Norwegian Box Office For 2006

RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Ice Age: The Meltdown20th Century Fox International $9,548,588122$2,031,59921.3%122Apr 7-
2Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestBuena Vista International $8,406,17096$1,884,33222.4%96Jul 14-
3Casino RoyaleBuena Vista International $8,111,22398$1,630,13420.1%98Nov 24-
4The Da Vinci CodeSony Pictures Releasing $6,026,661106$1,609,08526.7%106May 19-
5CarsBuena Vista International $3,866,154120$698,31418.1%120Aug 25-
6Open SeasonBuena Vista International $3,755,33888$170,5014.5%88Nov 10-
7Over the HedgeUnited International Pictures (UIP) $3,724,453102$581,66815.6%102Sep 22-
8Chicken LittleBuena Vista International $3,173,65892$673,49221.2%92Jan 27-
9Long Flat BallsSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $3,084,79462$485,61715.7%62Mar 31-
10Cold PreySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $3,075,99151$652,39221.2%51Oct 13-
11Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan20th Century Fox International $3,036,49046$641,71821.1%46Nov 17-
12Walk the Line20th Century Fox International $2,641,37234$251,2969.5%31Feb 3-
13Happy FeetSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $2,448,66792$304,63812.4%80Dec 1-
14Olsenbanden Junior på cirkusSony Pictures Releasing $2,317,33266$353,64015.3%66Feb 10-
15Free JimmySony Pictures Releasing $2,262,51145$386,48417.1%45Apr 21-
16Pedersen: High-School TeacherSony Pictures Releasing $2,226,55441$322,44614.5%35Feb 24-
17The DepartedSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $2,186,88135$279,37212.8%35Nov 3-
18Mission: Impossible IIIUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,046,321102$451,82822.1%102May 5-
19UroSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $2,040,57757$505,79524.8%57Aug 25-
20Brokeback MountainSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,914,71919$93,6524.9%9Jan 20-
21Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties20th Century Fox International $1,904,15080$251,59413.2%80Jul 21-
22Eragon20th Century Fox International $1,852,37472$432,21723.3%72Dec 15-
23Superman ReturnsSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,748,51976$493,60528.2%75Jul 28-
24The Devil Wears Prada20th Century Fox International $1,717,03130$248,15314.5%30Oct 6-
25Miami ViceUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,668,47745$430,58225.8%45Aug 11-
26The HolidayUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,632,27155$198,31912.1%55Dec 15-
27Pride & PrejudiceUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,625,20541$272,03416.7%41Jan 13-
28March of the PenguinsOro Film A/S $1,488,18532$125,7998.5%15Jan 13-
29X-Men: The Last Stand20th Century Fox International $1,409,34160$305,28721.7%60May 26-
30Svein and the RatSony Pictures Releasing $1,262,70155$189,25115%55Mar 3-
31Deja VuBuena Vista International $1,220,92040$180,08914.8%40Dec 26-
32The Break-UpUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,054,95331$182,12717.3%31Aug 4-
33The WildBuena Vista International $1,032,44195$229,01122.2%95Oct 20-
34The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,017,87529$184,92718.2%29Jun 16-
35VolverSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,006,98816$83,2138.3%15Sep 1-
36Fun with Dick and JaneSony Pictures Releasing $980,43740$255,68126.1%40Jan 27-
37Flushed AwayUnited International Pictures (UIP) $942,792100$161,01817.1%100Dec 8-
38PoseidonSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $940,33160$149,01615.8%60Jun 30-
39BabelSony Pictures Releasing $912,70415$90,93410%15Nov 17-
40TriggerSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $905,78253$116,91112.9%53Aug 11-
41ClickSony Pictures Releasing $902,08930$156,27017.3%30Sep 1-
42World Trade CenterUnited International Pictures (UIP) $892,99235$306,88734.4%35Oct 6-
43Nanny McPheeUnited International Pictures (UIP) $874,00638$98,24611.2%38Feb 17-
44The Omen20th Century Fox International $815,00530$127,59815.7%30Jun 9-
45V for VendettaSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $802,46530$209,65426.1%30Mar 24-
46Scary Movie 4Buena Vista International $778,94830$224,75628.9%30Apr 21-
47MunichUnited International Pictures (UIP) $766,09735$154,64120.2%35Feb 3-
48Inside ManUnited International Pictures (UIP) $755,20430$172,36622.8%30Mar 31-
49Hoodwinked!Sandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $753,74832$102,04413.5%32Jun 2-
50United 93United International Pictures (UIP) $744,00221$147,07019.8%21Aug 18-
51Match PointScanbox Entertainment $733,58513$61,5658.4%13Feb 10-
52The QueenSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $730,43320$103,41914.2%20Nov 10-
53Kalde føtterSony Pictures Releasing $692,09045$180,35726.1%45Oct 27-
54Bambi and the Great Prince of the ForestBuena Vista International $675,19741$103,14315.3%41Feb 24-
55The Nativity StorySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $634,59310$20,1543.2%10Dec 1-
56The Sweetest Thing
2006 Re-release
-$622,656----Aug 9-
57The Grudge 2Sony Pictures Releasing $567,94635$225,41239.7%35Nov 3-
58SyrianaSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $544,48413$112,22720.6%10Mar 10-
59JarheadUnited International Pictures (UIP) $522,54341$138,83926.6%41Jan 20-
60The Pink Panther20th Century Fox International $496,57130$123,07424.8%30Mar 10-
61Asterix and the VikingsSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $492,21640$101,69820.7%40Jul 7-
62RepriseSony Pictures Releasing $491,78540$90,55718.4%40Sep 8-
63CapoteSony Pictures Releasing $405,3546$32,9888.1%4Mar 3-
64Snakes on a PlaneSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $397,54430$133,16833.5%30Sep 29-
65SonsSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $384,32030$84,00421.9%30Sep 15-
66Curious GeorgeUnited International Pictures (UIP) $370,22860$56,47515.3%60Aug 4-
67The Lives of OthersSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $369,96113$37,69510.2%13Oct 6-
68Date Movie20th Century Fox International $346,36030$70,14520.3%30Jun 30-
69Saw IIIScanbox Entertainment $342,81516$109,30031.9%15Nov 10-
70An Inconvenient TruthUnited International Pictures (UIP) $340,61820$18,9905.6%20Sep 8-
71The New World
2005 Re-release
-$325,72015$75,93023.3%15Feb 24-
72The Bothersome ManSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $318,30230$48,51115.2%30May 26-
73Memoirs of a GeishaSony Pictures Releasing $317,58920$50,12915.8%20Feb 17-
74After the WeddingSony Pictures Releasing $273,33912$33,46712.2%12Aug 25-
75Big Momma's House 220th Century Fox International $271,07420$76,41028.2%20Apr 28-
76Just My Luck20th Century Fox International $269,06123$75,80228.2%23Aug 18-
77The GuardianBuena Vista International $262,51525$88,62033.8%25Oct 20-
78Rumor Has It...Sandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $260,55015$85,58632.8%14Jan 20-
79CasanovaBuena Vista International $258,71531$62,57224.2%31Feb 10-
80She's the ManScanbox Entertainment $251,24320$51,68120.6%20Jun 2-
81MiracleNordisk Film $251,19340$38,41515.3%40Dec 26-
82Saw IIScanbox Entertainment $248,35520$94,10537.9%20Jan 13-
83Jackass Number TwoUnited International Pictures (UIP) $242,27710$50,42720.8%10Nov 3-
84Lucky Number SlevinScanbox Entertainment $229,28120$56,51124.6%20May 12-
85My Super Ex-Girlfriend20th Century Fox International $229,13930$74,10732.3%30Sep 15-
86Monster HouseSony Pictures Releasing $225,70429$36,39116.1%29Sep 15-
87Silent HillSony Pictures Releasing $217,0857$32,77115.1%5Jul 7-
88DerailedSony Pictures Releasing $215,29315$67,09131.2%15Jan 6-
89Marias mennSony Pictures Releasing $214,16340$51,63324.1%40Sep 29-
90The Sentinel20th Century Fox International $201,42530$56,45528%30Sep 1-
91Heartbreak HotelSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $199,66820$44,52722.3%20Sep 22-
9216 BlocksScanbox Entertainment $195,91325$38,28419.5%25Jun 16-
93ScoopSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $192,94710$40,98721.2%9Oct 20-
94Little Miss Sunshine20th Century Fox International $192,63315$36,03818.7%15Sep 29-
95Alex Rider: Operation StormbreakerScanbox Entertainment $185,50820$46,34625%20Oct 13-
96Good Night, and Good Luck.Scanbox Entertainment $182,7545$20,47311.2%5Feb 24-
97The Hills Have Eyes20th Century Fox International $173,53210$47,46527.4%10Mar 31-
98Failure to LaunchUnited International Pictures (UIP) $163,24615$52,10531.9%15Mar 17-
99The Ant BullySandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $161,84330$27,14416.8%30Sep 29-
100Flags of our FathersSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $158,1707$21,17613.4%7Dec 26-
101NynneOro Film A/S $157,17220$38,37824.4%20Aug 11-
102Underworld: EvolutionSony Pictures Releasing $140,40310$41,75529.7%10Mar 10-
103Tenacious D in The Pick of DestinySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $133,04912$15,91312%12Dec 26-
104The IllusionistSony Pictures Releasing $131,3878$24,16618.4%8Dec 15-
105The MatadorScanbox Entertainment $130,9836$16,33012.5%6Apr 7-
106Ole Bull - HimmelstormerenOro Film A/S $129,6586$18,69114.4%6Oct 27-
107You, Me and DupreeUnited International Pictures (UIP) $124,5458$42,67434.3%8Oct 27-
108PrimeSony Pictures Releasing $123,90212$35,36028.5%12Mar 10-
109LassieSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $122,60521$9,6037.8%21Jun 9-
110Winky's Horse
2006 Re-release
Arthaus $119,26414$25,23321.2%14Nov 3-
111Take the Lead-$116,16712$15,07413%12Jun 9-
112Grizzly ManOro Film A/S $114,2163$14,56512.8%3Apr 21-
113When a Stranger CallsSony Pictures Releasing $112,56312$17,90715.9%12Apr 7-
114Look Both WaysArthaus $110,3285$9,9219%5Jun 30-
115Basic Instinct 2Svensk Filmindustri (SF) $109,96725$53,14748.3%25Apr 28-
116BandidasSony Pictures Releasing $102,72620$24,39923.8%20Apr 7-
117OljebergetSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $91,06915$27,31430%15Jan 27-
118The Art of Negative ThinkingSony Pictures Releasing $88,98740$63,03370.8%40Nov 3-
119The Black DahliaScanbox Entertainment $87,29615$14,30216.4%15Dec 26-
120The World's Fastest IndianOro Film A/S $80,93925$30,81338.1%24Feb 17-
121Paris, je t'aimeSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $79,0515$21,21426.8%5Oct 13-
122Stranger Than FictionSony Pictures Releasing $71,4538$12,76017.9%8Dec 26-
123TsotsiScanbox Entertainment $68,4046$19,51228.5%6Mar 31-
124CachéArthaus $65,1038$19,56730.1%8Feb 10-
125The Road to GuantanamoSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $63,6825$5,6748.9%5May 5-
126It's Hard to Be a Rock'n RollerOro Film A/S $62,91826$18,61029.6%26Sep 1-
127Neil Young: Heart of GoldUnited International Pictures (UIP) $62,5493$4,5117.2%3Jun 9-
128Children of MenSony Pictures Releasing $62,26112$24,41539.2%12Dec 8-
129Stay AliveSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $61,17915$16,82527.5%15Jul 21-
130FearlessSony Pictures Releasing $59,3548$26,98745.5%8Sep 22-
2006 Re-release
Arthaus $58,46114$16,45428.1%14May 19-
132Wolf CreekScanbox Entertainment $52,7065$16,11930.6%5Mar 24-
133The ChildArthaus $46,5545$18,93540.7%5Jan 6-
134Zathura: A Space AdventureSony Pictures Releasing $44,35315$13,78431.1%15Mar 24-
135The Lake HouseSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $42,9757$17,03039.6%7Aug 11-
136Thank You for SmokingScanbox Entertainment $41,53512$19,03245.8%12Sep 8-
137The Squid and the WhaleScanbox Entertainment $41,1913$5,39013.1%3Jun 9-
138Keeping MumSony Pictures Releasing $40,5937$21,25052.3%7Feb 3-
139The PropositionOro Film A/S $39,6816$12,37431.2%6Apr 21-
140Æon FluxUnited International Pictures (UIP) $39,6272$12,19130.8%2Feb 17-
141Esma's Secret - GrbavicaArthaus $37,5804$11,07929.5%4May 12-
142Romance & CigarettesSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $34,4385$12,60236.6%5Apr 7-
143Get Rich or Die Tryin'United International Pictures (UIP) $34,3264$14,91143.4%4Mar 24-
144Lady in the WaterSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $32,84410$18,18755.4%10Sep 8-
145Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull StoryOro Film A/S $31,1705$7,70324.7%5Jul 21-
146Mother of MineSony Pictures Releasing $28,9927$3,47312%7May 5-
147Yours, Mine & Ours-$25,845----Mar 31-
148The Shaggy DogBuena Vista International $24,7138$11,46146.4%8Jun 16-
149Fjorton sugerEuropafilm AS $23,5167$21,05789.5%7Mar 3-
150Nacho LibreUnited International Pictures (UIP) $22,8643$6,81729.8%3Aug 18-
151Le SauvageScanbox Entertainment $22,15525$22,155100%25Sep 1-
152Lonely HeartsScanbox Entertainment $20,7286$15,33074%6Nov 24-
153Wallander: MastermindSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $18,21210$16,87192.6%10Mar 10-
154Don't Come KnockingOro Film A/S $16,7734$5,30931.7%4Jun 16-
155Sophie Scholl: The Final DaysOro Film A/S $15,5657$14,02890.1%7Feb 24-
156A Prairie Home CompanionScanbox Entertainment $15,4636$14,52994%6Sep 22-
157Little Manhattan20th Century Fox International $15,3175$4,78431.2%5Jun 16-
158Stay-$15,104----Mar 24-
159The Producers-$15,020----Mar 17-
160Friends with MoneySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $14,5425$14,542100%5Sep 1-
161Lonesome JimOro Film A/S $13,0653$5,86744.9%3Jul 14-
162Ladies in LavenderSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $12,4482$12,448100%2Nov 10-
163Mrs Henderson PresentsSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $10,58510$10,10895.5%10Feb 10-
164The Lost Treasure of the Knights TemplarSony Pictures Releasing $9,5106---Jun 30-
165Mozart and the WhaleScanbox Entertainment $9,06014$9,060100%14Sep 1-
166Tristan + IsoldeScanbox Entertainment $8,8094$8,809100%4Apr 28-
167Lights in the DuskArthaus $8,0586$5,83172.4%6Aug 25-
168Sex hopp & kärlekScandinavian Entertainment Group $7,4164$7,416100%4Jan 27-
169Hustle & Flow-$7,138----Apr 28-
170Where the Truth LiesScanbox Entertainment $3,8995$3,88999.7%5May 5-
171Last Holiday-$2,972----May 12-
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