Domestic Box Office For 2003

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Finding NemoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $334,065,7923,425$339,714,978May 30
2Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $300,786,4753,416$305,413,918Jul 9
3The Matrix ReloadedWarner Bros. $281,576,4613,603$281,576,461May 15
4The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingNew Line Cinema $249,445,9273,703$377,027,325Dec 17
5Bruce AlmightyUniversal Pictures $243,113,0903,549$242,829,261May 23
6X2: X-Men UnitedTwentieth Century Fox $214,946,0703,749$214,946,072May 2
7Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesWarner Bros. $150,368,2963,504$150,358,296Jul 2
8Bad Boys IISony Pictures Releasing $138,397,6863,202$138,608,444Jul 18
9The Matrix RevolutionsWarner Bros. $138,041,1733,502$139,313,948Nov 5
10Anger ManagementRevolution Studios $135,493,3523,656$135,645,823Apr 11
11HulkUniversal Pictures $132,135,8703,674$132,177,234Jun 20
12Bringing Down the HouseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $127,921,3012,910$132,716,677Mar 7
132 Fast 2 FuriousUniversal Pictures $127,145,6543,418$127,145,654Jun 6
14The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersNew Line Cinema $121,189,2763,622$339,785,181Dec 18
15SeabiscuitUniversal Pictures $120,387,1632,573$120,277,854Jul 25
16S.W.A.T.Sony Pictures Releasing $116,616,5673,220$116,934,650Aug 8
17Freaky FridayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $107,909,6593,067$110,230,332Aug 6
18The Italian JobParamount Pictures $106,114,0922,877$106,128,601May 30
19How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysParamount Pictures $105,811,4842,923$105,811,484Feb 7
20American WeddingUniversal Pictures $104,565,1143,175$104,565,114Aug 1
21Daddy Day CareRevolution Studios $102,828,9113,472$104,297,061May 9
22DaredevilTwentieth Century Fox $102,526,3293,474$102,526,374Feb 14
23Catch Me If You CanDreamWorks Distribution $101,943,4803,225$164,529,436Dec 25
24Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleSony Pictures Releasing $100,666,7593,485$100,830,111Jun 27
25The Cat in the HatUniversal Pictures $98,050,9953,467$101,149,285Nov 21
26Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & BlondeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $90,186,3283,375$90,186,328Jul 2
27Brother BearWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $82,580,2653,030$84,063,654Oct 24
28Master and Commander: The Far Side of the WorldTwentieth Century Fox $81,531,7483,101$93,921,256Nov 14
29School of RockParamount Pictures $79,870,6002,951$81,261,177Oct 3
30The Last SamuraiWarner Bros. $79,722,5062,938$111,127,263Dec 5
31Old SchoolDreamWorks Distribution $74,792,4752,742$75,585,093Feb 21
32HolesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $67,406,5732,452$67,406,573Apr 18
33Kangaroo JackWarner Bros. $67,134,9342,848$66,934,963Jan 17
34The Haunted MansionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $67,016,2883,122$72,529,828Nov 26
35The League of Extraordinary GentlemenTwentieth Century Fox $66,458,4143,002$66,465,204Jul 11
36Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of LifeParamount Pictures $65,660,1963,222$65,660,196Jul 25
37Something's Gotta GiveSony Pictures Releasing $65,230,7652,876$124,728,738Dec 12
38Shanghai KnightsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $58,697,4302,755$58,697,430Feb 7
39GothikaWarner Bros. $57,711,9482,382$59,694,580Nov 21
40Open RangeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $57,133,2732,268$58,331,254Aug 15
41Love, ActuallyUniversal Pictures $56,446,2401,714$59,696,144Nov 7
42Once Upon a Time in MexicoSony Pictures Releasing $56,276,4813,289$56,359,780Sep 12
43Just MarriedTwentieth Century Fox $56,103,6652,769$56,103,065Jan 10
44Cheaper by the DozenTwentieth Century Fox $55,618,7443,307$138,608,443Dec 25
45Mystic RiverWarner Bros. $53,765,6051,581$90,135,191Oct 8
46UnderworldScreen Gems $52,010,4642,928$51,970,690Sep 19
47The RecruitWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $51,751,4262,376$51,751,426Jan 31
48IdentitySony Pictures Releasing $51,372,3672,733$52,159,536Apr 25
49RadioRevolution Studios $51,182,6503,074$52,277,485Oct 24
50Runaway JuryTwentieth Century Fox $48,931,9052,815$49,410,394Oct 17
51Agent Cody BanksMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $47,938,3303,369$47,938,330Mar 14
52The RundownUniversal Pictures $47,746,3423,154$47,726,342Sep 26
53Phone BoothTwentieth Century Fox $46,491,7832,489$46,491,783Apr 4
54The Jungle Book 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $46,373,9442,815$46,373,944Feb 14
5528 Days Later...Fox Searchlight Pictures $45,050,8051,407$45,050,805Jun 27
56Tears of the SunRevolution Studios $43,352,1542,973$43,734,876Mar 7
57Two Weeks NoticeWarner Bros. $43,150,1492,755$93,354,851Dec 20
58The Lizzie McGuire MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $42,734,4552,825$42,734,455May 2
59Under the Tuscan SunWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $41,640,7181,701$43,610,723Sep 26
60The HoursParamount Pictures $41,169,2191,010$41,675,994Dec 27
61Out of TimeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $40,927,5553,076$41,088,845Oct 3
62Rugrats Go WildParamount Pictures $39,402,3023,041$39,402,572Jun 13
63Mona Lisa SmileRevolution Studios $38,594,1452,714$63,860,942Dec 19
64Head of StateDreamWorks Distribution $37,981,4042,256$37,981,404Mar 28
65Good BoyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $37,575,2333,225$37,667,746Oct 10
66Uptown GirlsMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $37,182,4942,495$37,182,494Aug 15
67Jeepers Creepers 2United Artists $36,169,4933,124$35,667,218Aug 29
68What a Girl WantsWarner Bros. $36,017,0142,964$36,017,014Apr 4
69National SecuritySony Pictures Releasing $35,902,6842,729$36,381,186Jan 17
70Matchstick MenWarner Bros. $35,804,9692,711$36,906,460Sep 12
71Intolerable CrueltyUniversal Pictures $35,119,1252,570$35,327,628Oct 10
72Cradle 2 the GraveWarner Bros. $34,712,3472,625$34,712,347Feb 28
73Malibu's Most WantedWarner Bros. $34,432,2012,503$34,432,201Apr 18
74The HuntedParamount Pictures $34,244,0972,517$34,244,097Mar 14
75DreamcatcherWarner Bros. $33,715,4362,945$33,715,436Mar 21
76Bend It Like BeckhamFox Searchlight Pictures $32,536,4041,002$32,536,584Mar 12
77Darkness FallsRevolution Studios $32,377,5832,865$32,551,396Jan 24
78Maid in ManhattanRevolution Studios $31,550,7593,050$94,011,225Dec 13
79The CoreParamount Pictures $31,188,8663,019$31,186,896Mar 28
80Hollywood HomicideRevolution Studios $30,788,4672,840$30,940,691Jun 13
81The Fighting TemptationsParamount Pictures $30,250,7452,026$30,250,745Sep 19
82Johnny EnglishUniversal Pictures $28,082,3662,236$28,082,366Jul 18
83HoneyUniversal Pictures $27,368,2001,972$30,308,417Dec 5
84Stuck on YouTwentieth Century Fox $26,763,6563,007$33,820,103Dec 12
85BasicSony Pictures Releasing $26,728,7242,876$26,793,311Mar 28
86Sinbad: Legend of the Seven SeasDreamWorks Distribution $26,483,4523,086$26,483,452Jul 2
87The MissingRevolution Studios $25,727,6432,756$27,011,180Nov 26
88PaycheckParamount Pictures $25,022,0772,762$53,790,451Dec 25
89Bulletproof MonkMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $23,358,7082,955$23,358,708Apr 16
90Dickie Roberts: Former Child StarParamount Pictures $22,738,6712,083$22,738,671Sep 5
91Peter PanUniversal Pictures $22,111,4652,813$48,462,608Dec 25
92The MedallionTriStar Pictures $22,073,2642,652$22,219,192Aug 22
93Biker BoyzDreamWorks Distribution $21,980,6891,769$22,076,772Jan 31
94Piglet's Big MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,445,7532,084$21,445,753Mar 21
95Whale RiderNewmarket Films $20,763,441556$20,772,796Jun 6
96Cold Creek ManorWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $20,545,1772,035$21,386,011Sep 19
97The In-LawsWarner Bros. $20,453,4312,652$20,453,431May 23
98Looney Tunes: Back in ActionWarner Bros. $20,382,7572,903$20,960,862Nov 14
99Down with LoveTwentieth Century Fox $20,221,7652,123$20,221,765May 9
100The Life of David GaleUniversal Pictures $19,948,9232,003$19,955,598Feb 21
101TimelineParamount Pictures $19,068,0972,787$19,481,943Nov 26
102Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsWarner Bros. $17,886,3423,682$261,988,482Nov 15
103A Mighty WindWarner Bros. $17,781,006770$17,781,006Apr 16
104The Wild Thornberrys MovieParamount Pictures $17,696,9573,012$40,108,697Dec 20
105Love Don't Cost a ThingWarner Bros. $17,602,6761,844$21,924,226Dec 12
106Adaptation.Sony Pictures Releasing $17,580,584672$22,306,095Dec 6
107Antwone FisherFox Searchlight Pictures $17,394,8901,021$21,066,297Dec 19
108Space Station 3DIMAX $16,444,47564$93,379,882Apr 19
109A Guy ThingMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $15,545,4312,520$15,545,431Jan 17
110DrumlineTwentieth Century Fox $15,528,5701,837$56,393,028Dec 13
111Ghosts of the AbyssWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $15,265,71797$17,040,871Apr 11
112Wrong TurnTwentieth Century Fox $14,372,0461,615$14,372,046May 30
113Alex & EmmaWarner Bros. $14,218,6982,310$14,218,698Jun 20
114Gods and GeneralsWarner Bros. $12,875,4841,533$12,882,934Feb 21
115Die Another DayMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $12,176,5803,377$160,942,139Nov 22
11625th HourWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $12,124,673495$12,673,235Dec 19
117NarcParamount Pictures $10,256,880822$10,465,659Dec 20
118The Hot ChickWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $9,726,1662,246$35,081,594Dec 13
119Dark BlueUnited Artists $9,250,3012,176$9,250,301Feb 21
120The DivorceFox Searchlight Pictures $9,062,159701$9,062,159Aug 8
121Seducing Doctor LewisOdeon $8,027,52680$9,354,342Jul 11
122Star Trek: NemesisParamount Pictures $7,760,0302,711$43,254,409Dec 13
123Tupac: ResurrectionParamount Pictures $7,718,961804$7,718,961Nov 14
124The OrderTwentieth Century Fox $7,647,0291,975$7,647,029Sep 5
125It Runs in the FamilyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $7,491,8391,207$7,491,839Apr 25
126Chasing PapiTwentieth Century Fox $6,113,760585$6,113,760Apr 16
127GigliRevolution Studios $6,048,8462,215$6,048,846Aug 1
128Bowling for ColumbineUnited Artists $5,901,888248$21,275,772Oct 11
129Far from HeavenFocus Features $5,853,444291$15,901,849Nov 8
130FridaMiramax $5,579,078794$25,885,000Oct 25
131Rabbit-Proof FenceMiramax $5,213,959153$6,199,600Nov 27
132GrindWarner Bros. $5,123,6962,253$5,123,696Aug 15
133The Lion King
2002 IMAX Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,983,88166$9,730,098Dec 27
134Big FishSony Pictures Releasing $4,965,5332,514$66,809,693Dec 10
135From Justin to KellyTwentieth Century Fox $4,896,2802,001$4,896,280Jun 20
136ChicagoMiramax $4,786,2022,701$169,508,422Dec 27
137In the CutScreen Gems $4,601,437825$4,750,602Oct 22
138ThirteenFox Searchlight Pictures $4,592,413243$4,592,413Aug 20
139Cold MountainMiramax $4,505,5142,802$95,375,797Dec 25
140Beyond BordersParamount Pictures $4,430,1011,798$4,430,101Oct 24
141Kill Bill: Vol. 1Miramax $4,306,1783,102$69,911,357Oct 10
142Spirited AwayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,156,042714$9,982,132Sep 20
143Better Luck TomorrowParamount Pictures $3,802,395387$3,802,390Apr 11
144In AmericaFox Searchlight Pictures $3,681,206403$15,518,515Nov 26
145The Good ThiefFox Searchlight Pictures $3,494,009222$3,494,009Apr 2
146Analyze ThatWarner Bros. $3,390,9202,635$32,130,627Dec 6
147Anything ElseDreamWorks Distribution $3,212,3101,033$3,212,310Sep 19
148Capturing the FriedmansMagnolia Pictures $3,119,11378$3,119,113May 30
149The GuruUniversal Pictures $3,095,50698$3,095,506Jan 31
150Mambo Italiano-$3,047,296100$3,047,296Jun 6
151House of Sand and FogDreamWorks Distribution $2,945,925598$13,040,288Dec 19
152House of the DeadArtisan Entertainment $2,910,9511,540$10,249,719Oct 10
153Atanarjuat: The Fast RunnerLot 47 Films $2,846,95057$3,770,619Apr 12
154Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2003 Re-release
IMAX $2,830,88046$3,045,032Oct 31
155L'auberge espagnole
2003 Re-release
Fox Searchlight Pictures $2,826,604100$2,826,597May 16
156Man on the TrainParamount Classics $2,541,37185$2,542,020May 9
157Pieces of AprilUnited Artists $2,370,451101$2,528,664Oct 17
158The Dancer UpstairsFox Searchlight Pictures $2,366,864152$2,366,864May 2
159The RingDreamWorks Distribution $2,274,1662,927$129,128,133Oct 18
160Treasure PlanetWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,248,5273,227$36,015,544Nov 27
161Freddy vs. JasonNew Line Cinema $2,231,7873,014$82,622,655Aug 15
162EmpireUniversal Pictures $2,187,358869$17,600,423Dec 6
163Haunted Castle-$2,146,55710$13,644,921Feb 23
164Sur le seuilOdeon $2,014,07161$2,014,071Oct 3
2003 Director's Cut
Twentieth Century Fox $1,978,116347$1,978,116Oct 29
166Kal Ho Naa Ho-$1,914,51952$1,991,922Nov 26
1678 MileUniversal Pictures $1,906,9552,585$116,732,820Nov 8
168The Santa Clause 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,825,7783,352$138,394,397Nov 1
169Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure-$1,778,64526$15,553,324Feb 10
170Spy Kids 3-D: Game OverDimension Films $1,757,8173,388$111,761,982Jul 25
171Gangs of New YorkMiramax $1,745,7122,340$77,765,000Dec 20
172Lost in TranslationFocus Features $1,745,053882$42,072,415Sep 12
173Marci XParamount Pictures $1,648,8181,200$1,648,818Aug 22
174The Station AgentMiramax $1,545,533198$5,739,376Oct 3
175About SchmidtNew Line Cinema $1,537,2931,240$65,016,287Dec 13
176Red NoseChristal Films $1,531,51090$2,004,814Nov 28
177Nicholas NicklebyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $1,521,575100$1,587,173Dec 27
178Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met LloydNew Line Cinema $1,501,3682,609$26,276,465Jun 13
179American SplendorFine Line Features $1,501,260272$5,918,942Aug 15
180The Crime of Padre AmaroIDP Distribution $1,454,290137$5,717,044Nov 15
181NorthforkParamount Classics $1,419,97871$1,420,578Jul 11
182Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with TimeRoxie Releasing $1,367,99415$2,200,276Jun 26
183The Young Black StallionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,365,52451$6,751,389Dec 25
184Veronica GuerinWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,354,476472$1,571,504Oct 17
18521 GramsFocus Features $1,296,720411$16,290,476Nov 21
186The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
2003 Re-release
New Line Cinema $1,269,232126$1,996,877Dec 12
187Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon-$1,232,22860$1,232,228Jun 27
188I Capture the CastleIDP Distribution $1,179,03542$1,179,035Jul 11
189Bubba Ho-TepVitagraph Films $1,174,52725$1,209,318Sep 19
190Together with YouUnited Artists $1,151,94147$1,151,941May 30
191The Book of Mormon Movie, Volume 1: The Journey-$1,124,50238$1,137,945Sep 12
192Cirque du Soleil: Journey of ManSony Pictures Classics $1,119,35922$15,619,088May 5
193Calendar GirlsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,065,244967$30,162,217Dec 19
194My Boss's DaughterDimension Films $1,022,0782,206$15,550,605Aug 22
195Assassination TangoUnited Artists $1,013,27245$1,013,272Mar 28
196The R.M.-$960,82130$1,001,490Jan 31
197Gaz Bar BluesOdeon $884,66423$884,664Sep 5
198The Triplets of BellevilleSony Pictures Classics $839,007463$3,613,232Nov 26
199Chalte ChalteEros International $836,22561$836,225Jun 13
200Final Destination 2New Line Cinema $818,1762,834$46,961,214Jan 31
201The Texas Chainsaw MassacreNew Line Cinema $807,3623,018$80,545,932Oct 17
202Owning MahownySony Pictures Classics $797,75324$1,007,924May 2
203The Barbarian InvasionsAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $758,791134$5,109,226May 9
204And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen...Paramount Classics $736,81248$736,872Aug 1
205Party MonsterStrand Releasing $729,80913$742,898Aug 29
206BarbershopMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $707,1552,176$75,782,105Sep 13
207Koi... Mil Gaya-$671,37255$671,372Aug 8
208The Bread, My SweetPanorama Entertainment $649,0918$1,023,156Jan 18
209Father and SonsOdeon $634,96849$634,968Sep 19
210EvelynMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $628,126137$1,377,031Dec 13
211ElephantFine Line Features $604,72838$1,266,955Oct 24
212Secondhand LionsNew Line Cinema $580,1873,038$42,070,939Sep 19
213The Sun Behind the MoonAvatar Films $579,27729$1,418,126Dec 14
214The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2003 Extended Edition
New Line Cinema $564,495126$1,412,056Dec 5
215City of GodMiramax $530,729242$4,801,153Jan 17
216Kurosawa & Mifune FestivalCowboy Pictures $523,4775$561,192Jul 26
217Time ChangerFive & Two Pictures $521,496169$1,285,167Oct 25
218To Be and to HaveNew Yorker Films $511,71714$533,628Sep 19
219Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
2002 IMAX Release
Twentieth Century Fox $506,26358$8,485,488Nov 1
220DuplexMiramax $502,9922,191$9,692,135Sep 26
221China: The Panda AdventureIMAX $500,98221$3,918,213Jun 9
222Taxi 3Christal Films $497,20837$497,208May 30
223Thrill Ride: The Science of FunSony Pictures Classics $496,87481$18,798,590Jul 11
224My Big Fat Greek WeddingIFC Films $483,8022,016$240,742,368Apr 19
225Encounter in the Third Dimension-$482,24216$7,195,792Feb 26
226BlizzardAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $476,909136$504,600Dec 12
227Scary Movie 3Dimension Films $462,1633,505$110,003,217Oct 24
228FoolproofOdeon $458,990189$458,990Oct 3
229The Emperor's ClubUniversal Pictures $445,511811$14,118,751Nov 22
230Blue CarMiramax $439,26828$439,268May 2
231The Holy Land-$434,39917$595,087Jul 11
232Ghost ShipWarner Bros. $427,0692,787$30,089,931Oct 25
233The Hard WordLionsgate $426,88038$426,880Jun 13
234The Quiet AmericanMiramax $413,388396$12,930,808Nov 22
235Shanghai GhettoMenemsha Films $412,32413$709,718Sep 27
236The Cremaster CyclePalm Pictures $411,1267$514,272Apr 25
237Jonah: A VeggieTales MovieArtisan Entertainment $407,5981,625$25,581,229Oct 4
238Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part HarmonyArtisan Entertainment $405,33116$405,331Feb 19
239Deliver Us from EvaFocus Features $403,7831,139$17,547,403Feb 7
240Dirty Pretty ThingsMiramax $402,023493$8,112,414Jul 18
241Blind Spot. Hitler's SecretarySony Pictures Classics $378,38212$378,382Jan 24
242Tibet: Cry of the Snow LionArtistic License $367,52415$491,316Sep 19
243City of GhostsUnited Artists $357,19720$357,197Apr 25
244Buffalo SoldiersMiramax $354,42124$354,421Jul 25
245Dil Ka RishtaTips $352,12818$352,128Jan 17
246Laurel CanyonSony Pictures Classics $326,539121$723,451Mar 7
247The Singing DetectiveParamount Classics $326,17146$336,456Oct 24
248SpiderSony Pictures Classics $322,57854$1,441,409Dec 20
249Die, Mommie, Die!Sundance Film Series $320,09217$320,092Oct 31
250Sweet SixteenLionsgate $316,31921$316,319May 16
251The TripTLA Releasing $306,5679$306,567May 9
252KhushiEros International $305,20530$305,205Feb 7
253I SpySony Pictures Releasing $302,7193,182$33,561,137Nov 1
254A Man ApartNew Line Cinema $301,4042,495$26,736,098Apr 4
255ArmaanEros International $301,01050$301,010May 16
256Alien Adventure-$295,62010$8,959,784Aug 20
257The CoolerLionsgate $293,317408$8,291,572Nov 26
258The Hero: Love Story of a SpyVideo Sound $285,39423$285,394Apr 11
259The Battle of Shaker HeightsMiramax $281,84513$275,239Aug 22
2002 Re-release
Lionsgate $271,33631$307,333Dec 13
261Lucía, LucíaFox Searchlight Pictures $269,58653$269,586Jul 25
262Santa vs. the Snowman 3DIMAX $263,51225$1,934,053Nov 1
263The PianistFocus Features $262,494842$11,227,773Dec 25
264L'auberge espagnole-$260,00223$1,067,438Mar 21
265The StatementSony Pictures Classics $257,69551$765,637Dec 12
266Jet LagChristal Films $250,00040$250,000Feb 21
267The Girl Next DoorIndican Pictures $246,5815$760,422Apr 14
268Annie Brocoli dans les fonds marins-$242,24055$374,360Dec 19
269Stone Reader-$237,9447$260,523Feb 12
270CharlyExcel Entertainment $237,21336$814,666Sep 27
271Girl with a Pearl EarringLionsgate $233,868402$7,474,441Dec 12
272In Praise of Love-$230,12311$251,358Sep 6
273The Magdalene Sisters
2003 Re-release
Miramax $229,428295$4,583,889Aug 1
274KaanteMedia Partners $227,73429$1,041,228Dec 20
275Kuch Naa KahoEros International $224,83132$224,831Sep 5
276SecretaryLionsgate $223,341149$4,059,680Sep 20
277StealAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $220,944125$220,944Apr 25
278GalapagosIMAX $209,66114$18,629,106Oct 29
279The Barbarian Invasions
2003 Re-release
Miramax $202,832139$3,435,749Nov 21
280Love LizaSony Pictures Classics $192,19710$213,137Dec 30
281Alexandra's ProjectAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $191,87429$752,148Dec 19
282Sweet Home AlabamaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $189,8823,313$125,753,554Sep 27
283Yossi & JaggerStrand Releasing $189,7626$265,691Sep 24
284Lilya 4-EverNewmarket Films $184,0237$184,023Apr 18
285Half Past DeadSony Pictures Releasing $182,3812,113$15,543,918Nov 15
286Taking SidesNew Yorker Films $175,3909$182,411Sep 5
287Amen.Kino International $173,1329$255,211Jan 24
288Jackass: The MovieParamount Pictures $166,9242,532$64,255,312Oct 25
289Step Into LiquidArtisan Entertainment $165,44091$3,681,803Aug 8
290Red BetsyLang Films $164,52022$164,520Sep 19
291The Safety of ObjectsIFC Films $163,99643$313,917Mar 7
292Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)Cowboy Pictures $160,6215$160,621May 23
293MonsterNewmarket Films $158,6401,093$34,445,894Dec 24
294Billabong Odyssey-$156,00027$156,000Nov 7
295The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedVitagraph Films $153,8598$153,859Oct 24
296Mondays in the SunLionsgate $153,25620$153,256Jul 25
297The Secret Lives of Dentists-$152,745181$3,707,346Aug 1
298Swimming PoolFocus Features $152,411259$10,130,108Jul 2
299The Way HomeParamount Classics $149,30820$445,367Nov 15
300Bon voyage-$148,72716$148,727Oct 17
301Washington HeightsMAC Releasing $146,90027$160,291May 9
302The Trials of Henry KissingerFirst Run $146,7118$516,726Sep 25
303Pride and PrejudiceExcel Entertainment $144,58420$371,127Dec 5
304The Piano PlayerMenemsha Films $142,83016$565,292Jun 20
305Super Sucker-$137,628115$137,628Jan 24
306Open HeartsNewmarket Films $136,17013$136,170Feb 21
307ExtremeIMAX $133,46421$12,475,172Apr 2
308LOC: KargilEros International $132,97558$621,103Dec 25
309Darna Mana HaiEros International $132,34826$132,348Jul 25
310The Girl from ParisFilms Philos $128,7875$182,129Mar 21
311The CompanySony Pictures Classics $128,27055$2,283,914Dec 25
312Personal VelocityMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $128,19743$769,679Nov 22
313Friends and FamilyRegent Releasing $127,2124$127,212May 16
314Green Card Fever-$125,59618$125,596Aug 22
315Pandora's Box-$125,35142$880,962Aug 9
316The Human StainMiramax $124,922388$5,381,908Oct 31
317Saathiya-$124,03429$317,564Dec 20
318Till Human Voices Wake UsParamount Classics $120,60117$120,601Feb 21
319The TuxedoDreamWorks Distribution $117,3113,022$50,547,998Sep 27
320Marooned in IraqWellspring Media $116,3086$137,395Apr 25
321The Other Side of the Bed
2003 Re-release
Sundance Film Series $113,54310$113,543Aug 29
322Shattered GlassLionsgate $112,118215$2,220,008Oct 31
323IrréversibleLionsgate $111,62535$781,593Mar 7
324Quai des OrfèvresRialto Pictures $111,1352$150,737Oct 25
325Raising Victor VargasIDP Distribution $107,99969$2,078,661Mar 28
326BhootSpark Media $106,77419$106,774May 30
327Fellini: I'm a Born LiarFirst Look International $106,6865$106,686Apr 2
328Winged Migration
2003 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $106,485202$10,764,402Apr 18
329Charlotte Sometimes-$104,5815$150,445May 2
330Seven Samurai
2002 Re-release
Cowboy Pictures $103,8834$271,186Aug 30
331Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost DreamsDimension Films $103,2513,307$85,846,429Aug 7
332Stuart Little 2Sony Pictures Releasing $102,0973,282$64,956,806Jul 19
333DumEros International $101,00018$101,000Jan 24
334T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $98,94038$53,354,743Oct 23
335His Secret LifeStrand Releasing $98,4824$212,972Sep 20
336WonderlandLionsgate $98,276195$981,999Oct 3
337AraratMiramax $96,49642$1,555,959Nov 15
338Confessions of a Dangerous MindMiramax $93,2411,776$15,950,249Dec 31
339Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our TimesFirst Run $89,8304$290,767Nov 22
340Where's the Party Yaar?Music Masala Films $85,73911$85,739Sep 5
2003 Re-release
Focus Features $83,54912$739,905Sep 19
342Auto FocusSony Pictures Classics $79,695461$2,063,196Oct 18
343Tarkovsky At 70
Film Festival
Kino International $78,0742$174,713Sep 13
344The Princess BladeADV Films $77,5677$77,567Aug 8
345Alias BettyWellspring Media $77,1628$199,555Sep 13
346How the West Was Won
2003 Re-release
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $76,7291$76,729Sep 12
347Igby Goes DownMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $76,682156$4,777,465Sep 13
348ReturnerIDP Distribution $73,06013$73,060Oct 17
349xXxRevolution Studios $72,9273,536$142,109,382Aug 9
350The Man from Elysian FieldsIDP Distribution $72,49450$1,435,016Sep 27
351People I KnowMiramax $72,1858$72,225Apr 23
352The Legend of Johnny LingoInnovation Film Group (IFG) $72,03863$1,234,167Aug 29
353Roger DodgerArtisan Entertainment $71,14861$1,266,828Oct 25
354Todo el poder-$70,92017$70,920Feb 28
355Modern Times
2003 Re-release
Kino International $70,8507$161,436Dec 26
356The Fassbinder Series
Film Festival
Wellspring Media $70,2797$162,885Feb 14
357Brown SugarFox Searchlight Pictures $70,0221,378$27,343,305Oct 11
2002 Re-release
New Yorker Films $67,5675$181,587Jan 29
359SignsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $66,8503,453$227,647,707Aug 2
360Extreme OpsParamount Pictures $66,5351,800$4,842,259Nov 27
361Pinjar-$66,29022$66,290Oct 24
362New Suit-$65,3487$70,213May 2
363SylviaFocus Features $63,856109$1,002,851Oct 17
364On_LineIndican Pictures $63,6127$167,102Jun 27
365The Man Without a PastSony Pictures Classics $62,62531$62,604Apr 4
366O Fantasma-$61,0391$126,783Nov 22
367FidelFirst Run $59,1342$119,483Oct 18
2002 Re-release
Kino International $58,2118$649,352Jul 12
369House of FoolsParamount Classics $57,8628$57,862Apr 25
370The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamaraSony Pictures Classics $56,983261$4,198,566Dec 19
371Prey for Rock & RollMAC Releasing $56,8325$56,832Sep 26
372Kart RacerAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $56,14686$56,146Sep 25
373Dorm Daze120 Degree Films $56,12734$56,127Sep 24
374The Hebrew HammerStrand Releasing $55,9108$82,157Dec 19
375Séraphin: un homme et son péchéAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $55,030123$6,724,265Nov 29
376Beauty and the Beast
2002 Re-release
Cowboy Pictures $53,4133$138,158Jun 21
377Boys Life 4: Four PlayStrand Releasing $53,1693$53,169Aug 1
378Mga munting tinigSmall Island Films $53,0786$67,433Oct 10
379Herod's Law-$52,00016$52,000Jun 13
380SpunNewmarket Films $51,05724$51,057Mar 14
381The BankThe Cinema Guild $50,8175$86,639Aug 28
382Casa de los babysIFC Films $50,70471$466,960Sep 19
383I Vitelloni
2003 Re-release
Kino International $50,5943$109,993Nov 14
384Across the Sea of TimeSony Pictures Classics $50,5922$16,015,639Oct 20
385SolarisTwentieth Century Fox $49,6482,406$14,887,875Nov 27
386Zus & Zo-$49,4684$49,468Feb 7
387Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.Eros International $48,77217$48,772Dec 19
388Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2001 Re-release
Rainbow Releasing $45,27526$1,821,082Jun 15
389Love the Hard WayKino International $44,3916$44,391Jun 6
390LevitySony Pictures Classics $43,81217$91,613Apr 4
391Tycoon: A New RussianNew Yorker Films $42,7283$123,159Jun 13
392The KomediantNew Yorker Films $42,5352$119,085Apr 5
393A HousekeeperPalm Pictures $42,00324$467,288Jul 11
394On GuardEmpire Pictures Inc. $41,6894$97,552Oct 18
395A Family Affair-$41,0333$47,393Feb 21
396Manna from HeavenFive Sisters Productions $41,00633$505,675Aug 2
397DummyArtisan Entertainment $40,8015$71,646Sep 12
398The SonNew Yorker Films $39,0273$65,955Jan 10
399Eight Crazy NightsSony Pictures Releasing $38,7442,503$23,443,124Nov 27
2003 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $37,96218$37,962Sep 26
401Sordid LivesRegent Releasing $37,7498$1,006,348May 11
402Cabin FeverLionsgate $37,6892,105$21,113,424Sep 12
403Millennium Actress-$37,6416$37,641Sep 12
404This Thing of Ours-$37,2277$37,227Jul 18
405Painted FireKino International $36,9145$64,029Feb 14
406Out of Control-$36,48612$36,486Nov 21
407From Here to EternitySony Pictures Repertory $36,4165$36,416Dec 5
408Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from MarsCowboy Pictures $36,3865$161,635Jul 10
409My Flesh and BloodStrand Releasing $35,8387$39,155Nov 28
410The EventTHINKFilm $35,55418$35,554Oct 3
411Cet amour-làNew Yorker Films $34,5822$72,665Apr 2
412A Woman Is a WomanRialto Pictures $34,2872$87,271May 16
413Au Hasard BalthazarRialto Pictures $33,9201$33,920Oct 17
414Nowhere in AfricaZeitgeist Films $32,83878$6,178,545Mar 7
415FanfanChristal Films $32,68619$32,686Aug 8
416Garage DaysFox Searchlight Pictures $32,50023$32,500Jul 18
417StevieLionsgate $30,72313$30,378Mar 28
418Gang of Roses-$30,4974$30,497Oct 10
419IkiruCowboy Pictures $29,8212$60,239Dec 27
420HotelInnovation Film Group (IFG) $29,8132$29,813Jul 25
421The Visual Bible: The Gospel of JohnTHINKFilm $29,410113$4,069,090Sep 26
422TeknolustTHINKFilm $28,8113$28,811Aug 22
423Civil BrandLionsgate $28,79335$247,856Aug 29
424All or NothingUnited Artists $28,50216$201,546Oct 25
42530 Years to LifeInnovation Film Group (IFG) $28,2346$41,618Jun 7
426What Alice FoundCastle Hill Productions $28,1903$48,132Dec 5
427HybridIndican Pictures $28,1692$159,483May 10
428Handcart-$27,98014$93,379Oct 11
429SnowboarderChristal Films $27,73229$27,732Oct 24
430Mostly MarthaParamount Classics $27,243143$4,160,475Aug 16
431In My SkinWellspring Media $26,8353$30,488Nov 7
43218 ans après-$25,61134$25,611May 2
433WillardNew Line Cinema $25,5231,762$6,886,089Mar 14
434XX/XYIFC Films $25,20014$103,099Apr 11
435Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera BalletFirst Run $25,1361$44,744Nov 8
436DerridaZeitgeist Films $25,0406$137,117Oct 23
437PromisesCowboy Pictures $24,6065$247,589Mar 15
438Secret Lives: Hidden Children and Their Rescuers During WWIIThe Cinema Guild $23,5073$41,745May 16
439Fulltime KillerPalm Pictures $23,1245$23,124Mar 21
440No News from GodFirst Look International $21,8245$77,551Aug 22
441The GuysFocus Features $21,36615$21,366Apr 4
442Stoked: The Rise and Fall of GatorPalm Pictures $20,54413$150,268Aug 22
443The EmbalmerFirst Run $20,0362$56,878Jul 18
444I Am Trying to Break Your HeartCowboy Pictures $19,82813$445,249Jul 26
445The Journey-$19,8001$19,800Jul 11
446Everybody Says I'm Fine!Panorama Entertainment $18,5963$26,576May 16
447The EyePalm Pictures $17,67323$512,049Jun 6
448SpellboundTHINKFilm $17,508117$5,728,581Apr 30
449Fat GirlCowboy Pictures $17,48517$698,568Oct 12
450How I Killed My FatherNew Yorker Films $17,0995$144,682Aug 23
451Hidden in Plain SightSeventh Art Releasing $16,8033$16,803Nov 7
452The TransporterTwentieth Century Fox $16,4622,610$25,288,972Oct 11
453Onmyoji: The Yin Yang MasterPioneer $16,2343$16,234Apr 25
454Bloody SundayParamount Classics $16,10754$773,228Oct 4
455WattstaxSony Pictures Repertory $16,00012$16,000Jun 6
4567th Street-$15,6291$15,629Jan 17
457The Good Old Naughty DaysStrand Releasing $15,5202$57,241Mar 28
458Confusion of Genders
2003 Re-release
-$15,1413$49,237Jul 9
459Martin & Orloff-$14,8722$33,630Nov 7
460Moonlight MileWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,803437$6,788,377Sep 27
461All About Lily Chou-ChouCowboy Pictures $14,1322$26,166Jul 12
462ManicIFC Films $13,89315$13,893Apr 25
463Postmen in the MountainsShadow Distribution $13,8417$203,975Dec 25
464TuvaluIndican Pictures $13,4328$409,762Apr 27
465Lawless HeartFirst Look International $13,40318$55,104Feb 21
466ToscaAvatar Films $13,3522$66,614Jul 12
467Dog DaysLeisure Time Features $13,0311$13,031Aug 22
468AKAEmpire Pictures Inc. $12,9673$46,168Dec 12
469Sonny-$12,3666$30,005Dec 27
470A Grin Without A CatIcarus Films $12,2721$43,616May 1
471The Legend of Leigh BoweryPalm Pictures $11,9891$11,989Nov 28
472Manfast-$11,4801$11,480Apr 30
473One Hour PhotoFox Searchlight Pictures $11,4761,332$31,597,131Aug 21
474Merci pour le ChocolatEmpire Pictures Inc. $11,4638$443,238Jul 31
475Songs from the Second FloorNew Yorker Films $11,4522$78,295Aug 17
476Camera Obscura-$11,3842$11,384Sep 26
477CinemaniaLoop Filmworks $11,3051$11,305May 16
478ManitoFilm Movement $11,0005$11,000Jun 13
479Rana's WeddingArab Film Distribution $10,6041$10,604Aug 22
480NolaIDP Distribution $10,55019$10,550Aug 29
481Love Forbidden
2003 Re-release
Strand Releasing $10,4171$10,417Nov 7
482Hush!Strand Releasing $10,2542$20,937Nov 8
483El bonaerenseMenemsha Films $9,4701$9,470Nov 26
484DopamineSundance Film Series $9,38910$69,544Oct 10
485Acts of WorshipManifesto Films $9,3771$9,377Nov 21
486SuddenlyEmpire Pictures Inc. $9,3663$44,607Aug 27
487Morvern CallarCowboy Pictures $8,9509$246,156Dec 20
488Missing Young WomanBalcony Releasing $8,8581$8,858Feb 21
489Japanese StoryIDP Distribution $8,73721$647,054Dec 31
Italian Version
Miramax $8,5862$8,586Feb 7
491Zero DayAvatar Films $8,4661$8,466Sep 3
492KhachaturianSeventh Art Releasing $8,2342$15,084Oct 17
493BoliviaCinema Tropical $8,1562$29,222Feb 26
494In the Mirror of Maya DerenZeitgeist Films $8,0772$8,077Jan 24
495No Turning BackInnovation Film Group (IFG) $8,0424$8,042Jun 13
496The Scoundrel's WifeMiracle Film Distribution $8,0185$8,018Feb 28
497Scorched-$8,00012$8,000Aug 1
498Down and Out with the DollsIndican Pictures $7,9937$60,000Mar 21
499Only the Strong SurviveMiramax $7,64213$56,099May 9
500Ayurveda: Art of BeingKino International $7,6022$29,731Jul 17
501Masked and AnonymousSony Pictures Classics $7,57923$533,569Jul 24
502DysFunktional FamilyMiramax $7,568602$2,242,857Apr 4
503Controlled Chaos-$7,5491$7,549Jun 4
504All the Real GirlsSony Pictures Classics $7,37425$46,791Feb 14
505Singin' in the Rain
2002 Re-release
Warner Bros. $7,2963$120,420Nov 8
506Suspended AnimationFirst Run $7,1793$7,180Oct 31
507Touchez Pas au GrisbiRialto Pictures $6,6352$117,872Sep 5
508The Calling
2003 Re-release
-$6,09210$6,092Oct 10
509Massoud, the Afghan
2002 Re-release
New Yorker Films $5,9831$26,483Dec 4
510The Slaughter RuleCowboy Pictures $5,8753$13,411Jan 8
511Gaudi AfternoonCinema Four $5,8581$5,858Mar 21
512Garmento-$5,4941$14,318Jun 6
513My Life Without MeSony Pictures Classics $5,42039$400,948Sep 26
514Mark Twain's America in 3DSony Pictures Classics $5,2752$2,297,096Jul 2
515Home RoomInnovation Film Group (IFG) $5,2163$5,216Sep 5
516Vendetta: No Conscience, No MercyR.S. Entertainment $5,16114$5,161Oct 24
517La Commune (Paris, 1871)First Run $4,9001$5,340Jul 3
518The Butterfly
2003 Re-release
First Run $4,6352$38,004Dec 19
519ChaosTidepoint Pictures $4,6081$4,608Mar 7
520Tuck EverlastingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,5231,460$18,805,581Oct 11
521Jersey GuyCastle Hill Productions $4,2683$4,268Apr 25
522Last DanceFirst Run $4,2541$14,251Jul 12
523Melvin Goes to DinnerArrival Pictures $4,1681$4,168Nov 14
524Lan YuStrand Releasing $4,0993$115,470Jul 3
525Ordinary Sinner-$4,0831$4,083Feb 14
526BawandarR.S. Entertainment $3,7791$3,779Aug 8
527Dr. BennyOutrider Pictures $3,6571$3,657May 2
528Glowing EyesStrand Releasing $3,6262$31,139Oct 10
529Warrior of LightNew Yorker Films $3,6171$3,617Sep 12
530Journeys with GeorgeCinema Four $3,5881$3,588Mar 14
531Wings of CourageSony Pictures Classics $3,54411$15,053,344Apr 21
532Sister HelenCinema Four $3,5411$3,541Oct 24
533GasolineStrand Releasing $3,5402$9,853Jul 2
534Short EyesCastle Hill Productions $3,4561$3,456Mar 7
535Blue Gate CrossingStrand Releasing $3,2881$5,840Nov 21
536The Work and the Story-$3,2335$3,233Oct 3
537The Backyard-$3,2001$3,200Aug 29
538High Times Potluck-$3,1682$3,168Oct 17
539Medea-$3,0633$14,436Apr 18
540The NavigatorsFirst Look International $3,0521$3,052Feb 21
541Millennium MamboPalm Pictures $2,9561$14,904Dec 31
542Eyes Without a FaceRialto Pictures $2,6213$53,188Oct 31
543Smokers OnlyStrand Releasing $2,6091$11,633Dec 20
544Sex with Strangers-$2,4768$248,821Feb 22
545View from the TopMiramax $2,3862,508$15,599,823Mar 21
546Venus Boyz
2003 Re-release
First Run $2,3491$18,333Aug 22
547DischordArtistic License $2,1992$2,199Feb 28
548Hell's Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety FilmsKino International $2,1711$2,171Jun 27
549RespiroSony Pictures Classics $2,09532$1,072,834May 23
550The CockettesStrand Releasing $2,0256$218,947May 10
551DemonloverPalm Pictures $2,01615$227,092Sep 19
552Enemies of LaughterOutrider Pictures $2,0001$2,000Aug 1
553DekalogNew Yorker Films $1,9861$654,998Jun 9
554Girls Will Be GirlsIFC Films $1,79514$115,566Oct 10
555The Flower of EvilPalm Pictures $1,71016$182,163Oct 10
556The Children of the CenturyEmpire Pictures Inc. $1,6995$56,611Sep 13
557Blindness-$1,6021$1,602Nov 21
558The ProducersRialto Pictures $1,5943$111,866Jun 7
559Wash Dry and Spin OutRunning Entertainment $1,5701$1,570Jun 20
560Independent Spirits: Faith Hubley/John HubleyCinema Four $1,5511$1,551Nov 28
561Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee-$1,4771$19,432Apr 11
562The Ballad of Bering StraitEmerging Pictures $1,4403$1,440Feb 19
563El LeytonCinema Four $1,3321$1,332Nov 21
564Exorcism-$1,3032$1,303Oct 3
565Pursuit of Happiness-$1,0741$6,850May 16
566A House on a HillAbramorama $9841$984Nov 14
567Devils on the DoorstepCowboy Pictures $8951$18,698Dec 18
568In This WorldSundance Film Series $82310$83,192Sep 19
569Da wanSony Pictures Classics $8202$820Jan 17
570Once Upon a Time in the MidlandsSony Pictures Classics $74917$172,564Aug 29
571Beyond VanillaStrand Releasing $7481$25,331May 16
572SeasideFirst Run $6661$15,114Aug 6
573Kira's Reason: A Love StoryFirst Run $4921$4,756Jan 17
574The CuckooSony Pictures Classics $49214$243,936Jul 11
575Warm Water Under a Red BridgeCowboy Pictures $4854$62,044May 3
576Km. 0 - Kilometer ZeroTLA Releasing $3776$156,443Jul 11
577The Legend of SuriyothaiSony Pictures Classics $32422$454,736Jun 20
578CampIFC Films $313116$1,629,612Jul 25
579Il PostoCowboy Pictures $1531$7,658Dec 20
580Trembling Before G-dNew Yorker Films $1518$788,896Oct 24
581Bus 174THINKFilm $05$217,201Oct 8