Domestic Box Office For 2000

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1How the Grinch Stole ChristmasUniversal Pictures $251,628,9053,256$260,044,825Nov 17
2Mission: Impossible IIParamount Pictures $212,031,3953,669$215,409,889May 24
3GladiatorDreamWorks Distribution $186,610,0523,188$187,705,427May 5
4The Perfect StormWarner Bros. $179,063,7783,407$182,618,434Jun 30
5Meet the ParentsUniversal Pictures $161,146,2552,697$166,244,045Oct 6
6X-MenTwentieth Century Fox $156,928,8473,112$157,299,718Jul 14
7What Lies BeneathDreamWorks Distribution $155,359,8122,925$155,464,351Jul 21
8Scary MovieMiramax $155,113,3353,301$157,019,771Jul 7
9Erin BrockovichUniversal Pictures $125,595,2053,070$125,595,205Mar 17
10Me, Myself & IreneTwentieth Century Fox $124,024,1803,087$90,570,999Jun 23
11Nutty Professor II: The KlumpsUniversal Pictures $123,305,4153,251$123,309,890Jul 28
12Charlie's AngelsSony Pictures Releasing $122,693,7973,037$123,214,990Nov 3
13Big Momma's HouseTwentieth Century Fox $117,559,4382,854$117,559,438Jun 2
14What Women WantParamount Pictures $110,022,9523,092$182,811,707Dec 15
15The PatriotSony Pictures Releasing $108,589,8043,061$113,330,342Jun 28
16Remember the TitansWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $105,664,4162,803$115,654,751Sep 29
17Gone in 60 SecondsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $101,654,5713,089$101,648,571Jun 9
18Cast AwayTwentieth Century Fox $101,465,3193,061$233,632,142Dec 22
19Space CowboysWarner Bros. $89,785,9802,835$90,464,773Aug 4
20UnbreakableWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $86,468,7732,708$95,011,339Nov 22
21Scream 3Dimension Films $85,460,9893,467$89,143,175Feb 4
22The World is Not EnoughMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $85,459,5623,163$126,943,684Nov 19
23U-571Universal Pictures $77,122,4152,820$77,122,415Apr 21
24Road TripDreamWorks Distribution $68,540,7772,654$68,540,777May 19
25Bring It OnUniversal Pictures $68,338,5902,466$68,379,000Aug 25
26Hollow ManSony Pictures Releasing $68,301,3342,956$73,209,340Aug 4
27The KidWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $67,193,6422,343$69,691,949Jul 7
28Stuart LittleSony Pictures Releasing $65,809,7753,151$140,035,367Dec 17
29The Green MileWarner Bros. $63,584,8422,875$136,801,374Dec 10
30Mission to MarsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $60,061,8723,101$60,883,407Mar 10
31Snow DayParamount Pictures $58,691,4482,717$60,020,107Feb 11
32Next FridayNew Line Cinema $57,052,0891,420$57,328,603Jan 12
33Rules of EngagementParamount Pictures $56,600,7563,220$61,335,230Apr 7
34American BeautyDreamWorks Distribution $55,071,9111,990$130,096,601Sep 15
35Shanghai NoonWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $54,820,4892,751$56,937,502May 26
36102 DalmatiansWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $53,416,8642,704$66,957,026Nov 22
37Galaxy QuestDreamWorks Distribution $51,665,1182,450$71,583,916Dec 25
38The Road to El DoradoDreamWorks Distribution $50,863,3423,223$50,863,742Mar 31
39Romeo Must DieWarner Bros. $50,753,0602,641$54,528,053Mar 22
40The HurricaneUniversal Pictures $50,091,8432,148$50,699,241Dec 29
41Vertical LimitSony Pictures Releasing $49,835,8642,602$69,243,859Dec 8
42Rugrats in Paris: The MovieParamount Pictures $48,788,2182,937$76,507,756Nov 17
43Men of HonorTwentieth Century Fox $47,512,4582,188$48,818,921Nov 10
44The Talented Mr. RipleyParamount Pictures $47,370,9142,369$81,298,265Dec 25
45The Tigger MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $44,155,1212,818$44,165,121Feb 11
46Toy Story 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $43,104,7413,257$242,947,795Nov 19
47Miss CongenialityWarner Bros. $42,058,5162,668$100,590,274Dec 22
48The ReplacementsWarner Bros. $41,847,7262,754$44,737,059Aug 11
49Pokémon the Movie 2000Warner Bros. $41,426,7082,752$43,758,684Jul 21
50Little NickyNew Line Cinema $38,848,6242,910$39,464,775Nov 10
51The Family ManUniversal Pictures $38,817,0902,441$75,793,305Dec 22
52The Original Kings of ComedyParamount Pictures $37,621,2041,082$38,182,790Aug 18
53Pitch BlackUSA Films $37,560,7801,930$39,240,659Feb 18
54BedazzledTwentieth Century Fox $37,519,2912,571$37,886,980Oct 20
55BounceMiramax $36,675,5052,028$36,805,288Nov 17
56Hanging UpSony Pictures Releasing $36,050,2302,618$36,050,230Feb 18
57Keeping the FaithWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $35,701,9942,171$37,047,880Apr 14
5828 DaysSony Pictures Releasing $35,651,6712,523$37,170,488Apr 14
59Dude, Where's My Car?Twentieth Century Fox $35,631,9102,100$46,729,800Dec 15
60The Flintstones in Viva Rock VegasUniversal Pictures $35,268,2753,125$35,268,275Apr 28
61The SkullsUniversal Pictures $35,046,1202,416$35,046,120Mar 31
62Any Given SundayWarner Bros. $34,546,7572,505$74,111,130Dec 22
63The 6th DaySony Pictures Releasing $34,088,1032,516$34,604,280Nov 17
64Pay It ForwardWarner Bros. $32,966,0432,130$33,519,628Oct 20
65T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $32,788,30838$53,354,743Oct 23
66Almost FamousDreamWorks Distribution $31,932,7992,262$32,534,850Sep 15
67My Dog SkipWarner Bros. $31,370,1802,331$34,134,641Jan 14
68The Legend of Bagger VanceDreamWorks Distribution $30,688,4882,162$30,919,168Nov 3
69The Whole Nine YardsWarner Bros. $30,539,7442,910$30,488,125Feb 18
70Return to MeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $28,969,9212,320$32,722,798Apr 7
71The WatcherUniversal Pictures $28,946,6152,777$28,946,615Sep 8
72Girl, InterruptedSony Pictures Releasing $28,133,6091,935$28,912,646Dec 21
73The Adventures of Rocky & BullwinkleUniversal Pictures $26,005,8202,482$26,005,820Jun 30
74Love & BasketballNew Line Cinema $25,531,2641,245$27,459,615Apr 21
75Nurse BettyUSA Films $25,449,4441,491$25,170,054Sep 8
76Bicentennial ManWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $24,168,2702,767$57,553,966Dec 17
77High FidelityWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $24,165,4201,231$27,287,137Mar 31
78Proof of LifeWarner Bros. $23,991,9962,705$32,598,931Dec 8
79Reindeer GamesMiramax $21,805,7942,204$23,368,995Feb 25
80Dracula 2000Miramax $21,569,5702,204$33,022,767Dec 22
81Urban Legends: Final CutSony Pictures Releasing $21,468,8072,539$21,468,807Sep 22
82The Bone CollectorUniversal Pictures $20,275,7252,623$66,518,655Nov 5
83The ContenderDreamWorks Distribution $17,793,0861,639$17,872,723Oct 13
84MagnoliaNew Line Cinema $17,660,3721,086$22,455,976Dec 17
85The Sixth SenseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,557,0852,821$293,506,292Aug 6
86Small Time CrooksDreamWorks Distribution $17,266,359886$17,266,359May 19
87Red PlanetWarner Bros. $17,265,4092,703$17,480,890Nov 10
88Best in ShowWarner Bros. $17,179,643497$18,715,392Sep 29
89Billy ElliotFocus Features $17,095,235510$21,995,263Oct 13
90The Ninth GateArtisan Entertainment $16,665,3701,694$18,661,336Mar 10
91Anna and the KingTwentieth Century Fox $15,969,4852,132$39,263,420Dec 17
92Wonder BoysParamount Pictures $15,386,4071,509$19,393,557Feb 23
93LoserSony Pictures Releasing $15,178,8842,016$15,618,626Jul 21
94The Next Best ThingParamount Pictures $14,689,1222,035$14,990,582Mar 3
95Man on the MoonUniversal Pictures $14,682,5052,079$34,607,430Dec 22
96Snow Falling on CedarsUniversal Pictures $14,316,3011,155$14,417,593Dec 22
97Dungeons & DragonsNew Line Cinema $14,250,4782,078$15,391,970Dec 8
98DogmaLionsgate $14,054,9051,292$30,652,890Nov 12
99Sleepy HollowParamount Pictures $13,725,4383,069$101,071,502Nov 19
100Being John MalkovichUSA Films $13,675,718630$22,863,596Oct 29
101Thomas and the Magic RailroadDestination Films $13,586,3592,110$15,933,506Jul 26
102EverestMacGillivray Freeman Films $13,020,72362$87,178,599Mar 6
103Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonSony Pictures Classics $12,187,8152,027$128,078,872Dec 8
104Highlander: EndgameMiramax $11,467,2491,546$12,811,858Sep 1
105Fantasia 2000Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,728,5741,313$60,655,420Jan 1
106Boys Don't CryFox Searchlight Pictures $10,449,398365$11,540,607Oct 8
107The InsiderWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,289,2451,844$29,089,912Nov 5
108Here on EarthTwentieth Century Fox $9,767,4951,713$10,522,168Mar 24
109Ready to RumbleWarner Bros. $9,512,4222,585$12,394,327Apr 7
110Cirque du Soleil: Journey of ManSony Pictures Classics $8,707,46822$15,619,088May 5
111Play It to the BoneWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,407,8761,588$8,434,146Dec 25
112All About My MotherSony Pictures Classics $8,094,807145$8,272,296Nov 5
113Godzilla 2000Sony Pictures Releasing $7,928,9412,111$9,905,002Aug 18
114GalapagosIMAX $7,815,99014$18,627,957Oct 29
115ScrewedUniversal Pictures $7,027,3451,761$7,027,345May 12
116The Emperor's New GrooveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,311,8992,887$89,302,687Dec 15
117Finding ForresterSony Pictures Releasing $5,301,7312,002$51,804,714Dec 22
118Island of the SharksIMAX $5,241,46617$10,658,505Apr 23
119SunshineParamount Classics $5,005,351153$5,096,267Dec 17
120The Straight StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,434,637186$6,203,044Oct 15
121The Best ManUniversal Pictures $4,341,1901,348$34,102,780Oct 22
122ChocolatMiramax $4,248,9841,928$71,509,363Dec 15
123All the Pretty HorsesMiramax $4,170,5671,593$15,540,353Dec 25
124You Can Count on MeParamount Classics $3,943,839150$9,416,804Nov 10
125Blue StreakSony Pictures Releasing $3,862,6912,735$68,518,533Sep 17
126ExtremeIMAX $3,861,95221$12,475,172Apr 2
127DinosaurWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,853,5533,319$137,748,063May 19
128CyberWorldIMAX $3,640,19338$11,253,900Oct 6
129The BachelorNew Line Cinema $3,487,9402,524$21,760,240Nov 5
130QuillsFox Searchlight Pictures $3,350,819223$7,065,332Nov 24
131Africa's Elephant KingdomIMAX $3,253,40215$13,485,455May 1
132Double JeopardyParamount Pictures $3,129,5563,002$116,741,558Sep 24
133Three KingsWarner Bros. $3,044,3522,942$60,652,036Oct 1
134Isn't She GreatUniversal Pictures $2,962,465750$2,962,465Jan 28
135Requiem for a DreamArtisan Entertainment $2,844,97893$3,635,482Oct 6
136Mysteries of EgyptIMAX $2,791,11327$40,548,464Aug 21
137WolvesIMAX $2,725,02116$4,811,282Jun 18
138Runaway BrideParamount Pictures $2,616,1083,240$152,257,509Jul 30
139Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes BackWarner Bros. $2,395,6093,043$85,744,662Nov 10
140Music of the HeartMiramax $2,388,1081,353$14,859,394Oct 29
141Siegfried & Roy: The Magic BoxIMAX $2,333,02722$5,231,283Oct 1
142Beyond the MatLionsgate $2,016,521298$2,053,648Oct 22
143O Brother, Where Art Thou?Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,936,631847$45,512,588Dec 22
144SuperstarParamount Pictures $1,908,4322,016$30,636,478Oct 8
145Bossa NovaSony Pictures Releasing $1,757,67359$1,823,297Apr 28
146Holy SmokeMiramax $1,700,21793$1,765,545Dec 3
147The Life and Times of Hank GreenbergCowboy Pictures $1,640,43831$1,712,385Jan 12
148State and MainFine Line Features $1,563,768462$6,944,471Dec 22
149The LimeyArtisan Entertainment $1,315,149105$3,204,663Oct 8
150The Messenger: The Story of Joan of ArcSony Pictures Releasing $1,155,1062,147$14,276,317Nov 12
151Mohabbatein-$1,070,00053$1,070,000Oct 27
152The Emperor and the AssassinSony Pictures Classics $1,003,70737$1,267,239Dec 15
153Thrill Ride: The Science of FunSony Pictures Classics $1,000,92181$18,798,590Jul 11
154The CupFine Line Features $981,56542$1,079,108Jan 28
155Two Family HouseLionsgate $922,35565$1,015,122Oct 6
156The IMAX NutcrackerIMAX $871,86226$1,009,291Nov 12
157Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom MenaceTwentieth Century Fox $850,4433,126$431,088,295May 19
158Fight ClubTwentieth Century Fox $807,3941,966$37,030,102Oct 15
159ShaftParamount Pictures $755,4582,433$70,334,258Jun 16
160Bringing Out the DeadParamount Pictures $681,8851,967$16,797,191Oct 22
161Anywhere But HereTwentieth Century Fox $678,6001,686$18,670,401Nov 12
162A Hard Day's NightMiramax $650,45063$965,351Dec 1
163Shadow of the VampireLionsgate $640,655513$8,293,784Dec 29
164American MovieSony Pictures Classics $639,40929$1,165,795Nov 5
165Trois-$634,49753$1,161,843Feb 11
166Taxi 2Lionsgate $626,16454$626,164Oct 6
167FizaVideo Sound $596,59139$596,591Sep 8
168Refugee-$590,00040$590,000Jun 30
169Phir Bhi Dil Hai HindustaniEros International $588,60650$588,606Jan 21
170TumbleweedsFine Line Features $565,051307$1,350,248Nov 26
171KadoshKino International $551,69916$736,812Feb 18
172TitusFox Searchlight Pictures $528,34035$2,007,290Dec 25
173A Time for Drunken Horses-$517,82321$560,478Oct 27
174House on Haunted HillWarner Bros. $511,6602,710$40,846,082Oct 29
175The CellNew Line Cinema $502,2772,476$61,334,059Aug 18
176A Map of the WorldFirst Look International $501,49319$544,965Dec 3
177The Five SensesFine Line Features $497,09139$497,091Jul 14
178MalenaMiramax $472,626117$3,448,233Dec 22
179Venus BeautyLot 47 Films $465,08017$465,080Oct 27
180The Filth and the FuryFine Line Features $461,46729$612,192Mar 29
181MVP: Most Valuable Primate-$442,635205$1,248,746Aug 11
182Down to YouMiramax $440,3812,003$20,069,008Jan 21
183Alice and MartinUSA Films $439,06320$500,896Jul 21
184God's Army-$432,03750$2,637,726Mar 10
185JoshEros International $426,31830$426,318Jun 9
186Ride with the DevilUSA Films $422,28660$635,096Nov 26
187The Omega CodeProvidence Entertainment $407,253450$12,614,346Oct 15
188Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega...Eros International $406,23532$406,235Aug 4
189End of DaysUniversal Pictures $395,8352,652$66,889,043Nov 24
190Not One LessSony Pictures Classics $395,62924$592,586Feb 18
191Hamara Dil Aapke Paas HaiEros International $392,07631$392,076Aug 25
192The Third MiracleSony Pictures Classics $382,06130$495,880Dec 31
193The Girl Next DoorIndican Pictures $381,2245$760,422Apr 14
194Me Myself ISony Pictures Classics $369,97559$369,975Apr 7
195New Waterford GirlOdeon $365,43520$774,469Jun 2
196Tera Jadoo Chal GayaaVideo Sound $365,31825$365,318Aug 18
197Margaret Cho: I'm the One That I Want-$363,7248$1,210,967Aug 4
198An Affair of LoveFine Line Features $359,05019$359,050Aug 11
199Place VendômeEmpire Pictures Inc. $355,97515$895,788Sep 22
200Thirteen DaysNew Line Cinema $336,7722,034$34,592,089Dec 22
201Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.Lionsgate $320,68328$507,941Dec 29
202CallEros International $314,70136$314,701Feb 4
203TrafficUSA Films $305,8091,755$124,115,725Dec 27
204Love's Labour's LostMiramax $299,79214$299,792Jun 9
205Center StageSony Pictures Releasing $292,5021,506$17,200,925May 12
206Luminarias-$292,30951$292,309May 5
207Hey RamEros International $274,67536$274,675Feb 18
208Waking the DeadUSA Films $270,74562$270,745Mar 22
209Aimee & JaguarZeitgeist Films $252,27016$927,107Aug 11
210Psycho Beach PartyStrand Releasing $247,11711$268,117Aug 4
211Santitos-$243,00095$243,000Jan 28
212Before Night FallsFine Line Features $235,232127$4,242,892Dec 22
213TarzanWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $224,0393,131$171,091,819Jun 16
214MelaEros International $220,52429$220,524Jan 7
215Bulandi-$203,54830$203,548Jan 7
216Chal Mere BhaiEros International $199,22725$199,227May 5
217The Ladies ManParamount Pictures $191,1582,043$13,616,610Oct 13
21842 UpFirst Run $189,2225$300,880Nov 17
219Beautiful PeopleTrimark Pictures $183,57126$264,292Feb 18
220East Is EastMiramax $173,435157$4,177,818Apr 14
221I Dreamed of AfricaSony Pictures Releasing $172,9522,112$6,651,522May 5
222Laura Cadieux... la suiteAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $170,95359$777,477Dec 3
223Uninvited Guest-$170,83235$170,832Sep 22
224Gun ShyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $170,598296$1,638,202Feb 4
225The House of MirthSony Pictures Classics $169,05963$3,043,284Dec 22
226SolasIDP Distribution $164,47214$244,219Sep 8
227Into the Arms of StrangersWarner Bros. $150,63218$382,807Sep 15
228Angela's AshesParamount Pictures $149,690614$13,042,112Dec 25
229Bittersweet Motel-$144,35816$391,653Aug 25
230Cecil B. DeMentedArtisan Entertainment $143,26582$1,284,646Aug 11
231BaitWarner Bros. $143,0672,352$15,325,127Sep 15
232Agnes BrowneUSA Films $138,38021$148,853Dec 3
233Raju ChachaEros International $123,98935$194,698Dec 29
234The Ballad of Ramblin' JackLot 47 Films $120,50120$225,682Aug 16
235MifuneSony Pictures Classics $117,26434$256,510Feb 25
236GossipWarner Bros. $114,7061,525$5,108,820Apr 21
237Catfish in Black Bean Sauce-$112,45620$1,319,592Jun 9
238This Is Spinal Tap
2000 Re-release
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $109,45511$244,557Sep 8
239The Last SeptemberTrimark Pictures $108,24456$478,053Apr 21
240Eye of the BeholderDestination Films $96,1251,751$16,500,786Jan 28
2000 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $96,1043$460,226Jul 21
242Boiler RoomNew Line Cinema $91,4591,335$16,970,581Feb 18
243American PimpSeventh Art Releasing $89,4329$287,724Jun 9
244Grass-$87,20610$313,039May 31
245To Fall in LoveEros International $87,00030$87,000Nov 17
246GrooveSony Pictures Releasing $77,07750$1,115,313Jun 9
247The OpportunistsFirst Look International $76,81431$584,054Aug 11
248Hum To Mohabbat KaregaEros International $75,4461$75,446May 26
249Loving JezebelFocus Features $72,19074$72,190Oct 27
250Boricua's BondUSA Films $71,04624$71,046Jun 23
251Yi YiWinStar Cinema $66,45615$1,136,776Oct 6
252TabooNew Yorker Films $65,4633$114,425Oct 6
253WhippedDestination Films $64,6191,581$4,159,986Sep 1
254OneginThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $63,5926$206,128Dec 17
255Judy BerlinShooting Gallery $61,23619$61,236Feb 25
256Deep in the WoodsPhaedra Cinema $56,11929$56,119Sep 29
257Sound and FuryArtistic License $56,0876$114,882Oct 25
258JungleEros International $54,12519$54,125Jul 14
259Paragraph 175New Yorker Films $51,5902$96,630Sep 13
260BackstageMiramax $49,748322$1,191,835Sep 6
261WaydowntownOdeon $48,3334$48,333Nov 24
262The CrewWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $48,1171,515$13,023,075Aug 25
263Whatever It TakesSony Pictures Releasing $47,1762,272$8,745,680Mar 24
264DhadkanEros International $45,38016$45,380Aug 11
265Karobaar: The Business of LoveEros International $45,20022$45,200Sep 15
266Such a Long JourneySony Pictures Releasing $44,36419$44,364Mar 24
267PollockSony Pictures Classics $44,244280$8,598,593Dec 15
2000 Re-release
Wellspring Media $43,5935$337,587Jun 30
269An Everlasting PieceDreamWorks Distribution $43,5008$75,228Dec 22
270The GiftParamount Classics $43,475807$12,008,642Dec 22
271Hadh Kar Di AapneEros International $42,91412$42,914Apr 14
272PanicRoxie Releasing $42,32811$779,137Dec 1
273ShikariEros International $40,71220$40,712Oct 6
274SnatchScreen Gems $37,6621,444$30,328,156Dec 8
275The Art of WarWarner Bros. $37,2692,630$30,208,599Aug 25
276KurukshetraEros International $36,89018$36,890Nov 10
277Love & SexLionsgate $36,66676$543,896Aug 25
278Turn It UpNew Line Cinema $29,145661$1,247,949Sep 8
279Smiling Fish & Goat on Fire-$28,31615$278,492Aug 25
280VatelMiramax $27,8872$51,080Dec 25
281The Eyes of Tammy FayeLionsgate $26,87851$1,029,591Jul 21
282Benjamin SmokeCowboy Pictures $18,3422$37,111Jul 21
283The FantasticksMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $17,5976$49,666Sep 22
284Long Night's Journey Into DaySeventh Art Releasing $17,2403$50,715Mar 29
285ChunhyangLot 47 Films $16,18716$798,977Dec 29
286Khiladi 420Eros International $15,09812$26,731Dec 29
287Calle 54Miramax $14,93312$187,308Oct 20
288Buddy BoyFine Line Features $12,5973$12,597Mar 24
289Better Living Through CircuitrySeventh Art Releasing $10,0758$82,378May 26
290The Times of Harvey MilkNew Yorker Films $9,5021$13,801Sep 15
291PraiseStrand Releasing $7,2592$29,874Jun 30
292The ClaimMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $7,13129$669,258Dec 29
293CircusSony Pictures Releasing $6,2878$14,693Sep 15
294All I Wanna Do
2000 Re-release
-$5,8381$5,838Mar 24
295Coming Soon-$5,4531$5,453May 12
296Brown's Requiem-$4,2872$4,287Feb 25
297Stella Does TricksStrand Releasing $4,2241$4,224Jan 28
298Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of MistsPhaedra Cinema $3,8039$29,245Jan 28
299Knockin' on Heaven's DoorPhaedra Cinema $3,2962$5,710Aug 20
300The SpecialsRegent Releasing $3,1452$13,276Sep 22
301Prince of Central Park-$2,0284$7,838Sep 22
302Animal FactorySilver Nitrate $1,9833$43,805Oct 20
303PupsMonarch $1,5901$1,590Mar 31
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