Domestic Box Office For 1998

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1TitanicParamount Pictures $488,194,0153,265$600,788,188Dec 19
2ArmageddonWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $198,075,3193,184$201,578,182Jul 1
3Saving Private RyanDreamWorks Distribution $192,120,0262,807$216,540,909Jul 24
4Deep ImpactParamount Pictures $140,464,6643,280$140,464,664May 8
5GodzillaSony Pictures Releasing $136,314,2943,310$136,314,294May 20
6A Bug's LifeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $127,589,5642,773$157,505,918Nov 20
7As Good as It GetsSony Pictures Releasing $124,905,8001,837$148,478,011Dec 23
8Enemy of the StateWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $92,027,9032,517$111,549,836Nov 20
9AntzDreamWorks Distribution $88,668,3492,929$90,757,863Oct 2
10The Rugrats MovieParamount Pictures $86,430,9922,832$100,494,675Nov 20
11The X FilesTwentieth Century Fox $83,898,3132,650$83,898,313Jun 19
12You've Got MailWarner Bros. $63,761,6712,948$115,821,495Dec 18
13Ever After: A Cinderella StoryTwentieth Century Fox $61,413,2642,067$65,705,771Jul 31
14The Prince of EgyptDreamWorks Distribution $55,106,6313,218$101,413,188Dec 18
15Small SoldiersDreamWorks Distribution $54,682,5472,613$54,682,547Jul 10
16Star Trek: InsurrectionParamount Pictures $53,895,3832,677$70,187,658Dec 11
17Patch AdamsUniversal Pictures $46,444,3252,909$135,026,902Dec 25
18Wag the DogNew Line Cinema $43,029,8071,752$43,061,945Dec 25
19EverestMacGillivray Freeman Films $40,656,76062$87,178,599Mar 6
20Primary ColorsUniversal Pictures $39,001,1871,976$39,001,187Mar 20
21How Stella Got Her Groove BackTwentieth Century Fox $37,672,9411,399$37,672,941Aug 14
22Jackie BrownMiramax $36,076,8011,642$39,673,162Dec 25
23StepmomSony Pictures Releasing $35,435,6112,503$91,137,662Dec 25
24MousehuntDreamWorks Distribution $33,332,4212,233$61,917,389Dec 19
25Jack FrostWarner Bros. $27,986,7632,152$34,562,556Dec 11
26PaulieDreamWorks Distribution $26,875,2681,812$26,875,268Apr 17
27AmistadDreamWorks Distribution $23,593,1091,019$44,229,441Dec 10
28An American Werewolf in ParisWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $23,185,5641,731$26,570,463Dec 25
29L.A. ConfidentialWarner Bros. $22,419,6441,625$64,616,940Sep 19
30BelovedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,137,1341,571$22,852,487Oct 16
31Mr. MagooWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $20,199,3641,857$21,437,192Dec 25
32The Replacement KillersSony Pictures Releasing $19,204,9291,936$19,204,929Feb 6
33VampiresSony Pictures Releasing $18,475,2421,793$20,308,772Oct 30
34The ApostleOctober Films $17,516,680751$19,868,354Dec 19
35The PostmanWarner Bros. $16,072,1672,207$17,626,234Dec 25
36ElizabethGramercy Pictures (I) $14,563,411624$30,082,699Nov 6
37The Full MontyFox Searchlight Pictures $11,358,197783$45,950,122Aug 15
38Living Out LoudNew Line Cinema $10,529,9801,087$12,905,901Oct 30
39Deconstructing HarryFine Line Features $9,573,562445$10,686,841Dec 12
40Life Is BeautifulMiramax $9,469,4871,136$57,247,384Oct 23
41The Spanish PrisonerSony Pictures Classics $8,648,870296$9,584,314Apr 3
42The Horse WhispererWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,437,1452,362$75,383,563May 15
43Doctor DolittleTwentieth Century Fox $5,832,3672,871$144,156,605Jun 26
44KundunWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $5,657,276439$5,684,789Dec 25
45Tomorrow Never DiesMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $5,612,3942,807$125,304,276Dec 19
46American History XNew Line Cinema $5,153,413513$6,719,864Oct 30
47Scream 2Dimension Films $5,049,5742,688$101,363,301Dec 12
48Can't Hardly WaitSony Pictures Releasing $4,435,1371,987$25,605,015Jun 12
49The FacultyMiramax $4,270,0002,365$40,283,321Dec 25
50Slums of Beverly HillsFox Searchlight Pictures $3,996,267253$5,502,773Aug 14
51MulanWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,952,7042,953$120,620,254Jun 19
52Gone with the Wind
1998 Re-release
New Line Cinema $3,889,210214$6,750,112Jun 26
53Dangerous BeautyWarner Bros. $3,718,330313$4,553,271Feb 20
54Your Friends & NeighborsGramercy Pictures (I) $3,629,933246$4,714,658Aug 21
55Mighty Joe YoungWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,140,0002,559$50,632,037Dec 25
56Lethal Weapon 4Warner Bros. $3,139,4543,117$130,444,603Jul 10
57Dirty WorkMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $2,786,9501,776$10,023,282Jun 12
58BulworthTwentieth Century Fox $2,732,6082,051$26,528,185May 15
59Spice WorldSony Pictures Releasing $2,690,6052,339$29,342,592Jan 23
60Down in the DeltaMiramax $2,497,557417$5,672,903Dec 25
61Freeriders-$2,345,33330$2,750,064Oct 20
62Buffalo '66Lionsgate $2,204,00925$2,375,097Jun 26
63The Devil's AdvocateWarner Bros. $1,949,8482,404$60,944,660Oct 17
64High ArtOctober Films $1,912,7174$1,960,216Jun 12
65The ImpostorsFox Searchlight Pictures $1,889,044162$2,198,044Oct 2
66FallenWarner Bros. $1,860,3402,448$25,232,289Jan 16
67The Last Days of DiscoGramercy Pictures (I) $1,742,786168$3,020,601May 29
68Washington SquareWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,643,21435$1,851,761Oct 5
69Quest for CamelotWarner Bros. $1,508,9573,107$22,510,798May 15
70Hard RainParamount Pictures $1,486,1492,132$19,870,567Jan 16
71Gods and MonstersLionsgate $1,437,907149$6,451,628Nov 6
72Desperate MeasuresSony Pictures Releasing $1,400,4491,963$13,806,137Jan 30
73Hav PlentyMiramax $1,181,998413$2,284,034Jun 19
74Deep RisingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,086,1211,788$11,203,026Jan 30
75Air Force OneSony Pictures Releasing $1,076,3922,981$172,956,409Jul 25
76The Winter GuestFine Line Features $856,04721$870,290Dec 25
77Chinese BoxTrimark Pictures $787,391106$2,178,160Apr 17
78PiArtisan Entertainment $784,48268$3,221,152Jul 10
79The Butcher BoyWarner Bros. $764,82890$1,995,911Apr 3
80The GovernessMiramax $714,361135$3,719,509Jul 31
81Henry FoolSony Pictures Classics $704,68251$1,338,335Jun 19
82Touch of Evil
1998 Re-release
October Films $667,34545$2,247,465Sep 11
83The Thief-$666,03139$1,126,506Jul 17
84The Thin Red LineTwentieth Century Fox $644,8021,657$36,400,491Dec 25
85Zero EffectSony Pictures Releasing $574,169129$2,087,471Jan 30
86Déjà VuRainbow Releasing $550,95739$1,086,181Apr 24
87The Gingerbread ManPolyGram $514,56630$1,677,131Jan 23
88Ma Vie en RoseSony Pictures Classics $514,00163$2,162,043Dec 26
89Hands on a Hardbody: The DocumentaryProvidence Entertainment $465,4536$563,482Jul 10
90Kurt & CourtneyRoxie Releasing $412,23312$668,228Feb 27
91The Sweet HereafterFine Line Features $404,49070$3,263,585Oct 10
92Bugs Bunny Film FestivalWarner Bros. $400,7911$413,076Feb 13
93Without LimitsWarner Bros. $396,541110$777,423Sep 11
94FirelightWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $347,49939$785,482Sep 4
95Dancer, Texas Pop. 81Sony Pictures Releasing $302,36428$676,631May 1
96HurlyburlyFine Line Features $291,99684$1,798,862Dec 25
97Suicide KingsArtisan Entertainment $288,991152$1,740,156Apr 17
98Mr. JealousyLionsgate $270,79624$301,796Jun 5
99AfterglowSony Pictures Classics $225,480353$2,465,960Dec 26
100CubeTrimark Pictures $213,87724$501,818Sep 11
101The Land GirlsGramercy Pictures (I) $204,42821$238,497Jun 12
102Chairman of the BoardTrimark Pictures $181,233196$181,233Mar 13
103Monument Ave.Lionsgate $174,27824$333,760Sep 25
104InsomniaFirst Run $166,6283$227,569May 29
105CharacterSony Pictures Classics $165,64342$623,983Mar 27
106Beyond SilenceMiramax $159,26021$181,881Jun 5
107A Civil ActionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $155,5962,319$56,709,981Dec 25
108Wild Man BluesNew Line Cinema $144,75925$533,759Apr 17
109The Nights of Cabiria
1998 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $143,3139$752,045Jul 1
110Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis BaconStrand Releasing $137,63912$354,004Oct 7
111The GeneralSony Pictures Classics $134,81741$1,214,198Dec 18
112Sour GrapesSony Pictures Releasing $123,10428$123,104Apr 17
113ArtemisiaMiramax $113,47217$356,749May 8
114Ayn Rand: A Sense of LifeStrand Releasing $108,0694$205,246Feb 13
115Hurricane StreetsUnited Artists $93,15093$375,634Feb 13
116The Real BlondeParamount Pictures $83,48810$83,488Feb 27
117The PeacemakerDreamWorks Distribution $79,7342,420$41,263,140Sep 26
118HomegrownSony Pictures Releasing $77,91035$77,910Apr 17
119Welcome to SarajevoMiramax $74,58115$334,319Nov 26
120The EelNew Yorker Films $68,2526$418,480Aug 21
121No Looking BackGramercy Pictures (I) $59,62123$222,099Mar 27
122Sonatine-$58,8346$58,834Apr 10
123The Big Chill
1998 Re-release
Sony Pictures Releasing $56,94850$56,948Nov 6
124The Big OneMiramax $53,78553$720,074Apr 10
125The Education of Little TreeParamount Pictures $50,26752$323,411Dec 25
126The BeyondCowboy Pictures $49,84315$123,843Jun 12
127Picnic at Hanging Rock-$49,5825$49,582Jun 26
128The Brandon Teena StoryZeitgeist Films $45,7772$92,113Sep 23
129Shattered ImageLionsgate $44,48224$83,568Dec 4
130RushmoreWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $43,666830$17,105,219Dec 11
131Hilary and JackieOctober Films $41,973300$4,912,892Dec 30
132The SwindleNew Yorker Films $40,7685$250,899Dec 23
133Bicycle Thieves
1998 Re-release
Kino International $38,4514$334,293Oct 2
134The Night FlierNew Line Cinema $33,84895$125,397Feb 6
135Behind the LinesAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $33,1316$33,131Aug 14
136Niagara, NiagaraArtisan Entertainment $32,90533$214,661Mar 20
137Mean Streets
1998 Re-release
Warner Bros. $32,6453$32,645Mar 13
138The Theory of FlightFine Line Features $31,68513$73,233Dec 23
139TwentyFourSevenOctober Films $30,14717$91,805Apr 15
140I Love You, Don't Touch Me!Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $28,60310$98,973Feb 20
141Nil by MouthSony Pictures Classics $26,49718$266,130Feb 6
142AfflictionLionsgate $26,038335$6,330,054Dec 30
143Full Tilt BoogieMiramax $15,3136$15,313Jul 31
144SaviorLionsgate $14,3284$14,328Nov 20
145Hit MeCastle Hill Productions $12,5003$12,500Oct 2
146Playing by HeartMiramax $10,265308$3,970,078Jan 1
147The AlarmistLionsgate $9,26911$59,864Oct 16
148Dream for an InsomniacLionsgate $8,9206$24,727Jun 19
149The Last of the High KingsMiramax $7,6823$7,682Apr 10
150The Hi-Lo CountryGramercy Pictures (I) $6,01316$166,082Dec 30
151Another Day in ParadiseTrimark Pictures $4,84965$1,036,818Dec 30
152The Other Side of SundayFirst Look International $4,7691$4,769May 1
153Detroit 9000-$3,1792$3,179Oct 9
154Dear JesseCowboy Pictures $3,1413$17,744Jun 26
155Thursday-$3,1212$3,121Nov 13
156Go NowGramercy Pictures (I) $3,0663$25,695May 1
157Hi-LifeLionsgate $1,5141$9,066Dec 4
158Pretty Village, Pretty FlameWellspring Media $2111$211Jan 16