Domestic Box Office For 2002

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Spider-ManSony Pictures Releasing $401,487,9333,876$403,706,375May 3
2Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the ClonesTwentieth Century Fox $302,191,3063,161$302,191,252May 16
3Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsWarner Bros. $243,867,3713,682$261,988,482Nov 15
4SignsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $225,417,4103,453$227,647,707Aug 2
5The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersNew Line Cinema $218,595,9053,622$339,785,181Dec 18
6Austin Powers in GoldmemberNew Line Cinema $193,641,1803,613$213,307,889Jul 26
7Men in Black IISony Pictures Releasing $190,418,8033,641$190,418,803Jul 3
8Ice AgeTwentieth Century Fox $176,387,4053,345$176,387,405Mar 15
9A Beautiful MindUniversal Pictures $154,865,5452,250$170,742,341Dec 21
10Scooby-DooWarner Bros. $150,295,4563,447$153,294,164Jun 14
11The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingNew Line Cinema $149,492,8983,381$313,364,114Dec 19
12Die Another DayMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $148,765,5593,377$160,942,139Nov 22
13Lilo & StitchWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $144,370,5293,222$145,794,338Jun 21
14Sweet Home AlabamaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $142,278,4423,313$125,753,554Sep 27
15xXxRevolution Studios $141,259,1773,536$142,109,382Aug 9
16The Santa Clause 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $136,568,6193,352$138,394,397Nov 1
17Minority ReportTwentieth Century Fox $132,112,9263,001$132,072,926Jun 21
18The RingDreamWorks Distribution $126,853,9672,927$129,128,133Oct 18
19Mr. DeedsSony Pictures Releasing $125,905,3593,239$126,293,452Jun 28
20The Bourne IdentityUniversal Pictures $121,937,5882,663$121,661,683Jun 14
21The Sum of All FearsParamount Pictures $118,907,0293,230$118,907,036May 31
228 MileUniversal Pictures $114,825,8652,585$116,732,820Nov 8
23Black Hawk DownRevolution Studios $108,043,6033,143$108,264,894Dec 28
24Road to PerditionDreamWorks Distribution $104,454,7622,332$104,454,762Jul 12
25Panic RoomSony Pictures Releasing $99,888,3913,119$96,397,334Mar 29
26Red DragonUniversal Pictures $93,149,8983,363$93,149,898Oct 4
27The Scorpion KingUniversal Pictures $91,047,0773,466$91,047,077Apr 19
28Blade IINew Line Cinema $82,810,4292,707$82,348,319Mar 22
29Snow DogsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $81,186,3592,454$81,172,560Jan 18
30The RookieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $72,999,5422,543$74,212,579Mar 29
31John QNew Line Cinema $72,650,7692,505$71,756,802Feb 15
32Spirit: Stallion of the CimarronDreamWorks Distribution $69,618,5313,362$73,280,117May 24
33We Were SoldiersParamount Pictures $69,043,0003,143$72,440,279Mar 1
34InsomniaWarner Bros. $67,355,5132,610$67,355,513May 24
35Changing LanesParamount Pictures $66,684,7542,642$66,818,548Apr 12
36Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya SisterhoodWarner Bros. $65,819,9322,792$69,599,016Jun 7
37Stuart Little 2Sony Pictures Releasing $64,226,5183,282$64,956,806Jul 19
38Jackass: The MovieParamount Pictures $64,088,3882,532$64,255,312Oct 25
39Catch Me If You CanDreamWorks Distribution $62,572,7613,225$164,529,436Dec 25
40Maid in ManhattanRevolution Studios $62,130,8013,050$94,011,225Dec 13
41Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost DreamsDimension Films $60,775,3943,307$85,846,429Aug 7
42The Time MachineDreamWorks Distribution $56,832,4942,958$56,832,494Mar 8
43UnfaithfulTwentieth Century Fox $52,775,7652,625$52,775,765May 8
44The Count of Monte CristoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $52,244,2442,211$52,244,244Jan 25
45Like MikeTwentieth Century Fox $51,332,7602,436$51,432,760Jul 3
46Ocean's ElevenWarner Bros. $51,268,6273,075$183,417,150Dec 7
47The TuxedoDreamWorks Distribution $50,222,1033,022$50,547,998Sep 27
48Two Weeks NoticeWarner Bros. $50,201,3192,755$93,354,851Dec 20
49Peter Pan 2: Return to Never LandWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $48,437,1482,626$48,430,258Feb 15
50Big Fat LiarUniversal Pictures $48,360,5472,534$48,360,547Feb 8
51My Big Fat Greek WeddingIFC Films $42,834,6712,016$240,742,368Apr 19
52High CrimesTwentieth Century Fox $41,496,9542,747$41,496,954Apr 5
53About a BoyUniversal Pictures $41,385,2781,756$41,385,278May 17
54Reign of FireWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $41,377,0352,629$43,061,982Jul 12
55A Walk to RememberWarner Bros. $41,281,0922,420$41,281,092Jan 25
56The Royal TenenbaumsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $41,096,760999$50,331,623Dec 14
57Blue CrushUniversal Pictures $40,390,6473,015$40,390,647Aug 16
58The Master of DisguiseRevolution Studios $40,320,2742,568$40,388,794Aug 2
59Resident EvilScreen Gems $40,119,7092,528$40,119,709Mar 15
60Collateral DamageWarner Bros. $40,077,2572,824$40,077,257Feb 8
61EnoughSony Pictures Releasing $39,907,7422,623$40,007,742May 24
62T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $39,801,52638$53,354,743Oct 23
63DrumlineTwentieth Century Fox $39,116,3891,837$56,393,028Dec 13
64Undercover BrotherUniversal Pictures $39,089,9282,169$39,089,928May 31
65ShowtimeWarner Bros. $38,082,7122,917$38,082,712Mar 15
6640 Days and 40 NightsMiramax $37,898,1392,399$37,950,822Mar 1
67CrossroadsParamount Pictures $37,195,5432,713$37,191,304Feb 15
68ClockstoppersParamount Pictures $36,988,2962,563$36,989,956Mar 29
69Orange CountyParamount Pictures $36,564,6662,317$41,076,018Jan 11
70Star Trek: NemesisParamount Pictures $35,494,3522,711$43,254,409Dec 13
71E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
20th Anniversary
Universal Pictures $35,306,0153,007$35,306,015Mar 22
72K-19: The WidowmakerParamount Pictures $35,168,9662,830$35,168,966Jul 19
73Treasure PlanetWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $33,767,0173,227$36,015,544Nov 27
74The Mothman PropheciesScreen Gems $33,292,3262,331$35,746,370Jan 25
75I SpySony Pictures Releasing $33,137,2693,182$33,561,137Nov 1
76Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusParamount Pictures $32,549,4983,151$80,936,232Dec 21
77Murder by NumbersWarner Bros. $31,945,7492,663$31,945,749Apr 19
78One Hour PhotoFox Searchlight Pictures $31,567,9341,332$31,597,131Aug 21
79The Crocodile Hunter: Collision CourseMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $31,189,9492,535$28,442,574Jul 12
80Halloween: ResurrectionDimension Films $30,360,6582,094$30,354,442Jul 12
81Queen of the DamnedWarner Bros. $30,336,8002,511$30,336,800Feb 22
82DragonflyUniversal Pictures $30,323,4002,507$30,323,400Feb 22
83The Banger SistersFox Searchlight Pictures $30,304,7062,739$30,304,706Sep 20
84The New GuyRevolution Studios $29,760,1522,687$29,760,152May 10
85Ghost ShipWarner Bros. $29,662,8622,787$30,089,931Oct 25
86Analyze ThatWarner Bros. $28,739,7072,635$32,130,627Dec 6
87SwimfanTwentieth Century Fox $28,559,6172,860$28,559,617Sep 6
88Bad CompanyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $27,957,5932,944$30,160,161Jun 7
89Brown SugarFox Searchlight Pictures $27,273,2831,378$27,343,305Oct 11
90WindtalkersMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $26,340,2092,898$40,914,068Jun 14
91Blood WorkWarner Bros. $26,218,0812,525$26,218,081Aug 9
92All About the BenjaminsNew Line Cinema $26,075,3511,519$25,916,319Mar 8
93I Am SamNew Line Cinema $26,010,3491,450$29,951,434Dec 28
94Vanilla SkyParamount Pictures $25,795,6192,842$100,618,344Dec 14
95The TransporterTwentieth Century Fox $25,272,5102,610$25,288,972Oct 11
96Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneWarner Bros. $25,006,3363,672$317,575,550Nov 16
97The Sweetest ThingSony Pictures Releasing $24,718,1642,670$24,718,164Apr 12
98The Hot ChickWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $23,995,6072,246$35,081,594Dec 13
99Eight Crazy NightsSony Pictures Releasing $23,221,4312,503$23,443,124Nov 27
100Tuck EverlastingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $22,987,0591,460$18,805,581Oct 11
101City by the SeaWarner Bros. $22,427,1292,575$22,449,000Sep 6
102The Wild Thornberrys MovieParamount Pictures $22,411,5333,012$40,108,697Dec 20
103Van Wilder: Party LiaisonArtisan Entertainment $20,972,3322,104$21,305,259Apr 5
104AliSony Pictures Releasing $20,861,5722,521$57,556,520Dec 25
105Martin Lawrence Live: RunteldatParamount Pictures $19,184,800774$19,184,820Aug 2
106Kate & LeopoldMiramax $19,101,1182,467$43,574,827Dec 25
107Hart's WarMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $19,076,2602,459$19,077,641Feb 15
108Super TroopersFox Searchlight Pictures $18,492,3621,805$18,492,362Feb 15
109The Four FeathersParamount Pictures $18,306,1662,187$18,306,166Sep 20
110Monsters, Inc.Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,818,4333,649$255,284,677Nov 2
111Punch-Drunk LoveRevolution Studios $17,761,4961,293$17,844,216Oct 11
112Eight Legged FreaksWarner Bros. $17,322,6062,530$17,322,606Jul 17
113Planet of the ApesTwentieth Century Fox $17,129,3643,530$180,011,740Jul 27
114Serving SaraParamount Pictures $16,930,1852,174$16,930,185Aug 23
115White OleanderWarner Bros. $16,357,7701,510$16,357,770Oct 11
116Kung Pow: Enter the FistTwentieth Century Fox $16,037,9622,478$16,037,962Jan 25
117EmpireUniversal Pictures $15,413,065869$17,600,423Dec 6
118Half Past DeadSony Pictures Releasing $15,262,6962,113$15,543,918Nov 15
119The Next Best ThingParamount Pictures $15,083,5862,035$14,990,582Mar 3
120RollerballMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $15,043,0472,762$18,990,798Feb 8
121The Country BearsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,956,6622,553$16,990,825Jul 26
122SolarisTwentieth Century Fox $14,838,2272,406$14,887,875Nov 27
123Life or Something Like ItTwentieth Century Fox $14,443,2732,609$14,443,273Apr 26
124Ballistic: Ecks vs. SeverWarner Bros. $14,263,4512,705$14,307,963Sep 20
125The Good GirlFox Searchlight Pictures $14,018,096688$14,018,296Aug 7
126Stealing HarvardRevolution Studios $14,009,3822,366$14,036,406Sep 13
127Hey Arnold! The MovieParamount Pictures $13,728,9022,534$13,728,902Jun 28
128The Emperor's ClubUniversal Pictures $13,673,240811$14,118,751Nov 22
129Juwanna MannWarner Bros. $13,670,7331,325$13,670,733Jun 21
130FeardotcomWarner Bros. $13,194,2932,550$13,258,249Aug 30
131Jason XNew Line Cinema $13,101,6671,879$13,121,555Apr 26
132How HighUniversal Pictures $12,944,9201,273$31,178,740Dec 21
133FrailtyLionsgate $12,656,9791,497$13,110,448Apr 12
134Gosford ParkUSA Films $12,430,895918$25,767,044Dec 26
135The Powerpuff Girls MovieWarner Bros. $11,412,7142,340$11,412,414Jul 3
136Brotherhood of the WolfUniversal Pictures $11,260,096405$11,260,096Jan 11
137AbandonParamount Pictures $10,727,6832,347$10,727,683Oct 18
138Far from HeavenFocus Features $10,048,405291$15,901,849Nov 8
139Sorority BoysWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,013,0041,801$10,013,004Mar 22
140PossessionFocus Features $8,873,374619$10,113,733Aug 16
141Behind Enemy LinesTwentieth Century Fox $8,641,7622,844$58,856,790Nov 30
142Death to SmoochyWarner Bros. $8,364,6912,164$8,364,691Mar 29
143Joe SomebodyTwentieth Century Fox $8,193,7692,517$22,770,864Dec 21
144Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
2002 IMAX Release
Twentieth Century Fox $7,979,22558$8,485,488Nov 1
145In the BedroomMiramax $7,908,0511,103$23,224,195Nov 23
146Bowling for ColumbineUnited Artists $7,838,759248$21,275,772Oct 11
147UndisputedMiramax $7,759,9161,117$12,704,735Aug 23
148Not Another Teen MovieSony Pictures Releasing $7,387,4842,365$38,252,284Dec 14
149Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure-$7,369,13726$15,553,324Feb 10
150TrappedSony Pictures Releasing $7,073,2512,227$7,073,251Sep 20
151Kissing Jessica SteinFox Searchlight Pictures $7,025,722319$7,025,722Mar 13
152Big TroubleWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,884,0491,961$6,884,049Apr 5
153Moonlight MileWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,773,574437$6,788,377Sep 27
154Spirited AwayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,725,405714$9,982,132Sep 20
155S1m0neNew Line Cinema $6,673,2751,920$9,688,676Aug 23
156Femme FataleWarner Bros. $6,614,6681,066$6,614,668Nov 6
157Spider-Man/Men in Black II
Double Bill
Sony Pictures Releasing $6,368,6042,078$6,368,604Sep 6
158ImpostorMiramax $6,285,6531,870$6,285,176Jan 4
159The Truth About CharlieUniversal Pictures $5,320,285755$5,320,285Oct 25
160Birthday GirlMiramax $5,305,4591,000$5,142,576Feb 1
161SlackersSony Pictures Releasing $5,285,9411,893$5,285,941Feb 1
162Formula 51Screen Gems $5,168,5421,857$5,204,007Oct 18
163Real Women Have CurvesNewmarket Films $5,113,230163$5,853,194Oct 18
164Hollywood EndingDreamWorks Distribution $4,844,024772$4,850,753May 3
165Deuces WildMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $4,833,4421,480$6,080,065May 3
166Extreme OpsParamount Pictures $4,775,7241,800$4,842,259Nov 27
167Alien Adventure-$4,552,69610$8,959,784Aug 20
168Adaptation.Sony Pictures Releasing $4,551,555672$22,306,095Dec 6
169The Adventures of Pluto NashWarner Bros. $4,420,0792,320$4,420,080Aug 16
170The Crime of Padre AmaroIDP Distribution $4,262,754137$5,717,044Nov 15
171Antwone FisherFox Searchlight Pictures $3,671,3371,021$21,066,297Dec 19
172Thirteen Conversations About One ThingSony Pictures Classics $3,288,16468$3,288,164May 24
173Sunshine StateSony Pictures Releasing $3,065,92179$3,065,921Jun 21
174TadpoleMiramax $2,820,030180$2,820,030Jul 19
175GalapagosIMAX $2,782,46614$18,629,106Oct 29
176Thrill Ride: The Science of FunSony Pictures Classics $2,607,66281$18,798,590Jul 11
177ChicagoMiramax $2,559,7732,701$169,508,422Dec 27
178Full FrontalMiramax $2,512,846214$2,512,846Aug 2
179Shallow HalTwentieth Century Fox $2,483,5512,799$70,836,296Nov 9
180Last OrdersSony Pictures Classics $2,329,63160$2,329,631Feb 25
181ExtremeIMAX $2,318,14421$12,475,172Apr 2
182The EnduranceCowboy Pictures $2,237,14340$2,453,083Oct 5
183LantanaLionsgate $2,177,160108$4,623,189Dec 14
184InnocenceIDP Distribution $2,135,39852$2,202,382Aug 17
185Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2001 Re-release
Rainbow Releasing $2,071,70126$1,821,082Jun 15
186Auto FocusSony Pictures Classics $1,983,501461$2,063,196Oct 18
187Mostly MarthaParamount Classics $1,968,327143$4,160,475Aug 16
188Black KnightTwentieth Century Fox $1,914,9442,571$33,422,806Nov 21
189Harrison's FlowersUniversal Pictures $1,871,025398$1,871,025Mar 15
190State PropertyLionsgate $1,758,53675$2,106,838Jan 18
191Santa vs. the Snowman 3DIMAX $1,670,54125$1,934,053Nov 1
192Mulholland DriveUniversal Pictures $1,631,765247$7,220,243Oct 8
193Spy GameUniversal Pictures $1,522,5102,770$62,362,560Nov 21
194Across the Sea of TimeSony Pictures Classics $1,400,7562$16,015,639Oct 20
195Apollo 13
The IMAX Experience
IMAX $1,377,13019$1,760,432Sep 20
196The Man from Elysian FieldsIDP Distribution $1,362,52250$1,435,016Sep 27
197Talk to Her
2002 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $1,338,550255$9,198,380Nov 22
198Dogtown and Z-BoysSony Pictures Classics $1,300,68270$1,300,682Apr 26
199Moulin Rouge!Twentieth Century Fox $1,261,8902,283$57,386,607May 18
200Standing in the Shadows of MotownArtisan Entertainment $1,234,24659$1,722,119Nov 15
201EquilibriumDimension Films $1,203,794301$1,203,794Dec 6
202Roger DodgerArtisan Entertainment $1,195,68061$1,266,828Oct 25
203BarbershopMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $1,138,8302,176$75,782,105Sep 13
20424 Hour Party PeopleMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $1,109,56237$1,184,096Aug 9
205The Last KissTHINKFilm $1,048,95031$1,048,950Aug 16
206Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O.Wellspring Media $1,033,39526$1,033,395Jun 28
207NSync: Bigger Than LiveIMAX $1,030,30120$1,785,866Feb 2
208Rabbit-Proof FenceMiramax $985,641153$6,199,600Nov 27
209China: The Panda AdventureIMAX $879,75421$3,918,213Jun 9
210Les Boys IIILionsgate $868,621115$3,320,264Nov 30
211CyberWorldIMAX $831,86138$11,253,900Oct 6
212KaanteMedia Partners $813,49429$1,041,228Dec 20
213The Salton SeaWarner Bros. $764,55430$764,554Apr 26
214Time ChangerFive & Two Pictures $763,671169$1,285,167Oct 25
215The DebutMenemsha Films $755,5785$1,745,778Mar 16
216EvelynMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $748,905137$1,377,031Dec 13
217Personal VelocityMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $641,48243$769,679Nov 22
218Trembling Before G-dNew Yorker Films $612,1128$788,896Oct 24
219BelowDimension Films $605,562353$605,562Oct 11
220Beauty and the Beast
2000 IMAX Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $599,23168$25,487,190Jan 1
221Swept AwayScreen Gems $598,645196$598,645Oct 11
222CharlyExcel Entertainment $577,14336$814,666Sep 27
2002 Re-release
Kino International $574,9898$649,352Jul 12
224The FlufferFirst Run $565,4836$557,752Nov 16
225Monster's BallLionsgate $556,489714$31,168,322Dec 26
226The Singles Ward-$540,07329$1,250,798Feb 1
227Corky RomanoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $536,3442,094$23,980,304Oct 12
228Jonah: A VeggieTales MovieArtisan Entertainment $535,0131,625$25,581,229Oct 4
229Wings of CourageSony Pictures Classics $525,11911$15,053,344Apr 21
230The HoursParamount Pictures $507,3151,010$41,675,994Dec 27
231DekalogNew Yorker Films $504,2311$654,998Jun 9
232Max Keeble's Big MoveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $500,1842,045$17,294,293Oct 5
233Fat GirlCowboy Pictures $478,32617$698,568Oct 12
234Haunted Castle-$451,79810$13,644,921Feb 23
235The Kid Stays in the PictureFocus Features $445,16156$1,439,232Jul 26
236Merci pour le ChocolatEmpire Pictures Inc. $432,5838$443,238Jul 31
237The Sun Behind the MoonAvatar Films $417,01829$1,418,126Dec 14
23825th HourWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $408,050495$12,673,235Dec 19
239Sordid LivesRegent Releasing $405,5998$1,006,348May 11
240Jee Aayan Nu-$393,1179$393,117Nov 8
241Time OutTHINKFilm $388,06022$448,542Mar 29
242The Trials of Henry KissingerFirst Run $370,0158$516,726Sep 25
243The Rules of AttractionLionsgate $351,8891,437$6,532,619Oct 11
244Cirque du Soleil: Journey of ManSony Pictures Classics $348,98022$15,619,088May 5
245Lawrence of Arabia
2002 Re-release
Sony Pictures Releasing $342,4816$342,481Sep 20
246Dangerous PeopleChristal Films $341,28085$341,280Dec 6
247Out ColdWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $341,1612,011$13,906,394Nov 21
248Welcome to CollinwoodWarner Bros. $336,77145$336,620Oct 4
249The Last Waltz
2002 Re-release
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $322,31315$322,313Apr 5
250JoshuaArtisan Entertainment $310,59143$1,461,635Apr 19
251PumpkinMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $308,55219$308,552Jun 28
252The Way HomeParamount Classics $295,95920$445,367Nov 15
253TuvaluIndican Pictures $292,0688$409,762Apr 27
254The IndependentArrow Releasing $265,24011$238,431Nov 30
255Waking LifeFox Searchlight Pictures $263,33193$2,901,447Oct 19
256ScratchPalm Pictures $256,3717$289,885Feb 15
257SkinsFirst Look International $249,20418$249,204Sep 27
258Life and DebtNew Yorker Films $245,1734$259,720Jun 16
259Happy TimesSony Pictures Classics $240,09314$240,093Jul 26
260Tully-$235,91213$424,644Nov 1
261AmélieMiramax $234,889303$21,127,194Nov 2
262Red SatinZeitgeist Films $231,87910$231,879Aug 23
263The Shipping NewsMiramax $209,649434$7,954,707Dec 25
264NarcParamount Pictures $208,779822$10,465,659Dec 20
265IrisMiramax $206,326220$583,296Dec 14
266Shanghai GhettoMenemsha Films $205,70413$709,718Sep 27
267PiñeroMiramax $204,06021$242,862Dec 13
268Atanarjuat: The Fast RunnerLot 47 Films $200,60857$3,770,619Apr 12
269Saathiya-$193,53029$317,564Dec 20
270Dark Blue WorldSony Pictures Classics $192,8007$258,771Dec 28
271Igby Goes DownMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $191,751156$4,777,465Sep 13
272YamakasiChristal Films $184,44138$184,441Jan 18
273Swimming-$182,6737$234,287Apr 5
274CherishFine Line Features $179,75126$179,751Jun 7
275North Station-$171,40046$171,400Nov 8
276Murderous MaidsRialto Pictures $171,1275$224,385Apr 19
277American AdoboOutrider Pictures $163,4957$344,992Jan 25
278NovocaineArtisan Entertainment $158,321189$2,036,682Nov 16
279Hansel & GretelInnovation Film Group (IFG) $154,64259$154,642Oct 18
280HappenstanceLot 47 Films $147,7447$250,099Nov 2
281Sex with Strangers-$145,9748$248,821Feb 22
282The Experiment
2002 Re-release
IDP Distribution $144,63411$144,634Sep 20
283Les destinéesWellspring Media $144,0885$228,350Apr 5
284DahmerPeninsula Films $144,0085$144,008Jun 21
285EllingFirst Look International $143,97619$314,729May 29
286I'm Going HomeMilestone $140,8726$140,872Aug 14
287RoadMedia Partners $136,70020$136,700Sep 27
288A Shot at GloryMAC Releasing $133,122225$133,122May 10
289The BelieverIDP Distribution $131,72113$416,925May 17
290Circuit-$128,5997$234,440Apr 26
291The CockettesStrand Releasing $127,2466$218,947May 10
292Russian ArkWellspring Media $124,95722$2,326,979Dec 13
293The MajesticWarner Bros. $122,5072,361$26,942,679Dec 21
294Amy's OrgasmMagic Lamp $119,6648$119,664Aug 23
295RishteyEros International $119,53728$119,537Dec 6
296Bread and TulipsFirst Look International $116,24884$5,318,679Jul 27
297Ram Dass, Fierce GraceZeitgeist Films $116,2316$238,260Feb 27
298The Lady and the DukeSony Pictures Classics $115,64414$331,051May 10
299Secret BallotSony Pictures Classics $114,90911$114,909Aug 9
300Ghost WorldMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $114,861128$6,217,849Jul 20
301Singin' in the Rain
2002 Re-release
Warner Bros. $113,0883$120,420Nov 8
302Songs from the Second FloorNew Yorker Films $109,1962$78,295Aug 17
303The Weight of WaterLionsgate $109,13027$109,130Nov 1
304Late MarriageMagnolia Pictures $108,36238$1,656,445May 17
305Home MovieCowboy Pictures $100,7704$118,725May 3
306WasabiTriStar Pictures $97,22010$97,220Sep 27
307Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar BaarVideo Sound $95,41513$95,415Nov 15
308Biggie and TupacRoxie Releasing $94,8746$94,874Sep 20
309Lan YuStrand Releasing $90,7233$115,470Jul 3
310The Son's RoomMiramax $87,78821$1,016,340Jan 25
311The Princess DiariesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $83,9102,749$108,248,956Aug 3
312Encounter in the Third Dimension-$83,40416$7,195,792Feb 26
313InvincibleFine Line Features $81,9549$81,954Sep 20
314Seven Samurai
2002 Re-release
Cowboy Pictures $81,8764$271,186Aug 30
315Bloody SundayParamount Classics $81,41354$773,228Oct 4
2002 Re-release
Vitagraph Films $77,8732$77,873Aug 27
317From HellTwentieth Century Fox $77,6112,334$31,602,566Oct 19
318The ProducersRialto Pictures $77,5543$111,866Jun 7
319Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India
2002 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $73,2765$73,276May 8
320Snipes-$70,56943$70,569Sep 4
321BBC2 Play of the Week: Langrishe Go DownCastle Hill Productions $68,0501$68,050Jul 17
322Beauty and the Beast
2002 Re-release
Cowboy Pictures $66,7193$138,158Jun 21
323Tarkovsky At 70
Film Festival
Kino International $66,7152$174,713Sep 13
324Nicholas NicklebyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $65,598100$1,587,173Dec 27
325God Is Great and I'm NotEmpire Pictures Inc. $65,4641$71,213Nov 6
326Spooky House-$65,23828$65,238Apr 19
327PromisesCowboy Pictures $63,8515$247,589Mar 15
328Just a KissParamount Classics $63,65121$63,651Sep 27
329Pépé le MokoRialto Pictures $63,0492$151,735Mar 1
330Handcart-$60,93214$93,379Oct 11
331O Fantasma-$57,4101$126,783Nov 22
332Pauline and PauletteSony Pictures Classics $57,02112$139,789Mar 15
333Ciao AmericaNational Amusements $54,96519$54,965Sep 20
334Dinner RushAccess Entertainment $54,38452$634,566Sep 28
335Agnivarsha: The Fire and the Rain-$51,5498$51,549Aug 30
336Warm Water Under a Red BridgeCowboy Pictures $49,9754$62,044May 3
337Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our TimesFirst Run $48,5484$290,767Nov 22
338Interview with the AssassinMagnolia Pictures $48,05818$48,058Nov 15
339New Best FriendSony Pictures Releasing $46,375100$46,375Apr 12
340Harvard ManCowboy Pictures $45,1594$53,005May 17
341K-PAXUniversal Pictures $43,4702,581$50,338,485Oct 26
342Nijinsky: The Diaries of Vaslav NijinskyWellspring Media $41,8093$53,661May 29
343The Business of FancydancingOutrider Pictures $40,2456$175,710May 10
344ToscaAvatar Films $39,5782$66,614Jul 12
345The Cherry OrchardKino International $37,5853$135,280Feb 22
2002 Re-release
Lionsgate $35,99731$307,333Dec 13
347The Pinochet CaseFirst Run $35,7011$35,701Sep 11
348Morvern CallarCowboy Pictures $35,3229$246,156Dec 20
349Mad LoveSony Pictures Classics $33,09017$280,046Aug 30
350The Cat's MeowLionsgate $32,545153$3,209,481Apr 12
351The KomediantNew Yorker Films $32,2172$119,085Apr 5
352The Other Side of HeavenExcel Entertainment $30,767306$4,719,600Dec 14
353MaxLionsgate $30,15737$535,987Dec 27
354Girls Can't SwimWellspring Media $30,1322$67,410Apr 19
355A Grin Without A CatIcarus Films $26,6071$43,616May 1
356ShiriIDP Distribution $26,0347$98,452Feb 8
357A Song for MartinFirst Look International $24,6612$26,692Dec 21
358Liars Club-$23,7921$23,792Sep 13
359All the Queen's MenStrand Releasing $23,66217$23,662Oct 25
360All or NothingUnited Artists $23,13316$201,546Oct 25
361SadeEmpire Pictures Inc. $21,9122$97,048Apr 26
362Master of the Flying Guillotine-$21,7793$21,779May 24
363Crazy as HellArtistic License $21,6797$21,679Sep 27
364HybridIndican Pictures $21,0262$159,483May 10
365Love LizaSony Pictures Classics $20,94010$213,137Dec 30
366Men with BroomsArtisan Entertainment $20,868207$4,245,870Mar 8
367Love and a BulletScreen Gems $18,92614$18,926Aug 30
368The Emperor's New ClothesParamount Classics $18,48541$661,903Jun 14
369Hell HouseSeventh Art Releasing $18,2792$18,279Oct 18
370LolaWellspring Media $17,9953$101,801Nov 16
371Massoud, the Afghan
2002 Re-release
New Yorker Films $17,9411$26,483Dec 4
372Sonny-$17,6396$30,005Dec 27
373Food of LoveTLA Releasing $17,5004$41,719Oct 25
374A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick DrakeRoxie Releasing $17,3841$17,384May 17
375101 Reykjavík
2001 Re-release
Menemsha Films $15,9982$126,404Jul 27
376Bobby G. Can't SwimGabriel Film Group $15,9001$15,900Jun 21
377Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera BalletFirst Run $15,5001$44,744Nov 8
378Chop SueyZeitgeist Films $14,3935$179,914Oct 5
379Bay of AngelsWellspring Media $14,2153$83,690Nov 30
380BartlebyOutrider Pictures $13,8899$139,668May 24
38130 Years to LifeInnovation Film Group (IFG) $13,3846$41,618Jun 7
382Devils on the DoorstepCowboy Pictures $12,1481$18,698Dec 18
383Crop Circles: Quest for Truth-$11,5621$11,562Aug 23
384SpiderSony Pictures Classics $11,43254$1,441,409Dec 20
385The MesmeristSeventh Art Releasing $11,4221$11,422Sep 20
386Family FundamentalsFocus Features $11,3444$11,344Oct 11
387Who Is Cletis Tout?Paramount Classics $10,46436$252,706Jul 26
388Love in the Time of MoneyTHINKFilm $10,4104$10,410Nov 1
389Revolution #9-$10,1331$10,133Nov 15
390Hush!Strand Releasing $9,7232$20,937Nov 8
391Ayurveda: Art of BeingKino International $9,6232$29,731Jul 17
392Festival in CannesParamount Classics $9,42132$299,171Mar 8
393How I Killed My FatherNew Yorker Films $8,5765$144,682Aug 23
394Cuba felizEmpire Pictures Inc. $8,3641$21,783Jun 12
395The Rising Place-$8,3602$8,360Nov 8
396What Time Is It There?Wellspring Media $7,9624$195,760Jan 11
397The DogwalkerOutrider Pictures $7,4201$7,420Sep 13
398Sobibór, October 14, 1943, 4 p.m.New Yorker Films $7,1052$40,854Oct 12
399Smokers OnlyStrand Releasing $6,9571$11,633Dec 20
400Buddha Heads-$6,7391$6,739Aug 9
401Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from MarsCowboy Pictures $6,6305$161,635Jul 10
402BlackboardsLeisure Time Features $6,3602$9,759Dec 6
403All My Loved OnesNorthern Arts Entertainment $6,2371$6,237Aug 16
404The Phantom of LibertyRialto Pictures $6,1721$6,172Nov 8
405Il PostoCowboy Pictures $6,1371$7,658Dec 20
406BundyTartan $6,0732$6,073Sep 13
407The First $20 Million Is Always the HardestTwentieth Century Fox $5,4912$5,491Jun 28
408Sia, the Dream of the PythonArtMattan Productions $4,6621$4,662May 24
409The Triumph of LoveParamount Classics $4,61551$447,267Apr 17
410Take Care of My CatKino International $4,4852$7,636Oct 18
411All About Lily Chou-ChouCowboy Pictures $4,3982$26,166Jul 12
412Umberto D.Rialto Pictures $4,3061$63,711Feb 15
413My KingdomFirst Look International $4,2961$4,296Dec 6
414Hera Purple-$4,1231$4,123Sep 27
415CaravaggioZeitgeist Films $3,7741$3,774Apr 16
416Revolution OSSeventh Art Releasing $3,5001$3,500Aug 23
417Looking Through Lillian-$3,3001$3,300Oct 25
418A Cuban Legend-$3,2121$3,212Oct 11
419Ash WednesdayEmpire Pictures Inc. $2,9422$2,942Oct 11
420Tattoo BarArtMattan Productions $2,7631$2,964Jul 5
421Dead or Alive: FinalKino International $2,5911$2,591Nov 29
422Standing by YourselfCheapo Films $2,5001$2,500May 17
423Zig ZagSilver Nitrate $2,4181$2,418Jun 21
424The IsleEmpire Pictures Inc. $2,2872$20,452Aug 23
425The 4th Tenor-$2,1522$2,152Nov 22
426Stripped-$2,1511$2,151Aug 9
427IkiruCowboy Pictures $2,1492$60,239Dec 27
428Stealing the Fire-$2,1391$2,139Oct 16
429Some BodyLot 47 Films $2,0421$2,042Apr 26
430Choice of WeaponsOutrider Pictures $2,0321$2,032Jul 12
431Mr. Smith Gets a HustlerOutrider Pictures $1,9151$1,915Jun 21
432By Hook or by CrookArtistic License $1,8022$1,802Oct 25
433The Opera LoverOutrider Pictures $1,7982$1,798Sep 27
434Esther KahnEmpire Pictures Inc. $1,7853$23,371Mar 1
435Mama AfricaWellspring Media $1,5812$1,581Jun 7
436BlackwoodsBoll Films $1,5005$1,500May 10
437Heartbreak HospitalSeventh Art Releasing $1,4801$1,480Sep 6
438The Execution of Wanda JeanSeventh Art Releasing $1,3861$1,386Sep 6
439BesottedArtistic License $1,3791$1,379Nov 1
440Chelsea WallsLionsgate $1,2276$60,902Apr 19
441Last DanceFirst Run $1,1261$14,251Jul 12
442Secret SocietyFirst Run $1,0031$3,585Jun 7
443The Jimmy ShowFirst Look International $1,0001$1,000Dec 13
444The Lonely Affair of the Heart-$9321$932Sep 27
445'R Xmas-$8501$850Nov 8
446IvansxtcArtistic License $6742$36,780Jun 7
447Manna from HeavenFive Sisters Productions $48433$505,675Aug 2
448LushMenemsha Films $4141$2,763Dec 28
449Pandora's Box-$042$880,962Aug 9
450Pokémon 4EverDimension Films $-7,409249$1,725,910Oct 11
451The Town Is QuietNew Yorker Films $-375,4521$66,303Oct 26