Norwegian Box Office For 2007

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $7,868,228108$7,868,228Jul 13
2The Simpsons Movie20th Century Fox International $5,621,380123$5,621,380Jul 27
3Shrek the ThirdUnited International Pictures (UIP) $5,520,085147$6,016,994Aug 31
4RatatouilleBuena Vista International $4,506,864102$4,804,376Sep 28
5Live Free or Die Hard20th Century Fox International $3,712,94788$4,170,397Jun 27
6Spider-Man 3Sony Pictures Releasing $3,621,687115$3,621,687May 4
7The Junior Olsen Gang and the Silver Mine MysteryNordisk Film $3,116,07761$3,130,306Feb 2
8Sunshine20th Century Fox International $3,005,50025$3,024,490Apr 13
9Mr. Bean's HolidayUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,970,97356$2,970,973Mar 30
10Open SeasonBuena Vista International $2,929,98488$3,755,338Nov 10
11The Bourne UltimatumUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,899,80574$2,996,197Sep 14
12Elias and the Royal YachtSF Film Finland $2,534,31988$2,534,319Feb 23
13SwitchSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $2,479,55268$2,599,921Oct 26
14Ocean's ThirteenSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $2,427,17850$2,427,178Jun 8
15The Golden CompassSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $2,354,96384$3,554,864Dec 5
16Gone with the WomanSF Film Finland $2,273,18771$2,276,564Sep 7
17300Sandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $2,246,90143$2,246,901Mar 23
18Blood DiamondSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $2,176,38530$2,176,385Jan 26
19TransformersUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,842,819103$2,509,124Jul 4
20Casino RoyaleBuena Vista International $1,666,92598$8,111,223Nov 24
21American GangsterUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,620,26643$1,936,444Nov 23
22Rush Hour 3SF Film Finland $1,550,30732$1,550,307Aug 17
23Night at the Museum20th Century Fox International $1,503,22581$1,544,175Feb 16
24Varg Veum - Bitre blomsterSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $1,480,95284$1,496,024Sep 28
25Mars & VenusSF Film Finland $1,444,21945$1,616,880Feb 14
26Svein og Rotta og UFO-mysterietNordisk Film $1,421,70761$1,458,686Mar 9
27Music and LyricsSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,320,15054$1,324,628Mar 9
28La Vie en RoseSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,100,67028$1,130,927Mar 30
29Kill Buljo: The MovieOro Film A/S $1,083,90431$1,098,618Mar 23
30Knocked UpUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,048,71030$1,082,397Aug 17
31The Last King of Scotland20th Century Fox International $1,040,34815$1,049,544Feb 2
32Happy FeetSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,038,92792$2,448,667Dec 1
33Surf's UpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $968,08470$1,274,888Nov 16
34BeowulfSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $935,66234$976,850Nov 23
35Meet the RobinsonsBuena Vista International $935,03165$1,000,190Aug 10
36HairspraySF Film Finland $928,35223$930,824Aug 31
37Wild HogsBuena Vista International $881,75830$1,012,367Apr 13
38I Now Pronounce You Chuck & LarryUnited International Pictures (UIP) $823,63330$847,916Sep 28
39Ghost RiderBuena Vista International $805,90630$805,906Feb 23
40SuperbadWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $804,08122$843,435Nov 9
41The HolidayUnited International Pictures (UIP) $762,61155$1,632,271Dec 15
42ZodiacSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $762,02112$762,021May 18
43Rocky BalboaSF Film Finland $742,41625$826,988Jan 12
44Bee MovieUnited International Pictures (UIP) $722,371125$3,930,645Dec 26
45Deja VuBuena Vista International $720,94140$1,220,920Dec 26
46Hot FuzzUnited International Pictures (UIP) $668,15630$681,063Apr 13
47Eragon20th Century Fox International $661,24272$1,852,374Dec 15
48I Am LegendSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $659,06835$2,988,309Dec 26
49BarnyardUnited International Pictures (UIP) $639,97730$639,977Jan 12
50ShooterUnited International Pictures (UIP) $621,37930$621,379Apr 20
5128 Weeks Later20th Century Fox International $614,79410$614,794Sep 7
52MirushNordisk Film $591,84030$593,263Mar 2
53The Ten Lives of Titanic the CatNordisk Film $538,13262$606,843Oct 31
54Arn: The Knight TemplarSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $516,08764$2,687,184Dec 26
55ApocalyptoScanbox Entertainment $492,20925$494,257Jan 26
56John Tucker Must Die20th Century Fox International $490,89020$490,890Jan 19
57StardustUnited International Pictures (UIP) $483,16235$484,484Sep 21
58The Ugly Duckling and Me!Nordisk Film $476,46128$490,661Jun 29
59The Radio PiratesNordisk Film $446,64362$446,643Sep 14
60Epic Movie20th Century Fox International $442,13025$442,130Mar 23
61The KingdomUnited International Pictures (UIP) $438,92135$478,282Oct 12
62Notes on a Scandal20th Century Fox International $438,0708$438,070Feb 23
63EnchantedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $434,17662$2,188,485Dec 26
64Elizabeth: The Golden AgeUnited International Pictures (UIP) $414,62130$429,173Nov 2
65Michael ClaytonSF Film Finland $413,9538$520,406Oct 26
66Arthur and the InvisiblesScanbox Entertainment $407,23149$416,526Feb 16
67Perfect StrangerSF Film Finland $399,44742$399,447Apr 13
68Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan20th Century Fox International $395,64746$3,036,490Nov 17
69GirlsOro Film A/S $394,87226$408,470Feb 2
70We Own the NightSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $392,65125$392,651Nov 2
71TMNTNordisk Film $383,17940$383,179Mar 30
72BabelSony Pictures Releasing $380,67915$912,704Nov 17
73Death ProofSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $380,64021$391,037Jun 15
74Marie AntoinetteBuena Vista International $370,7798$370,779Jan 12
75Charlotte's WebUnited International Pictures (UIP) $361,88242$396,613Jan 26
76Lions for Lambs20th Century Fox International $361,19933$369,672Nov 9
77Nancy DrewSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $352,43610$352,436Aug 10
78The DepartedSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $352,04235$2,186,881Nov 3
79Perfume: The Story of a MurdererNordisk Film $349,63515$360,082Jan 19
80The Pursuit of HappynessBuena Vista International $345,10720$345,107Feb 9
81Bridge to TerabithiaScanbox Entertainment $344,16025$346,011Jun 8
82DreamgirlsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $334,21710$342,793Mar 2
83Evan AlmightyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $329,12335$329,083Aug 3
84Pan's LabyrinthOro Film A/S $328,0757$335,592Jan 5
85Flushed AwayUnited International Pictures (UIP) $327,086100$942,792Dec 8
86Blades of GloryUnited International Pictures (UIP) $309,87715$311,846May 11
87Saw IVScanbox Entertainment $297,57916$316,422Nov 2
88SickoSF Film Finland $295,75122$302,739Oct 5
89You, the LivingOro Film A/S $285,6806$333,517Oct 19
90Hunting and GatheringSF Film Finland $282,9804$288,987Aug 31
91The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $239,14910$253,123Nov 16
92My Neighbor Totoro
2007 Re-release
Oro Film A/S $234,34711$234,347Mar 30
93The Good ShepherdNordisk Film $234,07812$234,078Feb 23
94Eastern PromisesSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $228,0846$264,977Oct 19
95Goodbye BafanaSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $225,96213$225,962Aug 24
962 Days in ParisOro Film A/S $212,1215$212,929Jul 13
971408Scanbox Entertainment $209,65820$268,877Nov 30
98Smokin' AcesUnited International Pictures (UIP) $207,82010$208,479Feb 9
99Andre omgangScanbox Entertainment $204,79349$204,793Jan 19
100Golden DoorOro Film A/S $203,1112$222,965Oct 12
101Becoming JaneSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $199,12012$199,277Sep 14
102The Boss of It AllFidalgo $195,9993$195,999May 11
103NextSF Film Finland $191,88115$198,058May 4
104This Is EnglandArthaus $188,8116$189,699Aug 31
105DisturbiaUnited International Pictures (UIP) $188,38412$194,778Jul 27
106Hannibal RisingNordisk Film $181,38120$181,381Feb 16
107FractureSF Film Finland $180,80814$180,808Aug 3
108The Brave OneSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $180,67520$180,675Sep 28
109Black SheepArthaus $175,01110$189,576Jul 20
110No ReservationsSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $173,02215$173,022Sep 14
111Dark Blue Almost Black
2007 Re-release
Arthaus $164,3956$167,052Jun 15
112The PrestigeSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $163,09010$163,090Jan 12
113NorbitUnited International Pictures (UIP) $162,79812$162,798Mar 9
2007 Re-release
Oro Film A/S $160,17410$160,174Sep 21
115Planet TerrorSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $151,38115$151,381Jul 20
116Lotte from Gadgetville-$147,06713$147,726May 11
117The ReefScanbox Entertainment $145,63015$278,008Nov 9
1185 LiesScanbox Entertainment $142,16627$198,380Aug 17
119Resident Evil: ExtinctionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $141,11510$141,115Nov 30
120PragueNordisk Film $136,8917$139,656Jun 1
121MiracleNordisk Film $135,26540$251,193Dec 26
122Mr. BrooksSF Film Finland $133,72712$133,727Jul 6
123Letters from Iwo JimaSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $125,3055$125,305Feb 23
124Across the UniverseSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $123,79320$257,912Dec 14
125Curse of the Golden FlowerNordisk Film $108,9934$122,442Oct 12
126The CounterfeitersNordisk Film $105,3857$107,862Sep 21
127A Mighty HeartUnited International Pictures (UIP) $104,3076$104,307Oct 5
128Lady ChatterleyArthaus $103,8066$105,056Aug 17
129Triple DareArthaus $103,46310$106,873Jun 1
130VenusTour de Force $99,7237$99,723Sep 28
131Alpha DogScanbox Entertainment $99,0868$100,706Mar 16
132Falkenberg FarewellArthouse $99,0326$105,672Apr 27
133Flags of our FathersSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $97,5557$158,170Dec 26
134O'HortenScanbox Entertainment $95,88740$480,991Dec 26
135The QueenSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $95,84020$730,433Nov 10
136HalloweenNordisk Film $90,3228$91,119Oct 26
137The ReapingSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $89,63010$89,630May 11
138The HitcherNordisk Film $89,4515$89,451Jun 8
139Tenacious D in The Pick of DestinySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $85,90112$133,049Dec 26
140PersepolisSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $84,2165$84,436Sep 21
141The InvasionSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $80,5478$80,547Oct 19
142The Painted VeilNordisk Film $78,4387$78,438Mar 23
143The SubstituteArthaus $70,07915$70,311Oct 26
144Göta kanal 2 - KanalkampenSF Film Finland $63,97031$63,970Mar 16
145A Guide to Recognizing Your SaintsTour de Force $62,3383$62,338Jul 27
146Death at a FuneralScanbox Entertainment $62,17812$62,178Aug 24
147The IllusionistSony Pictures Releasing $61,4508$131,387Dec 15
148Waitress20th Century Fox International $58,7736$58,773Sep 28
149WarNordisk Film $57,9764$71,671Nov 16
15030 Days of NightNordisk Film $55,3286$78,978Dec 7
151Shoot 'Em UpSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $53,61419$211,583Dec 26
152BreachSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $51,6013$51,601Jun 1
153SleuthSony Pictures Releasing $45,1493$45,149Nov 9
154Jar CityScanbox Entertainment $40,8316$46,981Nov 16
155Kiki's Delivery Service
2007 Re-release
Oro Film A/S $40,79011$305Dec 14
156Goya's GhostsNordisk Film $40,4744$40,474May 25
157Irina PalmSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $40,1665$40,166Sep 7
158The Darjeeling Limited20th Century Fox International $38,0628$223,071Dec 26
159Stranger Than FictionSony Pictures Releasing $35,3058$71,453Dec 26
160Bitter SweetheartSF Film Finland $33,9336$33,933May 18
161The Black DahliaScanbox Entertainment $32,89715$87,296Dec 26
162WinterlandArthaus $31,9595$31,959Jan 19
163Black Snake MoanUnited International Pictures (UIP) $29,9493$29,949Jun 22
164The HostArthaus $29,5773$39,621Jul 6
165The Fountain20th Century Fox International $29,3713$29,371Mar 16
166Say That You Love Me
2007 Re-release
-$26,8194$26,819Nov 23
167Freedom WritersUnited International Pictures (UIP) $26,6052$26,605May 18
168Away from HerSF Film Finland $26,1672$28,864May 4
169BobbyScanbox Entertainment $24,6378$24,637Jan 12
170License to WedSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $23,5107$23,510Oct 5
1714 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 DaysArthaus $23,3114$145,454Dec 26
172The Art of CryingSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $23,1826$23,182Sep 21
173The MessengersNordisk Film $20,8194$20,819Jul 20
174Little ChildrenSF Film Finland $19,6374$19,637Jan 19
175The Nanny DiariesScanbox Entertainment $19,4086$88,098Dec 26
176The HoaxNordisk Film $19,1445$19,144Aug 31
177PremonitionNordisk Film $18,3925$18,392Aug 24
178My Blueberry NightsSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $17,3033$18,277Dec 7
179The Good GermanNordisk Film $17,2942$17,294Apr 20
180Breaking and EnteringBuena Vista International $16,9766$16,976Jan 26
181The CovenantBuena Vista International $16,7278$33,026Jan 1
182Inland EmpireArthaus $16,5812$18,454Sep 14
183The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar IINordisk Film $16,2515$16,251Jul 20
184The Best Man-$13,7755$13,775Aug 31
185My FührerFidalgo $12,9333$12,933Aug 31
186Conversations with My GardenerTour de Force $12,4036$44,623Dec 26
187Saw IIIScanbox Entertainment $12,20016$342,815Nov 10
188Hot RodUnited International Pictures (UIP) $11,3293$11,329Nov 23
2006 Re-release
Arthaus $10,8203$12,892Mar 9
190The Art of Negative ThinkingSony Pictures Releasing $10,28540$88,987Nov 3
191WWW: What a Wonderful WorldArthaus $8,4331$18,554Nov 30
192Edvard Munch
2007 Re-release
Arthaus $8,1571$16,705Nov 2
193The Last MimzySF Film Finland $7,5252$7,525Jul 13
194The LookoutWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $7,4753$7,475Oct 12
195SeveranceScanbox Entertainment $6,8673$7,018Jun 15
196Libero (Along the Ridge)-$6,1544$9,062Dec 26
197Mann Kvinne KaffeOro Film A/S $4,8596$14,784Nov 9
198The Unknown Woman-$4,6815$4,681Nov 16
199Miss PotterNordisk Film $4,2873$4,287Aug 24
200Gravehopping-$3,8932$3,893Dec 7
201Tales from EarthseaOro Film A/S $3,3136$10,637Dec 26
202Island of Lost Souls-$2,4348$2,434Dec 14
203Razzle DazzleArthaus $2,2634$4,468Dec 7
204InterviewOro Film A/S $1,1852$22,597Nov 2
205Manufactured LandscapesTour de Force $9021$902Nov 30
206Air Guitar NationTour de Force $5092$509Nov 23
207Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael MooreTour de Force $3583$1,932Nov 30
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