Norwegian Box Office For 2004

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $6,400,11931$6,400,119Jun 10
2The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King-$5,587,755-$12,460,370Dec 17
3Shrek 2United International Pictures (UIP) $5,459,596123$6,008,940Sep 17
4Along Came Polly-$4,293,557-$4,301,214Mar 5
5Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures Releasing $3,751,64045$4,080,729Jul 8
6The Day After Tomorrow20th Century Fox International $3,238,8404$3,321,419May 28
7UnoSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $3,228,91338$3,228,913Sep 10
8Olsenbanden Junior på rocker'nSony Pictures Releasing $3,215,18110$3,226,688Feb 6
9Troy-$3,142,935-$3,142,935May 21
10Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,930,71078$3,434,227Nov 19
11The IncrediblesBuena Vista International $2,481,356110$2,819,208Nov 12
12Brother Bear-$2,381,773-$2,636,235-
13The Last Samurai-$2,203,499-$2,203,499Jan 23
14Hawaii, OsloScanbox Entertainment $1,919,50038$1,984,068Sep 24
15Something's Gotta Give-$1,853,290-$1,859,861Feb 13
16King ArthurBuena Vista International $1,754,38757$1,756,112Jul 23
17Kill Bill: Vol. 2-$1,713,941-$1,751,112Apr 23
18The Passion of the Christ-$1,685,687-$1,685,687Mar 26
19Garfield20th Century Fox International $1,660,16963$1,759,640Aug 27
20Just Bea-$1,596,267-$1,600,195Jan 23
21The Bourne SupremacyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,581,91245$1,655,826Oct 1
22Fahrenheit 9/11Scanbox Entertainment $1,555,19019$1,555,190Aug 27
23The VillageBuena Vista International $1,527,81960$1,527,819Aug 27
24Ocean's TwelveSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,430,27860$2,471,273Dec 17
25Home on the RangeBuena Vista International $1,422,51664$1,466,009Sep 3
26I, Robot20th Century Fox International $1,417,89163$1,417,891Aug 6
27Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over-$1,381,142-$1,446,339Mar 12
28Cold Mountain-$1,089,442-$1,089,442Feb 27
29AlexanderSony Pictures Releasing $1,062,31745$1,235,198Dec 3
30The Polar ExpressSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $1,049,19262$1,325,666Dec 10
31CollateralUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,003,85135$1,003,851Oct 22
32This Is the Song You NeedSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $980,35940$997,075Aug 20
33Shark TaleUnited International Pictures (UIP) $947,826118$3,247,233Dec 26
34Lost in Translation-$934,999-$934,999Feb 6
35Scary Movie 3-$928,903-$985,112Jan 16
36Gråtass - Hemmeligheten på gårdenSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $915,83846$915,838Sep 24
37Van Helsing-$913,184-$1,037,122May 7
38Freaky Friday-$898,642-$1,129,209Dec 26
39National TreasureBuena Vista International $869,07064$2,367,124Dec 26
40Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed-$736,447-$736,447Mar 26
41Captain Sabertooth-$725,942-$1,255,909Dec 26
43Alien vs. Predator20th Century Fox International $687,13760$706,758Nov 12
44The Color of MilkSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $672,61440$673,036Aug 27
45Finding Nemo-$665,918-$5,439,549Nov 14
46Dirty Dancing: Havana NightsSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $594,19714$594,197Jul 16
47Cry in the Woods-$585,497-$585,497Apr 2
48Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story20th Century Fox International $584,06925$601,348Sep 24
49Girl with a Pearl EarringSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $563,1735$563,173Apr 2
50Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World-$552,304-$2,155,632Nov 28
51The TerminalUnited International Pictures (UIP) $544,94235$544,942Sep 3
52The Motorcycle DiariesSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $531,14413$533,433Oct 1
53MonsterthursdaySandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $531,03237$533,087Oct 15
5450 First Dates-$523,236-$528,249Apr 2
55Love ActuallyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $492,64419$2,493,820Nov 21
56The Chronicles of RiddickUnited International Pictures (UIP) $486,85230$491,629Aug 13
57Peter Pan-$484,714-$484,714Apr 2
58GothikaSony Pictures Releasing $463,70512$463,705-
59Hidalgo-$422,204-$422,204Apr 2
60Man on Fire20th Century Fox International $405,53550$460,344Nov 26
61Two BrothersUnited International Pictures (UIP) $400,14031$400,140Oct 29
62The Beautiful Country-$399,439-$400,181Mar 19
63Bad SantaScanbox Entertainment $388,78420$412,576Nov 12
64Miss Minoes
2004 Re-release
Arthaus $388,40318$389,200May 28
65Popular MusicSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $386,38042$416,544Oct 8
66Secret Window-$385,423-$397,034Jun 18
67Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $375,4045$375,404Aug 20
68The Stepford WivesUnited International Pictures (UIP) $364,32820$364,328Jul 30
69Stuck on You-$329,107-$553,156Dec 26
7021 Grams-$325,234-$327,430Mar 5
71House of Flying DaggersSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $308,60210$310,366Oct 29
72The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-$306,429-$309,139Feb 13
73Raw YouthOro Film A/S $306,07612$317,579Nov 19
74School of Rock-$300,003-$308,515Apr 23
75Mean GirlsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $299,57121$299,571Aug 20
76Super Size MeSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $296,3615$296,361-
77My Jealous BarberSony Pictures Releasing $270,10031$270,100Sep 3
78WimbledonUnited International Pictures (UIP) $269,40926$271,739Oct 8
79Resident Evil: ApocalypseSony Pictures Releasing $253,75515$256,916Sep 24
80The Ladykillers-$252,459-$254,441Jun 25
81Exorcist: The BeginningSony Pictures Releasing $252,06112$251,061Oct 29
82Dawn of the DeadSony Pictures Releasing $238,9428$246,784Jun 25
83Mona Lisa Smile-$234,433-$234,433Jan 30
84The Story of the Weeping Camel-$231,566-$249,724Apr 2
85The Phantom of the OperaSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $219,74625$886,703Dec 26
86Chlorox, Ammonium and CoffeeSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $215,38315$215,383Aug 6
87The Manchurian CandidateUnited International Pictures (UIP) $215,21215$223,271Nov 5
88Cheaper by the Dozen-$214,426-$214,426Mar 19
89Bad EducationSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $201,45010$201,450Aug 27
90The Princess Diaries 2: Royal EngagementBuena Vista International $200,49830$753,582Dec 26
9113 Going on 30-$198,660-$198,660Jun 25
92Runaway Jury-$192,522-$202,419Apr 16
93Paycheck-$189,600-$189,600Feb 20
94HellboySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $184,52323$184,523Jul 30
95Looney Tunes: Back in Action-$179,757-$435,663Dec 7
96The Chorus
Quebec Release
Fidalgo $176,98921$205,130Nov 5
97Before SunsetSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $167,4925$167,492Oct 22
98Finding NeverlandSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $160,23925$806,775Dec 26
99Taking Lives-$145,138-$145,138Apr 30
100The Rundown-$138,550-$154,514-
101The Haunted Mansion-$135,439-$183,204Mar 5
102Whale Rider-$134,285-$188,124Dec 26
103The Cat in the Hat-$127,462-$127,462Apr 2
104Coffee and CigarettesOro Film A/S $122,7623$123,319Jul 9
105Raising Helen-$118,0098$118,009Jul 30
106Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowScanbox Entertainment $115,10515$115,105Oct 29
107Being JuliaUnited International Pictures (UIP) $112,4335$186,692Nov 26
108CellularSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $104,33315$144,144Nov 19
109Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood OrchidSony Pictures Releasing $104,11512$104,115Oct 15
110Out of Time-$101,789-$101,789Mar 19
111One Missed CallOro Film A/S $99,1385$101,988-
112På hau i havet-$93,698-$93,698Jan 16
114Slim Susie-$90,132-$90,132Feb 27
115Seabiscuit-$83,058-$86,811Jan 9
116Miffo-$82,794-$83,029Jul 2
117Honey-$70,956-$70,956Jun 18
118Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London-$68,666-$68,666Jun 18
119American Splendor-$66,468-$74,356Jan 23
120The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
Canadian Release
-$65,579-$65,579Apr 2
121Immediate Boarding-$62,442-$65,053May 7
122Tradra - I går ble jeg tater-$60,598-$60,598Mar 12
123Open Range-$59,226-$59,226Jan 30
124The Door in the FloorSony Pictures Releasing $58,4458$62,627Nov 12
125Garden StateBuena Vista International $53,0583$76,749Dec 3
126Thirteen-$52,057-$172,109Dec 7
127In America-$50,892-$50,892Jan 30
128Sylvia-$50,842-$53,551May 14
129The Prince and Me-$49,981-$49,981Apr 30
130The Five Obstructions-$48,454-$50,956Jun 18
131Ella Enchanted-$48,374-$48,374Jul 2
132The Missing-$45,574-$45,574Feb 20
133Around the World in 80 DaysSony Pictures Releasing $45,10810$56,936Oct 8
134Look at MeArthaus $40,0997$152,681Dec 26
135Once Upon a Time in Mexico-$39,427-$472,841Nov 21
136The Station Agent-$37,616-$37,616Jan 16
137Reconstruction-$37,360-$57,213Dec 26
138Monty Python's Life of Brian
2004 Re-release
Oro Film A/S $36,4133$37,800Aug 6
139Laws of AttractionSony Pictures Releasing $36,1228$36,122Aug 20
140White ChicksSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $35,40112$89,788Dec 26
141LutherUnited International Pictures (UIP) $35,2966$46,476Oct 15
142Love Me If You Dare-$34,301-$34,301Feb 13
143Intermission-$30,888-$30,888Feb 6
144Misa miSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $30,6808$30,680Jul 23
145The Dreamers-$28,483-$28,483Feb 6
146The Living Forest
2004 Re-release
Oro Film A/S $27,99111$98,937Dec 26
147Maria Full of GraceScanbox Entertainment $27,2866$27,286Sep 10
148Melinda and Melinda20th Century Fox International $24,5694$197,077Dec 26
149Ruby & Quentin-$24,318-$26,222Jul 23
150SawScanbox Entertainment $24,0317$67,047Dec 26
151Jersey GirlSony Pictures Releasing $23,23110$23,231Aug 6
152A Swedish Love Story-$22,369-$22,369Jan 30
1538 1/2Arthaus $22,3591$22,359Aug 6
154The Triplets of Belleville-$21,554-$21,554Jan 30
155The Threat-$21,532-$21,532Mar 12
156BirthSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $21,5164$36,962Dec 10
157The ReturnArthaus $21,4735$27,656Sep 24
158The Butterfly Effect-$20,902-$23,234May 7
159Underworld-$20,133-$175,557Dec 7
160Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
2004 Re-release
-$19,7503$159,130Dec 26
161Elephant-$18,582-$72,964Dec 12
162The Matrix Revolutions-$17,386-$2,515,112Nov 7
163Mystic River-$15,845-$300,442Oct 31
164Himmelen RevnerFidalgo $15,7515$15,751Aug 27
165Monsieur IbrahimArthaus $15,6885$44,566Dec 26
166CatwomanSandrew Metronome Distribution Sverige AB $15,1265$15,126Oct 15
167The CrossingSony Pictures Releasing $14,50424$14,504Oct 22
168Tory Island après la prophétieOro Film A/S $13,68213$13,682Oct 22
169The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-$13,493-$18,063-
170Young Adam-$13,229-$13,229Mar 19
171Since Otar LeftArthaus $11,9577$11,957Aug 27
172Godsend-$11,588-$11,588Jul 9
173Daybreak-$11,212-$11,212Mar 26
174To Be and to Have-$9,450-$17,213Mar 5
175The Mother-$9,342-$10,858Mar 5
176De-Lovely20th Century Fox International $9,3298$31,423Oct 15
177Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress-$8,951-$17,901Mar 12
178Roger Dodger-$8,639-$8,639Feb 20
179Walking Tall20th Century Fox International $7,5313$15,657Oct 8
180Solino-$7,212-$17,673Dec 26
181The Boys & Girl from County ClareOro Film A/S $7,1257$8,997Sep 17
182Dirty Pretty Things-$6,567-$77,598Nov 21
183Donnie Darko
2004 Director's Cut
-$5,765-$6,189Jul 9
184Beyond Borders-$4,144-$17,240Jun 11
185Kill Bill: Vol. 1-$-18,356-$1,243,582Oct 24
186Mother's Elling-$-86,567-$3,315,075Oct 10
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