Domestic Box Office For 2001

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneWarner Bros. $288,641,8923,672$317,575,550Nov 16
8The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingNew Line Cinema $163,871,2153,381$313,364,114Dec 19
2ShrekDreamWorks Distribution $267,665,0113,715$267,665,011May 16
94How the Grinch Stole ChristmasUniversal Pictures $8,415,9203,256$260,044,825Nov 17
3Monsters, Inc.Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $237,466,2443,649$255,284,677Nov 2
87Cast AwayTwentieth Century Fox $9,566,2393,061$233,632,142Dec 22
4Rush Hour 2New Line Cinema $227,434,3003,118$226,164,286Aug 3
5The Mummy ReturnsUniversal Pictures $201,827,0603,553$202,019,785May 4
6Pearl HarborWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $198,441,7883,255$198,542,554May 25
146GladiatorDreamWorks Distribution $1,095,3753,188$187,705,427May 5
12Ocean's ElevenWarner Bros. $132,148,5233,075$183,417,150Dec 7
21What Women WantParamount Pictures $72,623,8103,092$182,811,707Dec 15
7Jurassic Park IIIUniversal Pictures $181,171,8753,462$181,171,875Jul 18
9Planet of the ApesTwentieth Century Fox $162,881,7293,530$180,011,740Jul 27
75A Beautiful MindUniversal Pictures $15,876,7962,250$170,742,341Dec 21
117Meet the ParentsUniversal Pictures $5,097,7902,697$166,244,045Oct 6
28HannibalMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $61,509,8193,292$165,092,268Feb 9
226What Lies BeneathDreamWorks Distribution $104,5392,925$155,464,351Jul 21
10American Pie 2Universal Pictures $145,103,5953,157$145,103,595Aug 10
11The Fast and the FuriousUniversal Pictures $144,533,9252,899$144,533,925Jun 22
56Lara Croft: Tomb RaiderParamount Pictures $30,407,9493,349$131,168,070Jun 15
13Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonSony Pictures Classics $115,912,9602,027$128,078,872Dec 8
18TrafficUSA Films $76,620,2691,755$124,115,725Dec 27
276Nutty Professor II: The KlumpsUniversal Pictures $4,4753,251$123,309,890Jul 28
170Charlie's AngelsSony Pictures Releasing $521,1933,037$123,214,990Nov 3
96Remember the TitansWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,158,7542,803$115,654,751Sep 29
27Dr. Dolittle 2Twentieth Century Fox $61,636,0793,053$112,952,899Jun 22
58Spy KidsMiramax $28,648,1383,191$112,719,001Mar 30
201Black Hawk DownRevolution Studios $221,2913,143$108,264,894Dec 28
20The Princess DiariesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $73,225,7662,749$108,248,956Aug 3
24Vanilla SkyParamount Pictures $68,527,0002,842$100,618,344Dec 14
34Miss CongenialityWarner Bros. $54,902,6072,668$100,590,274Dec 22
14The OthersMiramax $96,522,7502,843$96,522,687Aug 10
112UnbreakableWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $5,485,9992,708$95,011,339Nov 22
15America's SweetheartsRevolution Studios $93,369,0503,011$93,388,054Jul 20
23Cats & DogsWarner Bros. $71,677,8983,040$93,385,515Jul 4
16Save the Last DanceParamount Pictures $91,057,0292,570$91,057,006Jan 12
159Space CowboysWarner Bros. $679,2632,835$90,464,773Aug 4
43The Emperor's New GrooveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $41,837,3512,887$89,302,687Dec 15
60Atlantis: The Lost EmpireWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $27,009,2283,071$84,056,472Jun 8
38Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusParamount Pictures $45,701,7663,151$80,936,232Dec 21
17A.I. Artificial IntelligenceWarner Bros. $78,616,6893,242$78,616,689Jun 29
108Rugrats in Paris: The MovieParamount Pictures $5,952,0402,937$76,507,756Nov 17
48The Family ManUniversal Pictures $36,622,9752,441$75,793,305Dec 22
69Along Came a SpiderParamount Pictures $20,597,5072,573$74,078,174Apr 6
65Bridget Jones's DiaryMiramax $22,699,1562,547$71,543,427Apr 13
138ChocolatMiramax $2,092,2071,928$71,509,363Dec 15
22Scary Movie 2Miramax $71,812,4453,220$71,308,997Jul 4
19The ScoreParamount Pictures $76,108,1482,211$71,107,711Jul 13
25Shallow HalTwentieth Century Fox $68,352,7452,799$70,836,296Nov 9
70Vertical LimitSony Pictures Releasing $19,408,5552,602$69,243,859Dec 8
68SwordfishWarner Bros. $21,518,2262,688$68,986,907Jun 8
244Bring It OnUniversal Pictures $41,4102,466$68,379,000Aug 25
88102 DalmatiansWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $9,400,2382,704$66,957,026Nov 22
26The MexicanDreamWorks Distribution $66,845,0333,162$66,845,033Mar 2
241Down to EarthParamount Pictures $43,8182,521$64,186,502Feb 16
29Spy GameUniversal Pictures $60,840,0502,770$62,362,560Nov 21
180Fantasia 2000Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $376,7551,313$60,655,420Jan 1
30The Wedding PlannerSony Pictures Releasing $59,471,1972,785$59,471,197Jan 26
36Behind Enemy LinesTwentieth Century Fox $50,215,0282,844$58,856,790Nov 30
76The AnimalRevolution Studios $15,844,6252,788$57,743,062Jun 1
47AliSony Pictures Releasing $36,694,9482,521$57,556,520Dec 25
31Moulin Rouge!Twentieth Century Fox $57,039,6012,283$57,386,607May 18
32Rat RaceParamount Pictures $56,618,0552,551$56,618,055Aug 17
73A Knight's TaleSony Pictures Releasing $17,272,7182,980$56,569,702May 11
33Don't Say a WordTwentieth Century Fox $54,915,6912,842$55,001,642Sep 28
129T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $2,642,03838$53,354,743Oct 23
74BlowNew Line Cinema $17,042,1892,249$52,990,775Apr 6
120Exit WoundsWarner Bros. $4,556,0032,830$51,461,951Mar 16
100Enemy at the GatesParamount Pictures $7,494,9081,724$51,401,758Mar 16
35K-PAXUniversal Pictures $50,295,0152,581$50,338,485Oct 26
89The Royal TenenbaumsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $9,234,863999$50,331,623Dec 14
37SerendipityMiramax $50,183,6292,610$50,294,317Oct 5
142O Brother, Where Art Thou?Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,619,764847$45,512,588Dec 22
40Domestic DisturbanceParamount Pictures $44,728,8342,910$45,246,095Nov 2
39ZoolanderParamount Pictures $45,113,0422,522$45,172,250Sep 28
41The OneRevolution Studios $43,646,9512,894$43,646,951Nov 2
130Kate & LeopoldMiramax $2,562,4482,467$43,574,827Dec 25
42Thir13en GhostsWarner Bros. $41,867,9602,781$41,867,960Oct 26
44BanditsMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $41,393,4063,207$41,575,141Oct 12
67Mysteries of EgyptIMAX $21,671,17327$40,548,464Aug 21
105HeartbreakersMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $6,056,0822,751$40,336,607Mar 23
45HardballParamount Pictures $40,063,0612,314$40,222,729Sep 14
46EvolutionDreamWorks Distribution $38,345,4942,613$38,345,494Jun 8
55Not Another Teen MovieSony Pictures Releasing $30,864,8002,365$38,252,284Dec 14
63Kiss of the DragonTwentieth Century Fox $23,541,0972,100$36,845,124Jul 6
49Recess: School's OutWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $35,966,3392,630$35,966,339Feb 16
171The 6th DaySony Pictures Releasing $516,1772,516$34,604,280Nov 17
50Thirteen DaysNew Line Cinema $33,981,0042,034$34,592,089Dec 22
53Black KnightTwentieth Century Fox $31,507,8622,571$33,422,806Nov 21
51See Spot RunWarner Bros. $33,357,4762,656$33,357,476Mar 2
91DrivenWarner Bros. $8,624,2242,905$32,720,065Apr 27
124Proof of LifeWarner Bros. $3,446,0772,705$32,598,931Dec 8
167Almost FamousDreamWorks Distribution $595,8412,262$32,534,850Sep 15
95What's the Worst That Could Happen?Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $8,176,0332,675$32,269,834Jun 1
52Final Fantasy: The Spirits WithinSony Pictures Releasing $31,863,5432,649$31,863,543Jul 11
54From HellTwentieth Century Fox $31,485,7342,334$31,602,566Oct 19
72How HighUniversal Pictures $18,233,8201,273$31,178,740Dec 21
217Monster's BallLionsgate $153,995714$31,168,322Dec 26
199The Legend of Bagger VanceDreamWorks Distribution $230,6802,162$30,919,168Nov 3
57SnatchScreen Gems $30,268,1051,444$30,328,156Dec 8
243I Am SamNew Line Cinema $41,7791,450$29,951,434Dec 28
178Double TakeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $396,1611,631$29,831,583Jan 12
123The BrothersScreen Gems $3,576,4221,378$27,419,939Mar 23
115Someone Like You...Twentieth Century Fox $5,409,9172,349$27,343,067Mar 30
59The MusketeerUniversal Pictures $27,073,6402,500$27,073,640Sep 7
78The MajesticWarner Bros. $15,548,4372,361$26,942,679Dec 21
182Gosford ParkUSA Films $370,442918$25,767,044Dec 26
103Crocodile Dundee in Los AngelesParamount Pictures $6,789,8272,166$25,635,682Apr 20
84MementoNewmarket Films $11,065,786531$25,544,867Mar 16
61Captain Corelli's MandolinUniversal Pictures $25,543,8951,612$25,543,895Aug 17
195Sweet NovemberWarner Bros. $257,0742,268$25,288,103Feb 16
62Hearts in AtlantisWarner Bros. $24,185,7812,010$24,185,781Sep 28
97Angel EyesWarner Bros. $8,131,5012,407$24,174,218May 18
101Joe DirtSony Pictures Releasing $7,232,2822,638$23,267,051Apr 11
64Kingdom ComeFox Searchlight Pictures $23,249,6491,111$23,249,649Apr 11
140In the BedroomMiramax $1,883,5141,103$23,224,195Nov 23
79Joe SomebodyTwentieth Century Fox $14,577,0952,517$22,770,864Dec 21
90Baby BoySony Pictures Releasing $9,133,0361,533$22,551,356Jun 27
66Two Can Play That GameScreen Gems $22,235,9011,308$22,235,901Sep 7
77AmélieMiramax $15,740,742303$21,127,194Nov 2
213ValentineWarner Bros. $170,5012,310$20,384,136Feb 2
215Summer CatchWarner Bros. $157,4352,335$19,753,553Aug 24
216The PledgeWarner Bros. $155,7261,410$19,733,089Jan 19
163Wonder BoysParamount Pictures $642,8551,509$19,393,557Feb 23
220Best in ShowWarner Bros. $127,058497$18,715,392Sep 29
104Michael Jordan to the MaxIMAX $6,639,83356$18,650,521May 5
126GalapagosIMAX $3,247,66414$18,629,106Oct 29
71The Last CastleDreamWorks Distribution $18,244,0602,270$18,244,060Oct 19
233The ContenderDreamWorks Distribution $79,6371,639$17,872,723Oct 13
239Rock StarWarner Bros. $55,0432,525$17,008,282Sep 7
114Pokémon 3: The MovieWarner Bros. $5,459,5242,675$16,956,819Apr 6
92Crazy/BeautifulWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,542,5961,603$16,937,988Jun 29
128Cirque du Soleil: Journey of ManSony Pictures Classics $2,739,75722$15,619,088May 5
125Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure-$3,443,16526$15,553,324Feb 10
83All the Pretty HorsesMiramax $11,369,7861,593$15,540,353Dec 25
145Dungeons & DragonsNew Line Cinema $1,141,4922,078$15,391,970Dec 8
80Josie and the PussycatsUniversal Pictures $14,271,0152,558$14,271,015Apr 11
119Freddy Got FingeredTwentieth Century Fox $4,633,5882,271$14,254,993Apr 20
81Out ColdWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $13,423,8392,011$13,906,394Nov 21
122The Tailor of PanamaSony Pictures Releasing $4,106,888441$13,729,742Mar 30
187Haunted Castle-$318,63110$13,644,921Feb 23
281ExtremeIMAX $-380,44921$12,475,172Apr 2
82The GiftParamount Classics $11,958,169807$12,008,642Dec 22
147TomcatsRevolution Studios $993,6082,617$11,946,739Mar 30
109CyberWorldIMAX $5,951,09138$11,253,900Oct 6
137Island of the SharksIMAX $2,180,22017$10,658,505Apr 23
85Head Over HeelsUniversal Pictures $10,424,4702,363$10,424,470Feb 2
86The WashLionsgate $9,956,410749$10,097,538Nov 16
113You Can Count on MeParamount Classics $5,472,965150$9,416,804Nov 10
93PollockSony Pictures Classics $8,508,513280$8,598,593Dec 15
98Shadow of the VampireLionsgate $8,093,543513$8,293,784Dec 29
188The Shipping NewsMiramax $318,502434$7,954,707Dec 25
99The Curse of the Jade ScorpionDreamWorks Distribution $7,517,191909$7,517,191Aug 24
102The Man Who Wasn't ThereUSA Films $6,814,397259$7,504,257Nov 2
127The ForsakenScreen Gems $2,862,2261,514$7,288,451Apr 27
110Mulholland DriveUniversal Pictures $5,588,478247$7,220,243Oct 8
111Encounter in the Third Dimension-$5,522,19416$7,195,792Feb 26
135Town & CountryNew Line Cinema $2,353,1102,222$6,719,973Apr 27
116The ClosetMiramax $5,224,766145$6,678,894Jun 6
133One Night at McCool'sUSA Films $2,451,9081,818$6,290,673Apr 27
106Ghost WorldMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $6,050,125128$6,217,849Jul 20
107Megiddo: The Omega Code 28x Entertainment $6,047,691353$6,047,691Sep 21
160Amores PerrosLionsgate $665,870187$5,408,467Mar 30
118Bread and TulipsFirst Look International $4,778,38984$5,318,679Jul 27
245SunshineParamount Classics $40,073153$5,096,267Dec 17
132Just VisitingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,509,0501,590$4,781,539Apr 6
192LantanaLionsgate $282,415108$4,623,189Dec 14
121GlitterTwentieth Century Fox $4,274,4071,225$4,274,407Sep 21
144China: The Panda AdventureIMAX $1,322,08421$3,918,213Jun 9
154Les Boys IIILionsgate $793,257115$3,320,264Nov 30
141Pootie TangParamount Pictures $1,807,350712$3,313,583Jun 29
185The Widow of Saint-PierreLionsgate $334,03783$2,927,318Mar 2
131Waking LifeFox Searchlight Pictures $2,522,03293$2,901,447Oct 19
157The DishWarner Bros. $703,73982$2,552,992Mar 16
2001 Re-release
Kino International $2,365,28534$2,487,878Mar 30
136Sidewalks of New YorkParamount Classics $2,322,164224$2,402,652Nov 23
139Gabriela-$2,031,75330$2,335,352Mar 16
155Escanaba in da Moonlight-$749,45348$2,276,602Jan 26
190Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2001 Re-release
Rainbow Releasing $307,59826$1,821,082Jun 15
161NSync: Bigger Than LiveIMAX $654,15820$1,785,866Feb 2
143Under the SandWinStar Cinema $1,357,89725$1,452,698May 4
191The Sun Behind the MoonAvatar Films $290,11729$1,418,126Dec 14
202Divided We Fall
2001 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $221,26537$1,323,883Jun 8
148Catfish in Black Bean Sauce-$987,14820$1,319,592Jun 9
152Startup.comArtisan Entertainment $893,55635$1,283,356May 11
169Margaret Cho: I'm the One That I Want-$524,9918$1,210,967Aug 4
149Yi YiWinStar Cinema $974,59915$1,136,776Oct 6
198The Center of the WorldArtisan Entertainment $238,32645$1,101,344Apr 20
150Left LuggageCastle Hill Productions $936,5757$1,069,540Sep 22
175The Luzhin DefenceSony Pictures Classics $423,33049$1,053,070Apr 20
164The Business of StrangersIFC Films $642,23660$1,030,920Dec 7
151LiamLionsgate $910,21055$1,016,021Sep 21
174All Access: Front Row. Backstage. Live!IMAX $469,35335$992,683Apr 6
189A Hard Day's NightMiramax $314,90163$965,351Dec 1
176The Taste of OthersMiramax $411,72514$872,985Sep 15
209Brigham CityExcel Entertainment $197,46155$852,206Apr 6
153Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India-$835,76734$835,767Jun 15
156PanicRoxie Releasing $705,14011$779,137Dec 1
254The Girl Next DoorIndican Pictures $26,5115$760,422Apr 14
206No Man's LandMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $206,04538$759,040Dec 7
183The Devil's BackboneSony Pictures Classics $348,71835$755,249Nov 21
205The Man Who CriedFocus Features $208,19628$747,092May 25
240Charlotte GrayWarner Bros. $46,27152$741,394Dec 28
224Fat GirlCowboy Pictures $110,26617$698,568Oct 12
166Happy AccidentsIFC Films $602,62549$688,523Aug 24
158The Caveman's ValentineFocus Features $687,19459$687,194Mar 2
162The ClaimMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $652,04029$669,258Dec 29
208Dinner RushAccess Entertainment $199,39352$634,566Sep 28
165Texas RangersMiramax $623,374404$623,374Nov 30
256IrisMiramax $23,144220$583,296Dec 14
168My First MisterParamount Classics $568,762103$568,762Oct 12
179Bread and RosesLionsgate $390,22539$533,479May 11
193Big Eden-$268,01110$512,451Jun 1
172TapeLionsgate $490,47535$490,475Nov 2
173BullyLionsgate $480,81120$480,811Jul 13
203Baise-moiWinStar Cinema $216,2695$420,224Sep 15
177IntimacyEmpire Pictures Inc. $405,09411$405,094Oct 19
181LajjaEros International $376,00038$376,000Aug 31
194Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal TaleIFC Films $268,00815$373,366Mar 30
204Nico and DaniAvatar Films $211,6858$370,562Feb 2
200The Adventures of FelixWellspring Media $222,5808$363,409Jun 15
184The Circle
2001 Re-release
WinStar Cinema $341,25116$362,809Mar 9
197Grateful DawgSony Pictures Releasing $247,98621$360,251Oct 5
196Me You ThemSony Pictures Classics $254,67022$323,923Mar 2
186Bride of the WindParamount Classics $318,82342$318,823Jun 8
223Under the SunShadow Distribution $112,57010$316,020Aug 3
222Lost and DeliriousLionsgate $119,09720$307,233Jul 6
207LumumbaZeitgeist Films $201,83612$299,497Jun 22
212Wet Hot American SummerUSA Films $184,25612$295,206Jul 27
259Dark Blue WorldSony Pictures Classics $19,5417$258,771Dec 28
266HappenstanceLot 47 Films $12,8887$250,099Nov 2
214George WashingtonCowboy Pictures $159,8606$247,406Oct 27
255PiñeroMiramax $25,25621$242,862Dec 13
252The IndependentArrow Releasing $30,59611$238,431Nov 30
227ChopperFirst Look International $104,30714$236,185Apr 11
211La bûcheEmpire Pictures Inc. $188,9584$227,892Sep 29
236Raju ChachaEros International $70,70935$194,698Dec 29
221Diamond MenPanorama Entertainment $121,28615$191,221Sep 14
210One Week-$190,44118$190,441Oct 19
230Calle 54Miramax $84,27812$187,308Oct 20
261Chop SueyZeitgeist Films $18,7925$179,914Oct 5
219Burnt MoneyStrand Releasing $142,8595$174,083Oct 19
249Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust-$35,35712$151,086Sep 21
218The Day I Became a Woman-$149,97114$149,971Apr 6
225The Vertical Ray of the SunSony Pictures Classics $110,1349$110,134Jul 6
228The Trumpet of the SwanSony Pictures Releasing $102,202125$102,202May 11
229Haiku TunnelSony Pictures Classics $92,72314$92,723Sep 14
231ABCDEros International $83,37238$83,372Nov 30
232Jodi No.1Eros International $82,83425$82,834Apr 13
234The Invisible CircusFine Line Features $77,578105$77,578Feb 2
251An Everlasting PieceDreamWorks Distribution $31,7288$75,228Dec 22
235Herman U.S.A.Two Silks Releasing $71,50956$71,509Sep 14
246AberdeenFirst Run $37,3952$65,090Aug 17
237Kuch Khatti Kuch MeethiEros International $57,18823$57,188Jan 19
238Beautiful CreaturesFocus Features $55,83512$55,835Apr 6
242February 15, 1839-$43,59536$43,595Jan 26
268Simon MagusIDP Distribution $12,3062$40,861Mar 9
247Last Resort-$37,28314$37,283Feb 23
248Pavilion of WomenFocus Features $36,9929$36,992May 4
257BaranMiramax $21,7029$35,801Dec 7
269Signs & WondersStrand Releasing $11,8492$33,842Feb 9
250Life: A User's ManualIFC Films $33,2368$33,236Jul 6
253Band of OutsidersRialto Pictures $28,6562$28,656Aug 17
271Khiladi 420Eros International $11,63312$26,731Dec 29
258Behind the SunMiramax $19,8612$19,861Dec 12
260Better Than SexIDP Distribution $19,5217$19,521Oct 26
262The King Is AliveIFC Films $17,9296$17,929May 11
263Fast Food Fast WomenLot 47 Films $17,1312$17,131May 18
264Eban and Charley-$16,9181$16,918Dec 14
265Two NinasCastle Hill Productions $14,7256$14,725Jan 26
267Children UndergroundCinemax $12,7981$12,798Sep 19
270My Voyage to ItalyMiramax $11,6831$11,683Oct 24
272Time and TideSony Pictures Releasing $10,7701$10,770May 4
273A Matter of TasteAttitude Films $10,7201$10,720Aug 31
274Scottsboro: An American TragedySocial Media Productions $6,1231$6,123Jan 19
275PandaemoniumUSA Films $5,1511$5,151Jun 29
279LushMenemsha Films $2,3491$2,763Dec 28
277RatFocus Features $2,6301$2,630Apr 27
278Ginger SnapsCinema Village Features $2,5541$2,554Oct 26
280The Last Wave
2001 Re-release
Cowboy Pictures $9571$957Nov 30