Domestic Box Office For 1999

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom MenaceTwentieth Century Fox $429,870,5763,126$431,088,295May 19
2The Sixth SenseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $271,360,1262,821$293,506,292Aug 6
3Toy Story 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $199,843,0443,257$242,947,795Nov 19
4The MatrixWarner Bros. $171,479,9302,903$171,479,930Mar 31
5Big DaddySony Pictures Releasing $163,479,7953,254$163,479,795Jun 25
6The MummyUniversal Pictures $155,385,4883,411$155,385,488May 7
7Runaway BrideParamount Pictures $148,847,4943,240$152,257,509Jul 30
8Notting HillUniversal Pictures $116,989,6212,786$116,089,678May 28
9Wild Wild WestWarner Bros. $113,764,5093,342$113,764,509Jun 30
10Double JeopardyParamount Pictures $111,343,4483,002$116,741,558Sep 24
11American PieUniversal Pictures $102,561,0142,544$102,561,004Jul 9
12Inspector GadgetWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $96,226,0212,877$97,403,112Jul 23
13The HauntingDreamWorks Distribution $91,411,1512,881$91,411,151Jul 23
14Patch AdamsUniversal Pictures $88,582,5772,909$135,026,902Dec 25
15Sleepy HollowParamount Pictures $86,011,3423,069$101,071,502Nov 19
16Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes BackWarner Bros. $83,110,1663,043$85,744,662Nov 10
17American BeautyDreamWorks Distribution $82,156,0711,990$130,096,601Sep 15
18Deep Blue SeaWarner Bros. $73,648,1422,901$73,648,142Jul 30
19The Thomas Crown AffairMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $68,643,3992,427$69,305,181Aug 6
20BowfingerUniversal Pictures $66,384,7752,746$66,384,775Aug 13
21Stuart LittleSony Pictures Releasing $65,188,8703,151$140,035,367Dec 17
22LifeUniversal Pictures $64,016,2682,613$64,016,268Apr 16
23The Green MileWarner Bros. $63,947,4462,875$136,801,374Dec 10
24End of DaysUniversal Pictures $61,905,6852,652$66,889,043Nov 24
25StepmomSony Pictures Releasing $55,702,0512,503$91,137,662Dec 25
26Forces of NatureDreamWorks Distribution $52,900,6802,335$52,900,680Mar 19
27You've Got MailWarner Bros. $52,058,8782,948$115,821,495Dec 18
28South Park: Bigger, Longer & UncutParamount Pictures $50,955,7762,128$52,037,603Jun 30
29StigmataMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $48,534,6732,901$50,046,268Sep 10
30Mighty Joe YoungWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $47,492,0372,559$50,632,037Dec 25
31Life Is BeautifulMiramax $46,910,9591,136$57,247,384Oct 23
32The Bone CollectorUniversal Pictures $46,517,4152,623$66,518,655Nov 5
33The Prince of EgyptDreamWorks Distribution $46,306,5573,218$101,413,188Dec 18
34The World is Not EnoughMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $41,082,1153,163$126,943,684Nov 19
35Deuce Bigalow: Male GigoloWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $40,789,1642,162$65,538,755Dec 10
36House on Haunted HillWarner Bros. $38,972,0592,710$40,846,082Oct 29
37Varsity BluesParamount Pictures $37,690,0212,364$52,894,169Jan 15
388MMSony Pictures Releasing $36,663,3152,370$36,663,315Feb 26
39The FacultyMiramax $36,013,3212,365$40,283,321Dec 25
40Any Given SundayWarner Bros. $35,692,3092,505$74,111,130Dec 22
41Fight ClubTwentieth Century Fox $34,371,6521,966$37,030,102Oct 15
42Mickey Blue EyesWarner Bros. $34,033,9292,573$33,864,342Aug 20
43Bicentennial ManWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $33,495,1972,767$57,553,966Dec 17
44October SkyUniversal Pictures $32,570,6851,702$32,570,685Feb 19
45Summer of SamWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $32,339,7731,536$19,288,130Jul 2
46The 13th WarriorWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $32,083,6422,313$32,698,899Aug 27
47Random HeartsSony Pictures Releasing $31,406,3982,697$31,502,583Oct 8
48Lake PlacidTwentieth Century Fox $30,880,9332,102$31,770,414Jul 16
49A Bug's LifeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $29,916,3542,773$157,505,918Nov 20
50Mystery MenUniversal Pictures $29,694,5502,142$29,694,550Aug 6
51The Story of UsUniversal Pictures $27,009,8262,175$27,100,031Oct 15
52Saving Private RyanDreamWorks Distribution $25,649,2532,807$216,540,909Jul 24
53SuperstarParamount Pictures $25,032,3942,016$30,636,478Oct 8
54T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $24,542,52938$53,354,743Oct 23
55The Talented Mr. RipleyParamount Pictures $23,165,8882,369$81,298,265Dec 25
56The Iron GiantWarner Bros. $23,159,3052,179$23,159,305Aug 3
57Waking Ned DevineFox Searchlight Pictures $22,580,784540$24,792,251Nov 20
58Stir of EchoesArtisan Entertainment $21,871,9821,943$21,142,914Sep 10
59Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged MeNew Line Cinema $20,642,6793,314$206,040,086Jun 11
60Anna and the KingTwentieth Century Fox $20,623,3932,132$39,263,420Dec 17
61The Best ManUniversal Pictures $20,528,0001,348$34,102,780Oct 22
62Man on the MoonUniversal Pictures $19,924,9252,079$34,607,430Dec 22
63Galaxy QuestDreamWorks Distribution $19,918,7982,450$71,583,916Dec 25
64The InsiderWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $18,792,2651,844$29,089,912Nov 5
65EverestMacGillivray Freeman Films $18,415,75662$87,178,599Mar 6
66The BachelorNew Line Cinema $18,074,2452,524$21,760,240Nov 5
67Anywhere But HereTwentieth Century Fox $17,226,9981,686$18,670,401Nov 12
68RushmoreWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,023,768830$17,105,219Dec 11
69DogmaLionsgate $16,286,8371,292$30,652,890Nov 12
70Muppets from SpaceSony Pictures Releasing $16,152,3472,265$16,625,807Jul 14
71ElizabethGramercy Pictures (I) $14,609,738624$30,082,699Nov 6
72A Simple PlanParamount Pictures $14,312,353675$16,316,273Dec 11
73The Messenger: The Story of Joan of ArcSony Pictures Releasing $14,050,3722,147$14,276,317Nov 12
74In DreamsDreamWorks Distribution $12,017,3691,682$12,017,369Jan 15
75Mysteries of EgyptIMAX $11,733,86027$40,548,464Aug 21
76The Thirteenth FloorSony Pictures Releasing $11,656,0481,815$11,916,661May 28
77The MuseUSA Films $11,166,0831,263$11,614,954Aug 27
78Three to TangoWarner Bros. $10,543,2562,234$10,570,375Oct 22
79Music of the HeartMiramax $10,367,9571,353$14,859,394Oct 29
80Bringing Out the DeadParamount Pictures $9,373,6061,967$16,797,191Oct 22
81Three KingsWarner Bros. $9,062,0642,942$60,652,036Oct 1
82The Red ViolinLionsgate $8,670,139261$10,019,109Nov 6
83The Love LetterDreamWorks Distribution $8,302,478817$8,302,478May 21
84Mystery, AlaskaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,210,8651,704$8,891,623Oct 1
85The Omega CodeProvidence Entertainment $8,056,111450$12,614,346Oct 15
86Being John MalkovichUSA Films $7,384,212630$22,863,596Oct 29
87Outside ProvidenceMiramax $7,245,1591,052$7,302,522Sep 1
88Wings of CourageSony Pictures Classics $7,200,13811$15,053,344Apr 21
89ExtremeIMAX $6,308,34521$12,475,172Apr 2
90Africa's Elephant KingdomIMAX $6,226,43015$13,485,455May 1
91Light It UpTwentieth Century Fox $6,001,3411,252$5,985,690Nov 10
92Chill FactorWarner Bros. $5,872,8182,558$11,263,966Sep 3
93Central StationSony Pictures Classics $5,414,684144$5,969,553Nov 20
94BatsDestination Films $5,321,5762,540$10,155,690Oct 22
95Rush HourNew Line Cinema $5,121,5292,724$141,186,864Sep 18
96Gods and MonstersLionsgate $4,784,214149$6,451,628Nov 6
97Hilary and JackieOctober Films $4,623,310300$4,912,892Dec 30
98In Too DeepMiramax $4,439,989674$14,011,454Aug 27
99Little VoiceMiramax $3,938,250215$4,611,784Dec 4
100Playing by HeartMiramax $3,922,506308$3,970,078Jan 1
101The Adventures of Elmo in GrouchlandSony Pictures Releasing $3,342,7451,210$11,683,047Oct 1
102FiftyIMAX $3,328,24031$3,328,240Oct 29
103Island of the SharksIMAX $3,122,00617$10,658,505Apr 23
104Thrill Ride: The Science of FunSony Pictures Classics $3,064,36581$18,798,590Jul 11
105The Cider House RulesMiramax $2,653,7661,738$57,545,092Dec 10
106Babe: Pig in the CityUniversal Pictures $2,551,6802,387$18,319,860Nov 25
107The Astronaut's WifeNew Line Cinema $2,548,3052,209$10,672,566Aug 27
108She's All ThatMiramax $2,410,0002,654$63,366,989Jan 29
109Blue StreakSony Pictures Releasing $2,188,4012,735$68,518,533Sep 17
110Siegfried & Roy: The Magic BoxIMAX $2,124,14122$5,231,283Oct 1
111Run Lola RunSony Pictures Classics $2,094,037172$7,267,585Jun 18
112AntzDreamWorks Distribution $2,089,5142,929$90,757,863Oct 2
113There's Something About MaryTwentieth Century Fox $2,061,9062,555$176,484,651Jul 15
114Mansfield ParkMiramax $2,049,827152$4,775,847Nov 19
115TangoSony Pictures Classics $1,880,02063$1,897,948Jan 22
116Liberty HeightsWarner Bros. $1,860,279115$3,736,868Nov 19
117PleasantvilleNew Line Cinema $1,823,1571,773$40,584,421Oct 23
118Princess MononokeMiramax $1,782,464129$2,375,308Oct 29
119Les Boys IILionsgate $1,721,46188$4,162,236Dec 11
120Drive Me CrazyTwentieth Century Fox $1,678,8562,233$17,845,337Oct 1
121For Love of the GameUniversal Pictures $1,535,7452,933$35,188,640Sep 17
122My Favorite MartianWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,401,5002,349$36,850,101Feb 12
123Meet Joe BlackUniversal Pictures $1,378,3952,527$44,619,100Nov 13
124Dancing at LughnasaSony Pictures Classics $1,356,41493$2,287,818Nov 13
125Wildfire: Feel the Heat-$1,267,4567$2,040,635Mar 12
126The Blair Witch ProjectArtisan Entertainment $1,260,0002,538$140,539,099Jul 16
127Happy, TexasMiramax $1,255,699146$1,955,933Oct 1
128The End of the AffairSony Pictures Releasing $1,191,880688$10,827,816Dec 3
129PsychoUniversal Pictures $1,122,2052,489$21,485,655Dec 4
130I Still Know What You Did Last SummerSony Pictures Releasing $1,112,2282,473$40,002,112Nov 13
131The SiegeTwentieth Century Fox $1,072,7812,582$40,981,289Nov 6
132Another Day in ParadiseTrimark Pictures $1,002,01165$1,036,818Dec 30
133Crazy in AlabamaSony Pictures Releasing $995,2441,214$2,005,840Oct 22
134Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl-$916,81722$1,010,933May 7
135The CastleMiramax $877,621257$877,621May 7
136Edge of SeventeenStrand Releasing $858,11710$871,759Apr 30
137The King of MasksThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $834,51623$1,113,103May 14
138GalapagosIMAX $754,21814$18,629,106Oct 29
139Sweet and LowdownSony Pictures Classics $717,835239$4,197,015Dec 3
140TumbleweedsFine Line Features $691,462307$1,350,248Nov 26
141A Civil ActionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $681,4922,319$56,709,981Dec 25
142American History XNew Line Cinema $674,688513$6,719,864Oct 30
143RingmasterArtisan Entertainment $646,8971,320$9,257,103Nov 27
144GuinevereMiramax $632,283310$632,283Sep 24
145MagnoliaNew Line Cinema $606,7971,086$22,455,976Dec 17
146After LifeArtistic License $601,38311$801,985May 14
147Cradle Will RockWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $570,905506$2,903,404Dec 10
148Urban LegendSony Pictures Releasing $565,9752,257$38,072,438Sep 25
149The Twin DragonsMiramax $471,2931,131$8,359,717Apr 9
150The Third ManRialto Pictures $471,1305$618,173May 7
151The CelebrationOctober Films $456,41528$1,656,223Oct 9
152Encounter in the Third Dimension-$436,19816$7,195,792Feb 26
153Black MaskArtisan Entertainment $401,455988$12,504,289May 14
154DillagiEros International $401,24538$401,245Nov 19
155Idle HandsSony Pictures Releasing $382,3791,611$4,152,230Apr 30
156The Mask of ZorroSony Pictures Releasing $380,2612,515$94,095,523Jul 17
157Genghis BluesRoxie Releasing $374,5506$374,550Jul 1
158HappinessGood Machine $359,70360$2,960,687Oct 16
159eXistenZMiramax $357,221256$2,856,712Apr 23
160American MovieSony Pictures Classics $339,86429$1,165,795Nov 5
161The GeneralSony Pictures Classics $330,51841$1,214,198Dec 18
162Practical MagicWarner Bros. $328,0852,652$46,732,881Oct 16
163GoSony Pictures Releasing $322,6061,563$16,943,454Apr 9
164TaalEros International $320,66244$2,020,532Aug 13
165The Straight StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $319,646186$6,203,044Oct 15
166Le dernier souffleLionsgate $316,04333$316,043Mar 26
167Girl, InterruptedSony Pictures Releasing $314,7671,935$28,912,646Dec 21
168Hindustan Ki KasamEros International $310,33022$310,330Jul 23
169VampiresSony Pictures Releasing $308,2351,793$20,308,772Oct 30
170Head OnStrand Releasing $294,6156$379,384Aug 13
171Lucie AubracUSA Films $294,24419$394,079Sep 17
172Open Your EyesArtisan Entertainment $293,11634$370,720Apr 16
173The LimeyArtisan Entertainment $292,973105$3,204,663Oct 8
174Simon SezIndependent Artists $292,152504$292,152Sep 24
175SarfaroshEros International $288,73324$288,733Apr 30
176Dil Kya KareEros International $284,85635$284,856Sep 24
177The WoodParamount Pictures $276,2421,191$25,059,640Jul 16
178Body ShotsNew Line Cinema $263,780309$752,122Oct 22
179Hello Brother-$245,03441$245,034Sep 10
180The HarmonistsMiramax $244,86133$244,861Mar 12
181Living Out LoudNew Line Cinema $242,6761,087$12,905,901Oct 30
182The War ZoneLot 47 Films $236,44112$254,441Dec 10
183WolvesIMAX $228,22416$4,811,282Jun 18
184Babar: King of the ElephantsAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $227,37452$227,374Feb 26
185Bicycle Thieves
1998 Re-release
Kino International $222,6904$334,293Oct 2
186Hote Hote Pyar HogayaEros International $214,57416$214,574Jul 2
187BellyArtisan Entertainment $189,702630$9,639,390Nov 6
188I'll Be Home for ChristmasWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $189,0721,776$12,214,338Nov 13
189Trippin'October Films $184,908781$9,017,070May 14
190Boys Don't CryFox Searchlight Pictures $178,111365$11,540,607Oct 8
191Very Bad ThingsPolyGram $162,6671,260$9,898,412Nov 27
192MastEros International $158,92825$158,928Oct 15
193The HurricaneUniversal Pictures $157,0002,148$50,699,241Dec 29
194Buena Vista Social ClubArtisan Entertainment $152,98774$7,002,182Jun 4
195Cruel IntentionsSony Pictures Releasing $150,8902,312$38,328,567Mar 5
196Lal BaadshahEros International $150,65724$150,657Mar 5
197The Wizard of Oz
1998 Re-release
Warner Bros. $146,5381,882$14,836,984Nov 6
198Silsila Hai Pyar KaEros International $141,52819$141,528Apr 16
199Histoires d'hiver-$138,41130$138,411Feb 26
200The Emperor and the AssassinSony Pictures Classics $137,92737$1,267,239Dec 15
201Topsy-TurvyUSA Films $132,021224$6,208,548Dec 15
202Matroni et moiAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $130,57240$130,572Oct 8
203BeefcakeStrand Releasing $128,8639$276,259Oct 15
204The Hi-Lo CountryGramercy Pictures (I) $125,27916$166,082Dec 30
205Angela's AshesParamount Pictures $124,377614$13,042,112Dec 25
206The Minus ManArtisan Entertainment $124,15545$370,668Sep 10
207Haseena Maan JaayegiEros International $123,71922$123,719Jun 25
208Cookie's FortuneOctober Films $109,129559$10,920,544Apr 2
209MumfordWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $108,1241,452$4,555,459Sep 24
210My Name Is JoeArtisan Entertainment $106,92616$354,952Jan 22
211Le Dîner de ConsLionsgate $105,55867$4,071,548Jul 9
212BelovedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $105,2531,571$22,852,487Oct 16
213The Last DaysOctober Films $103,57932$421,432Feb 5
214200 CigarettesParamount Pictures $102,048978$6,852,450Feb 26
215Snow Falling on CedarsUniversal Pictures $101,2921,155$14,417,593Dec 22
216Train of LifeParamount Classics $98,68745$98,687Nov 5
217Bride of ChuckyUniversal Pictures $95,2582,467$32,400,658Oct 16
218RosettaUSA Films $95,1528$266,665Nov 5
219Tea with MussoliniMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $93,949284$14,401,563May 14
220Stop Making Sense
1999 Re-release
Palm Pictures $88,7229$146,154May 28
221The Dreamlife of AngelsSony Pictures Classics $86,90066$1,726,567Apr 2
222Vaastav: The RealityEros International $81,36716$81,367Oct 15
223DancemakerArtistic License $78,6016$256,780Mar 3
224Detroit Rock CityNew Line Cinema $74,5151,802$4,217,115Aug 13
225Bedrooms and HallwaysFirst Run $73,7827$136,049Sep 3
226Home FriesWarner Bros. $73,5551,925$10,123,717Nov 27
227Kohram-$70,25711$70,257Aug 3
228Waco: The Rules of Engagement-$64,2505$142,193Feb 28
229TitusFox Searchlight Pictures $54,90535$2,007,290Dec 25
230The SwindleNew Yorker Films $52,7205$250,899Dec 23
231Such a Long JourneySony Pictures Releasing $52,46619$44,364Mar 24
232Only YouEros International $50,78514$50,785Jun 11
233International KhiladiEros International $47,23815$47,238Mar 26
234Goodbye LoverWarner Bros. $47,031865$1,940,299Apr 16
235Breakfast of ChampionsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $46,67311$178,278Sep 17
236Desert BlueThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $43,2559$100,590Jun 4
237Dahek: A Burning PassionEros International $41,28418$41,284Dec 17
238Three SeasonsOctober Films $38,25266$2,021,698Apr 30
239Friends & LoversLionsgate $33,54353$33,543Apr 16
240Holy SmokeMiramax $33,30793$1,765,545Dec 3
241Beyond the CloudsSceneries Distribution $31,7384$31,738Dec 1
242Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis BaconStrand Releasing $31,00712$354,004Oct 7
243The Lovers on the BridgeMiramax $29,6792$29,679Jul 2
244Beyond BeautifulCowboy Pictures $29,4802$29,480Jan 8
245The JoyridersProvidence Entertainment $26,99926$26,999Apr 16
246MetrolandLionsgate $26,68212$26,682Apr 9
247Sugar TownUSA Films $24,34722$178,095Sep 17
24842 UpFirst Run $22,6755$300,880Nov 17
249Ever After: A Cinderella StoryTwentieth Century Fox $19,3942,067$65,705,771Jul 31
250OneginThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $18,5256$206,128Dec 17
251Six Ways to Sunday-$17,7856$54,751Mar 5
252Beyond the MatLionsgate $17,186298$2,053,648Oct 22
253FollowingZeitgeist Films $17,1242$48,482Apr 2
254A Map of the WorldFirst Look International $16,69819$544,965Dec 3
255The AppleNew Yorker Films $15,2074$15,207Feb 19
256Dry CleaningStrand Releasing $14,9191$14,919Feb 5
257The 24 Hour WomanArtisan Entertainment $14,88030$109,535Jan 29
258La Cucaracha-$14,69211$14,692Apr 23
259DiamondsMiramax $12,89527$88,428Dec 10
260Dial M for Murder
1999 Re-release
Warner Bros. $12,5621$12,562Apr 9
261On the RopesWellspring Media $12,5315$46,737Aug 18
262Regret to InformArtistic License $12,3903$44,204Jun 25
263The Mighty Peking ManCowboy Pictures $12,36814$17,368Apr 23
264The Third MiracleSony Pictures Classics $12,09030$495,880Dec 31
265Dreaming of Joseph LeesFox Searchlight Pictures $12,0442$12,044Oct 29
266Tout Truffaut
Film Festival
WinStar Cinema $11,2061$11,206Apr 23
267Agnes BrowneUSA Films $10,47321$148,853Dec 3
268Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.Lionsgate $9,45128$507,941Dec 29
269Eight Days a Week-$9,0909$9,090Feb 26
270I Stand AloneStrand Releasing $6,9551$6,955Mar 19
271Speaking in StringsSeventh Art Releasing $6,8592$6,859Sep 10
272Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul BowlesZeitgeist Films $5,8691$5,869Apr 30
273Devil's Island-$5,8141$5,814Mar 12
274LeilaFirst Run $5,2941$5,294May 14
275My Dinner with AndreWinStar Cinema $5,0731$5,073May 14
276New Yorker Films $4,8682$4,868Apr 23
277The Empty MirrorLionsgate $4,6884$4,688May 7
278Jeanne and the Perfect GuyStrand Releasing $4,4171$4,417Apr 16
279A Cool, Dry PlaceTwentieth Century Fox $4,3902$4,390Jan 29
280Het ondergronds orkestFirst Look International $4,3151$4,315Apr 2
281The Theory of FlightFine Line Features $3,75413$73,233Dec 23
282Fever PitchPhaedra Cinema $3,7361$3,736Oct 15
283Finding NorthCowboy Pictures $3,6143$27,466Jun 4
284Play It to the BoneWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,3661,588$8,434,146Dec 25
285Strawberry FieldsPhaedra Cinema $3,3472$3,347Jun 4
286I'm Crazy About Iris BlondMiramax $3,3031$3,303May 14
287Do You Wanna Dance?-$3,2101$3,210Apr 16
288Knockin' on Heaven's DoorPhaedra Cinema $2,4142$5,710Aug 20
289The Velocity of Gary-$2,1431$2,143Apr 30
290I Want YouGramercy Pictures (I) $1,6721$1,672Jun 4
291The PusherFirst Run $1,6561$1,656May 7
292The Sticky Fingers of TimeStrand Releasing $1,6101$1,610Jan 8
293The Underground Comedy MoviePhaedra Cinema $8561$856May 14
294Port DjemaShadow Distribution $7831$783Jan 1
295NobodyPhaedra Cinema $4881$488Jun 4