Domestic Box Office For 2006

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $417,140,7494,133$422,614,379Jul 7
2CarsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $242,140,4183,988$244,082,982Jun 9
3X-Men: The Last StandTwentieth Century Fox $234,337,0763,714$234,337,076May 26
4The Da Vinci CodeSony Pictures Releasing $216,824,7623,757$217,536,138May 19
5Superman ReturnsWarner Bros. $197,081,1924,065$200,081,192Jun 28
6Ice Age: The MeltdownTwentieth Century Fox $195,306,6823,969$195,306,682Mar 31
7Happy FeetWarner Bros. $175,967,6273,804$198,000,317Nov 17
8Over the HedgeDreamWorks $155,019,3404,093$155,019,340May 19
9Casino RoyaleSony Pictures Releasing $153,531,9443,443$167,007,184Nov 17
10Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky BobbySony Pictures Releasing $148,000,0203,807$148,213,377Aug 4
11ClickRevolution Studios $136,824,5103,764$137,355,633Jun 23
12Mission: Impossible IIIParamount Pictures $134,029,8014,059$134,029,801May 5
13Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of KazakhstanTwentieth Century Fox $125,601,4142,611$128,504,698Nov 3
14The Devil Wears PradaTwentieth Century Fox $124,724,7872,882$124,724,787Jun 30
15The DepartedWarner Bros. $120,359,6133,017$132,384,315Oct 6
16The Break-UpUniversal Pictures $118,703,2753,146$118,703,275Jun 2
17Night at the MuseumTwentieth Century Fox $115,822,1543,768$250,860,439Dec 22
18The Pursuit of HappynessSony Pictures Releasing $98,411,6703,169$163,313,999Dec 15
19Open SeasonSony Pictures Releasing $90,789,3323,833$85,105,259Sep 29
20Scary Movie 4-$90,710,6203,674$90,710,620Apr 14
21Failure to LaunchParamount Pictures $88,715,1923,202$88,715,192Mar 10
22Inside ManUniversal Pictures $88,513,4952,867$88,513,495Mar 24
23The Santa Clause 3: The Escape ClauseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $83,549,0473,458$83,875,062Nov 3
24The Pink PantherSony Pictures Releasing $82,179,9523,477$82,226,474Feb 10
25Saw IIILionsgate $80,238,7243,167$80,238,724Oct 27
26Nacho LibreParamount Pictures $80,197,9933,083$80,197,993Jun 16
27Eight BelowWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $79,546,1103,122$79,546,110Feb 17
28The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $78,042,1823,853$287,482,269Dec 9
29You, Me and DupreeUniversal Pictures $75,628,1103,137$75,628,110Jul 14
30Monster HouseSony Pictures Releasing $73,176,1303,553$73,661,010Jul 21
31Jackass Number TwoParamount Pictures $72,778,7123,063$72,778,712Sep 22
32BarnyardParamount Pictures $72,637,8033,311$72,637,803Aug 4
33Flushed AwayDreamWorks $72,250,1653,707$64,665,672Nov 3
34V for VendettaWarner Bros. $70,511,0353,365$70,511,035Mar 17
35World Trade CenterParamount Pictures $70,278,8933,021$70,278,893Aug 9
36RVSony Pictures Releasing $70,194,1543,651$71,726,025Apr 28
37Big Momma's House 2Twentieth Century Fox $70,129,2223,261$70,129,222Jan 27
38Miami ViceUniversal Pictures $63,450,4703,026$63,450,470Jul 28
39The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftUniversal Pictures $62,514,4153,030$62,514,415Jun 16
40Step UpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $62,245,2912,647$65,328,121Aug 11
41Madea's Family ReunionLionsgate $62,213,9772,194$63,257,940Feb 24
42Underworld: EvolutionScreen Gems $62,189,9453,207$62,318,875Jan 20
43Deja VuWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $61,574,4793,108$62,190,904Nov 22
44PoseidonWarner Bros. $60,674,8173,555$60,674,817May 12
45The BenchwarmersRevolution Studios $59,843,7543,282$59,843,754Apr 7
46Little Miss SunshineFox Searchlight Pictures $59,489,0831,602$59,889,703Jul 26
47King KongUniversal Pictures $59,370,1903,627$218,080,025Dec 14
48Little ManRevolution Studios $58,513,6942,537$58,645,052Jul 14
49Curious GeorgeUniversal Pictures $58,360,7602,609$58,360,760Feb 10
50The Shaggy DogWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $56,977,0223,501$56,977,022Mar 10
51InvincibleWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $56,619,2272,987$57,806,952Aug 25
52EragonTwentieth Century Fox $56,420,4343,030$75,030,163Dec 15
53Fun with Dick and JaneSony Pictures Releasing $56,227,2393,239$110,332,737Dec 21
54The OmenTwentieth Century Fox $54,539,4632,723$54,539,463Jun 6
55Stranger Than FictionSony Pictures Releasing $54,092,3122,270$40,660,952Nov 10
56The GuardianWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $54,046,2053,241$55,011,732Sep 29
57Charlotte's WebParamount Pictures $52,532,6013,745$82,985,708Dec 15
58The Lake HouseWarner Bros. $52,330,1112,645$52,330,111Jun 16
59Hoodwinked!The Weinstein Company $51,386,6113,020$51,386,611Dec 16
60The PrestigeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $51,303,1552,305$53,089,891Oct 20
61The HolidaySony Pictures Releasing $50,029,0852,698$63,224,849Dec 8
62FirewallWarner Bros. $48,751,1892,840$48,751,189Feb 10
63Date MovieTwentieth Century Fox $48,510,3832,898$48,510,383Feb 17
64Rocky BalboaMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $47,940,6323,019$70,270,943Dec 20
65When a Stranger CallsScreen Gems $47,753,0643,004$47,860,214Feb 3
66HostelLionsgate $47,326,4732,337$47,326,473Jan 6
67Nanny McPheeUniversal Pictures $47,144,1102,148$47,144,110Jan 27
68Silent HillSony Pictures Releasing $46,756,3832,932$46,982,632Apr 21
69ApocalyptoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $42,654,2362,465$50,300,345Dec 8
70Lady in the WaterWarner Bros. $42,285,1693,235$42,285,169Jul 21
71Glory RoadWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $41,767,2052,397$41,767,205Jan 13
72The Hills Have EyesFox Searchlight Pictures $41,708,2062,621$41,708,206Mar 10
73John Tucker Must DieTwentieth Century Fox $40,940,3892,566$40,940,389Jul 28
74The Grudge 2Sony Pictures Releasing $39,143,8393,214$39,143,839Oct 13
75Gridiron GangSony Pictures Releasing $38,432,8233,510$38,432,823Sep 15
76Last HolidayParamount Pictures $38,399,9012,514$38,399,961Jan 13
77Man of the YearUniversal Pictures $37,327,3902,626$37,327,390Oct 13
78DreamgirlsDreamWorks $37,064,3952,797$103,365,956Dec 15
7916 BlocksWarner Bros. $36,895,1412,706$36,895,141Mar 3
80Cheaper by the Dozen 2Twentieth Century Fox $36,581,5183,211$82,540,432Dec 21
81AcceptedUniversal Pictures $36,323,5052,917$36,323,505Aug 18
82The SentinelTwentieth Century Fox $36,262,9242,851$36,262,924Apr 21
83Blood DiamondWarner Bros. $35,726,5341,920$57,377,916Dec 8
84The WildWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $35,183,1752,854$35,183,175Apr 14
85MunichUniversal Pictures $35,128,0251,498$47,403,685Dec 23
86The Good ShepherdUniversal Pictures $35,066,4952,250$59,952,835Dec 22
87The IllusionistYari Film Group Releasing $35,027,0461,438$39,868,642Aug 18
88Deck the HallsTwentieth Century Fox $34,753,9613,205$35,090,599Nov 22
89She's the ManDreamWorks $33,741,1332,631$33,741,133Mar 17
90Flags of our FathersDreamWorks $33,602,3762,375$33,602,376Oct 20
91Memoirs of a GeishaSony Pictures Releasing $31,800,1531,654$57,490,508Dec 9
92United 93Universal Pictures $31,483,4501,871$31,483,450Apr 28
93Walk the LineTwentieth Century Fox $28,663,9163,160$119,514,920Nov 18
94Garfield: A Tail of Two KittiesTwentieth Century Fox $28,387,8442,981$28,387,844Jun 16
95Employee of the MonthLionsgate $28,355,8482,579$28,444,855Oct 6
96The Ant BullyWarner Bros. $28,142,5353,050$28,142,535Jul 28
97CrankLionsgate $27,838,4082,515$27,838,408Sep 1
98The DescentLionsgate $26,024,4562,095$26,024,456Aug 4
99Thank You for SmokingFox Searchlight Pictures $24,525,8811,020$24,772,457Mar 17
100Stick ItWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $24,397,6622,044$24,656,848Apr 28
101Clerks II-$24,148,0682,150$24,148,068Jul 21
102We Are MarshallWarner Bros. $24,028,3122,606$43,545,364Dec 22
103An Inconvenient TruthParamount Classics $23,814,997587$24,146,161May 24
104The Wicker ManWarner Bros. $23,649,1272,784$23,649,127Sep 1
105The CovenantScreen Gems $23,380,4952,681$23,380,495Sep 8
106Match PointDreamWorks Distribution $22,702,604512$23,151,529Dec 28
107The Black DahliaUniversal Pictures $22,545,0802,236$22,545,080Sep 15
108My Super Ex-GirlfriendTwentieth Century Fox $22,498,7232,702$22,530,295Jul 21
109Lucky Number Slevin-$22,495,4661,989$22,495,466Apr 7
110Stay AliveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $22,398,9392,009$22,398,939Mar 24
111Deep SeaWarner Bros. $21,973,88647$46,403,478Mar 3
112Rumor Has It...Warner Bros. $21,730,3562,815$43,000,262Dec 25
113ATLWarner Bros. $21,170,5631,602$21,170,563Mar 31
114FlickaTwentieth Century Fox $20,888,6062,877$20,918,809Oct 20
115Pulse-$20,264,4362,323$20,264,436Aug 11
116A Prairie Home CompanionPicturehouse $20,184,438767$20,342,852Jun 9
117BabelParamount Vantage $19,825,1381,251$34,302,837Oct 27
118BeerfestWarner Bros. $19,185,1842,964$19,185,184Aug 25
119Akeelah and the BeeLionsgate $18,848,4302,195$18,848,430Apr 28
120The MarineTwentieth Century Fox $18,782,9532,545$18,798,802Oct 13
121The Family StoneTwentieth Century Fox $18,619,7592,469$60,025,095Dec 16
122AquamarineTwentieth Century Fox $18,568,3482,538$18,568,348Mar 3
123UltravioletScreen Gems $18,535,8122,558$18,535,812Mar 3
124The RingerFox Searchlight Pictures $18,081,4801,853$35,347,108Dec 23
125School for Scoundrels-$17,807,5693,007$17,807,569Sep 29
126Just My LuckTwentieth Century Fox $17,303,6612,543$17,303,661May 12
127Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireWarner Bros. $16,731,8563,858$290,013,036Nov 18
128AnnapolisWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $16,613,0871,607$16,613,087Jan 27
129Marie AntoinetteSony Pictures Releasing $15,916,194870$15,962,471Oct 20
130Larry the Cable Guy: Health InspectorLionsgate $15,680,0991,747$15,680,099Mar 24
131See No EvilLionsgate $15,032,8001,270$15,032,800May 19
132Unaccompanied MinorsWarner Bros. $14,993,7332,775$16,655,224Dec 8
133Tristan & IsoldeTwentieth Century Fox $14,711,4001,845$14,711,400Jan 13
134SyrianaWarner Bros. $14,676,7621,775$50,824,620Nov 23
135Everyone's HeroTwentieth Century Fox $14,516,6622,898$14,516,662Sep 15
136FlyboysMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $13,090,6302,033$13,090,630Sep 22
137IdlewildUniversal Pictures $12,571,185975$12,571,185Aug 25
138The MatadorThe Weinstein Company $12,555,022905$12,594,698Dec 30
139FreedomlandRevolution Studios $12,512,8862,361$12,512,886Feb 17
140The ProtectorDragon Dynasty $12,044,0871,541$12,044,087Sep 8
141ZoomRevolution Studios $11,697,4472,501$11,989,328Aug 11
142The Last KissDreamWorks $11,614,7901,359$11,614,790Sep 15
143Material GirlsMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $11,449,6381,509$11,449,638Aug 18
144Bobby-$11,034,9721,670$11,242,801Nov 17
145Black Christmas-$10,917,9181,544$16,273,581Dec 25
146Mrs Henderson PresentsThe Weinstein Company $10,661,180522$11,036,366Dec 9
147Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DIMAX $10,572,80182$34,136,978Sep 23
148CasanovaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,554,1631,011$11,279,491Dec 25
149The ProducersUniversal Pictures $10,134,990978$19,398,532Dec 16
150The FountainWarner Bros. $9,930,9411,472$10,144,010Nov 22
151TransamericaThe Weinstein Company $8,770,560656$9,015,303Dec 2
152Brokeback MountainFocus Features $8,474,0322,089$82,315,067Dec 9
153The Nightmare Before Christmas
2006 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,379,847168$8,700,869Oct 20
154Good Night, and Good Luck.Warner Independent Pictures (WIP) $8,114,382929$31,558,003Oct 7
155SlitherUniversal Pictures $7,802,4501,946$7,802,450Mar 31
156A Good YearTwentieth Century Fox $7,430,2412,067$7,438,586Nov 10
157DoogalThe Weinstein Company $7,417,3192,319$7,417,319Feb 24
158American DreamzUniversal Pictures $7,191,8301,500$7,191,830Apr 21
159All the King's MenSony Pictures Releasing $7,097,3191,520$7,221,458Sep 22
160CrossoverSony Pictures Releasing $7,009,6681,023$7,009,668Sep 1
161TuristasFox Atomic $6,947,4331,572$6,967,793Dec 1
162Phat GirlzFox Searchlight Pictures $6,937,1121,060$6,937,112Apr 7
163Running with ScissorsSony Pictures Releasing $6,754,898586$7,022,827Oct 20
164Grandma's BoyTwentieth Century Fox $6,082,4902,016$6,082,490Jan 6
165Basic Instinct 2Sony Pictures Releasing $5,971,3361,453$5,971,336Mar 31
166Wild Safari - A South African Adventure-$5,790,59521$16,620,375Apr 8
167Wolf Creek-$5,626,9601,761$16,188,180Dec 25
168A Scanner DarklyWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $5,501,616263$5,501,616Jul 7
169Aliens of the DeepWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $5,458,37127$8,961,527Jan 28
170For Your ConsiderationWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $5,414,596625$5,549,923Nov 17
171The LibertineThe Weinstein Company $4,773,768819$4,835,065Nov 25
172The Science of SleepWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $4,670,644243$4,670,644Sep 22
173Pulse: A Stomp OdysseyGiant Screen Films $4,656,78116$10,062,514Oct 11
174Let's Go to PrisonUniversal Pictures $4,630,0451,495$4,630,045Nov 17
175Pride & PrejudiceFocus Features $4,622,4281,335$38,405,088Nov 11
176Van Wilder 2: The Rise of TajMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $4,251,6751,979$4,300,645Dec 1
177The Last King of ScotlandFox Searchlight Pictures $3,619,600540$17,584,817Sep 27
178CachéSony Pictures Classics $3,443,35490$3,647,381Dec 23
179Goal! The Dream BeginsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,381,5351,007$3,489,781May 12
180One Night with the King8x Entertainment $3,357,405909$13,189,000Oct 13
181Harsh TimesMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $3,337,931956$3,337,931Nov 10
182Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna-$3,275,44464$3,275,444Aug 11
2006 Re-release
Fox Searchlight Pictures $3,209,67191$3,278,815Apr 28
184Boynton Beach Club-$3,127,47265$3,127,472Mar 17
185Yours, Mine & OursParamount Pictures $3,084,2033,210$53,412,862Nov 23
186La mujer de mi hermanoLionsgate $2,808,241217$2,808,241Apr 14
187The Polar Express
2006 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $2,770,77737$2,940,722Nov 17
188Bugs!SK Films $2,753,14833$19,062,359Mar 12
189Half NelsonTHINKFilm $2,697,938106$2,697,938Aug 11
190The Squid and the WhaleIDP Distribution $2,235,957151$7,372,734Oct 5
191Carry On, Munna BhaiEros International $2,217,56272$2,217,562Sep 1
192Rang De BasantiUTV Motion Pictures $2,197,69466$2,197,694Jan 27
193The History BoysFox Searchlight Pictures $1,935,485165$2,700,004Nov 21
194Neil Young: Heart of GoldParamount Classics $1,904,60665$1,904,606Feb 10
195QuinceañeraSony Pictures Classics $1,692,69396$1,692,693Aug 4
196Who Killed the Electric Car?Sony Pictures Classics $1,678,87474$1,678,874Jun 28
197Keeping MumTHINKFilm $1,603,97379$1,619,466Sep 15
198Final Destination 3New Line Cinema $1,532,3262,880$53,145,076Feb 10
199Trust the ManFox Searchlight Pictures $1,529,687260$1,529,687Aug 18
200The White CountessSony Pictures Classics $1,490,39467$1,669,971Dec 21
201Night Watch
2005 Re-release
Fox Searchlight Pictures $1,478,253158$1,478,253Feb 17
202Why We FightSony Pictures Classics $1,439,97264$1,439,972Jan 20
203KrrishAdlabs Films $1,430,72159$1,430,721Jun 30
204Bon Cop Bad CopAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $1,408,823260$12,665,721Aug 4
205GalapagosIMAX $1,304,18314$18,629,106Oct 29
206Dhoom 2-$1,298,47663$2,643,586Nov 23
207Waist DeepRogue Pictures $1,277,0761,006$16,571,366Jun 23
208The Polar Express
2005 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $1,256,87566$10,900,597Nov 23
209Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull StoryPicturehouse $1,253,41351$1,253,413Jan 27
210OmkaraEros International $1,244,57647$1,244,576Jul 28
211Zathura: A Space AdventureSony Pictures Releasing $1,213,3293,232$29,258,869Nov 11
212CrashLionsgate $1,175,4831,905$54,580,300May 6
213The Work and the Glory II: American ZionVineyard Distribution $1,166,619206$2,024,782Oct 21
214InfamousWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $1,151,330179$1,151,330Oct 13
215Just FriendsNew Line Cinema $1,125,7342,505$32,619,671Nov 23
216The Wedding WeekendThe Weinstein Company $1,120,00584$1,215,045Oct 27
217The U.S. vs. John LennonLionsgate $1,109,14665$1,109,146Sep 15
218The Legend of ZorroSony Pictures Releasing $1,107,6373,520$46,464,023Oct 28
219Children of MenUniversal Pictures $1,082,8041,524$35,552,383Dec 25
220Peaceful WarriorLionsgate $1,066,74842$1,066,748Jun 2
221Leonard Cohen: I'm Your ManLionsgate $1,044,25455$1,044,254Jun 21
222Æon FluxParamount Pictures $1,028,8232,608$25,874,337Dec 2
223Space Station 3DIMAX $1,026,66364$93,379,882Apr 19
224FearlessRogue Pictures $1,025,8591,810$24,633,730Sep 22
225Hard CandyLionsgate $1,024,640152$1,024,640Apr 14
226How to Eat Fried WormsNew Line Cinema $1,010,0141,870$13,040,527Aug 25
227Fast Food NationFox Searchlight Pictures $984,140321$994,101Nov 17
228An American HauntingFreestyle Releasing $909,5681,703$14,881,118May 5
229Sweet LandLibero $890,38947$1,706,325Oct 13
230Looking for Comedy in the Muslim WorldWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $888,975161$888,975Jan 20
231Jesus CampMagnolia Pictures $872,12452$902,544Sep 15
232Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2006 Re-release
IMAX $868,61329$928,275Oct 30
233FactotumIFC Films $808,22155$808,221Aug 18
234The PropositionFirst Look International $793,873200$1,295,816May 5
235Chicken LittleWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $774,9823,658$132,519,980Nov 4
236T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $764,93738$53,354,743Oct 23
237Ask the DustParamount Classics $743,847111$743,847Mar 10
238Sophie Scholl: The Final DaysZeitgeist Films $680,33128$680,331Feb 17
239The PromiseWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $669,625213$669,625May 5
240Imagine Me & YouFox Searchlight Pictures $669,130106$669,130Jan 27
241The ChildSony Pictures Classics $651,94140$651,941Mar 24
242Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... AgainAdlabs Films $650,00073$650,000Oct 20
243Bhagam Bhag-$646,60451$789,963Dec 22
244The Celestine ProphecyRAM Entertainment $617,23619$617,236Apr 19
245Notes on a ScandalFox Searchlight Pictures $613,344682$17,493,725Dec 25
246Friends with MoneySony Pictures Classics $582,0871,010$12,464,311Apr 7
247Viva Pedro!
Film Festival
Sony Pictures Classics $579,53924$579,539Aug 11
248Snakes on a PlaneNew Line Cinema $579,2533,555$34,020,814Aug 18
249FlightplanWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $575,0363,424$89,707,299Sep 23
250Down in the ValleyTHINKFilm $568,93228$568,932May 5
251Pan's LabyrinthPicturehouse $568,6411,143$37,634,615Dec 29
252Curse of the Golden FlowerSony Pictures Classics $564,4751,234$4,538,871Dec 21
253The Work and the Glory III: A House DividedExcel Entertainment $546,13944$1,325,092Nov 22
254Changing TimesKoch Lorber Films $545,2557$545,255Jul 14
255House of SandSony Pictures Classics $539,28532$539,285Aug 11
256Death of a PresidentNewmarket Films $519,086143$519,086Oct 27
257A Guide to Recognizing Your SaintsFirst Look International $517,80960$517,809Sep 29
258The Painted VeilWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $497,438287$8,060,487Dec 20
259Haunted Castle-$494,13110$13,644,921Feb 23
260Umrao JaanAdlabs Films $485,00065$485,000Nov 3
261The QueenMiramax $480,4961,850$51,350,148Sep 30
262Alex Rider: Operation StormbreakerThe Weinstein Company $474,694221$659,600Oct 6
263Church Ball-$464,99140$464,991Mar 17
264The Second ChanceTriumph Releasing Corporation $463,54287$463,542Feb 17
265The Good GermanWarner Bros. $458,65366$1,308,696Dec 15
266Breakfast on PlutoSony Pictures Classics $456,787125$828,699Nov 16
267The Heart of the GameMiramax $445,37421$445,374Jun 9
268Don't Come KnockingSony Pictures Classics $440,79332$440,793Mar 17
269American Masters: Sketches of Frank GehrySony Pictures Classics $439,30921$439,309May 12
270Paradise NowWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $432,81565$1,457,843Oct 28
271When Do We Eat?THINKFilm $431,51348$431,513Apr 7
272Conversations with GodIDP Distribution $425,04564$425,045Oct 27
273IdiocracyTwentieth Century Fox $423,482130$444,093Sep 1
274The Oh in OhioCyan Pictures $418,68920$418,689Jul 14
275Keeping Up with the SteinsMiramax $383,722163$2,023,812May 12
276The QuietSony Pictures Classics $381,420366$381,420Aug 25
277Conversations with Other WomenFabrication Films $378,36714$379,418Aug 11
278ShadowboxerFreestyle Releasing $370,62743$370,627Jul 21
279DerailedThe Weinstein Company $356,4792,447$36,024,076Nov 11
280Copying BeethovenMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $351,03629$384,029Nov 10
281Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm SchoolIDP Distribution $349,13246$349,132Mar 31
282VolverSony Pictures Classics $347,288689$6,798,460Nov 3
283Chup Chup KeUTV Motion Pictures $334,61831$334,618Jun 9
284The Devil and Daniel JohnstonSony Pictures Classics $334,45017$334,450Mar 31
285ZindaEros International $332,49138$332,491Jan 13
286Into the BlueSony Pictures Releasing $328,8712,789$18,801,234Sep 30
287ScoopFocus Features $328,000541$4,469,118Jul 28
288The Road to GuantanamoIDP Distribution $326,87625$326,876Jun 23
289Steve Harvey: Don't Trip... He Ain't Through with Me YetFreestyle Releasing $319,02156$319,021Mar 17
290Letters from Iwo JimaWarner Bros. $316,369781$13,756,082Dec 20
291This Film Is Not Yet RatedIFC Films $306,84518$306,845Sep 1
292A History of ViolenceNew Line Cinema $306,1251,348$31,504,633Sep 23
293The Wedding Curse-$300,4548$300,454Aug 4
294Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do GyarahUTV Motion Pictures $292,79436$292,794Feb 24
295Only Human
2006 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $284,96113$284,961Jun 16
296CapoteSony Pictures Classics $283,7541,239$28,028,008Sep 30
297The KingTHINKFilm $282,18316$282,183May 19
298Kabul Express-$274,20350$302,458Dec 15
299American HardcoreSony Pictures Classics $265,99219$279,665Sep 22
300Broken BridgesParamount Pictures $252,53984$252,539Sep 8
301Humko Deewana Kar GayeUTV Motion Pictures $250,08339$250,083Apr 14
302Riding Alone for Thousands of MilesSony Pictures Classics $247,26513$252,325Sep 1
30349 UpFirst Run $240,21521$240,215Oct 6
304A Good WomanLionsgate $238,60935$238,609Feb 3
305A Wake in ProvidenceIndican Pictures $236,5587$397,057Apr 15
306JarheadUniversal Pictures $235,4452,448$62,658,220Nov 4
307Wah-WahIDP Distribution $234,75026$234,750May 12
308Something NewFocus Features $233,3741,265$10,617,274Feb 3
309Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane ArbusPicturehouse $223,20339$223,202Nov 10
310Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya YaarEros International $223,13727$223,137Aug 4
311Wassup RockersFirst Look International $221,57456$221,574Jun 23
312Driving LessonsSony Pictures Classics $220,52321$239,962Oct 13
313ConfettiFox Searchlight Pictures $216,942151$216,942Sep 15
314Lady VengeanceTartan $211,66715$211,667Apr 28
315ShopgirlWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $209,209493$10,284,523Oct 21
316DirtySilver Nitrate $208,23435$242,586Jan 20
317TamaraCity Lights Pictures $206,87132$206,871Feb 3
318Malamaal Weekly-$204,61219$204,612Mar 10
319Get Rich or Die Tryin'Paramount Pictures $201,9901,666$30,985,352Nov 9
320Deliver Us from EvilLionsgate $201,27524$201,275Oct 13
321SherrybabyIFC Films $199,17613$199,176Sep 8
322FatelessTHINKFilm $196,8579$196,857Jan 6
323The Puffy ChairIDP Distribution $194,5237$194,523Jun 2
324The Beauty Academy of KabulShadow Distribution $192,57213$225,448Nov 4
325On a Clear DayFocus Features $191,03333$191,033Apr 7
326Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is MagicIDP Distribution $175,00957$1,324,339Nov 11
327Old JoyKino International $170,40212$204,294Aug 25
328HootNew Line Cinema $165,0003,018$6,954,521May 5
3292005 Academy Award Nominated Short FilmsMagnolia Pictures $157,41512$157,415Feb 24
330Lonesome JimIFC Films $154,18716$154,187Mar 24
331The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan GreenRegent Releasing $153,1227$153,122Jun 16
332Gay Sex in the 70sLovett Releasing $152,7545$241,052Nov 4
333Three TimesIFC Films $151,9225$151,922Apr 26
334Pyare MohanEros International $150,19827$150,198Apr 21
335The Great New WonderfulFirst Independent Pictures $150,1428$150,142Jun 23
336The BridgeFirst Stripe Productions $150,08719$175,175Oct 27
337Cocaine CowboysMagnolia Pictures $150,05614$150,056Oct 27
338Duck Season
2005 Re-release
Warner Independent Pictures (WIP) $147,55124$147,551Mar 10
339BubbleMagnolia Pictures $145,62632$145,626Jan 27
340Dreamer: Inspired by a True StoryDreamWorks Distribution $145,4892,735$32,751,093Oct 21
341Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York CosmosMiramax $144,60112$144,601Jul 7
342Bluff MasterUTV Motion Pictures $144,11546$722,847Dec 16
343Mountain Patrol
2006 Re-release
IDP Distribution $143,38311$143,383Apr 14
344Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-RabbitDreamWorks Distribution $141,7343,656$56,110,897Oct 5
345Adrenaline Rush: The Science of RiskGiant Screen Films $139,89017$10,994,028Oct 18
346TyphoonParamount Classics $139,05924$139,059Jun 2
347What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit HoleIDP Distribution $138,91310$138,913Feb 3
348CleanPalm Pictures $138,7118$138,711Apr 28
349EdmondFirst Independent Pictures $131,7195$131,719Jul 14
350Lower CityPalm Pictures $130,7948$130,794Jun 16
351LassieIDP Distribution $130,459169$652,163Sep 1
352Game 6Kindred Media Group $129,66413$129,664Mar 10
353Unknown White MaleWellspring Media $126,83611$126,836Feb 24
354The ReturnRogue Pictures $126,2171,986$7,300,682Nov 10
355Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!THINKFilm $125,996180$125,996Mar 31
356Fanaa-$125,87172$878,938May 26
357Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2005 Re-release
IMAX $123,30532$1,222,538Oct 31
35813 TzametiPalm Pictures $121,3906$121,390Jul 28
359The Untold Story of Emmett Louis TillTHINKFilm $120,49710$179,328Aug 17
360Nine LivesMagnolia Pictures $120,47933$478,830Oct 14
361Come Early MorningIDP Distribution $119,45222$119,452Nov 10
362HavenYari Film Group Releasing $117,58557$136,823Sep 15
363Art School ConfidentialSony Pictures Classics $117,000762$1,855,342May 5
364I Am a Sex AddictIFC Films $115,6949$115,694Apr 5
365Shaadi Se Pehle-$111,67823$111,678Apr 7
366Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples TempleSeventh Art Releasing $110,7395$138,535Oct 20
367The Passenger
2005 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $110,50724$620,155Oct 28
368The Wild Parrots of Telegraph HillShadow Distribution $108,50367$3,057,901Feb 9
369Winter PassingYari Film Group Releasing $107,49211$107,492Feb 17
370Darwin's NightmareInternational Film Circuit $102,9456$200,936Aug 3
371Being CyrusEros International $100,18422$100,184Mar 24
372Red DoorsEmerging Pictures $97,8485$97,848Sep 8
37312 and HoldingIFC Films $96,46415$96,464May 19
374Garçon stupide-$96,1914$147,766Sep 16
375Summer StormRegent Releasing $94,74910$94,749Mar 17
2006 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $92,2147$92,214Apr 21
377North CountryWarner Bros. $92,2092,555$18,337,722Oct 21
378The Keeper: The Legend of Omar KhayyamArrival Pictures $89,6395$222,768Jun 10
379America: Freedom to FascismCinema Libre Studio $87,40010$87,400Jul 28
380UnidentifiedFive & Two Pictures $87,19024$224,099Apr 28
381Brooklyn LobsterMeadowbrook Pictures $85,9825$122,401Nov 4
38251 Birch StreetTruly Indie $84,6896$84,689Oct 18
38310 Items or LessTHINKFilm $83,29115$83,291Dec 1
384Suits on the Loose-$79,47026$79,470Feb 3
385The Cave of the Yellow DogTartan $79,32111$141,803Nov 10
386Classe Tous RisquesRialto Pictures $73,8832$91,049Nov 18
387Black GoldCalifornia Newsreel $73,6356$92,277Oct 6
388Before the Fall-$73,6004$144,254Oct 7
389The Fallen IdolRialto Pictures $72,8984$136,064Feb 10
390Go for ZuckerFirst Run $72,2277$86,553Dec 9
391After InnocenceNew Yorker Films $71,2004$107,656Oct 21
392RenaissanceMiramax $70,64413$70,644Sep 22
393CaviteTruly Indie $70,0713$70,071May 26
394RentRevolution Studios $69,5182,437$29,077,547Nov 23
395Beowulf & GrendelTruly Indie $68,8202$68,820Jun 16
396DarshanIFC Films $66,0325$66,032Jul 26
397D' Lucky Ones!-$64,3523$64,352May 5
398Mongolian Ping PongFirst Run $63,9775$70,939Apr 21
399Dave Chappelle's Block PartyRogue Pictures $62,0001,200$11,350,621Mar 3
400Samoan WeddingMagnolia Pictures $61,0493$72,244Nov 10
401Perfume: The Story of a MurdererDreamWorks $57,449280$2,223,293Dec 27
402Flannel Pajamas-$56,6024$123,301Nov 15
403UshpizinPicturehouse $56,33248$1,400,666Oct 19
404Feast-$56,131146$56,131Sep 22
405Anthony Kaun Hai?Adlabs Films $55,41818$55,418Aug 4
40610th & WolfTHINKFilm $54,7026$54,702Aug 18
407Find Me GuiltyYari Film Group Releasing $54,000439$843,550Mar 17
408Kalamazoo?Reel Source $53,6095$53,609Apr 7
409MannatEros International $53,58910$53,589Oct 6
410Close to You-$52,6545$52,654Feb 18
411ScreamersMaya Entertainment $52,0344$52,034Dec 8
412Vajra Sky Over TibetTruly Indie $50,5754$58,638Aug 18
413Mutual AppreciationGoodbye Cruel Releasing $49,8525$103,509Sep 1
414Encounter in the Third Dimension-$48,87716$7,195,792Feb 26
415Alien Adventure-$48,20210$8,959,784Aug 20
416God's SandboxIndican Pictures $47,7563$50,326Jul 29
417Tibet: A Buddhist TrilogyThread Cross Films $47,2438$47,243Mar 31
418The ZodiacTHINKFilm $45,14810$45,148Mar 17
419Brothers of the HeadIFC Films $45,08211$45,082Jul 28
420Saw IILionsgate $43,7312,949$87,039,965Oct 28
421Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of IstanbulStrand Releasing $43,3013$70,123Jun 9
422Shakespeare Behind BarsInternational Film Circuit $42,0075$46,494Mar 10
423New York DollFirst Independent Pictures $41,55511$218,102Oct 28
424The AuraIFC Films $41,3924$58,804Nov 15
425Rape of the SoulSlowhand Cinema Releasing $39,9758$39,975Mar 17
426The FogRevolution Studios $39,7572,972$29,550,869Oct 14
427Screen Door JesusIndican Pictures $39,4913$59,000Sep 30
428Kiss Kiss Bang BangWarner Bros. $38,720226$4,243,756Oct 21
429Gilles' WifeThe Cinema Guild $38,7022$32,084Nov 18
430Touch the Sound: A Sound Journey with Evelyn GlennieShadow Distribution $38,4259$175,602Sep 7
431LoggerheadsStrand Releasing $37,3839$114,914Oct 14
432Little JerusalemKino International $36,9055$49,428Jan 27
433Man Push CartFilms Philos $36,6081$36,608Sep 8
434Mozart and the Whale-$36,0065$36,006Apr 14
435La moustacheThe Cinema Guild $35,2616$242,663May 24
2006 Re-release
THINKFilm $33,2234$33,223Jun 16
437Dorian BluesTLA Releasing $32,3375$64,393Sep 23
438Nathalie...Koch Lorber Films $31,0082$31,008Apr 14
439MoonlightIndican Pictures $30,5842$50,204May 19
440Pyaar Ke Side EffectsEros International $30,2305$30,230Sep 15
441Standing StillFreestyle Releasing $30,14215$30,142Apr 21
442Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned EyePalm Pictures $29,7102$29,710Jan 13
443The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
2006 Re-release
Palm Pictures $29,0583$29,058Mar 10
444Don't TellLionsgate $29,0155$29,015Mar 17
445Guys and Balls
2006 Re-release
Regent Releasing $28,3247$28,324Apr 28
446The Blossoming of Maximo OliverosUnico Entertainment $28,0412$28,041Sep 22
447In Her ShoesTwentieth Century Fox $28,0122,840$32,856,690Oct 7
448Boys Briefs 4-$27,4491$27,449Jul 21
449Eating Out 2: Sloppy SecondsAriztical Entertainment $26,7865$24,736Nov 24
450Khosla Ka Ghosla!UTV Motion Pictures $26,47210$26,472Sep 22
451UnknownIFC Films $26,4036$26,403Nov 3
452Through the FireCinema Libre Studio $25,7528$25,752Feb 10
453An Adolescent
2005 Re-release
Indican Pictures $25,7122$64,796Aug 26
454Hate Crime-$25,3922$32,737Sep 23
455The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeRocky Mountain Pictures $24,21630$24,216Sep 29
456American GunIFC Films $24,0986$24,098Mar 22
457PureIndican Pictures $23,5363$93,841Jun 10
458BrickFocus Features $23,00045$683,000Mar 31
459Islam: What the West Needs to KnowQuixotic Media $22,9383$22,938Jul 7
460Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories-$22,9181$22,918Sep 14
461Battle in HeavenTartan $22,3905$70,353Feb 17
462Giuliani TimeCinema Libre Studio $21,5422$21,542May 12
463Family LawIFC Films $21,2086$24,376Dec 6
464Killer DillerFreestyle Releasing $20,79532$20,795Apr 28
4654Leisure Time Features $20,5231$20,523Apr 7
466LondonIDP Distribution $20,3617$20,361Feb 10
467ManderlayIFC Films $20,29620$20,296Jan 27
468The MotelPalm Pictures $20,2024$46,772Jun 28
469State of FearSkylight Pictures $20,0551$20,055Jan 11
470Beer LeagueEcho Bridge Entertainment $20,051164$322,959Sep 15
471The Ground TruthFocus Features $20,0138$20,013Sep 15
472So Much So FastBalcony Releasing $19,4843$21,525Oct 11
473Iron IslandKino International $19,0384$24,877Mar 31
474FalconeIcarus Films $18,6051$22,300Jul 12
475Suicide KillersCity Lights Pictures $18,2391$18,239Aug 25
476Cruel WorldIndican Pictures $17,9865$17,986Oct 27
477LemmingStrand Releasing $17,6354$67,757May 19
478Protocols of ZionTHINKFilm $17,55810$178,875Oct 21
479The Goebbels ExperimentFirst Run $17,2382$44,242Aug 12
480El TopoABKCO Films $17,2234$80,302Dec 13
481The Secret Life of WordsStrand Releasing $17,1133$18,649Dec 15
482Music from the Inside OutEmerging Pictures $16,8114$141,504Apr 22
483LunacyZeitgeist Films $16,3955$46,666Aug 9
484Bee SeasonFox Searchlight Pictures $16,264277$1,164,349Nov 11
485Captive-$16,2592$16,259Nov 10
486I Like Killing FliesTHINKFilm $16,2142$16,214Jul 28
487Snow CakeIFC Films $16,11312$26,651Apr 27
488The AristocratsTHINKFilm $16,091234$6,377,461Jul 29
489The Lost CityMagnolia Pictures $16,00056$248,310Apr 28
490Off the BlackTHINKFilm $15,9164$18,437Dec 8
491Sleeping Dogs LieIDP Distribution $15,7456$15,745Oct 20
492The Dying Gaul-$15,31624$342,747Nov 4
493Trailer Park Boys: The MovieAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $15,050203$3,858,322Oct 6
494My First WeddingIndican Pictures $14,9825$14,982Aug 18
495Hannari: Geisha Modern-$14,9741$14,974Nov 17
496Love's Abiding JoyThe Bigger Picture $14,683207$160,578Oct 6
497Our Brand Is CrisisKoch Lorber Films $14,1412$166,750Mar 1
498Days of GloryThe Weinstein Company $13,74229$320,700Dec 6
499The ArchitectMagnolia Pictures $13,7378$13,737Dec 1
500Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?Picturehouse $13,7102$13,710Nov 15
501Been Rich All My LifeFirst Run $13,6833$36,406Jul 21
502Ellie ParkerStrand Releasing $13,5846$34,025Nov 11
503One Last Thing...Magnolia Pictures $13,33421$13,334May 5
504Christmas at Maxwell's-$12,78241$12,781Dec 1
505Heading SouthShadow Distribution $12,19726$898,468Feb 3
506Abduction: The Megumi Yokota StorySagewood Cinema Ventures $11,8361$11,836Nov 24
507The Journals of Knud RasmussenAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $11,55346$209,478Sep 29
508Waltzing AnnaKindred Media Group $11,4557$11,455Aug 11
509Live Freaky Die FreakyWellspring Media $11,29017$11,290Jan 27
510Kinky BootsMiramax $11,000127$253,000Apr 14
511Paper DollsStrand Releasing $10,7043$35,258Sep 6
512Searching for the Wrong-Eyed JesusShadow Distribution $10,4346$78,716Jul 13
513...So Goes the NationIFC Films $10,3374$10,337Oct 4
514Christmas in the CloudsSlowhand Cinema Releasing $10,33627$279,225Nov 4
515Zindaggi RocksEros International $10,17210$10,172Oct 6
516Sólo con Tu ParejaIFC Films $9,9151$9,915Sep 20
517Pandora's BoxKino International $9,8622$48,372Jun 16
518The BridesmaidFirst Run $9,6936$111,728Aug 4
519Miss Potter-$9,653102$3,005,605Dec 29
2006 Re-release
IFC Films $9,6002$9,600Oct 18
521Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes StoryThe 7th Floor $9,5284$9,528Apr 14
522Crazy Like a FoxDelphi Film Foundation $9,3763$9,376May 5
523IllusionSlowhand Cinema Releasing $9,2615$9,261Feb 17
524NameHP Releasing $9,2062$9,207May 26
525EvilMagnolia Pictures $9,1024$13,119Mar 10
526Yang Ban Xi: The 8 ModelworksShadow Distribution $9,0912$20,521Feb 8
527Matthew Barney: No RestraintIFC Films $8,4096$9,797Dec 20
528Forgiving Dr. MengeleFirst Run $8,3961$10,002Feb 24
529Words of My Perfect TeacherInternational Film Circuit $8,2343$16,835Dec 22
530Little FishFirst Look International $8,1481$8,148Feb 24
531Free ZoneNew Yorker Films $8,1442$31,839Apr 7
532Favela Rising-$8,0692$18,634Jun 2
533Broken SkyStrand Releasing $8,0112$29,185Sep 29
534CoastlinesIFC Films $7,8832$7,883May 31
535Kill Your IdolsPalm Pictures $7,7532$7,753Jul 7
536El sueño del regreso-$7,66819$7,668Mar 10
537loudQUIETloud: A Film About the PixiesRoxie Releasing $7,5063$7,506Sep 29
538The Cult of the Suicide Bomber-$7,4511$7,451Jun 2
539Saint of 9/11IFC Films $7,1371$7,137Sep 6
540Mendy-$7,1232$7,123May 12
541Kettle of Fish-$6,7253$6,725Oct 6
54220 Centimeters
2006 Re-release
TLA Releasing $6,6352$6,635Oct 27
543The Dead GirlFirst Look International $6,6132$19,875Dec 29
544We Go Way BackCyan Pictures $6,5291$6,529Sep 15
545Dead Man's Shoes
2006 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $6,4082$6,408May 12
546DreamlandTruly Indie $6,3835$6,383Dec 1
547Time to LeaveStrand Releasing $5,9935$117,377Jul 21
548VenusMiramax $5,763168$3,347,411Dec 21
549JailbaitKindred Media Group $5,7413$5,741Aug 4
550PizzaIFC Films $5,7161$5,716Jan 20
551Drawing Restraint 9IFC Films $5,4555$234,743Mar 29
552Unnatural & AccidentalAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $5,4202$5,420Dec 1
553Say UncleTLA Releasing $5,3611$5,361Jun 23
2006 Re-release
Vitagraph Films $5,2826$41,563Jul 21
555Land of the Blind-$5,2442$5,244Jun 16
556King Leopold's Ghost-$5,1941$5,194Aug 18
557MarebitoTartan $5,1033$11,377Dec 9
558Electric ShadowsFirst Run $4,9822$6,813Dec 16
559Le petit lieutenantThe Cinema Guild $4,9703$216,724Sep 8
560Two DriftersStrand Releasing $4,8661$23,846Jun 23
561Trilogy: The Weeping MeadowNew Yorker Films $4,8491$23,846Sep 14
562The Pusher TrilogyMagnolia Pictures $4,8151$4,815Aug 18
56350 Ways of Saying FabulousOlive Films $4,8001$4,800Jun 2
564The TollboothCastle Hill Productions $4,5461$4,546Feb 3
565Fanfan la TulipeRialto Pictures $4,5192$25,340Jul 21
566Looking for KittyTHINKFilm $4,4801$4,480Sep 1
567Cowboy del AmorEmerging Pictures $4,4382$4,438Feb 10
568Coffee DateSlowhand Cinema Releasing $4,4121$4,412Nov 10
569A Year Without LoveStrand Releasing $4,3732$18,427Feb 10
570The President's Last BangKino International $4,2613$7,305Oct 14
571PrivateArab Film Distribution $4,2603$15,259Nov 18
572White RainbowIndican Pictures $4,1801$9,126Apr 7
573RoomThe 7th Floor $4,0581$5,228Apr 6
2006 Re-release
Strand Releasing $4,0551$4,055Apr 7
575Beyond HonorInternational Film Circuit $3,9223$5,699Mar 17
576The IntruderWellspring Media $3,9102$23,450Dec 23
577Street FightFrontier Films $3,8882$4,779Feb 22
578Shock to the SystemRegent Releasing $3,7682$3,768Aug 4
579The Tiger and the SnowStrand Releasing $3,7014$10,167Dec 29
580Roll BounceFox Searchlight Pictures $3,5841,661$17,380,866Sep 23
581Dear WendyWellspring Media $3,4437$22,568Sep 23
582Mini's First TimeFirst Independent Pictures $3,3857$48,758Jul 14
583Blossoms of FireNew Yorker Films $3,3651$3,365Feb 3
584The World According to Shorts
Short Film Program
New Yorker Films $3,3101$11,978Jul 21
58595 Miles to GoTHINKFilm $3,1952$3,195Apr 7
586Film GeekFirst Run $3,1621$17,228Jan 13
587Four Eyed MonstersFour Eyed Monsters $3,1351$3,135Dec 1
588Going UnderArgot Pictures $3,1291$3,917Jun 15
589Dog Lover's SymphonyDog Lover's Symphony $2,9682$2,968Jun 16
590Hair High-$2,6691$5,342Aug 4
591Down to the Bone-$2,5802$30,241Nov 25
592Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said-$2,5471$2,547Oct 11
593Herbie Hancock: PossibilitiesMagnolia Pictures $2,4932$2,493Apr 14
594RankIFC Films $2,4851$2,485Jun 28
595Good Morning, NightWellspring Media $2,4711$9,093Nov 11
596Côte d'AzurStrand Releasing $2,44311$140,189Sep 9
597Wasabi Tuna
2005 Re-release
Indican Pictures $2,3075$36,795Oct 28
598The Big QuestionTHINKFilm $2,2483$2,248Mar 17
599Mirage-$2,2411$2,241Mar 17
600Workingman's DeathSeventh Art Releasing $2,2142$2,214Feb 24
601George Bush Goes to HeavenHB Filmworks $2,1921$2,192Aug 15
602Mouth to MouthArtistic License $2,1501$2,150May 19
603Home of the BraveMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $2,04044$51,708Dec 15
604The TenantsRocky Mountain Pictures $2,0101$2,010Feb 3
605The Surfer King-$1,9904$1,990Apr 7
606The Whore's Son-$1,9821$6,840Apr 28
607FAQsTLA Releasing $1,9671$1,967Feb 3
608When the Sea Rises
2006 Re-release
New Yorker Films $1,9102$23,222Jan 13
609The Far Side of the Moon
2005 Re-release
TLA Releasing $1,8551$9,963Dec 2
610AbominableFreestyle Releasing $1,8101$1,810Apr 14
611Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times
2006 Re-release
First Run $1,7031$1,703Aug 4
612HeadspaceFreestyle Releasing $1,6501$1,650Feb 17
613Be with MeFilm Movement $1,3651$1,365Sep 29
614The Long Weekend-$1,2863$1,286Jun 9
615Iraq in FragmentsArab Film Distribution $1,25712$202,928Nov 8
616Take My Eyes
2006 Re-release
New Yorker Films $1,2102$11,922Mar 17
617PrincesasIFC Films $1,1743$29,472Aug 23
618The Colour of OlivesArab Film Distribution $1,1691$1,169Jul 12
619The IsterIcarus Films $1,1241$1,124Feb 10
620Tony TakitaniStrand Releasing $1,1225$129,194Jun 24
621The Empire in AfricaCinema Libre Studio $1,0883$1,088Dec 8
622Edvard MunchShadow Distribution $1,0853$40,739Jun 17
623Rolling Family
2006 Re-release
Palm Pictures $1,0721$4,995Sep 8
624Aristide and the Endless RevolutionFirst Run $1,0181$6,842Nov 24
625Oyster FarmerThe Cinema Guild $9862$15,456Jul 29
626April's ShowerRegent Releasing $9565$15,976Jan 13
62739 Pounds of LoveBalcony Releasing $8968$26,755Nov 23
628In Her Line of FireRegent Releasing $8843$884Apr 21
629Doing Time for Patsy ClineOilrag Productions $8311$831Mar 3
630UnconsciousRegent Releasing $8075$30,653Dec 29
631IssuesBullz Eye Productions $7831$783Oct 6
632UncutStrand Releasing $7621$762Jun 16
633A New Day in Old Sana'aArab Film Distribution $7371$737Nov 10
634Ballets RussesZeitgeist Films $46021$815,221Oct 26
635Reel ParadiseWellspring Media $4506$30,170Aug 17
636SerumArrival Pictures $4401$440Oct 30
637Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton SeaTilapia Film $4083$50,426Feb 24
638A Grin Without A CatIcarus Films $1001$43,616May 1
639Zyzzyx RdRegent Releasing $301$30Feb 25
640Fall to GraceTruly Indie $03$5,067Jun 16
641The Conrad BoysNewport Films $01$6,316Jun 2
642Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
2005 Re-release
Tartan $06$45,145Aug 19
643AutumnTruly Indie $03$5,678Jun 9
644TrudellBalcony Releasing $-15$4,314Feb 3