,8882,331$12,092,888Mar 27
148Sunshine CleaningOverture Films $12,062,558642$12,062,558Mar 13
149The Day the Earth Stood StillTwentieth Century Fox $12,021,9493,560$79,308,794Dec 12
150Sorority RowSummit Entertainment $11,965,2822,665$11,965,282Sep 11
151ExtractMiramax $10,823,1581,614$10,823,158Sep 4
152Not Easily BrokenScreen Gems $10,572,742725$10,572,742Jan 9
153PandorumOverture Films $10,330,8532,506$10,330,853Sep 25
154WhiteoutWarner Bros. $10,272,9502,745$10,275,638Sep 11
155Next Day AirSummit Entertainment $10,027,0471,139$10,027,047May 8
156NineThe Weinstein Company $9,844,7531,412$19,670,243Dec 18
157The Boondock Saints II: All Saints DayApparition $9,839,784524$10,273,188Oct 30
158Away We GoFocus Features $9,451,946506$9,451,946Jun 5
159Dragonball EvolutionTwentieth Century Fox $9,326,9252,181$9,326,925Apr 10
160Everybody's FineMiramax $9,208,8762,141$9,208,876Dec 4
161A Serious ManFocus Features $9,098,436262$9,228,768Oct 2
162Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LiTwentieth Century Fox $8,702,4821,164$8,702,482Feb 27
163My Life in RuinsFox Searchlight Pictures $8,595,3891,165$8,595,389Jun 5
164Pirate RadioFocus Features $7,949,556883$8,017,917Nov 13
165The CollectorFreestyle Releasing $7,712,1141,325$7,712,114Jul 31
166Taking WoodstockFocus Features $7,460,2041,395$7,460,204Aug 26
167The SpiritLionsgate $6,738,7822,509$19,806,188Dec 25
168BoltWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,684,3943,654$113,643,011Nov 21
169Post GradTwentieth Century Fox $6,362,6171,959$6,362,617Aug 21
170The Road-$6,315,678396$8,117,000Nov 25
171Four ChristmasesWarner Bros. $6,009,7383,540$120,146,040Nov 26
172Deep SeaWarner Bros. $5,647,62847$46,403,478Mar 3
173Whatever WorksSony Pictures Classics $5,306,706353$5,306,706Jun 19
174BandslamSummit Entertainment $5,210,9882,121$5,210,988Aug 14
175MoonSony Pictures Classics $5,010,163252$5,010,163Jun 12
176Miss MarchFox Searchlight Pictures $4,536,9081,742$4,536,908Mar 13
177Bright StarApparition $4,444,637380$4,444,637Sep 16
178Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DIMAX $4,428,77682$34,136,978Sep 23
179Food, Inc.Magnolia Pictures $4,417,674155$4,417,674Jun 12
180AustraliaTwentieth Century Fox $4,398,8162,721$49,534,424Nov 26
181Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaDreamWorks $4,323,0164,065$180,010,950Nov 7
182Good HairRoadside Attractions $4,144,599466$4,157,223Oct 9
183The September IssueRoadside Attractions $3,813,032143$3,820,067Aug 28
184The Brothers BloomSummit Entertainment $3,531,756209$3,531,756May 15
185Space Station 3DIMAX $3,268,66864$93,379,882Apr 19
1863 IdiotsReliance Big Pictures $3,262,609156$6,532,874Dec 23
187Two LoversMagnolia Pictures $3,149,034148$3,149,034Feb 13
188Quantum of SolaceSony Pictures Releasing $2,897,5903,501$168,368,427Nov 14
189ChériMiramax $2,715,657191$2,715,657Jun 26
190Easy VirtueSony Pictures Classics $2,656,784255$2,656,784May 22
191Sin NombreFocus Features $2,536,66587$2,536,665Mar 20
192My One and OnlyFreestyle Releasing $2,479,538256$2,479,538Aug 21
193Love Aaj KalEros International $2,430,083102$2,430,083Jul 31
194The Dark KnightWarner Bros. $2,420,4324,366$533,345,358Jul 18
195Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric AdventureNational Geographic Entertainment $2,353,743252$23,744,066Oct 5
196AdamFox Searchlight Pictures $2,272,688177$2,277,396Jul 29
197Waltz with BashirSony Pictures Classics $2,116,972208$2,283,849Dec 25
198Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean3D Entertainment $2,026,76342$7,714,996Feb 15
199Is Anybody There?-$2,026,756165$2,026,756Apr 17
200Rudo y CursiSony Pictures Classics $1,827,660219$1,827,660May 8
201Valentino: The Last EmperorTruly Indie $1,744,77038$1,744,770Mar 18
202Every Little StepSony Pictures Classics $1,725,14170$1,725,141Apr 17
203Summer HoursIFC Films $1,657,00150$1,657,001May 15
204Battle for TerraLionsgate $1,647,0831,159$1,647,083May 1
205New York, I Love YouVivendi Entertainment $1,578,715118$1,588,015Oct 16
206DeparturesRegent Releasing $1,491,40627$1,496,341May 29
207Incredible LoveEros International $1,445,739100$1,445,739Jul 3
208I Hope They Serve Beer in HellFreestyle Releasing $1,429,299266$1,429,299Sep 25
209Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansFirst Look International $1,388,57196$1,702,112Nov 20
210X Games 3D: The MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,381,7481,399$1,381,748Aug 21
211KamineyUTV Motion Pictures $1,291,82885$1,291,827Aug 14
212Paper HeartOverture Films $1,274,06296$1,274,062Aug 7
213A Single ManThe Weinstein Company $1,244,691354$9,152,334Dec 11
214Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. GoldbergInternational Film Circuit $1,132,49625$1,134,623Jul 10
215The Young VictoriaApparition $1,087,077476$11,001,272Dec 18
216SugarSony Pictures Classics $1,082,12451$1,082,124Apr 3
217ParisIFC Films $1,010,19434$1,010,194Sep 18
218New York-$997,43760$997,437Jun 26
219More Than a GameLionsgate $950,675111$950,675Oct 2
220De Dana DanEros International $944,97969$944,979Nov 27
221It Might Get LoudSony Pictures Classics $928,29975$1,587,830Aug 14
222Role ModelsUniversal Pictures $926,4552,798$67,294,270Nov 7
223Chandni Chowk to ChinaWarner Bros. $921,738130$921,738Jan 16
224The Wizard of Oz
2009 NCM Fathom Event
Warner Bros. $910,000451$910,000Sep 23
225Cold SoulsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $905,20952$905,209Aug 7
226I've Loved You So LongSony Pictures Classics $902,70469$3,169,305Oct 24
227TysonSony Pictures Classics $887,91856$887,918Apr 24
228Delhi-6UTV Motion Pictures $879,91390$879,913Feb 20
229Goodbye SoloRoadside Attractions $871,13434$870,781Mar 27
230SéraphineMusic Box Films $856,35524$884,613Jun 5
231Me and Orson WellesFreestyle Releasing $850,203134$1,190,003Nov 25
232The CoveRoadside Attractions $849,30656$857,005Jul 31
233The Boys Are BackMiramax $809,752108$809,752Sep 25
234Wendy and LucyOscilloscope $779,30440$865,695Dec 10
235BilluEros International $754,92870$754,928Feb 13
236The Great Buck HowardMagnolia Pictures $750,58776$750,587Mar 20
237KurbaanUTV Motion Pictures $747,47383$754,268Nov 20
238The Cross8x Entertainment $741,557221$741,557Mar 27
239Let the Right One InMagnolia Pictures $730,16553$2,122,065Oct 24
240Wake Up SidUTV Motion Pictures $718,76679$718,766Oct 2
241The Girlfriend ExperienceMagnolia Pictures $695,84048$695,840May 22
242FanboysThe Weinstein Company $688,52945$688,529Feb 6
243The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusSony Pictures Classics $660,985607$7,689,607Dec 25
244The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2009: Live ActionShorts International $644,63560$644,635Feb 6
245Dil Bole Hadippa!-$644,04654$644,046Sep 18
246The Stoning of Soraya M.Roadside Attractions $637,41834$637,421Jun 26
247The MessengerOscilloscope $635,61950$1,109,660Nov 13
248AmreekaNational Geographic Entertainment $619,17240$626,933Sep 4
249Everlasting MomentsIFC Films $610,82530$610,825Mar 6
250Paris 36Sony Pictures Classics $601,83552$851,540Apr 3
251Lemon TreeIFC Films $569,67229$569,672Apr 17
252Roving MarsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $556,93227$10,407,978Jan 27
253U2 3DNational Geographic Entertainment $555,439686$10,335,294Jan 23
254American VioletThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $554,43461$554,434Apr 17
255From Mexico with LoveRoadside Attractions $553,722279$548,787Oct 9
256Red CliffMagnolia Pictures $502,73042$627,047Nov 18
257The Polar Express
2009 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $497,65721$514,354Nov 6
258The MaidElephant Eye Films $486,23219$576,608Oct 16
259GhajiniAdlabs Films $483,73583$2,192,682Dec 24
260Crazy HeartFox Searchlight Pictures $481,2001,361$39,458,875Dec 16
261The Baader Meinhof ComplexVitagraph Films $476,27038$476,270Aug 21
262Crossing OverThe Weinstein Company $455,65442$455,654Feb 27
263Vicky Cristina Barcelona-$443,961726$23,216,709Aug 15
264The Limits of ControlFocus Features $426,68827$426,688May 1
265Synecdoche, New YorkSony Pictures Classics $422,514119$3,083,538Oct 24
266HumpdayMagnolia Pictures $407,37727$407,377Jul 10
267The Nightmare Before Christmas
2009 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $406,085105$406,085Oct 23
268AntichristIFC Films $404,12219$404,122Oct 23
269TransylmaniaFull Circle Releasing $397,6411,007$397,641Dec 4
270La Danse: The Paris Opera BalletZipporah Films $388,25225$500,562Nov 4
271Luck by ChanceAdlabs Films $356,01957$356,019Jan 30
272Cadillac RecordsSony Pictures Releasing $351,355701$8,195,551Dec 5
273Tokyo!Liberation Entertainment $351,05918$351,059Mar 6
274WantedEros International $349,63771$349,637Sep 18
275The Merry GentlemanThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $347,97733$347,977May 1
276Nothing Like the HolidaysOverture Films $340,4571,671$7,503,736Dec 12
277The Boy in the Striped PajamasMiramax $324,934679$9,046,156Nov 7
278ThirstFocus Features $318,57417$318,574Jul 31
279The Lovely BonesDreamWorks $318,4232,638$44,114,232Dec 11
280O'HortenSony Pictures Classics $302,23223$302,232May 22
281TetroAmerican Zoetrope $301,15116$416,591Jun 11
282London DreamsStudio 18 $300,29382$300,293Oct 30
283AdorationSony Pictures Classics $294,24420$294,244May 8
284A Woman in BerlinStrand Releasing $294,0149$294,014Jul 17
285Happy-Go-LuckyMiramax $291,405202$3,512,016Oct 10
286OutrageMagnolia Pictures $287,19818$287,198May 8
287The Secret Life of BeesFox Searchlight Pictures $284,2701,630$37,728,121Oct 17
288Tera Mera Ki RishtaEros International $271,94217$271,942Apr 10
289What's Your Raashee?UTV Motion Pictures $257,86878$257,868Sep 25
290Blood: The Last VampireThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $257,41220$257,412Jul 10
291FireproofThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $256,579905$33,456,317Sep 26
292The Private Lives of Pippa LeeScreen Media Films $254,78826$337,356Nov 27
293SpreadAnchor Bay Films $250,618103$250,618Aug 14
294Larger Than Life in 3DCinedigm Entertainment Group $246,042509$246,042Dec 11
295Zack and Miri Make a PornoThe Weinstein Company $244,2032,735$31,457,946Oct 31
296Harvard Beats Yale 29-29Kino International $243,14313$265,651Nov 19
297Black DynamiteApparition $242,57870$242,578Oct 16
298Eagle EyeDreamWorks $241,7573,614$101,440,743Sep 26
299(Untitled)The Samuel Goldwyn Company $230,60025$230,600Oct 23
300Big FanFirst Independent Pictures $230,12715$234,422Aug 28
301World's Greatest DadMagnolia Pictures $221,80530$221,805Aug 21
302Do Knot DisturbAdlabs Films $213,52557$213,525Oct 2
303Soul PowerSony Pictures Classics $207,12123$207,121Jul 10
304The Burning PlainMagnolia Pictures $200,73026$200,730Sep 18
305Paa-$199,22867$199,228Dec 4
306Main Aurr Mrs KhannaUTV Motion Pictures $197,18359$197,183Oct 16
307Herb & DorothyArthouse Films $194,7218$194,721Jun 5
308Body of LiesWarner Bros. $191,0832,714$39,394,666Oct 10
309ShrinkRoadside Attractions $189,62127$189,621Jul 24
310Passport to LoveVariance Films $173,8289$173,828Oct 9
311OutlanderThird Rail Releasing $166,00381$166,003Jan 23
312CrudeFirst Run $163,1417$169,796Sep 9
313Beverly Hills ChihuahuaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $154,3283,239$94,286,898Oct 3
314The Other ManImage Entertainment $149,53011$149,528Sep 11
315LuckStudio 18 $149,33345$149,333Jul 24
316ChangelingUniversal Pictures $141,5851,896$35,739,802Oct 24
317Free StyleThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $141,108260$141,108Oct 9
318AppaloosaWarner Bros. $138,8411,290$20,211,394Sep 19
319The Horse BoyZeitgeist Films $137,4955$138,291Sep 30
320FadosZeitgeist Films $129,1506$129,150Mar 6
32112Sony Pictures Classics $125,12020$125,120Mar 4
322War Eagle, ArkansasHannover House $123,6697$123,670Jun 12
323The Legend of God's GunIndican Pictures $122,1188$243,079Jul 18
324All the Best: Fun Begins-$120,71355$120,713Oct 16
325Enlighten Up!Balcony Releasing $112,98912$146,215Sep 12
326Monster Beach PartyIndican Pictures $112,7918$112,791Apr 10
327Gentlemen BroncosFox Searchlight Pictures $111,99618$111,996Oct 30
328Medicine for MelancholyIFC Films $111,5517$111,551Jan 30
329Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-$110,79483$2,078,956Dec 12
330A Christmas TaleIFC Films $109,62652$1,060,922Nov 14
331BronsonMagnolia Pictures $104,9798$104,979Oct 9
332Nights in RodantheWarner Bros. $104,7882,704$41,850,659Sep 26
333Alien TrespassRoadside Attractions $104,52640$104,526Apr 3
334CarriersParamount Vantage $104,352100$104,352Sep 4
335GiganticFirst Independent Pictures $102,70411$102,704Apr 3
336Ong Bak 2Magnolia Pictures $102,45812$102,458Oct 23
337The House of the DevilMagnolia Pictures $101,2157$101,215Oct 30
338High School Musical 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $100,7803,626$90,499,322Oct 24
339Shortkut - The Con Is OnStudio 18 $100,30440$100,304Jul 10
340No Impact Man: The DocumentaryOscilloscope $100,0288$100,028Sep 11
341Cherry BlossomsStrand Releasing $98,7198$104,433Jan 16
342Made in U.S.ARialto Pictures $95,2092$95,209Jan 9
343MotherhoodFreestyle Releasing $93,38848$93,388Oct 23
344Under Our SkinShadow Distribution $92,0226$97,798Jun 19
345Throw Down Your HeartArgot Pictures $89,5264$89,521Mar 13
346The Polar Express
2008 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $87,44626$1,705,694Nov 21
347IgorMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $82,6712,341$19,528,602Sep 19
348ZRialto Pictures $81,4112$83,305Mar 13
349The Mysteries of Pittsburgh-$80,28320$80,283Apr 10
350The Haunting of Molly HartleyFreestyle Releasing $77,4402,652$13,559,812Oct 31
351Life PartnerStudio 18 $76,19726$76,197Aug 14
352Crips and Bloods: Made in AmericaArgot Pictures $70,2214$70,219Jan 23
2009 Re-release
Paladin $69,7059$69,705Sep 18
354The Little Traitor-$66,4835$400,705Oct 23
355The SecretsMonterey Media $65,2299$122,094Nov 26
356Soul Men-$65,0632,048$12,082,391Nov 7
357The Providence EffectSlowhand Cinema Releasing $62,50014$62,500Sep 25
358The Secret of the GrainIFC Films $61,1233$86,356Dec 24
359Silent LightPalisades Tartan $60,2001$60,200Jan 7
360La BohèmeEmerging Pictures $54,46449$54,464Sep 23
361Broken Hill-$54,05848$54,058Sep 11
362Bart Got a RoomAnchor Bay Films $53,76011$53,760Apr 3
363Not ForgottenAnchor Bay Films $53,7444$53,744May 1
364Mystery TeamRoadside Attractions $53,7414$89,442Aug 28
365Lost in LoveCinedigm Entertainment Group $52,453221$52,453Oct 16
366TruckerMonterey Media $51,19213$52,166Oct 9
367American CasinoArgot Pictures $50,4423$50,437Aug 14
368Royal Kill21st Century Film Production $50,0915$50,090Apr 10
369$9.99Regent Releasing $49,9204$51,563Dec 12
370The Beaches of AgnèsThe Cinema Guild $49,9117$238,978Jul 2
371Brighton RockRialto Pictures $49,4661$49,466Jun 19
372That Evening SunFreestyle Releasing $48,11010$281,350Nov 6
373Killing KasztnerSky Island Films $47,5525$85,779Oct 23
374CollapseVitagraph Films $46,9645$46,964Nov 6
375Dead SnowIFC Films $46,7424$46,742Jun 19
376Casi divas
2009 Re-release
Maya Entertainment $46,61222$46,612Aug 21
377The Sun
2009 Re-release
Lorber Films $46,3684$62,602Nov 18
378William Kunstler: Disturbing the UniverseArthouse Films $46,0786$46,078Nov 13
379Che: Part One/Che: Part TwoIFC Films $45,33539$523,229Dec 12
380Until the Light Takes UsVariance Films $45,3263$127,013Dec 4
381The Golden BoysRoadside Attractions $43,59920$43,600Apr 17
382Big Man Japan
2008 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $40,7965$40,796May 15
383The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $40,1765$54,852May 22
384Transporter 3Lionsgate $39,4312,626$31,715,062Nov 26
385The Slammin' SalmonAnchor Bay Films $38,92011$41,587Dec 11
386One Day You'll UnderstandKino International $38,5707$123,598Oct 31
387Police, AdjectiveIFC Films $38,4248$53,206Dec 23
388Oh My GodMitropoulos Films $38,2457$38,244Nov 13
389Were the World Mine-$37,1224$123,789Oct 31
390Bicycle Thieves
2008 Re-release
Corinth Films $36,8212$36,818Oct 31
391UncertaintyIFC Films $36,6894$36,689Nov 13
39213B: Fear Has a New AddressAdlabs Films $36,5946$36,594Mar 6
393JerichowThe Cinema Guild $34,9903$59,726May 15
394The Wild ChildThe Film Desk $34,0082$64,048Nov 7
395Brief Interviews with Hideous MenIFC Films $33,7452$33,745Sep 25
396Beyond a Reasonable DoubtAnchor Bay Films $32,9175$32,917Sep 11
397AbsurdistanFirst Run $32,6833$39,683Feb 6
398Three Monkeys
2008 Re-release
Zeitgeist Films $32,0793$37,689Mar 27
399Pray the Devil Back to HellBalcony Releasing $31,8155$85,222Nov 7
400Tell No OneMusic Box Films $31,578112$6,177,192Jul 2
401Lola MontèsRialto Pictures $31,3704$120,306Oct 10
402Super Capers: The Origins of Ed and the Missing BullionRoadside Attractions $30,95580$30,955Mar 20
403JCVD-$30,48628$470,691Nov 7
404American SwingMagnolia Pictures $30,1562$30,156Mar 27
405TezaMypheduh Films $30,0741$30,070Sep 18
406Call of the WildVivendi Entertainment $28,68214$28,682Jun 12
407Explicit Ills-$28,5642$28,564Mar 6
408An American AffairScreen Media Films $28,0442$28,044Feb 27
409Léon Morin, PriestRialto Pictures $27,5671$27,567Apr 17
410Louise BourgeoisZeitgeist Films $27,4854$93,478Jun 25
411Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the MountainsZeitgeist Films $27,3607$89,473Oct 22
412SurveillanceMagnolia Pictures $27,3493$27,349Jun 26
413Guest of Cindy ShermanTrela Media $27,0521$27,052Mar 27
414The GardenOscilloscope $26,9314$26,931Apr 24
415The Answer ManMagnolia Pictures $26,6766$26,676Jul 24
416Serious MoonlightMagnolia Pictures $25,3398$25,339Dec 4
417Gotta DanceMitropoulos Films $25,1074$25,108Jul 31
418Kal Kissne DekhaAdlabs Films $24,62518$24,625Jun 12
419Coyote County LoserRoebuck Media $24,3752$24,375Mar 20
420The Big Gay Musical-$24,1441$24,140Sep 11
421The Girl from Monaco
2008 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $24,13431$595,022Jul 3
422Rachel Getting MarriedSony Pictures Classics $23,718391$10,758,023Oct 3
423Max PayneTwentieth Century Fox $23,6223,381$40,689,393Oct 17
424Death in LoveScreen Media Films $23,4124$23,412Jul 17
425GoodTHINKFilm $23,2238$27,276Dec 31
426You, the LivingPalisades Tartan $21,4381$21,438Jul 29
427We Live in PublicAbramorama $21,4342$40,552Aug 28
428Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!Magnolia Pictures $21,1526$21,152Jul 31
429City of EmberTwentieth Century Fox $20,8172,023$7,873,007Oct 10
430Pressure Cooker-$20,6162$20,617May 27
431BeeswaxThe Cinema Guild $20,1723$41,439Aug 7
432The Open RoadAnchor Bay Films $19,71614$19,716Aug 28
433Donkey PunchMagnolia Pictures $19,3674$19,367Jan 23
434Tony ManeroLorber Films $18,7775$18,774Jul 3
435Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of AmericaMagnolia Pictures $18,7281$18,728Mar 13
436Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah SeneshBalcony Releasing $18,6543$18,654Jan 28
437KillshotThe Weinstein Company $18,6435$18,643Jan 23
438Dev.DUTV Motion Pictures $18,6134$18,613Feb 6
439Between Love & GoodbyeEmbrem Entertainment $18,4802$18,480Jan 30
440DareImage Entertainment $18,0872$18,088Nov 13
441Women in TroubleScreen Media Films $18,0003$18,000Nov 13
442The New TwentyArgot Pictures $17,6251$17,625Mar 20
443Adventures of PowerVariance Films $17,4193$17,419Oct 9
444Earth DaysZeitgeist Films $17,3795$25,842Aug 14
445April ShowersCinedigm Entertainment Group $16,88018$16,880Apr 24
446The Way We Get ByInternational Film Circuit $16,6077$106,542Jul 17
447Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2008 Re-release
IMAX $16,39918$433,797Oct 31
448SplinterheadsPaladin $16,3923$16,392Nov 6
449TennesseeVivendi Entertainment $16,10015$16,100Jun 5
2009 Re-release
Film Movement $16,0133$16,013Oct 30
451Walt & El GrupoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $15,8434$15,843Sep 9
452CiaoRegent Releasing $15,4023$48,793Dec 5
453Tokyo SonataRegent Releasing $15,36610$277,387Mar 13
454The Education of Charlie BanksAnchor Bay Films $15,0783$15,078Mar 27
455Small ChangeThe Film Desk $15,0752$37,610Nov 24
456How About You...Strand Releasing $14,9317$75,354Nov 14
457ChocolateMagnolia Pictures $14,8457$14,845Feb 6
458A Town Called PanicZeitgeist Films $14,76710$161,624Dec 16
459Daddy Cool: Join the FunAdlabs Films $14,31918$14,319Aug 28
460The Wedding SongStrand Releasing $13,8754$30,162Oct 9
461The BetrayalThe Cinema Guild $13,6493$20,738Nov 21
462The EscapistIFC Films $13,4392$13,439Apr 3
463Sherman's WayInternational Film Circuit $13,2824$13,282Mar 6
464AntarcticaRegent Releasing $13,2722$21,151Aug 29
465The Art of Being StraightRegent Releasing $12,8312$12,831Jun 5
466The Song of SparrowsRegent Releasing $12,7335$116,305Apr 3
467Le combat dans l'îleThe Film Desk $12,3921$49,545Jun 12
468GalapagosIMAX $12,15014$18,629,106Oct 29
469DefamationFirst Run $12,0384$12,038Nov 20
470Nobody-$11,8961$11,896Oct 1
471Chelsea on the RocksAliquot Films $11,7991$11,799Oct 2
472One Peace at a TimeMonterey Media $11,6982$11,698Dec 4
473Quiet ChaosIFC Films $11,4341$11,434Jun 26
474Laila's BirthdayKino International $11,2913$13,027May 29
475Looking for PalladinWildcat Releasing $11,2688$11,268Oct 30
476I Hate Valentine's DayIFC Films $11,0043$11,004Jul 3
477I.O.U.S.A.Roadside Attractions $10,850358$821,046Aug 22
478Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) AloneEleven Arts $10,2116$107,797Jul 3
479FixMangusta Productions $9,8901$9,890Nov 20
480The River WithinInspired Life $9,8111$9,811Apr 3
481Treeless MountainOscilloscope $9,6684$59,657Apr 22
482MammothIFC Films $9,5801$9,580Nov 20
2008 Re-release
Lorber Films $9,4782$15,677Nov 27
484Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I LoveShadow Distribution $9,2077$170,825Jun 12
485Monsieur VerdouxThe Film Desk $9,1472$63,643Mar 14
486Little AshesRegent Releasing $8,57816$481,258May 8
487Live Fast, Die Young-$8,4941$18,335Oct 24
488Winter of Frozen DreamsMonterey Media $8,3211$8,321Apr 10
489GraceAnchor Bay Films $8,2972$8,297Aug 14
490Yonkers JoeMagnolia Pictures $8,2862$8,286Jan 9
491The Beautiful TruthCinema Libre Studio $8,1742$11,199Nov 14
492Spinning Into ButterScreen Media Films $8,0644$8,064Mar 27
493I Sell the DeadIFC Films $8,0502$8,050Aug 7
494ReunionAbramorama $8,0302$8,030Mar 6
495Eleven MinutesRegent Releasing $7,9864$7,986Feb 20
496Jazz in the Diamond DistrictTruly Indie $7,6341$7,634Apr 24
497Call + ResponseFair Trade Pictures $7,56017$215,185Oct 10
498Of Time and the CityStrand Releasing $7,5562$30,788Jan 21
499Save MeFirst Run $7,1325$82,651Sep 5
50024 CityThe Cinema Guild $6,9072$30,358Jun 5
501Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed CountryOscilloscope $6,8393$43,629May 20
502Mutant ChroniclesMagnolia Pictures $6,8202$6,820Apr 24
503Our City DreamsFirst Run $6,6733$32,732Feb 6
504The SkepticIFC Films $6,6712$6,671May 1
505August EveningMaya Entertainment $6,2654$73,760Sep 5
506Unmistaken ChildOscilloscope $6,2516$306,140Jun 3
507Mississippi MermaidThe Film Desk $6,1451$31,413Jul 10
508StreetballersMSK Productions $6,1242$27,523Aug 21
509Betty Blue
2009 Director's Cut
Cinema Libre Studio $6,0001$10,369Jun 12
510The Bride & The GroomsSumbadhat Productions $5,99515$5,995Apr 24
511Il DivoMusic Box Films $5,9698$239,294Apr 24
512Waiting for DublinCinema Libre Studio $5,9254$5,925Mar 13
2009 Re-release
First Run $5,7093$37,493Aug 7
514The Janky PromotersThird Rail Releasing $5,70222$5,702Oct 16
515KatynKoch Lorber Films $5,6772$116,320Feb 18
516Gogol Bordello Non-StopLorber Films $5,5321$5,532Sep 11
517Box Elder-$5,2702$48,996Mar 3
518Dhoondte Reh JaogeUTV Motion Pictures $5,12710$5,127Mar 6
519The StripTruly Indie $5,1078$5,107Dec 4
520Momma's ManKino International $4,8979$99,873Aug 22
521HomeMonterey Media $4,6493$9,478Apr 23
522The Death Factory BloodlettingNocturnal Features $4,6381$4,638May 15
523Fly Me to the Moon 3DSummit Entertainment $4,603713$13,804,259Aug 15
524The MinistersMaya Entertainment $4,4472$4,447Oct 16
525The FallRoadside Attractions $4,436111$2,266,905May 9
526Cloud 9Music Box Films $4,3488$90,884Aug 14
527Sixty Six
2008 Re-release
First Independent Pictures $4,33817$224,313Aug 1
528Corked28 Entertainment $4,2541$4,254Jun 5
529AlexandraThe Cinema Guild $4,1914$128,222Mar 26
530The Marc Pease ExperienceParamount Vantage $4,03310$4,033Aug 21
531AfterschoolIFC Films $3,9111$3,911Oct 2
532PontypoolIFC Films $3,8651$3,865May 29
533Daytime DrinkingEleven Arts $3,8581$4,746Jun 5
534Shall We Kiss?Music Box Films $3,68533$534,684Mar 27
535Give Me Your HandStrand Releasing $3,6011$3,601Sep 11
536Love Comes LatelyKino International $3,5056$76,872Jun 13
537Death of a Ghost HunterNocturnal Features $3,4901$3,490Jun 12
538RickyIFC Films $3,4571$3,457Dec 16
539Devil GirlNocturnal Features $3,2443$3,244Sep 18
540Sleep DealerMaya Entertainment $3,12118$60,904Apr 17
541A Wink and a SmileFirst Run $2,4854$16,763May 1
542WALL·EWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,3273,992$223,799,741Jun 27
543The Wonder of It AllIndican Pictures $2,32239$781,016Jul 17
544Otto; or, Up with Dead PeopleStrand Releasing $2,2872$10,442Nov 7
545The Headless WomanStrand Releasing $2,2813$98,969Aug 19
546ServiceRegent Releasing $2,0954$64,190Jan 30
547SikandarAdlabs Films $1,9549$1,954Aug 21
548ShuttleTruly Indie $1,9251$1,925Mar 6
549The CanyonTruly Indie $1,7852$1,785Oct 23
550The Village BarbershopMonterey Media $1,7352$1,870Jan 16
551Kabei: Our MotherStrand Releasing $1,3921$12,216May 8
552America BetrayedFirst Run $1,3111$1,311Mar 27
553Yuri Gagarin Conspiracy: Fallen IdolIndican Pictures $1,2702$13,179Oct 2
554Food Beware: The French Organic RevolutionFirst Run $1,1811$1,181Oct 16
555House of the Sleeping BeautiesFirst Run $1,1711$4,422Nov 14
556Harmony and Me-$1,0981$17,695Sep 18
557Ashes of TimeSony Pictures Classics $1,01718$174,273Oct 10
558Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha-$1,0131$1,013Aug 21
559Loren CassKino International $9272$8,125Jul 24
560How to Be a Serial KillerMonterey Media $8991$899Jul 24
561TeethRoadside Attractions $88616$347,578Jan 18
2009 Re-release
Regent Releasing $8782$11,408Aug 14
563Downloading NancyStrand Releasing $8705$21,899Jun 5
564Breakfast with ScotRegent Releasing $8586$45,946Oct 10
565Tru LovedRegent Releasing $7584$9,192Oct 17
566Vanished Empire
2009 Re-release
Kino International $6491$8,043Jul 10
567Lion's DenStrand Releasing $5211$12,140Jul 3
568I Can't Think StraightRegent Releasing $5033$39,092Nov 21
569T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $40938$53,354,743Oct 23
570Patrik, Age 1.5Regent Releasing $4089$52,878Aug 14
571A Man Named PearlTentmakers Entertainment $4009$201,603Aug 31
572J'entends plus la guitareThe Film Desk $1041$12,616Feb 25
573The ObjectiveIFC Films $951$95Feb 4
574The Amazing Truth About Queen RaquelaRegent Releasing $892$5,384Sep 26
575Dog Eat DogIFC Films $801$80Jan 23
576Yiddish Theater: A Love StoryNew Love Films $03$37,611Nov 21
577EdenLiberation Entertainment $-4453$13,900Nov 14