Domestic Box Office For 2004

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Shrek 2DreamWorks Distribution $441,181,0224,223$441,181,022May 19
2Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures Releasing $373,400,5484,166$373,585,825Jun 30
3The Passion of the ChristNewmarket Films $369,895,3863,408$369,895,388Feb 25
4Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanWarner Bros. $249,541,0693,855$249,541,069Jun 4
5The IncrediblesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $248,939,7653,933$256,887,647Nov 5
6The Day After TomorrowTwentieth Century Fox $186,716,7503,444$186,716,750May 28
7The Bourne SupremacyUniversal Pictures $176,241,9413,304$176,241,941Jul 23
8Shark TaleDreamWorks Distribution $160,531,8694,070$160,861,908Oct 1
9The Polar ExpressWarner Bros. $151,621,9053,650$162,775,358Nov 10
10National TreasureWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $150,121,9853,243$168,521,875Nov 19
11I, RobotTwentieth Century Fox $144,763,0653,494$144,763,065Jul 16
12TroyWarner Bros. $133,378,2563,411$133,378,256May 14
13Meet the FockersUniversal Pictures $132,859,7653,554$279,261,160Dec 22
14The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingNew Line Cinema $127,581,3983,703$377,027,325Dec 17
1550 First DatesSony Pictures Releasing $120,310,4183,612$120,908,074Feb 13
16Van HelsingUniversal Pictures $120,203,6223,580$120,177,084May 7
17Dodgeball: A True Underdog StoryTwentieth Century Fox $114,291,2973,020$114,291,297Jun 18
18The VillageWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $112,347,1673,733$114,197,520Jul 30
19The GrudgeSony Pictures Releasing $110,249,2043,348$110,359,362Oct 22
20CollateralDreamWorks Distribution $100,962,1173,205$100,962,117Aug 6
21Ocean's TwelveWarner Bros. $100,416,6573,290$125,544,280Dec 10
22The Princess Diaries 2: Royal EngagementWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $93,495,4793,490$95,170,481Aug 11
23Starsky & HutchWarner Bros. $88,237,7543,185$88,237,754Mar 5
24Along Came PollyUniversal Pictures $88,097,1643,052$88,097,164Jan 16
25Mean GirlsParamount Pictures $86,058,0553,054$86,058,055Apr 30
26Anchorman: The Legend of Ron BurgundyDreamWorks Distribution $85,288,3033,104$85,288,303Jul 9
27Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsParamount Pictures $84,757,0723,623$118,634,549Dec 17
28Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters UnleashedWarner Bros. $84,216,8333,312$84,216,833Mar 26
29Cheaper by the DozenTwentieth Century Fox $82,989,6993,307$138,608,443Dec 25
30The SpongeBob SquarePants MovieParamount Pictures $81,106,3383,307$85,417,988Nov 19
31Alien vs. PredatorTwentieth Century Fox $80,265,1993,401$80,265,199Aug 13
32The TerminalDreamWorks Distribution $77,872,8832,914$77,872,883Jun 18
33Man on FireTwentieth Century Fox $77,871,6632,986$77,871,663Apr 21
34GarfieldTwentieth Century Fox $75,197,1793,150$75,369,589Jun 11
35Ladder 49Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $72,340,1103,261$74,541,707Oct 1
36Christmas with the KranksRevolution Studios $72,095,9033,416$73,780,539Nov 24
37RayUniversal Pictures $71,278,3552,474$75,331,600Oct 29
38White ChicksSony Pictures Releasing $70,703,6372,800$70,831,760Jun 23
39The ForgottenRevolution Studios $67,074,7653,144$67,133,509Sep 24
40The Manchurian CandidateParamount Pictures $65,955,6302,867$65,955,630Jul 30
41Barbershop 2: Back in BusinessMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $65,111,2772,711$65,111,277Feb 6
42HidalgoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $64,266,2713,065$64,266,271Mar 5
43MiracleWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $63,366,8352,755$63,366,835Feb 6
44Big FishSony Pictures Releasing $61,662,5942,514$66,809,693Dec 10
45Friday Night LightsUniversal Pictures $61,255,9213,004$61,255,921Oct 8
46HellboyRevolution Studios $59,586,4433,043$59,623,958Apr 2
47The Stepford WivesParamount Pictures $59,484,7423,057$59,484,742Jun 11
48Something's Gotta GiveSony Pictures Releasing $59,122,1512,876$124,728,738Dec 12
49Dawn of the DeadUniversal Pictures $59,020,9572,748$59,020,957Mar 19
50Without a PaddleParamount Pictures $58,085,0962,756$58,169,327Aug 20
51The Chronicles of RiddickUniversal Pictures $57,809,2732,757$57,761,012Jun 11
5213 Going on 30Revolution Studios $56,873,0193,453$57,231,747Apr 23
53SawLionsgate $55,185,0452,467$55,185,045Oct 29
54A Cinderella StoryWarner Bros. $51,438,1752,625$51,438,175Jul 16
55Resident Evil: ApocalypseScreen Gems $50,921,9843,284$51,201,453Sep 10
56King ArthurWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $50,767,9763,086$51,882,244Jul 7
57Home on the RangeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $48,679,2603,058$48,679,260Apr 2
58Secret WindowSony Pictures Releasing $47,763,3583,018$48,022,900Mar 12
59Walking TallMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $46,437,7172,836$46,437,717Apr 2
60Napoleon DynamiteFox Searchlight Pictures $44,374,6261,027$44,522,135Jun 11
61Exorcist: The BeginningWarner Bros. $41,821,9862,813$41,821,986Aug 20
62CatwomanWarner Bros. $40,202,3793,117$40,202,379Jul 23
63You Got ServedScreen Gems $40,017,6441,943$40,363,810Jan 30
64The LadykillersWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $39,799,1911,589$39,799,191Mar 26
65Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonUniversal Pictures $39,778,5852,473$40,226,215Nov 12
66Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowParamount Pictures $37,762,6773,170$37,762,677Sep 17
67Mystic RiverWarner Bros. $36,369,5861,581$90,135,191Oct 8
68Raising HelenWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $36,027,1502,721$36,027,150May 28
2004 Re-release
Twentieth Century Fox $35,713,7203,001$36,611,066Oct 6
70MonsterNewmarket Films $34,286,5121,093$34,445,894Dec 24
71AlexanderWarner Bros. $33,963,6052,445$34,297,191Nov 24
72Team America: World PoliceParamount Pictures $32,736,5422,620$32,786,074Oct 15
73Taking LivesWarner Bros. $32,682,3422,705$32,682,342Mar 19
74Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood OrchidScreen Gems $32,180,2332,905$32,238,923Aug 27
75The Last SamuraiWarner Bros. $31,404,7572,938$111,127,263Dec 5
76Johnson Family VacationFox Searchlight Pictures $31,123,9021,326$31,123,902Apr 7
77Confessions of a Teenage Drama QueenWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $29,331,0682,503$29,331,068Feb 20
78Calendar GirlsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $29,096,973967$30,162,217Dec 19
79PaycheckParamount Pictures $28,768,3742,762$53,790,451Dec 25
80The Prince and MeParamount Pictures $28,176,4772,711$28,176,497Apr 2
81Garden StateFox Searchlight Pictures $26,745,860813$26,774,462Jul 28
82SpanglishSony Pictures Releasing $26,486,6222,587$42,726,869Dec 17
83Peter PanUniversal Pictures $26,351,1432,813$48,462,608Dec 25
84Fat AlbertTwentieth Century Fox $26,180,3742,744$48,109,482Dec 25
85CloserSony Pictures Releasing $25,757,8691,098$33,987,757Dec 3
86TwistedParamount Pictures $25,198,6382,704$25,198,598Feb 27
87Mona Lisa SmileRevolution Studios $25,062,3692,714$63,860,942Dec 19
88Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindFocus Features $24,319,7261,357$34,400,301Mar 19
89Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination LondonMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $23,630,1592,973$23,630,159Mar 12
90Around the World in 80 DaysWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $22,494,9352,801$22,494,935Jun 16
91The AlamoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,497,1582,609$21,497,158Apr 9
92TorqueWarner Bros. $21,215,0592,463$21,215,059Jan 16
93Mr 3000Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $20,996,6772,736$21,811,187Sep 17
94SidewaysFox Searchlight Pictures $20,868,4081,786$71,500,193Oct 22
95Little Black BookRevolution Studios $20,662,6242,445$20,698,668Aug 6
96Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie - Pyramid of LightWarner Bros. $19,765,8682,411$19,765,868Aug 13
97NASCAR: The IMAX ExperienceWarner Bros. $19,527,44673$21,583,831Mar 12
98Two BrothersUniversal Pictures $19,176,7542,181$19,176,754Jun 25
99EuroTripDreamWorks Distribution $17,771,3872,544$17,771,387Feb 20
100Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!DreamWorks Distribution $17,071,9622,808$17,071,962Jan 23
101WimbledonUniversal Pictures $17,001,1332,039$17,001,133Sep 17
102Catch That KidTwentieth Century Fox $16,679,6232,848$16,679,623Feb 6
103The Whole Ten YardsWarner Bros. $16,328,4712,654$16,328,471Apr 9
104PaparazziTwentieth Century Fox $15,692,3082,153$15,714,234Sep 3
105Fahrenheit 9/11Lionsgate $14,567,4042,011$119,194,771Jun 23
106Flight of the PhoenixTwentieth Century Fox $14,559,1402,604$20,997,558Dec 17
107The Girl Next DoorTwentieth Century Fox $14,553,8532,148$14,553,853Apr 9
108Welcome to MooseportTwentieth Century Fox $14,436,9532,868$14,436,953Feb 20
109Soul PlaneMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $14,190,7501,566$14,190,750May 28
110New York MinuteWarner Bros. $14,071,4413,006$14,071,441May 7
111EnvyDreamWorks Distribution $13,511,9942,445$13,511,994Apr 30
112De-LovelyUnited Artists $13,456,633410$13,456,633Jul 2
113AlfieParamount Pictures $13,381,9982,215$13,399,812Nov 5
114Wicker ParkMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $13,001,2572,598$13,001,257Sep 3
115The Phantom of the OperaWarner Bros. $12,956,8931,515$51,268,815Dec 22
116I Heart HuckabeesFox Searchlight Pictures $12,576,126901$12,752,075Oct 1
117Master and Commander: The Far Side of the WorldTwentieth Century Fox $12,389,5083,101$93,921,256Nov 14
118Chasing LibertyWarner Bros. $12,195,6262,400$12,195,626Jan 9
119Breakin' All the RulesScreen Gems $12,111,8471,318$12,264,319May 14
120In AmericaFox Searchlight Pictures $11,837,309403$15,518,515Nov 26
121Surviving ChristmasDreamWorks Distribution $11,663,1562,755$11,663,156Oct 22
122The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $11,361,3251,105$23,194,351Dec 10
123The Perfect ScoreParamount Pictures $10,391,0032,208$10,391,003Jan 30
124Space Station 3DIMAX $10,162,35964$93,379,882Apr 19
125House of Sand and FogDreamWorks Distribution $10,094,363598$13,040,288Dec 19
126What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?-$10,023,487146$10,942,306Feb 6
127Blade: TrinityNew Line Cinema $9,945,6192,912$48,079,939Dec 8
128The NotebookNew Line Cinema $9,593,5482,323$81,001,787Jun 25
129Bugs!SK Films $9,538,96633$19,062,359Mar 12
130SleepoverMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $9,464,5972,207$9,436,390Jul 9
131Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2Triumph Releasing Corporation $9,117,9351,276$9,219,388Aug 27
132First DaughterTwentieth Century Fox $9,038,4472,280$9,038,447Sep 24
133Saved!United Artists $8,940,582592$8,940,582May 28
134Suspect ZeroParamount Pictures $8,725,8131,501$8,725,813Aug 27
135Connie and CarlaUniversal Pictures $8,085,7711,016$8,085,771Apr 16
136Stuck on YouTwentieth Century Fox $7,056,4473,007$33,820,103Dec 12
137ThunderbirdsUniversal Pictures $6,880,9172,062$6,880,917Jul 30
138The Big BounceWarner Bros. $6,489,4762,304$6,489,476Jan 30
139KinseyFox Searchlight Pictures $6,326,263588$10,254,979Nov 12
140Teacher's PetWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,111,7002,027$6,111,700Jan 16
141Against the RopesParamount Pictures $5,884,1901,601$5,884,190Feb 20
142Before SunsetWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $5,802,923204$5,820,649Jul 2
143The ClearingFox Searchlight Pictures $5,715,977449$5,763,875Jul 2
144Never Die AloneFox Searchlight Pictures $5,602,7501,160$5,602,750Mar 26
14521 GramsFocus Features $5,563,487411$16,290,476Nov 21
146The Haunted MansionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $5,090,8413,122$72,529,828Nov 26
147Club DreadFox Searchlight Pictures $4,949,9461,807$4,949,946Feb 27
148The CoolerLionsgate $4,751,603408$8,291,572Nov 26
149Touching the VoidIFC Films $4,593,598137$4,593,598Jan 23
150SpartanWarner Bros. $4,434,432832$4,434,432Mar 12
151Love Don't Cost a ThingWarner Bros. $4,321,5501,844$21,924,226Dec 12
152The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamaraSony Pictures Classics $4,003,566261$4,198,566Dec 19
153The Young Black StallionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,439,41551$6,751,389Dec 25
154Love, ActuallyUniversal Pictures $3,249,9041,714$59,696,144Nov 7
155A Day Without a MexicanTelevisa Cine $3,207,853107$4,179,890May 14
156The Cat in the HatUniversal Pictures $3,098,2903,467$101,149,285Nov 21
157HeroMiramax $3,038,1402,175$53,710,019Aug 27
158HoneyUniversal Pictures $2,940,2171,972$30,308,417Dec 5
159T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $2,790,19338$53,354,743Oct 23
160The AviatorMiramax $2,780,7192,530$88,876,786Dec 17
161The Barbarian Invasions
2003 Re-release
Miramax $2,768,841139$3,435,749Nov 21
162Vanity FairFocus Features $2,713,7611,054$16,136,476Sep 1
163Control RoomMagnolia Pictures $2,589,61674$2,589,616May 21
164The DreamersFox Searchlight Pictures $2,515,202116$2,515,202Feb 6
165My ArchitectNew Yorker Films $2,413,65239$2,750,707Nov 12
166Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and SpringSony Pictures Classics $2,380,78874$2,380,788Apr 2
167Bon voyage
2004 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $2,354,55994$2,354,559Mar 19
168Cirque du Soleil: Journey of ManSony Pictures Classics $2,298,47622$15,619,088May 5
169Riding GiantsSony Pictures Classics $2,276,36864$2,276,368Jul 9
170Coffee and CigarettesUnited Artists $2,198,92447$2,198,924May 14
171Haunted Castle-$2,155,17010$13,644,921Feb 23
172A Very Long EngagementWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $2,127,965219$6,524,389Nov 26
173Intimate StrangersParamount Classics $2,110,58994$2,110,589Jul 30
174The CompanySony Pictures Classics $2,060,04055$2,283,914Dec 25
175We Don't Live Here AnymoreWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $2,041,014190$2,041,014Aug 13
176GothikaWarner Bros. $1,982,6322,382$59,694,580Nov 21
177Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius-$1,887,4181,332$2,536,460Apr 30
178The Corporation
2004 Re-release
Zeitgeist Films $1,879,98328$1,879,983Jun 4
179Clifford's Really Big MovieWarner Bros. $1,775,802471$2,922,354Apr 20
180Thérèse: The Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux-$1,773,14865$2,625,946Oct 1
181The Story of the Weeping CamelTHINKFilm $1,763,05255$1,763,052Jun 4
182The Motorcycle DiariesFocus Features $1,668,097272$16,781,387Sep 24
183I'm Not ScaredMiramax $1,615,32863$1,615,328Apr 9
184Cold MountainMiramax $1,610,2502,802$95,375,797Dec 25
185Open WaterLionsgate $1,492,4602,709$30,610,863Aug 6
186BirthNew Line Cinema $1,414,335550$5,095,038Oct 29
187School of RockParamount Pictures $1,389,9512,951$81,261,177Oct 3
188DarknessDimension Films $1,383,0181,718$21,479,864Dec 25
189The CorporationMongrel Media $1,363,65216$1,608,665Jan 16
190Ghosts of the AbyssWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,334,34197$17,040,871Apr 11
191Seducing Doctor LewisOdeon $1,326,81680$9,354,342Jul 11
192The Door in the FloorFocus Features $1,317,340134$3,854,624Jul 14
193The CookoutLionsgate $1,297,3341,303$11,814,019Sep 3
194OsamaUnited Artists $1,270,90435$1,270,904Feb 6
195Benji: Off the Leash!-$1,265,387877$3,817,362Aug 20
196Shall We DanceMiramax $1,237,7342,542$57,890,460Oct 15
197The Matrix RevolutionsWarner Bros. $1,229,7373,502$139,313,948Nov 5
198Ella EnchantedMiramax $1,183,2442,149$20,039,365Apr 9
199Festival ExpressTHINKFilm $1,174,07943$1,174,079Jul 23
200The Best Two Years-$1,163,45029$1,163,450Feb 20
201Saints and SoldiersExcel Entertainment $1,140,26637$1,165,065Aug 6
202Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of WarIDP Distribution $1,111,06134$1,111,061Sep 3
203Finding NeverlandMiramax $1,110,0481,411$45,691,722Nov 12
204The MotherSony Pictures Classics $1,063,16344$1,063,163May 28
205Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2004 Re-release
IMAX $1,050,21524$1,926,034Oct 22
206Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence-$1,043,89655$1,043,896Sep 17
207A Home at the End of the WorldWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $1,029,87265$1,029,872Jul 23
208Beyond the SeaLionsgate $1,010,933383$6,318,709Dec 17
209The MachinistParamount Classics $993,67672$1,068,146Oct 22
210My Baby's DaddyMiramax $991,2901,448$17,669,317Jan 9
211The Visual Bible: The Gospel of JohnTHINKFilm $982,092113$4,069,090Sep 26
212Jersey GirlMiramax $952,0001,821$24,990,297Mar 26
213Bright Young ThingsTHINKFilm $933,63792$933,637Aug 20
214CriminalWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $929,23390$929,233Sep 10
215SwadesUTV Motion Pictures $927,82374$1,223,240Dec 17
216After the SunsetNew Line Cinema $919,5512,819$28,331,233Nov 12
217Mujhse Shaadi Karogi-$915,72848$915,728Jul 30
218Brother BearWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $902,5913,030$84,063,654Oct 24
219IntermissionIFC Films $896,99369$896,993Mar 19
220The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
2004 Re-release
Miramax $862,89455$862,894Jul 23
221NicotinaArenas Entertainment $859,23496$1,117,864Aug 20
222Million Dollar BabyWarner Bros. $842,2532,375$100,492,203Dec 15
223The MissingRevolution Studios $803,8942,756$27,011,180Nov 26
224Hum Tum-$796,64143$796,641May 28
225Young AdamSony Pictures Classics $767,37341$767,373Apr 16
226The Blue ButterflyAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $758,20273$1,755,355Feb 20
227LakshyaUTV Motion Pictures $753,60059$753,600Jun 18
228China: The Panda AdventureIMAX $735,82521$3,918,213Jun 9
229Fade to BlackParamount Classics $728,802170$728,802Nov 5
230The Butterfly EffectNew Line Cinema $705,1692,605$49,179,651Jan 23
231American Masters: The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg
2004 Re-release
New Yorker Films $642,6194$646,951Aug 18
232Japanese StoryIDP Distribution $638,31721$647,054Dec 31
233Red LightsWellspring Media $632,56429$673,828Aug 20
234RadioRevolution Studios $624,2543,074$52,277,485Oct 24
235Kill Bill: Vol. 2Miramax $616,7253,073$64,084,276Apr 16
236Going Upriver: The Long War of John KerryTHINKFilm $614,138163$614,138Oct 1
237Le dernier tunnelChristal Films $609,04764$1,352,489Mar 12
238Mean CreekParamount Classics $603,95149$603,951Aug 20
239Scary Movie 3Dimension Films $597,8183,505$110,003,217Oct 24
240KhakeeEros International $587,87749$587,877Jan 23
241Looney Tunes: Back in ActionWarner Bros. $578,1052,903$20,960,862Nov 14
242Shaun of the DeadRogue Pictures $570,524675$13,542,874Sep 24
243Touch of PinkSony Pictures Classics $564,53521$564,535Jul 16
244Alexandra's ProjectAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $560,27929$752,148Dec 19
245Love Me If You DareParamount Classics $553,50456$553,504May 21
246Facing WindowsSony Pictures Classics $543,35427$543,354Jun 18
247GalapagosIMAX $542,71914$18,629,106Oct 29
248Camping sauvageAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $511,49199$3,894,585Jul 9
249The StatementSony Pictures Classics $507,94251$765,637Dec 12
250L'incomparable mademoiselle C.Christal Films $493,90577$493,905Apr 23
251Shaolin SoccerMiramax $489,60014$489,600Apr 2
252Super Size MeIDP Distribution $489,541230$8,674,990May 7
253Runaway JuryTwentieth Century Fox $478,4892,815$49,410,394Oct 17
254Dans une galaxie près de chez vous - Le film-$476,38174$2,259,688Apr 9
255Red NoseChristal Films $473,30490$2,004,814Nov 28
256TarnationWellspring Media $470,72422$589,727Oct 6
257Seducing Doctor Lewis
2004 Re-release
Wellspring Media $467,07815$488,562Jun 16
258The Work and the GloryExcel Entertainment $448,326112$3,347,647Nov 24
259The Weather UndergroundShadow Distribution $435,20214$499,265Jun 4
260Lost in TranslationFocus Features $421,172882$42,072,415Sep 12
261TimelineParamount Pictures $413,8462,787$19,481,943Nov 26
262Under the Tuscan SunWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $399,3421,701$43,610,723Sep 26
263Head in the CloudsSony Pictures Classics $398,10747$398,278Sep 17
264Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox MovieTHINKFilm $396,80354$396,803May 7
265The Chorus
Quebec Release
Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm $392,30034$2,087,128Oct 1
266The Last ShotWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $392,06840$464,275Sep 24
267Kill Bill: Vol. 1Miramax $384,1543,102$69,911,357Oct 10
268Stage BeautyLionsgate $382,16978$782,383Oct 8
269Alien Adventure-$379,13210$8,959,784Aug 20
270The Texas Chainsaw MassacreNew Line Cinema $377,5263,018$80,545,932Oct 17
271She Hate MeSony Pictures Classics $366,03728$366,037Jul 28
272The Brown BunnyWellspring Media $365,98419$365,984Aug 27
273Baadasssss!Sony Pictures Classics $365,72741$365,727May 28
274I'll Sleep When I'm DeadParamount Classics $360,75919$360,759Jun 16
275Kitchen Stories
2004 Re-release
IFC Films $351,23515$351,235Feb 20
276Since Otar LeftZeitgeist Films $350,39115$350,391Apr 30
277Enduring LoveParamount Classics $348,88056$356,950Oct 29
278The United States of LelandParamount Classics $343,85990$343,847Apr 2
279Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were ThereDada Films $341,92014$347,954Jun 11
280Girl with a Pearl EarringLionsgate $339,171402$7,474,441Dec 12
281Kyun! Ho Gaya Na...Eros International $336,90951$336,909Aug 13
282Vera DrakeFine Line Features $335,83197$3,775,283Oct 8
283Yuva-$331,16635$331,166May 21
284ZelarySony Pictures Classics $329,19921$330,033Sep 17
285Ju-on: The GrudgeVitagraph Films $325,68011$325,680Jul 23
286Callas ForeverRegent Releasing $320,53316$445,284Nov 5
287Hotel RwandaUnited Artists $316,998824$23,530,892Dec 22
288Encounter in the Third Dimension-$311,65816$7,195,792Feb 26
289MastiEros International $308,56629$308,566Apr 9
290Apollo 13
The IMAX Experience
IMAX $307,04319$1,760,432Sep 20
291The Piano PlayerMenemsha Films $306,09716$565,292Jun 20
292Hair ShowInnovation Film Group (IFG) $305,28138$305,281Oct 15
293SilmidoCinema Service $298,3478$298,347Apr 23
294MickeySlugger Pictures $294,75876$294,758Apr 30
295I Am DavidLionsgate $288,552226$288,552Dec 3
296Code 46United Artists $285,58521$285,585Aug 6
2003 Re-release
Miramax $275,96815$275,968May 7
298Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on JournalismCinema Libre Studio $273,92418$461,572Aug 6
299The Legend of Johnny LingoInnovation Film Group (IFG) $259,47463$1,234,167Aug 29
300Mayor of the Sunset StripFirst Look International $257,31518$257,315Mar 26
301The ReckoningParamount Classics $257,25232$257,252Mar 5
302Greendale-$255,9478$255,947Feb 27
303The Yes MenUnited Artists $255,36432$255,364Sep 24
304Going the DistanceOdeon $253,712153$1,230,897Aug 20
305Dhoom-$245,75632$245,756Aug 27
306Wilbur Wants to Kill HimselfTHINKFilm $235,29416$235,294Mar 12
307Asa Nu Maan Watna Da: In Search of Our Roots-$235,0755$235,075May 14
308Remember Me, My LoveIDP Distribution $227,9867$227,986Sep 3
309The AgronomistTHINKFilm $226,18921$226,189Apr 23
310America's Heart & SoulWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $221,42998$221,429Jul 2
311CarandiruSony Pictures Classics $216,33515$216,335May 14
312The Delicate Art of Parking-$213,00810$213,008Apr 2
313The Home Teachers-$203,91720$203,917Jan 9
314Around the BendWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $193,63751$193,637Oct 8
315This So-Called Disaster: Sam Shepard Directs the Late Henry MossIFC Films $189,6163$226,658Apr 21
316The Animation Show-$188,52010$361,875Sep 5
317P.S.Newmarket Films $180,50317$180,503Oct 15
318Bush's BrainTartan $177,4859$177,485Aug 20
319The Gatekeeper-$176,2683$229,163Apr 25
320TestosteroneStrand Releasing $175,9724$175,972Sep 10
321The Five ObstructionsKoch Lorber Films $165,8453$165,845May 26
322Lost Boys of SudanShadow Distribution $164,7988$179,014Aug 22
323Danny Deckchair
2004 Re-release
Lionsgate $160,27629$160,276Aug 11
324When Will I Be LovedIFC Films $159,42920$159,429Sep 10
325Pieces of AprilUnited Artists $158,213101$2,528,664Oct 17
326UnderworldScreen Gems $158,0162,928$51,970,690Sep 19
327The Triplets of BellevilleSony Pictures Classics $156,227463$3,613,232Nov 26
328Dans l'oeil du chatAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $155,71427$155,714Feb 13
329Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse-$152,14847$152,148Aug 27
330The Holy Land-$145,89017$595,087Jul 11
331UndertowUnited Artists $143,59730$143,597Oct 22
332Zhou Yu de huo che
2004 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $142,56212$142,562Jul 16
333Shattered GlassLionsgate $141,209215$2,220,008Oct 31
334CellularNew Line Cinema $138,0002,763$31,835,524Sep 10
335Raise Your VoiceNew Line Cinema $137,0002,521$10,411,980Oct 8
336Annie Brocoli dans les fonds marins-$132,12055$374,360Dec 19
337Robot Stories-$131,4513$131,451Feb 13
338Lightning in a BottleSony Pictures Classics $131,44721$201,711Oct 22
339The WoodsmanNewmarket Films $130,79084$197,623Dec 24
340Tokyo GodfathersIDP Distribution $129,56010$129,560Jan 16
341Elvis Gratton 3: Le retour d'Elvis WongChristal Films $128,20199$1,838,920Jun 23
342Dig!Palm Pictures $127,06710$127,067Oct 1
343Love, Sex and Eating the BonesTHINKFilm $116,8698$116,869Mar 5
344Spy Kids 3-D: Game OverDimension Films $115,6313,388$111,761,982Jul 25
345Games People Play: New YorkArtistic License $113,6224$113,622Mar 12
346The Lost Skeleton of CadavraSony Pictures Repertory $111,82313$143,121Feb 6
347Deewaar: Let's Bring Our Heroes HomeEros International $111,42341$111,423Jun 25
348In Good CompanyUniversal Pictures $111,1691,963$45,806,659Dec 29
349In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed-$110,57715$110,577Oct 1
350Freaky FridayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $107,5853,067$110,230,332Aug 6
351The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
Canadian Release
-$106,85315$255,269Jun 11
352Paper ClipsSlowhand Cinema Releasing $106,72543$265,015Nov 24
353Fida-$98,29730$98,297Aug 20
354Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial KillerLantern Lane Entertainment $97,3626$97,362Jan 9
355Les aimantsAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $95,98422$1,150,414Oct 1
356LOC: KargilEros International $94,22058$621,103Dec 25
357Flavors-$93,37014$93,370Jul 16
358Good BoyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $92,5133,225$37,667,746Oct 10
359Aitraaz-$91,99824$91,998Nov 12
360Phir MilengeUTV Motion Pictures $91,96827$91,968Aug 27
361Secret ThingsFirst Run $88,8433$103,879Jan 2
362Seeing Other PeopleLantern Lane Entertainment $87,92316$87,923May 7
363DecoysLionsgate $84,73355$84,733Feb 27
364DevEros International $84,72835$84,728Jun 11
365Warriors of Heaven and EarthSony Pictures Classics $82,9369$82,936Sep 3
366My Mother Likes Women
2004 Re-release
Norador Productions $82,9166$82,916May 21
367Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a SorcererIndican Pictures $81,9452$106,056Mar 5
368Malevolence-$81,25010$99,899Sep 10
369Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed-$80,37253$80,372Jan 30
370Jack Paradise (Les nuits de Montréal)-$79,97431$79,974Feb 20
371Strange Gardens-$78,66812$78,668Feb 20
372Kal Ho Naa Ho-$77,40352$1,991,922Nov 26
373ReconstructionPalm Pictures $73,5169$73,516Sep 10
374Hollywood BuddhaNorthern Arts Entertainment $72,1154$72,115Sep 24
375Crimson GoldWellspring Media $71,4978$148,959Jan 16
376James' Journey to JerusalemZeitgeist Films $64,9677$64,967Mar 5
377Notre musiqueWellspring Media $63,0428$139,228Nov 24
378Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving TrainFirst Run $61,6114$122,011Jun 18
379Time of the WolfPalm Pictures $61,4394$61,439Jun 25
380Noi the AlbinoPalm Pictures $60,5557$60,555Mar 19
381The Seagull's LaughterThe Cinema Guild $60,3253$71,813Feb 13
382Bear CubTLA Releasing $58,8374$96,685Nov 5
383I Vitelloni
2003 Re-release
Kino International $58,5103$109,993Nov 14
384Voices of IraqMagnolia Pictures $57,99912$57,999Oct 29
385DivanZeitgeist Films $56,2144$56,214Mar 17
386The Final CutLionsgate $55,054117$551,281Oct 15
387Bus 174THINKFilm $54,4415$217,201Oct 8
388RRRrrrr!!!Christal Films $54,36123$54,361Jul 30
389Monty Python's Life of Brian
2004 Re-release
Rainbow Releasing $54,33728$643,947Apr 30
390Intolerable CrueltyUniversal Pictures $53,8902,570$35,327,628Oct 10
391In the Realms of the UnrealWellspring Media $53,29813$417,120Dec 22
392HukkleShadow Distribution $50,7604$53,529Nov 14
393MoolaadéNew Yorker Films $50,1094$213,296Oct 15
394Pride and PrejudiceExcel Entertainment $49,40620$371,127Dec 5
395Modern Times
2003 Re-release
Kino International $47,2537$161,436Dec 26
396Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light KidsTHINKFilm $43,875127$3,515,061Dec 8
397Ned KellyFocus Features $43,70422$43,704Mar 26
398The Tracker
2004 Re-release
ArtMattan Productions $43,6742$52,806Jan 16
399Springtime in a Small TownPalm Pictures $43,0172$43,017May 14
400Bad EducationSony Pictures Classics $42,038106$5,211,842Nov 19
401Close Your EyesFirst Look International $41,39217$41,392Apr 23
402Bonjour Monsieur ShlomiStrand Releasing $41,3686$92,725Jul 2
403Tom Dowd & the Language of MusicPalm Pictures $40,91910$40,919Aug 13
404Bad SantaDimension Films $40,4062,540$59,230,390Nov 26
405GodsendLionsgate $40,2012,323$14,379,751Apr 30
2004 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $39,2244$63,931Jan 30
407DemonloverPalm Pictures $38,79615$227,092Sep 19
408The Bread, My SweetPanorama Entertainment $35,0848$1,023,156Jan 18
409ShowboyRegent Releasing $34,6462$34,646Apr 9
410The Merchant of VeniceSony Pictures Classics $33,392107$3,765,585Dec 29
411A Tale of Two SistersTartan $33,1859$72,541Dec 3
412Out of TimeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $33,1533,076$41,088,845Oct 3
413Donnie Darko
2004 Director's Cut
Newmarket Films $32,73622$32,736Jun 2
414Last Life in the UniversePalm Pictures $32,0144$32,014Aug 6
415StanderNewmarket Films $31,6517$31,651Aug 6
416Uncovered: The War on IraqCinema Libre Studio $31,48122$31,481Aug 20
417Word WarsSeventh Art Releasing $30,5755$110,617May 28
418Two Men Went to WarIndican Pictures $30,3924$149,104Mar 26
419The TakeIcarus Films $30,3801$30,380Sep 22
420The Raspberry ReichStrand Releasing $30,3791$30,379Sep 24
421Made-Up-$30,2245$52,379May 30
422AKAEmpire Pictures Inc. $29,5953$46,168Dec 12
423EmpathyIcarus Films $29,3451$29,345Jan 21
424The Butterfly
2003 Re-release
First Run $28,9772$38,004Dec 19
425Autumn Spring
2003 Re-release
First Look International $28,4775$90,953Aug 22
426The Umbrellas of CherbourgZeitgeist Films $28,0301$28,030Feb 13
427BlizzardAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $27,691136$504,600Dec 12
428ElephantFine Line Features $27,51938$1,266,955Oct 24
429BonhoefferFirst Run $27,1577$296,181Jun 20
430Fish Without a Bicycle-$26,7991$26,799Oct 22
431DogvilleLionsgate $26,43270$26,432Mar 26
432The Human StainMiramax $26,271388$5,381,908Oct 31
433The Hebrew HammerStrand Releasing $26,2478$82,157Dec 19
434ProteusStrand Releasing $26,1213$62,031Jul 30
435Cowards Bend the KneeZeitgeist Films $25,8601$25,860Aug 11
436ShadeRKO Radio Pictures $25,0326$25,032Apr 9
437Gypsy 83-$24,2681$24,268Apr 16
438City of GodMiramax $24,187242$4,801,153Jan 17
2004 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $24,0972$47,294Feb 6
440RosenstrasseIDP Distribution $23,76324$734,519Jul 30
441UzakNew Yorker Films $23,3392$95,299Mar 12
2004 Re-release
Northern Arts Entertainment $23,0392$23,039Sep 24
443Frankie and Johnny Are MarriedIFC Films $22,9004$22,900May 26
444AdoredWolfe Releasing $22,5523$38,635Apr 2
445SuddenlyEmpire Pictures Inc. $21,9533$44,607Aug 27
446WMD: Weapons of Mass DeceptionCinema Libre Studio $21,9314$21,842Dec 3
447Bulgarian LoversTLA Releasing $21,8863$55,181Apr 30
448EasyMagic Lamp $21,5896$21,589Nov 26
449Ae Fond KissCastle Hill Productions $21,3262$23,338Nov 26
450HighwaymenNew Line Cinema $21,261111$216,697Feb 13
451A Love Song for Bobby LongLionsgate $20,50824$164,308Dec 29
452Orwell Rolls in His Grave-$20,3893$20,389Jul 23
453Merci Dr Rey!Regent Releasing $19,8675$19,867Sep 17
454What Alice FoundCastle Hill Productions $19,5963$48,132Dec 5
455AsambhavEros International $19,50415$19,504Jul 23
456Straight-JacketRegent Releasing $19,2014$45,291Nov 26
457TwistStrand Releasing $19,1634$46,265May 21
458The Manson Family-$19,1406$19,140Oct 22
459Martin & Orloff-$18,7582$33,630Nov 7
460FaceIndican Pictures $18,5284$105,017Oct 15
461The Battle of Algiers
2004 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $18,3049$820,483Jan 9
462FabledIndican Pictures $18,2243$27,305Dec 10
463The Mudge BoyStrand Releasing $17,9214$62,048May 7
464Purple ButterflyPalm Pictures $17,7901$17,790Nov 26
465The Assassination of Richard NixonTHINKFilm $17,70859$708,776Dec 29
466Touchez Pas au GrisbiRialto Pictures $17,1372$117,872Sep 5
467Power TripArtistic License $17,0953$37,284Dec 10
468You I Love-$16,9344$51,171Nov 19
469Faster-$16,2651$16,265Apr 23
470Perfect OppositesMAC Releasing $16,2019$16,201Feb 6
471A Letter to TrueZeitgeist Films $15,6251$15,635Sep 8
472Off the LipHannover House $15,21731$15,217May 7
473ReesevilleInnovation Film Group (IFG) $14,8244$14,824May 7
474Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2001 Re-release
Rainbow Releasing $14,61626$1,821,082Jun 15
475StrayedWellspring Media $14,47229$480,809May 14
476Across the Sea of TimeSony Pictures Classics $14,1892$16,015,639Oct 20
477CrutchIlluminare Entertainment $14,1891$14,189Sep 17
478Glowing EyesStrand Releasing $13,8102$31,139Oct 10
479Postmen in the MountainsShadow Distribution $13,7447$203,975Dec 25
480Party MonsterStrand Releasing $13,08913$742,898Aug 29
481RajaFilm Movement $13,0002$13,000Mar 26
482Freestyle: The Art of RhymePalm Pictures $12,6001$12,600Jul 16
483L'Age d'OrKino International $12,3952$31,702Jan 30
484SpinInnovation Film Group (IFG) $12,3559$12,355Oct 15
485The Dust FactoryMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $12,31122$12,311Oct 15
486Big Ain't Bad-$12,2882$12,288Apr 16
487Blind ShaftKino International $12,2574$32,072Feb 6
488The Inheritance
2003 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $12,1742$67,258Jul 9
489Close CallPrime Media Pictures $12,0774$12,077Apr 16
490Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance After the HolocaustFirst Run $12,0602$36,782Feb 6
491Millennium MamboPalm Pictures $11,9481$14,904Dec 31
492The ReturnKino International $11,82518$491,263Feb 6
493A Thousand Clouds of PeaceStrand Releasing $11,6574$46,773Apr 2
494IntoxicatingRogue Arts $11,5603$11,560Nov 5
4959 Dead Gay GuysTLA Releasing $11,3832$23,545Oct 17
496Pauly Shore Is DeadRegent Releasing $11,0001$11,000Sep 17
497MC5*: A True TestimonialAvatar Films $10,8882$10,888Mar 5
498Almost Peaceful
2004 Re-release
Empire Pictures Inc. $10,7903$104,416Aug 20
499Mind the Gap-$10,6371$10,637Sep 24
500Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,4783,416$305,413,918Jul 9
501Let's Get Frank-$10,4401$10,440Jul 14
2004 Re-release
-$10,3042$10,304May 7
503The Singing DetectiveParamount Classics $10,28546$336,456Oct 24
504A Talking PictureKino International $10,2582$18,944Dec 10
505The Deserted StationFirst Run $10,1501$15,696Jul 2
506Cuba: Island of MusicCinema Four $9,7911$9,791Jan 16
507American StorytellersIndican Pictures $9,1801$16,354Nov 7
508Imagining ArgentinaArenas Entertainment $8,8991$8,899Jun 11
509Evil RemainsScreen Media Films $8,7474$8,747Oct 22
510GodzillaRialto Pictures $8,6656$409,077May 7
511The Cremaster CyclePalm Pictures $8,3767$514,272Apr 25
512The IntendedIFC Films $8,1064$8,106Jun 25
513Short Cut to Nirvana: Kumbh Mela-$7,9153$381,129Oct 22
514Independent Lens: ImeldaUnico Entertainment $7,8216$200,097Jun 9
515Incident at Loch NessAbramorama $7,7582$34,574Sep 17
516CarnageWellspring Media $7,7406$60,158Sep 5
517With All Deliberate SpeedEmpire Pictures Inc. $7,6905$7,690May 14
518After MidnightAvatar Films $7,6343$48,749Dec 3
519Wasabi Tuna-$7,6311$7,631May 7
520Lana's RainISA Releasing $7,4934$43,035Feb 27
521Wake-$7,2122$7,212May 28
522Los Angeles Plays Itself-$6,9451$6,945Jul 28
523AlilaKino International $6,9364$15,137Feb 27
524Vodka LemonNew Yorker Films $6,7413$59,131Oct 8
525The Girl from ParisFilms Philos $6,5555$182,129Mar 21
526Master of the GameSundance Film Series $6,5546$6,554Nov 12
527Goodbye, Dragon InnWellspring Media $6,2643$34,470Sep 17
528It's All About LoveStrand Releasing $6,1402$6,140Oct 29
529I'll Sing for You
2004 Re-release
First Run $6,0991$8,255Mar 26
530Love ObjectVitagraph Films $6,0281$6,028Feb 13
531Baptists at Our Barbecue-$5,75313$150,551Oct 8
532S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing MachineFirst Run $5,6542$21,229May 19
533Particles of TruthDada Films $5,3481$5,348Sep 17
534Bright FuturePalm Pictures $5,1661$5,166Nov 12
535Yves Saint Laurent: His Life and TimesEmpire Pictures Inc. $5,1392$91,609Jan 7
536The Life: What's Your Pleasure?Screen Media Films $5,1301$5,130Dec 17
537Father and SonWellspring Media $4,8133$28,951Jun 18
538Venus Boyz
2003 Re-release
First Run $4,8011$18,333Aug 22
539Imaginary HeroesSony Pictures Classics $4,69624$8,500Dec 17
540How to Draw a BunnyPalm Pictures $4,6581$4,658Mar 12
541The EmbalmerFirst Run $4,6512$56,878Jul 18
542Open My HeartStrand Releasing $4,3811$4,381Dec 17
543Guiana 1838RBC Radio $4,37916$220,131Sep 24
544Stella StreetStrand Releasing $4,11910$4,119Oct 22
545DollsPalm Pictures $4,0671$4,067Dec 10
546BandidoInnovation Film Group (IFG) $4,06412$4,064Dec 10
547Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with TimeRoxie Releasing $4,04815$2,200,276Jun 26
548The Flower of EvilPalm Pictures $4,04416$182,163Oct 10
549Saints and SinnersAvatar Films $3,8261$3,826Jun 18
550My Wife's Name Is Maurice
2004 Re-release
TLA Releasing $3,8031$3,803Aug 27
551The Green ButchersNewmarket Films $3,7832$3,783Dec 10
552Mga munting tinigSmall Island Films $3,7726$67,433Oct 10
553Big AnimalMilestone $3,7331$3,733Feb 20
554Still, the Children Are HereIcarus Films $3,6851$3,685Nov 5
555In My SkinWellspring Media $3,6533$30,488Nov 7
556The Burial SocietyRegent Releasing $3,6213$20,735May 28
557MoogPlexifilm $3,6041$3,604Sep 24
558Cockfight-$3,60010$3,600Feb 13
559Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in SpaceVitagraph Films $3,3861$3,386Apr 2
560AbounaLeisure Time Features $3,2901$3,290Feb 20
561Okraina-$2,7971$2,797Apr 2
562Twentynine PalmsWellspring Media $2,7493$53,861Apr 9
563The Child I Never WasStrand Releasing $2,6091$2,609Oct 8
564Conspiracy of Silence-$2,5981$2,598Dec 3
565Blue Gate CrossingStrand Releasing $2,5521$5,840Nov 21
566Risk/RewardOrganic Pictures $2,5171$2,517Feb 27
567Swing-$2,5091$2,509Jun 18
568Motocross KidsTag Entertainment $2,4625$2,462Jan 30
569FiredancerCinema Four $2,4221$2,422Jun 4
570My Flesh and BloodStrand Releasing $2,3247$39,155Nov 28
571This Old CubEmerging Pictures $2,2276$254,719Mar 26
572A Silent LoveAtopia $2,0903$12,415Oct 29
573L.A. TwisterIndican Pictures $1,9824$54,000Aug 13
574Emerald CowboyIndican Pictures $1,9706$74,486Sep 19
575SeasideFirst Run $1,9631$15,114Aug 6
576Manna from HeavenFive Sisters Productions $1,88033$505,675Aug 2
577The Road to LoveArab Film Distribution $1,7141$1,714Jun 30
578MarathonCinema Four $1,7031$1,703Apr 2
579Persons of InterestFirst Run $1,6721$1,672Sep 3
580Superstar in a HousedressAbramorama $1,6651$20,715May 5
581Rockets Redglare!-$1,6051$1,605Sep 3
2004 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $1,6043$14,133Feb 13
583What Boys Like-$1,5544$1,554Feb 27
584Free RadicalsKino International $1,4431$1,443Jul 23
585ShwaasKathi Arts $1,4161$1,416Dec 10
586Big Girls Don't CryStrand Releasing $1,2381$1,238Sep 3
587September 11Empire Pictures Inc. $1,2116$123,202Jul 18
588Freeze FrameFirst Look International $1,1001$1,100Dec 10
589Jeepers Creepers 2United Artists $9663,124$35,667,218Aug 29
590GirlhoodWellspring Media $9373$28,892Oct 29
591Producing AdultsWolfe Releasing $9351$935Dec 22
592Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
2004 Re-release
Regent Releasing $8722$13,036Sep 3
593800 Bullets
2004 Re-release
TLA Releasing $8662$866Oct 29
594The SonNew Yorker Films $6893$65,955Jan 10
595Anatomy 2
2004 Re-release
Strand Releasing $6231$623Aug 13
596Jesus, You KnowLeisure Time Features $6041$604Dec 3
597A Grin Without A CatIcarus Films $5361$43,616May 1
598TasumaArtMattan Productions $4791$479Jul 30
599Yossi & JaggerStrand Releasing $4716$265,691Sep 24
600Little Lili
2004 Re-release
First Run $01$32,256Nov 12