Domestic Box Office For 2008


RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1The Dark KnightWarner Bros. $533,345,3584,366$158,411,48329.7%4,366Jul 18Mar 5
2Iron ManParamount Pictures $318,604,1264,154$98,618,66831%4,105May 2Oct 2
3Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullParamount Pictures $317,101,1194,264$100,137,83531.6%4,260May 22Oct 16
4HancockSony Pictures Releasing $227,946,2743,965$62,603,87927.5%3,965Jul 2Sep 7
5WALL·EWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $223,799,7413,992$63,087,52628.2%3,992Jun 27Jan 8
6Kung Fu PandaDreamWorks $215,434,5914,136$60,239,13028%4,114Jun 6Oct 9
7TwilightSummit Entertainment $192,769,8543,649$69,637,74036.1%3,419Nov 21Apr 2
8Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaDreamWorks $180,010,9504,065$63,106,58935.1%4,056Nov 7Feb 26
9Quantum of SolaceSony Pictures Releasing $168,368,4273,501$67,528,88240.1%3,451Nov 14Jan 25
10Horton Hears a Who!Fox $154,466,0393,961$45,012,99829.1%3,954Mar 14Sep 4
11Sex and the CityWarner Bros. $152,647,2583,325$57,038,40437.4%3,285May 30Sep 18
12Gran TorinoWarner Bros. $148,095,3023,045$271,7200.2%6Dec 12Jun 18
13Mamma Mia!Universal Pictures $144,130,0633,194$27,751,24019.3%2,976Jul 18Nov 6
14Marley & MeFox $143,146,3603,505$36,357,58625.4%3,480Dec 25Apr 30
15Slumdog MillionaireFox Searchlight Pictures $141,313,0542,943$360,0180.3%10Nov 12May 28
16The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $139,077,5703,929$55,034,80539.6%3,929May 16Sep 4
17The Incredible HulkUniversal Pictures $134,806,9133,508$55,414,05041.1%3,505Jun 13Sep 4
18WantedUniversal Pictures $134,508,5513,185$50,927,08537.9%3,175Jun 27Sep 18
19Get SmartWarner Bros. $130,319,2083,915$38,683,48029.7%3,911Jun 20Nov 6
20The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonParamount Pictures $127,509,3262,988$26,853,81621.1%2,988Dec 25Apr 23
21Four ChristmasesWarner Bros. $120,146,0403,540$31,069,82625.9%3,310Nov 26Feb 12
22BoltWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $113,643,0113,654$26,223,12823.1%3,651Nov 21Feb 22
23Tropic ThunderDreamWorks $110,515,3133,473$25,812,79623.4%3,319Aug 13Nov 13
24Bedtime StoriesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $110,101,9753,684$27,450,29624.9%3,681Dec 25Mar 12
25The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon EmperorUniversal Pictures $102,491,7763,778$40,457,77039.5%3,760Aug 1Sep 25
26Journey to the Center of the EarthWarner Bros. $101,704,3702,830$21,018,14120.7%2,811Jul 11Dec 11
27Eagle EyeDreamWorks $101,440,7433,614$29,150,72128.7%3,510Sep 26Jan 8
28Step BrothersSony Pictures Releasing $100,468,7933,182$30,940,73230.8%3,094Jul 25Sep 21
29You Don't Mess with the ZohanSony Pictures Releasing $100,018,8373,466$38,531,37438.5%3,462Jun 6Sep 7
30Yes ManWarner Bros. $97,690,9763,434$18,262,47118.7%3,434Dec 19Apr 2
3110,000 BCWarner Bros. $94,784,2013,454$35,867,48837.8%3,410Mar 7Jun 19
32Beverly Hills ChihuahuaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $94,286,8983,239$29,300,46531.1%3,215Oct 3Feb 5
33High School Musical 3: Senior YearWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $90,499,3223,626$42,030,18446.4%3,623Oct 24Feb 5
34Pineapple ExpressSony Pictures Releasing $87,341,3803,072$23,245,02526.6%3,072Aug 6-
35ValkyrieUnited Artists $83,077,8332,838$21,027,00725.3%2,711Dec 25Apr 16
3621Sony Pictures Releasing $81,159,3652,952$24,105,94329.7%2,648Mar 28May 18
37What Happens in VegasFox $80,266,5433,255$20,172,47425.1%3,215May 9Sep 18
38JumperFox $80,150,3793,430$27,354,80834.1%3,428Feb 14Jul 10
39CloverfieldParamount Pictures $80,048,4333,411$40,058,22950%3,411Jan 18Apr 10
40The Day the Earth Stood StillFox $79,308,7943,560$30,480,15338.4%3,560Dec 12Apr 2
4127 DressesFox $76,727,5253,074$23,007,72530%3,057Jan 18May 29
42Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyUniversal Pictures $75,986,5033,212$34,539,11545.5%3,204Jul 11Sep 18
43Vantage PointSony Pictures Releasing $72,266,3063,163$22,874,93631.7%3,149Feb 22-
44The Spiderwick ChroniclesParamount Pictures $71,195,0533,847$19,004,05826.7%3,847Feb 14May 8
45Fool's GoldWarner Bros. $70,231,0413,125$21,589,29530.7%3,125Feb 8May 29
46Seven PoundsSony Pictures Releasing $69,951,8242,758$14,851,13621.2%2,758Dec 19Jan 25
47Role ModelsUniversal Pictures $67,294,2702,798$19,167,08528.5%2,792Nov 7Jan 29
48The HappeningFox $64,490,0342,986$30,517,10947.3%2,986Jun 13Sep 18
49Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds ConcertWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $63,350,115687$31,117,83449.1%683Feb 1May 15
50Forgetting Sarah MarshallUniversal Pictures $63,172,4632,872$17,725,33028.1%2,798Apr 18Jul 10
51Baby MamaUniversal Pictures $60,494,2122,627$17,407,11028.8%2,543Apr 25Jul 24
52Burn After ReadingFocus Features $60,355,3472,657$19,128,00131.7%2,651Sep 12Dec 25
53Saw VLionsgate $56,746,7693,084$30,053,95453%3,060Oct 24Dec 11
54Step Up 2: The StreetsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $56,174,9012,528$18,908,82633.7%2,470Feb 14May 22
55The StrangersRogue Pictures $52,597,6102,477$20,997,98539.9%2,466May 30Jul 24
56The Forbidden KingdomLionsgate $52,075,2703,151$21,401,12141.1%3,151Apr 18Jun 19
57The Tale of DespereauxUniversal Pictures $50,877,1453,107$10,103,67519.9%3,104Dec 19Mar 5
58AustraliaFox $49,534,4242,721$14,800,72329.9%2,642Nov 26Mar 26
59The House BunnySony Pictures Releasing $48,237,3892,763$14,533,70230.1%2,714Aug 22Oct 12
60Nim's IslandFox $47,946,3533,518$13,210,57927.6%3,513Apr 4Aug 28
61Made of HonorSony Pictures Releasing $46,012,7342,816$14,756,85032.1%2,729May 2Jun 29
62College Road TripWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $44,275,0942,706$13,601,41930.7%2,706Mar 7Jul 31
63The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2Warner Bros. $44,089,9642,714$10,678,43024.2%2,707Aug 6Nov 13
64Speed RacerWarner Bros. $43,945,7663,606$18,561,33742.2%3,606May 9Aug 7
65Prom NightScreen Gems $43,869,3502,821$20,804,94147.4%2,700Apr 11May 29
66RamboLionsgate $42,754,1052,764$18,203,87642.6%2,751Jan 25Mar 27
67Welcome Home, Roscoe JenkinsUniversal Pictures $42,436,5172,387$16,207,73038.2%2,387Feb 8Apr 3
68Meet the BrownsLionsgate $41,975,3882,016$20,082,80947.8%2,006Mar 21May 8
69Nights in RodantheWarner Bros. $41,850,6592,704$13,418,45432.1%2,704Sep 26Jan 15
70Max PayneFox $40,645,4803,381$17,639,84943.4%3,376Oct 17Jan 15
71Righteous KillOverture Films $40,081,4103,152$16,288,36140.6%3,152Sep 12-
72Body of LiesWarner Bros. $39,394,6662,714$12,884,41632.7%2,710Oct 10Jan 15
73Lakeview TerraceScreen Gems $39,263,5062,574$15,004,67238.2%2,464Sep 19Nov 2
74Meet the SpartansFox $38,163,1392,643$18,505,53048.5%2,605Jan 25May 1
75Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo BayWarner Bros. $38,108,7282,545$14,908,40439.1%2,510Apr 25Jul 17
76First SundayScreen Gems $37,931,8692,213$17,714,82146.7%2,213Jan 11Feb 24
77The Secret Life of BeesFox Searchlight Pictures $37,728,1211,630$10,527,79927.9%1,591Oct 17Feb 26
78The Family That PreysLionsgate $37,105,2892,070$17,381,21846.8%2,070Sep 12Oct 23
79Death RaceUniversal Pictures $36,316,0322,586$12,621,09034.8%2,532Aug 22Oct 16
80ChangelingUniversal Pictures $35,739,8021,896$489,0151.4%15Oct 24Jan 8
81Star Wars: The Clone WarsWarner Bros. $35,161,5543,452$14,611,27341.6%3,452Aug 15Nov 13
82The ReaderThe Weinstein Company $34,194,4071,203$168,0510.5%8Dec 10May 13
83Semi-ProNew Line Cinema $33,479,6983,121$15,200,000-3,121Feb 29May 1
84DoubtMiramax $33,446,4701,287$507,2261.5%15Dec 12Apr 9
85Drillbit TaylorParamount Pictures $32,862,1043,061$10,309,98631.4%3,056Mar 21Jun 19
86FireproofThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $32,427,232905$6,836,03621.1%839Sep 26Jan 29
87Definitely, MaybeUniversal Pictures $32,241,6492,220$9,764,27030.3%2,204Feb 14Apr 10
88The Love GuruParamount Pictures $32,235,7933,012$13,907,13043.1%3,012Jun 20Aug 28
89MilkFocus Features $31,841,299882$1,453,8444.6%36Nov 26Apr 16
90Transporter 3Lionsgate $31,715,0622,626$12,063,45238%2,626Nov 26Jan 1
91QuarantineScreen Gems $31,691,8112,463$14,211,32144.8%2,461Oct 10Nov 16
92Nick and Norah's Infinite PlaylistSony Pictures Releasing $31,487,2932,421$11,311,75135.9%2,421Oct 3Nov 16
93Zack and Miri Make a PornoThe Weinstein Company $31,457,9462,735$10,065,63032%2,735Oct 31Jan 29
94The EyeLionsgate $31,418,6972,470$12,425,77639.5%2,436Feb 1Apr 10
95LeatherheadsUniversal Pictures $31,373,9382,798$12,682,59540.4%2,769Apr 4Jun 5
96MirrorsFox $30,671,9292,664$11,161,07436.4%2,664Aug 15Nov 23
97The Bank JobLionsgate $30,060,6601,613$5,935,25619.7%1,603Mar 7Jun 5
98Space ChimpsFox $30,059,6672,538$7,181,37423.9%2,511Jul 18Nov 23
99UntraceableScreen Gems $28,687,8352,368$11,354,06939.6%2,368Jan 25Mar 6
100DefianceParamount Vantage $28,644,8131,793$123,5130.4%2Dec 31Apr 30
101The WomenPicturehouse $26,902,0752,995$10,115,21037.6%2,962Sep 12Nov 20
102One Missed CallWarner Bros. $26,890,0412,240$12,511,47346.5%2,240Jan 4Mar 13
103The Other Boleyn GirlSony Pictures Releasing $26,814,9571,212$8,203,06130.6%1,166Feb 29Apr 20
104Street KingsFox Searchlight Pictures $26,367,5662,469$12,469,63147.3%2,467Apr 11Jul 17
105The WrestlerFox Searchlight Pictures $26,232,937776$202,7140.8%4Dec 17May 14
106Superhero Movie-$25,881,0682,965$9,510,29736.7%2,960Mar 28Jul 24
107ShutterFox $25,811,3762,756$10,447,55940.5%2,753Mar 21Jun 26
108W.Lionsgate $25,534,4932,050$10,505,66841.1%2,030Oct 17Dec 4
109Never Back DownSummit Entertainment $24,783,6252,729$8,603,19534.7%2,729Mar 14Jun 5
110TraitorOverture Films $23,530,8312,108$7,868,46533.4%2,054Aug 27Nov 25
111Vicky Cristina Barcelona-$23,216,709726$3,755,57516.2%692Aug 15Feb 19
112Revolutionary RoadParamount Vantage $22,911,4801,077$189,9110.8%3Dec 26Apr 2
113Babylon A.D.Fox $22,532,5723,425$9,484,62742.1%3,390Aug 29Nov 16
114The X Files: I Want to BelieveFox $20,941,1013,185$10,021,75347.9%3,185Jul 25Oct 9
115Mad MoneyOverture Films $20,668,8432,470$7,736,45237.4%2,470Jan 18May 18
116AppaloosaWarner Bros. $20,211,3941,290$248,8471.2%14Sep 19Jan 22
117The SpiritLionsgate $19,806,1882,509$6,463,27832.6%2,509Dec 25Jan 22
118IgorMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $19,528,6022,341$7,803,34740%2,339Sep 19Jan 22
119My Best Friend's GirlLionsgate $19,219,2502,636$8,265,35743%2,604Sep 19Oct 23
120Frost/NixonUniversal Pictures $18,622,0311,105$180,7081%3Dec 5Mar 26
121Kit Kittredge: An American GirlPicturehouse $17,657,9731,849$220,2971.2%5Jun 20Oct 9
122The RuinsDreamWorks $17,432,8442,814$8,003,42145.9%2,812Apr 4Jun 19
12388 MinutesSony Pictures Releasing $17,213,4672,168$6,957,21640.4%2,168Apr 18-
124Pride and GloryWarner Bros. $15,740,7212,585$6,262,39639.8%2,585Oct 24Dec 11
125Swing VoteWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $15,555,2042,213$6,230,66940.1%2,213Aug 1Oct 16
126Bangkok DangerousLionsgate $15,298,1332,654$7,783,26650.9%2,650Sep 5Oct 23
127Last Chance HarveyOverture Films $14,889,0421,108$97,2600.7%6Dec 25Apr 23
128Disaster MovieLionsgate $14,190,9012,642$5,836,97341.1%2,642Aug 29Oct 23
129The DuchessParamount Vantage $13,848,9781,207$190,4261.4%7Sep 19Dec 11
130Fly Me to the Moon 3DSummit Entertainment $13,804,259713$1,900,52313.8%452Aug 15May 28
131The Haunting of Molly HartleyFreestyle Releasing $13,559,8122,652$5,423,31540%2,652Oct 31Feb 5
132Ghost TownDreamWorks $13,367,6241,512$5,012,31537.5%1,505Sep 19Nov 13
133ReligulousLionsgate $13,011,160568$3,409,64326.2%502Oct 1Dec 18
134The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales MovieUniversal Pictures $12,981,2691,340$4,251,32032.7%1,337Jan 11Mar 6
135Under the Same MoonThe Weinstein Company $12,590,147454$2,769,65522%266Mar 19Jul 17
136Miss Pettigrew Lives for a DayFocus Features $12,313,694539$2,490,94220.2%535Mar 7May 22
137Soul Men-$12,082,3912,048$5,401,60544.7%2,044Nov 7Feb 5
138Meet DaveFox $11,765,5233,011$5,251,91844.6%3,011Jul 11Oct 9
139The Longshots-$11,537,0462,089$4,080,68735.4%2,089Aug 22Nov 25
140Be Kind RewindNew Line Cinema $11,175,164810$4,100,000-808Feb 22May 1
141DoomsdayRogue Pictures $11,008,7701,938$4,926,56544.8%1,936Mar 14Apr 10
142Stop-LossParamount Pictures $10,915,7441,305$4,555,11741.7%1,291Mar 28Jun 19
143Rachel Getting MarriedSony Pictures Classics $10,758,023391$293,3692.7%9Oct 3Apr 23
144U2 3DNational Geographic Entertainment $10,335,294686$946,000-61Jan 23Aug 26
145PenelopeSummit Entertainment $10,006,2951,207$3,802,14438%1,196Feb 29Jun 5
146The ExpressUniversal Pictures $9,793,4062,810$4,562,67546.6%2,808Oct 10Nov 6
147Smart PeopleMiramax $9,511,2891,119$4,092,46543%1,106Apr 11Jun 5
148The VisitorOverture Films $9,427,089270$86,4880.9%4Apr 11Oct 9
149The Boy in the Striped PajamasMiramax $9,046,156679$253,0852.8%17Nov 7Jan 22
150Sex DriveSummit Entertainment $8,402,4852,421$3,607,16442.9%2,421Oct 17Dec 4
151Cadillac RecordsSony Pictures Releasing $8,195,551701$3,445,55942%687Dec 5Jan 8
152Punisher: War ZoneLionsgate $8,050,9772,508$4,271,45153.1%2,508Dec 5Dec 24
153Miracle at St. AnnaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $7,919,1171,185$3,477,99643.9%1,185Sep 26Nov 25
154City of EmberFox $7,831,3712,023$3,129,47340%2,022Oct 10Jan 15
155In BrugesFocus Features $7,800,824232$459,5755.9%28Feb 8Jun 26
156Expelled: No Intelligence AllowedRocky Mountain Pictures $7,720,4871,052$2,970,84838.5%1,052Apr 18Oct 19
157Over Her Dead BodyNew Line Cinema $7,563,6701,977$4,600,000-1,977Feb 1Mar 16
158Nothing Like the HolidaysOverture Films $7,503,7361,671$3,531,66447.1%1,671Dec 12Jan 29
159How She MoveParamount Vantage $7,070,6411,531$3,957,47156%1,531Jan 25Mar 27
160An American CarolVivendi Entertainment $7,013,1911,639$3,810,000-1,639Oct 3Nov 12
161Strange WildernessParamount Classics $6,575,2821,211$3,001,71945.7%1,208Feb 1Mar 6
162The RockerFox $6,390,3032,784$2,636,04841.3%2,784Aug 20Oct 16
163Brideshead RevisitedMiramax $6,308,453501$339,6165.4%33Jul 25Sep 25
164Run, Fat Boy, RunPicturehouse $6,003,2621,133$2,340,74339%1,133Mar 28May 22
165Mongol: The Rise of Genghis KhanPicturehouse $5,705,761253$135,3262.4%5Jun 6Sep 11
166RocknRollaWarner Bros. $5,700,626826$144,7012.5%7Oct 8Dec 25
167Shine a LightParamount Vantage $5,505,267277$1,488,08127%276Apr 4Jun 19
168Hamlet 2Focus Features $4,886,2161,597$439,9259%103Aug 22Oct 2
169In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege TaleFreestyle Releasing $4,775,6561,632$3,265,000-1,632Jan 11Jan 24
170CollegeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $4,694,6362,124$2,153,10945.9%2,123Aug 29Nov 13
171DeceptionFox $4,495,8432,001$2,312,14651.4%2,001Apr 25Jun 26
172Flash of GeniusUniversal Pictures $4,442,3771,098$2,251,07550.7%1,098Oct 3Oct 23
173Tell No OneMusic Box Films $4,383,900112$169,7073.9%8Jul 2Feb 8
174Witless ProtectionLionsgate $4,161,6251,354$2,116,69250.9%1,333Feb 22Mar 20
175Bottle ShockFreestyle Releasing $4,078,607401$278,0756.8%48Aug 6Dec 11
176Young@HeartFox Searchlight Pictures $3,992,189212$50,9371.3%4Apr 9Sep 25
177Charlie BartlettMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $3,951,6991,122$1,836,25646.5%1,122Feb 22May 1
178Then She Found MeTHINKFilm $3,734,420153$72,5941.9%9Apr 25Sep 18
179Happy-Go-LuckyMiramax $3,512,016202$73,8672.1%4Oct 10Jan 22
180Jodhaa AkbarUTV Motion Pictures $3,440,718125$1,300,00037.8%100Feb 15Apr 13
181BlindnessMiramax $3,351,7511,690$1,950,26058.2%1,690Oct 3Oct 16
182Man on WireMagnolia Pictures $2,946,75693$51,3921.7%2Jul 25Mar 5
183ChokeFox Searchlight Pictures $2,905,923435$1,319,28645.4%435Sep 26Nov 23
184How to Lose Friends & Alienate PeopleMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $2,778,7521,750$1,430,29451.5%1,750Oct 3Dec 11
185RedbeltSony Pictures Classics $2,345,9411,379$63,3612.7%6May 2Jul 17
186Frozen RiverSony Pictures Classics $2,309,95896$70,2343%7Aug 1Mar 19
187Waltz with BashirSony Pictures Classics $2,283,849208$50,0212.2%5Dec 25May 14
188The FallRoadside Attractions $2,266,905111$79,6113.5%9May 9Jan 7
189TranssiberianFirst Look International $2,206,405154$34,6151.6%2Jul 18Nov 13
190GhajiniAdlabs Films $2,192,68283$766,85935%83Dec 24Jan 29
191PricelessThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $2,165,18844$116,3085.4%24Mar 30Aug 28
192Singh Is KingStudio 18 $2,159,376112$1,154,52853.5%112Aug 7Aug 24
193Roman de gareThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,852,76438$25,4841.4%2Apr 25Sep 18
194Henry Poole Is HereOverture Films $1,836,515527$805,21943.8%527Aug 15Oct 23
195Son of RambowParamount Vantage $1,785,505155$53,7893%5May 2Aug 14
196ElegyThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,719,321142$104,1686.1%6Aug 8Nov 13
197The Polar Express
2008 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $1,705,69426$42,7182.5%12Nov 21Jan 8
198The Band's VisitSony Pictures Classics $1,629,581121$67,4924.1%7Feb 8Jul 10
199Synecdoche, New YorkSony Pictures Classics $1,625,010119$172,19410.6%9Oct 24Mar 26
200Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-$1,431,84383$920,99564.3%83Dec 12Jan 15
201RaceUTV Motion Pictures $1,367,02496$802,25458.7%96Mar 21Apr 13
202The CounterfeitersSony Pictures Classics $1,321,092170$87,5146.6%8Feb 22Aug 28
203Funny GamesWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $1,294,919288$544,83342.1%286Mar 14May 1
204I've Loved You So LongSony Pictures Classics $1,279,97569$72,2055.6%9Oct 24Apr 23
205Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. ThompsonMagnolia Pictures $1,252,10059$191,94215.3%26Jul 4Nov 13
206FlawlessMagnolia Pictures $1,200,23465$181,91015.2%35Mar 28Jul 17
2074 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 DaysIFC Films $1,198,20847$51,7124.3%2Jan 25May 22
208The Nightmare Before Christmas
2009 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,109,188284$398,41135.9%284Oct 24Nov 25
209Brick LaneSony Pictures Classics $1,095,39849$47,1244.3%7Jun 20Nov 13
210When Did You Last See Your Father?Sony Pictures Classics $1,077,27357$39,2103.6%8Jun 6Oct 23
211A Christmas TaleIFC Films $1,060,92252$63,8376%7Nov 14Feb 5
212CaramelRoadside Attractions $1,055,58050$71,9166.8%11Feb 1Jul 31
213What Just HappenedMagnolia Pictures $1,050,58488$192,50818.3%36Oct 17Dec 18
214The Children of Huang ShiSony Pictures Classics $1,031,87243$42,7554.1%7May 23Oct 16
215Before the RainsRoadside Attractions $1,029,65544$48,1594.7%8May 9Sep 18
216U Me Aur HumEros International $1,028,19189$642,92362.5%89Apr 11Apr 27
217Sarkar RajEros International $1,009,06570$642,52363.7%70Jun 6Jun 29
218Dostana-$999,03374$645,60464.6%74Nov 14Dec 11
219Cassandra's DreamThe Weinstein Company $973,018107$361,90137.2%107Jan 18Feb 21
220Diary of the DeadThird Rail Releasing $958,96148$232,57624.3%42Feb 15May 1
221Encounters at the End of the WorldTHINKFilm $944,93339$17,7301.9%1Jun 11Nov 6
222American TeenParamount Vantage $942,441109$45,5894.8%5Jul 25Sep 25
223Emma Smith: My StoryCandlelight Media Group $881,78742$94,95910.8%41Apr 11Oct 2
224My Blueberry NightsThe Weinstein Company $867,27569$74,1468.5%6Apr 4Jul 17
225Wendy and LucyOscilloscope $865,69540$18,2182.1%2Dec 10Apr 30
226I.O.U.S.A.Roadside Attractions $821,046358$61,3137.5%18Aug 22Mar 2
227The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
2007 Re-release
City Lights Pictures $807,11730$80,65510%18Feb 15Jul 17
228Up the YangtzeZeitgeist Films $783,96923$15,8512%1Apr 25Oct 30
229The Edge of HeavenStrand Releasing $742,34920$14,2571.9%1May 21Oct 16
230Forever StrongCrane Movie Company $719,556259---Sep 19Nov 9
231DelgoFreestyle Releasing $694,7822,160$511,92073.7%2,160Dec 12Dec 18
232Bachna Ae Haseeno-$691,67871$322,43146.6%71Aug 15Sep 4
233Beer for My HorsesRoadside Attractions $666,04591$209,25331.4%91Aug 8Nov 9
234Let the Right One InMagnolia Pictures $665,92853$49,2957.4%4Oct 24Apr 30
235HeroesEros International $655,53860$326,42549.8%60Oct 24Nov 6
236Fugitive PiecesThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $635,78338$102,21216.1%30May 2Aug 14
237I Served the King of EnglandSony Pictures Classics $617,40338$53,2188.6%8Aug 29Dec 25
238A SecretStrand Releasing $613,55111$37,1356.1%3Sep 5May 7
239Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights - Hollywood to the HeartlandPicturehouse $603,894962$464,17076.9%962Feb 8Feb 28
240War, Inc.First Look International $580,86233$35,3366.1%2May 23Aug 7
241HouseRoadside Attractions $575,048363$327,44556.9%363Nov 7Dec 24
242YuvvraajEros International $570,09077$264,36246.4%77Nov 21Dec 11
243RepriseMiramax $554,82615$49,0608.8%3May 16Jul 24
244Nobel SonFreestyle Releasing $540,382893$333,91261.8%893Dec 5Dec 24
245Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom-$532,8789$151,33728.4%5Oct 24Dec 18
246Che: Part One/Che: Part TwoIFC Films $523,22939$61,07011.7%2Dec 12May 21
247The 2007 Academy Award Nominated Short Films: Live ActionMagnolia Pictures $508,695----Feb 15Apr 3
248Kismat KonnectionUTV Motion Pictures $490,15462$282,12257.6%62Jul 18Aug 7
249Bonneville-$488,393101$174,57135.7%101Feb 29Apr 13
250Krazzy 4Eros International $487,21559$322,42666.2%59Apr 11Apr 27
251Trouble the WaterZeitgeist Films $486,98915$28,6065.9%3Aug 22Apr 9
252Paranoid ParkIFC Films $486,76737$29,8286.1%2Mar 7Jun 12
253BhoothnathEros International $476,03264$330,24669.4%64May 9May 22
254The Legend of DronaEros International $475,10490$199,32942%90Oct 2Oct 16
255JCVD-$470,69128$20,1194.3%2Nov 7Jan 18
256La ligne briséeAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $466,30961$187,98840.3%61Mar 7Mar 16
257The Stone AngelVivendi Entertainment $459,1669$31,8836.9%7Jul 11Aug 14
258Tashan-$457,38075$301,22665.9%75Apr 25May 11
259The HammerInternational Film Circuit $443,59134$97,13721.9%20Mar 21May 8
260Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2008 Re-release
IMAX $433,79718$184-1Oct 31Jan 15
261A Girl Cut in TwoIFC Films $409,65821$18,6584.6%2Aug 15Dec 21
262The PromotionThird Rail Releasing $408,70981$30,4937.5%6Jun 6Jul 17
263Snow AngelsWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $402,85847$14,2473.5%2Mar 7Jun 2
264Flight of the Red Balloon
2008 Re-release
IFC Films $399,71614$35,2228.8%2Apr 4Aug 21
265Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?The Weinstein Company $384,955102$148,69838.6%102Apr 18May 29
266TowelheadWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $372,124100$52,82314.2%4Sep 12Oct 23
267Mèche Blanche, les aventures du petit castorAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $360,88644$65,03518%44Feb 22Mar 16
268Everybody Wants to Be ItalianRoadside Attractions $351,41698$197,86156.3%98Sep 5Oct 16
269TeethRoadside Attractions $347,57816$29,5218.5%4Jan 18Mar 7
270Billy: The Early YearsRocky Mountain Pictures $347,328282$192,04255.3%282Oct 10Oct 23
271JellyfishZeitgeist Films $338,41314$25,3527.5%4Apr 4Sep 25
272Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean3D Entertainment $337,61842$41,69512.3%4Feb 15May 6
273Everything Is FineAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $336,56926$99,60429.6%26Feb 15Mar 16
274Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic-$335,87468$181,61054.1%68Jun 27Jul 10
275City of MenMiramax $325,13175$130,57940.2%75Feb 29Mar 20
276Bigger Stronger Faster*Magnolia Pictures $308,57526$31,57610.2%6May 30Aug 21
277The Life Before Her EyesMagnolia Pictures $303,43948$20,2206.7%8Apr 18Jun 29
278PassengersSony Pictures Releasing $292,437125$172,54459%125Oct 24Nov 6
279OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of SpiesMusic Box Films $289,04913$31,41810.9%9May 9Oct 23
280Morning LightWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $275,49755$129,29546.9%55Oct 17Nov 25
281Taxi to the Dark SideTHINKFilm $274,66120$10,9304%2Jan 18Jun 1
282One Two ThreeEros International $274,58942$246,72489.9%42Mar 28Apr 3
283The Duchess of LangeaisIFC Films $270,22611$22,2518.2%2Feb 22Jul 31
284SurfwiseMagnolia Pictures $269,99413$10,3043.8%1May 9Aug 7
285The Lucky OnesLionsgate $266,967425$183,08868.6%425Sep 26Oct 2
286Harvard Beats Yale 29-29Kino International $265,65113$14,0885.3%3Nov 19Jul 23
287The Grocer's SonFilm Movement $262,7647$10,5874%1Jun 6Nov 20
288Savage GraceIFC Films $256,46922$22,3118.7%2May 28Aug 21
289My Brother Is an Only ChildTHINKFilm $255,62014$9,3573.7%1Mar 28Jul 24
290The SignalMagnolia Pictures $251,150160$144,83657.7%160Feb 22Mar 20
291The 13th AlleySuper Chief Films $250,99272$112,94645%72Jun 13Jun 19
292The Legend of God's GunIndican Pictures $243,0798$15,0966.2%3Jul 18Nov 22
293Chaos TheoryWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $240,47611---Mar 14Apr 24
294The Foot Fist WayParamount Vantage $234,28625$36,39115.5%4May 30Aug 14
295Standard Operating ProcedureSony Pictures Classics $229,11721$14,1086.2%2Apr 25Jul 31
296Goal II: Living the DreamArenas Entertainment $225,06799$150,09866.7%99Aug 29Sep 18
297Sixty Six
2008 Re-release
First Independent Pictures $224,31317$9,3594.2%2Aug 1Mar 12
298Battle in SeattleRedwood Palms Pictures $223,05140$46,90321%8Sep 19Dec 7
299Chris & Don. A Love StoryZeitgeist Films $216,11012$10,3374.8%2Jun 13Oct 30
300How the Garcia Girls Spent Their SummerMaya Entertainment $215,30384$91,43242.5%84May 18-
301Call + ResponseFair Trade Pictures $215,18517$41,34619.2%12Oct 10-
302Hell RideThird Rail Releasing $213,60882$100,16446.9%82Aug 8Aug 21
303Married LifeSony Pictures Classics $204,628120$55,85127.3%9Mar 7Jul 3
304FashionUTV Motion Pictures $191,44240$105,81255.3%40Oct 31Nov 16
305Elsa & FredMitropoulos Films $189,02415$10,2465.4%2Jun 27Oct 2
306La traviataEmerging Pictures $185,48749$19,96110.8%7Feb 15Nov 6
307Constantine's SwordFirst Run $179,1646$10,1315.7%2Apr 18Oct 26
308Chicago 10Roadside Attractions $177,49014$42,72424.1%14Feb 29Jul 24
309Mera Pind: My HomeAdlabs Films $176,97619$176,976100%19Sep 5Sep 7
310Ashes of TimeSony Pictures Classics $174,27318$21,37212.3%5Oct 10Jan 8
311My Name Is BruceImage Entertainment $173,0664$16,4329.5%1Oct 31Dec 14
312In Search of a Midnight KissIFC Films $172,60511$13,3857.8%2Aug 1Nov 20
313SleepwalkingOverture Films $170,39269$47,76228%30Mar 14May 4
314God Tussi Great HoEros International $163,75669$121,43274.2%69Aug 15Aug 21
315Girls Rock!Shadow Distribution $159,29414$29,91718.8%7Mar 7Oct 2
316My Father My LordKino International $155,8889$24,09615.5%6May 16Nov 27
317Bra BoysSlowhand Cinema Releasing $155,05623$45,58929.4%23Apr 11Jul 6
2008 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $153,6192$14,8269.7%1Mar 14Sep 11
319Mister LonelyIFC Films $152,7408$16,76911%1May 2Aug 7
320The Unknown WomanOutsider Pictures $152,1142$5,7013.7%1May 30-
321Repo! The Genetic OperaLionsgate $146,75011$53,68436.6%8Nov 7Dec 11
322Enlighten Up!Balcony Releasing $146,21512$11,7998.1%1Sep 12Jun 28
323Sky KidsDark Coast Pictures $144,68017$6,8454.7%1Aug 15Dec 25
324Last Year at MarienbadRialto Pictures $144,4922$15,48510.7%1Jan 18Aug 17
325ShelterRegent Releasing $141,91110$3,4642.4%1Mar 21Jun 22
326BagheadSony Pictures Classics $140,10618$8,6406.2%2Jun 13Nov 20
327HounddogEmpire Pictures Inc. $131,96111$13,74410.4%11Sep 19Dec 17
328Proud AmericanSlowhand Cinema Releasing $131,357750$135,000-750Sep 12Sep 21
329AlexandraThe Cinema Guild $128,2224$9,4017.3%1Mar 26Apr 2
330Chop ShopKoch Lorber Films $125,0453$8,4756.8%1Feb 27Jul 17
331Were the World Mine-$123,7894$8640.7%1Oct 31Apr 19
332One Day You'll UnderstandKino International $123,5987$19,19815.5%3Oct 31Sep 17
333The SecretsMonterey Media $122,0949$19,53616%7Nov 26Apr 19
334Lola MontèsRialto Pictures $120,3064$12,56910.4%3Oct 10Mar 26
335The GrandAnchor Bay Films $115,87914$26,33422.7%6Mar 21May 4
336The Other End of the LineMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $115,59291$59,07851.1%91Oct 31Dec 11
337CJ7Sony Pictures Classics $115,59130$49,77043.1%19Mar 7May 8
338The First Saturday in MayTruly Indie $114,90920$54,55347.5%20Apr 18Jun 1
339Boy AThe Weinstein Company $113,66210$13,02411.5%2Jul 23Aug 28
340Mere Baap Pehle Aap-$113,57655$113,576100%55Jun 13Jun 15
341PathologyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $109,84646$54,24449.4%46Apr 18May 8
342Bustin' Down the DoorScreen Media Films $109,42717$17,31715.8%5Jul 25Aug 21
343TrumboThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $109,0576$28,12525.8%3Jun 27Jul 31
344Days and CloudsFilm Movement $107,0134$16,70715.6%2Jul 11Nov 23
345Love SongsIFC Films $104,4607$20,48819.6%2Mar 21Jul 3
346BeaufortKino International $102,5916$6,8086.6%2Jan 18Jun 12
347Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!TLA Releasing $100,8337$21,08620.9%3Aug 29Nov 6
348Momma's ManKino International $99,8739$11,07211.1%1Aug 22Mar 12
349Greetings from the ShoreFreestyle Releasing $96,31431$40,52742.1%31Sep 12Oct 23
350The PoolVitagraph Films $95,1028$7,7368.1%1Sep 3Dec 4
351Louise BourgeoisZeitgeist Films $93,4784$9,2209.9%1Jun 25Feb 26
352The UnforeseenThe Cinema Guild $89,8913$2,4962.8%1Feb 29Sep 14
353Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the MountainsZeitgeist Films $89,4737$3,0773.4%1Oct 22Mar 12
354Little ChenierSlowhand Cinema Releasing $87,93917$37,31842.4%17Jan 18-
355The Secret of the GrainIFC Films $86,3563$9,85011.4%1Dec 24Mar 1
356BlindsightAbramorama $85,5975$5,2796.2%1Mar 5Jun 5
357Pray the Devil Back to HellBalcony Releasing $85,2225$8,2279.7%1Nov 7Apr 19
358Bab'Aziz: The Prince That Contemplated His SoulTypecast Releasing $84,5882$3,2863.9%1Feb 8Nov 2
359Me & You, Us, ForeverFive & Two Pictures $84,09378$58,66269.8%78Feb 15Mar 2
360KablueyRegent Releasing $83,5064$7,3738.8%1Jul 4Oct 30
361The Midnight Meat TrainLionsgate $83,361102$34,39441.3%102Aug 1Aug 14
362Maria Stuarda at La ScalaEmerging Pictures $83,09043$4,5815.5%2Mar 14Nov 6
363Save MeFirst Run $82,6515$6,9928.5%1Sep 5Jan 22
364Humboldt CountyMagnolia Pictures $82,3579$25,93331.5%9Sep 26Nov 6
365Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!UTV Motion Pictures $80,03745$42,39953%45Nov 26Dec 7
366Il trittico dell'amoreEmerging Pictures $79,84243$2,2352.8%2May 2Oct 23
367Praying with LiorFirst Run $79,5164$8,40110.6%1Feb 1Aug 7
368Cover-$79,43614$30,00037.8%14Feb 22Mar 9
369Tuya's MarriageMusic Box Films $79,2915$2,6193.3%1Apr 4Nov 6
370Ping Pong PlayaIFC Films $77,90714$30,79739.5%9Sep 5Oct 9
371Fear(s) of the DarkIFC Films $77,8768$6,1037.8%1Oct 22Dec 21
372BallastAlluvial Film Company $77,5565$8,57211.1%1Oct 1Dec 11
373Love Comes LatelyKino International $76,8726$14,61019%6Jun 13Feb 5
374A Thousand Years of Good PrayersMagnolia Pictures $76,8067$10,32113.4%2Sep 19Oct 30
375How About You...Strand Releasing $75,3547$6,0228%1Nov 14Apr 30
376My WinnipegIFC Films $75,31710$14,30919%2Jun 13Aug 21
377The WitnessesStrand Releasing $74,5546$14,80019.9%3Feb 1May 22
378Shoot DownMagic Lamp $74,42121$49,18266.1%21Jan 25-
379A Jihad for LoveFirst Run $73,8335$10,51914.2%1May 21Sep 25
380August EveningMaya Entertainment $73,7604$3,2964.5%1Sep 5Jan 8
381Still LifeNew Yorker Films $73,1682$12,74417.4%1Jan 18Jun 19
382A Four Letter WordEmbrem Entertainment $72,5685$12,10116.7%1Mar 28Jul 3
383America the BeautifulFirst Independent Pictures $72,2345$6,7609.4%1May 9Nov 23
384The Business of Being BornInternational Film Circuit $69,9913$9,57413.7%1Jan 9Feb 28
385KennyXenon Pictures $69,2206$3,8575.6%1Jun 20Aug 28
386Talento de barrioMaya Entertainment $68,54220$36,11852.7%20Oct 10Nov 6
387Happy ValleyStone Five Studios $67,6657$27,12240.1%7Mar 28May 8
388StuckTHINKFilm $67,50516$8,84413.1%2May 30Jul 17
389Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert-$66,90314$38,86758.1%14Oct 3Oct 16
390CSNY/Déjà VuRoadside Attractions $65,02524$33,99752.3%24Jul 25Oct 30
391The Wild ChildThe Film Desk $64,0482$6,68010.4%1Nov 7-
392BloodlineCinema Libre Studio $63,7615$6,65810.4%1May 9Aug 28
393Monsieur VerdouxThe Film Desk $63,6432---Mar 14-
394A Plumm SummerFreestyle Releasing $63,52158$53,75284.6%58Apr 25May 1
395Summer PalacePalm Pictures $63,0453$8,71713.8%1Jan 18May 1
396Meet BillFirst Look International $62,59736$35,20156.2%36Apr 4Apr 17
397DealMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $61,62651$35,28157.3%50Apr 25May 8
398Take Out-$60,6825$10,50517.3%1Jun 6Sep 25
399Hallam FoeMagnolia Pictures $60,6416$13,49022.2%2Sep 5Oct 23
400Water LiliesKoch Lorber Films $60,3403$7,41812.3%2Apr 4Aug 21
401Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater StoryInterPositive Media $60,33210$10,93918.1%2Sep 26Nov 9
402Roman Polanski: Wanted and DesiredTHINKFilm $59,1929$4,6137.8%1Jul 11Sep 28
403Love and HonourEleven Arts $59,1043$5,2348.9%2May 2Nov 6
404Alice's HouseVitagraph Films $58,5136$19,08332.6%6Jan 25May 1
405Finding AmandaMagnolia Pictures $57,29713$31,34054.7%13Jun 27Jul 17
406What We Do Is Secret-$56,9697$5,88810.3%1Aug 8Oct 19
407The Order of MythsThe Cinema Guild $56,4773$7,05612.5%1Jul 25Jan 1
408Beautiful LosersSidetrack Films $56,3863$10,60718.8%1Aug 8Sep 21
409Chapter 27-$56,21511$13,91024.7%1Mar 28May 4
410Roadside Romeo-$55,20229$41,77075.7%29Oct 24Nov 2
411Ugly Me
2008 Re-release
-$53,25026---Feb 8-
412Surfer, DudeAnchor Bay Films $52,13269$5,97111.5%1Sep 5Sep 21
413La forza del destinoEmerging Pictures $52,0977$4,9599.5%2Mar 31Aug 31
414Dare Not Walk AloneIndican Pictures $51,6653$9,25917.9%3Apr 25Nov 20
415$9.99Regent Releasing $51,5634$4780.9%1Dec 12Jan 21
416Gunnin' for That #1 SpotOscilloscope $50,80414$20,35540.1%14Jun 27Jul 20
417Sukiyaki Western DjangoFirst Look International $50,6594$9,85619.5%1Aug 29Sep 25
418Sangre de mi sangreIFC Films $50,3057$8,38516.7%1May 14Jul 17
419Tristan und Isolde, Azione in tre attiEmerging Pictures $50,1726$2,6765.3%2Jan 18Oct 2
420Boarding GateMagnolia Pictures $49,3334$11,44023.2%1Mar 21Apr 20
421Box Elder-$48,9962$3,1886.5%1Mar 3-
422La RondineEmerging Pictures $48,8285$2,9726.1%1May 19Sep 18
423CiaoRegent Releasing $48,7933$2,6725.5%1Dec 5Jun 11
424The Last MistressIFC Films $48,66429$33,55469%2Jun 27Oct 9
425XXYFilm Movement $46,0112$3,2417%1May 2Nov 20
426Breakfast with ScotRegent Releasing $45,9466$11,45524.9%5Oct 10Apr 8
427The Babysitters-$44,85222$23,51852.4%22May 9May 22
428All Roads Lead HomeWaldo West Productions $43,90746$31,78572.4%46Sep 26Oct 9
429Irina PalmStrand Releasing $42,8604$3,4748.1%1Mar 21Jun 19
430Blonde and BlonderHannover House $42,18314$26,47062.8%14Jan 18Feb 10
431Planet B-BoyElephant Eye Films $40,56514$27,77768.5%2Mar 21Jun 5
432The Dhamma BrothersBalcony Releasing $40,4923$3,7109.2%1Apr 11Jun 26
433UndoingIndican Pictures $40,3913$16,06539.8%3Jan 4Mar 2
434Moving MidwayFirst Run $39,7184$6,53916.5%2Sep 12Jan 1
435I Can't Think StraightRegent Releasing $39,0923$15,23939%3Nov 21Sep 17
436The ClassSony Pictures Classics $34,896126---Dec 19Jun 11
437The WacknessSony Pictures Classics $33,778142$138,401409.7%6Jul 3Oct 23
438Loins of Punjab PresentsEmerging Pictures $33,5198$14,85044.3%4Sep 12Nov 9
439BerlinThird Rail Releasing $33,2312$8,28024.9%2Jul 18Aug 5
440The Tracey FragmentsTHINKFilm $32,6454$3,0029.2%1May 9May 22
441Kiss the BrideRegent Releasing $31,7995$8,81127.7%5Apr 18Jul 17
442Hats OffAbramorama $31,2725$6,57021%1Mar 28May 8
443Familiar StrangersCavalier Films $31,0594$11,55337.2%2Nov 14Mar 12
444The ExilesMilestone $30,9451$8,44827.3%1Jul 11Aug 7
445Patti Smith: Dream of LifePalm Pictures $30,9181$9,99332.3%1Aug 6Aug 17
446Fighting for LifeTruly Indie $30,6062$3,42311.2%1Mar 7Mar 30
447Dark MatterFirst Independent Pictures $30,5915$8,70128.4%2Apr 11May 22
448ExpiredMCR Releasing $29,7963$6,59622.1%1Jun 20Jul 17
449The Alphabet KillerAnchor Bay Films $29,7842$11,00036.9%1Nov 7Dec 14
450Walking on Dead FishVariance Films $29,6904$10,52435.4%1Sep 19Nov 13
451Mother of TearsMyriad Pictures $29,6547$19,41965.5%7Jun 6Jul 17
452YellaThe Cinema Guild $29,4392$7,76726.4%2May 16Dec 11
453Don CarloEmerging Pictures $27,8345$27,834100%5Dec 5Dec 7
454The Hottie & the NottieRegent Releasing $27,696111$27,696100%111Feb 8Feb 10
455Before I ForgetStrand Releasing $27,6112$9,67635%1Jul 18Aug 7
456GoodTHINKFilm $27,2768$9,50834.9%2Dec 31Jan 15
457FrontrunnersOscilloscope $26,9766$6,88825.5%1Oct 15Oct 30
458The Dukes-$26,87511$6,06722.6%4Nov 14Dec 11
459The Air I BreatheTHINKFilm $25,7757$19,48775.6%7Jan 25Jan 31
460Good DickAbramorama $24,5752$5,03620.5%1Oct 10Nov 16
461Sex and Death 101Anchor Bay Films $23,6246$13,51657.2%5Apr 4May 1
462TimecrimesMagnolia Pictures $23,3897$4,35118.6%2Dec 12Jan 29
463Filth and WisdomIFC Films $22,40610$4,59720.5%1Oct 17Nov 23
464The Elephant KingUnison Films $22,2512$15,95971.7%1Oct 17Oct 30
465LovesicknessMaya Entertainment $22,00018$22,000100%18Mar 14Mar 16
466Garden PartyRoadside Attractions $21,8867$10,87649.7%7Jul 11Jul 24
467Diminished CapacityIFC Films $21,6594$11,83254.6%4Jul 4Jul 24
468The CryMonterey Media $21,4276$6,96832.5%4Apr 25May 15
469On Broadway-$21,3845$8,26838.7%5Mar 14Apr 10
470AntarcticaRegent Releasing $21,1512$7983.8%1Aug 29Jun 18
471The Betrayal - NerakhoonThe Cinema Guild $20,7383$5,86428.3%1Nov 21Apr 23
472Shoot the Piano PlayerJanus Films $20,6151$10,46650.8%1Sep 5Sep 11
473The First Basket-$20,4404$1,8198.9%1Oct 29Dec 11
474Vivre Sa VieJanus Films $20,1371$8,33641.4%1May 30Jul 24
475Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve PartsKoch Lorber Films $20,0181$5,54627.7%1Apr 18May 8
476Woman on the Beach
2008 Re-release
New Yorker Films $19,9581$4,25021.3%1Jan 9Jun 26
477Trying to Get Good: The Jazz Odyssey of Jack SheldonReel Source $19,7121$4,79224.3%1May 30Jun 15
478Beauty in Trouble
2008 Re-release
Menemsha Films $19,3002$6,46033.5%1Jun 13Jun 22
479Saving MarriageRegent Releasing $18,7202$8,04443%2Oct 17Nov 13
480Live Fast, Die Young-$18,3351$9,84153.7%1Oct 24-
481Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His FatherOscilloscope $18,3343$2,88615.7%1Oct 31Nov 16
482The World UnseenRegent Releasing $17,8083$9,03150.7%3Nov 7Nov 27
483Baby Blues-$17,2341$17,234100%1Jan 11Jan 13
484Dark StreetsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $16,81518$10,95865.2%18Dec 12Dec 18
485Day ZeroFirst Look International $16,6592$12,07072.5%2Jan 18Jan 24
486To the LimitFirst Run $16,6272$1,4838.9%2Jun 13Sep 28
487NoiseTHINKFilm $16,5132$3,68722.3%2May 9Jun 5
488Mumbai Meri JaanUTV Motion Pictures $16,4078$13,58882.8%8Aug 22Aug 28
489Holding TrevorRegent Releasing $16,3902$7,82947.8%2Jul 4Aug 28
490RefusenikAbramorama $15,7283$3,60422.9%2Apr 11Jun 5
491CthulhuRegent Releasing $15,1813$1,4389.5%1Aug 22Nov 27
492All HatAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $15,0452---Jan 18Mar 9
493It Always Rains on SundayRialto Pictures $14,2761$7,17750.3%1Mar 7Mar 13
494SplinterMagnolia Pictures $14,1544$9,51767.2%4Oct 31Nov 13
495EdenLiberation Entertainment $13,9003$3,08422.2%1Nov 14Feb 8
496Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken DeadTroma $13,8041$10,62477%1May 9May 18
497Full Grown MenEmerging Pictures $13,7162$3,75727.4%1Jun 27Aug 3
498Ripple EffectMonterey Media $13,5074$8306.1%1Jun 20Sep 28
499Kicking ItLiberation Entertainment $13,2662$2,21916.7%1Jun 13Jul 6
500HaroldCity Lights Pictures $13,2293$10,57880%3Jul 11Jul 17
501My Mexican ShivahEmerging Pictures $13,0421$6,10046.8%1Aug 29Sep 7
502Lake CityScreen Media Films $12,7672$9,35573.3%1Nov 21Dec 18
503AugustFirst Look International $12,6361$8,09264%1Jul 11Jul 24
504J'entends plus la guitareThe Film Desk $12,6161---Feb 25Mar 8
505Jake's CornerEmerging Pictures $12,5228$12,522100%8Sep 5Sep 7
506Full Battle RattleMile End Films $12,3061$3,21626.1%1Jul 9Jul 20
507Blind MountainKino International $12,0882$3,67630.4%1Mar 12Jul 13
508Last Stop for PaulMandt Bros. Productions $11,9512$7,60463.6%2Mar 7Mar 20
509The Go-Getter-$11,9315$11,931100%5Jun 6Jun 8
510The MatadorCity Lights Pictures $11,8842$6,69556.3%1Oct 31Dec 18
511Quid Pro QuoMagnolia Pictures $11,8644$7,39562.3%4Jun 13Jun 19
512Counter InvestigationAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $11,8463$6,18252.2%3Feb 29-
513Six in ParisNew Yorker Films $11,8101$4,05334.3%1Oct 3Nov 13
514Operation FilmmakerIcarus Films $11,5731$2,96425.6%1Jun 4Jun 26
515Sputnik FeverBalcony Releasing $11,4411$6,22354.4%1Mar 14Mar 27
516Never ForeverArts Alliance America $11,3462$6,52957.5%2Apr 11May 8
517The Beautiful TruthCinema Libre Studio $11,1992$3,02527%1Nov 14Jan 29
518The Pleasure of Being RobbedIFC Films $10,6877$7,72072.2%7Oct 3Oct 9
519RogueThird Rail Releasing $10,45210$7,71173.8%10Apr 25May 1
520Otto; or, Up with Dead PeopleStrand Releasing $10,4422$3,45633.1%1Nov 7Feb 5
2008 Re-release
IFC Films $10,40550$5,53253.2%1Dec 19Jun 11
522BackseatTruly Indie $10,3851$5,81656%1Mar 28Apr 20
523Battle for HadithaLafayette Films $10,3102$1,98219.2%1May 7May 22
524As It Is in Heaven
2008 Re-release
Vitagraph Films $10,2361$2,40223.5%1May 2-
525Lost in BeijingNew Yorker Films $10,1642$4,33742.7%1Jan 25Apr 24
526WhaledreamersMonterey Media $9,9726$1,82718.3%6Sep 26Dec 7
527No Regret
2008 Re-release
Regent Releasing $9,6373$4,18143.4%2Jul 25Sep 25
528As Tears Go ByKino International $9,4361$4,27945.3%1May 2May 15
529YPF-$9,3591$3,22034.4%1Aug 29Sep 14
530Tru LovedRegent Releasing $9,1924$1,67818.3%2Oct 17Jun 17
531Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane NaUTV Motion Pictures $9,15740$205,2032,240.9%33Jul 4Aug 7
532Elite SquadIFC Films $8,7441$3,60441.2%1Sep 19Oct 2
533A Good Day to Be Black & SexyMagnolia Pictures $8,6291$6,14171.2%1Dec 5Dec 11
534Body of War-$7,8315$3,32142.4%1Mar 7May 4
535A Walk to BeautifulEngel Entertainment $7,7181$7,718100%1Feb 8Feb 10
536Without the KingFirst Run $7,5491$4,23756.1%1Apr 25Jun 26
537Eden LakeThird Rail Releasing $7,32110$5,82479.6%10Oct 31Nov 6
538The Killing of John LennonIFC Films $6,9751$3,07744.1%1Jan 2Jan 24
539London to BrightonOutsider Films $6,7003$6,700100%3Feb 8Feb 10
540TakeLiberation Entertainment $6,6274$1,26419.1%1Jul 18Jul 31
541One Piece: Episode of Alabaster - Sabaku no Ojou to Kaizoku TachiThe Bigger Picture $6,58797$5,79187.9%97Feb 7Feb 10
542Ek Vivaah... Aisa BhiEros International $6,4377$6,437100%7Nov 7Nov 9
543AnamorphIFC Films $6,2551$3,12049.9%1Apr 18May 22
544Death Defying ActsThird Rail Releasing $5,6652$3,56162.9%2Jul 11Jul 17
545Nights and WeekendsIFC Films $5,4301$2,90253.4%1Oct 10Oct 16
546The Amazing Truth About Queen RaquelaRegent Releasing $5,3842$2,70050.1%2Sep 26Jun 25
547Dog Days of SummerMountain Top Releasing $5,3831$2,97355.2%1Apr 18Apr 27
548Heartbeat DetectorNew Yorker Films $5,3092$5,309100%2Mar 14Mar 16
549Flash PointThird Rail Releasing $5,15110$3,27163.5%10Mar 14Mar 20
550Turn the RiverScreen Media Films $5,1492$2,72252.9%1May 9May 18
551Flow: For Love of WaterOscilloscope $5,12611$3,64471.1%1Mar 21Dec 11
552Gardens of the NightCity Lights Pictures $5,1251$3,07259.9%1Nov 7Dec 18
553God and Gays: Bridging the GapIndican Pictures $5,0952$1,46028.7%2Oct 24Nov 20
554TreCinema Libre Studio $4,7592$4,759100%2Feb 1Feb 3
555Stealing America: Vote by VoteDirect Cinema Limited $4,7403$2,94462.1%1Aug 1Aug 21
556RedMagnolia Pictures $4,6432$3,17668.4%2Aug 8Aug 14
557AmexicanoMaya Entertainment $4,6371$2,74659.2%1Sep 19Dec 18
558Mad DetectiveIFC Films $4,6291$2,68257.9%1Jul 18Jul 27
559Wonderful TownKino International $4,4871$1,15425.7%1Jul 18Jul 31
560House of the Sleeping BeautiesFirst Run $4,4221$1,53534.7%1Nov 14Feb 1
561Romulus, My FatherMagnolia Pictures $4,2833$2,79165.2%3Feb 29Mar 6
562Twisted: A Balloonamentary-$4,2182$2,35455.8%1May 23Jun 1
563Poisoned by Polonium: The Litvinenko FileKino International $4,1361$2,40258.1%1Mar 21Jun 26
564Heavy Metal in BaghdadArts Alliance America $4,0702$2,01249.4%2May 23May 29
565Choose ConnorStrand Releasing $3,9952$1,44136.1%1Oct 10Nov 6
566Solar FlareRegent Releasing $3,9701$1,55439.1%1Jun 6Jun 29
567Where God Left His ShoesIFC Films $3,9112$2,91874.6%2Dec 12Dec 21
568Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and SeaThe Bigger Picture $3,89240$3,33285.6%40Feb 21Feb 28
2008 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $3,7601$3,23286%1Nov 21Dec 4
570Fraude: México 2006Maya Entertainment $3,6375$2,36965.1%5Oct 10Oct 23
571HungerIFC Films $3,56111$1,98055.6%1Dec 5Jun 7
572Military Intelligence and You!-$3,5194$2,54172.2%1Feb 8Mar 6
573VivereRegent Releasing $3,4512$2,11961.4%2Feb 29Jun 12
574FrauleinFilm Movement $3,4121$2,44971.8%1Sep 19Oct 30
575American ZombieCinema Libre Studio $3,1261$3,126100%1Mar 28Mar 30
576Who Does She Think She Is?Artistic License $3,0811$3,081100%1Oct 17Oct 19
577SpiralAnchor Bay Films $3,072----Feb 8-
578Run for Your LifeScreen Media Films $2,9921$2,53784.8%1Oct 29Nov 2
579ShroomsMagnolia Pictures