Domestic Box Office For 1996

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Independence DayTwentieth Century Fox $306,156,0902,977$306,169,268Jul 3
2Mission: ImpossibleParamount Pictures $170,267,6023,012$180,981,856May 22
3The Nutty ProfessorUniversal Pictures $128,814,0192,239$128,814,019Jun 28
4The RockWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $127,187,1842,426$134,069,511Jun 7
5RansomWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $124,641,9412,768$136,492,681Nov 8
6TwisterWarner Bros. $105,073,6422,808$241,721,524May 10
7101 DalmatiansWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $104,111,6522,901$136,189,294Nov 27
8Star Trek: First ContactParamount Pictures $85,122,1522,812$92,027,888Nov 22
9Space JamWarner Bros. $81,926,3342,650$90,418,342Nov 15
10Jerry MaguireSony Pictures Releasing $65,675,8172,531$153,952,592Dec 13
11The Cable GuySony Pictures Releasing $60,092,0932,657$60,240,295Jun 14
12Jingle All the WayTwentieth Century Fox $53,185,5472,404$60,592,389Nov 22
13Romeo + JulietTwentieth Century Fox $41,668,0831,963$46,351,345Nov 1
14Beavis and Butt-Head Do AmericaParamount Pictures $41,121,4872,417$63,118,386Dec 20
15Toy StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $38,694,7182,574$191,796,233Nov 22
16Dead Man WalkingGramercy Pictures (I) $38,386,987821$39,363,635Dec 29
17Leaving Las VegasMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $28,572,6181,310$32,029,928Oct 27
18The Preacher's WifeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $27,942,1242,008$48,102,795Dec 13
19MichaelNew Line Cinema $27,629,1962,325$95,318,203Dec 25
20Mars Attacks!Warner Bros. $25,846,5081,955$37,771,017Dec 13
21DaylightUniversal Pictures $24,980,5652,189$33,023,469Dec 6
22The English PatientMiramax $22,758,2521,409$78,676,425Nov 15
23ScreamDimension Films $21,253,2041,994$103,046,663Dec 20
24City HallSony Pictures Releasing $20,340,2041,815$20,340,204Feb 16
25Lone StarSony Pictures Classics $20,132,115143$12,408,986Jun 21
26One Fine DayTwentieth Century Fox $19,435,0441,975$46,151,454Dec 20
27Maximum RiskSony Pictures Releasing $14,502,4832,358$14,502,483Sep 13
28Flirting with DisasterMiramax $13,508,749969$14,702,438Mar 22
29The Spitfire GrillSony Pictures Releasing $12,119,7021,247$12,658,486Aug 23
30Il PostinoMiramax $11,264,673430$21,848,932Jun 16
31Big NightThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $10,648,962336$12,008,376Sep 20
32Michael CollinsWarner Bros. $10,561,169878$11,092,559Oct 11
33My Fellow AmericansWarner Bros. $10,170,9861,915$22,313,201Dec 20
34Se7enNew Line Cinema $7,402,3302,528$100,125,643Sep 22
35BraveheartParamount Pictures $6,890,8062,037$67,047,523May 24
36GoldenEyeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $6,429,9412,667$106,429,941Nov 17
37BabeUniversal Pictures $5,718,5501,790$63,658,910Aug 4
38The Evening StarParamount Pictures $5,272,4491,268$12,767,815Dec 27
39Sense and SensibilitySony Pictures Releasing $5,239,7421,054$43,182,776Dec 15
40Executive DecisionWarner Bros. $3,540,3302,289$56,569,216Mar 15
41Fly Away HomeSony Pictures Releasing $3,506,7071,401$25,143,818Sep 13
42Waiting to ExhaleTwentieth Century Fox $3,453,2161,402$67,052,156Dec 22
43RestorationMiramax $3,381,100457$4,005,941Dec 29
44StripteaseSony Pictures Releasing $2,884,1721,979$33,109,743Jun 28
45Ace Ventura: When Nature CallsWarner Bros. $2,081,6592,705$108,385,533Nov 10
46Tom and HuckWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,815,0621,614$23,920,048Dec 22
47SwingersMiramax $1,734,013160$4,555,020Oct 18
48The ArrivalOrion Pictures $1,658,3311,693$14,063,331May 31
49Once Upon a Time... When We Were Colored-$1,531,14777$2,291,255Jan 26
50Antonia's LineFirst Look International $1,421,84873$4,228,275Feb 2
51Richard IIIUnited Artists $865,252130$2,684,904Dec 29
52BasquiatMiramax $771,446109$3,011,195Aug 9
53CrashFine Line Features $738,339339$1,299,921Oct 4
54The City of Lost ChildrenSony Pictures Classics $729,54136$1,738,611Dec 15
55The FuneralOctober Films $704,51170$1,227,324Nov 1
56Surviving PicassoWarner Bros. $625,04349$2,021,348Sep 20
57MicrocosmosMiramax $622,88343$1,433,210Oct 9
58Anne Frank RememberedSony Pictures Classics $578,15831$1,310,200Feb 23
59Taxi Driver
1996 Re-release
Sony Pictures Releasing $543,76515$962,574Feb 16
60Ghosts of MississippiSony Pictures Releasing $540,3321,268$13,323,144Dec 20
61The People vs. Larry FlyntSony Pictures Releasing $523,2951,233$20,300,385Dec 27
62EvitaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $460,0871,045$47,786,821Dec 25
63I Shot Andy WarholOrion Pictures $444,97158$1,875,527May 1
64HeavyLionsgate $408,39522$941,414Jun 5
65Twelfth Night or What You WillFine Line Features $356,80931$588,621Oct 25
66Mother NightFine Line Features $354,70130$403,701Nov 1
67The Celluloid ClosetSony Pictures Classics $349,73138$1,400,591Mar 15
68Shanghai TriadSony Pictures Classics $346,72043$2,086,101Dec 20
69PalookavilleThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $344,01624$365,284Oct 25
70Chungking Express-$307,24920$600,200Mar 8
71Dead ManMiramax $247,27737$1,037,847May 10
72MotherParamount Pictures $228,040735$19,145,198Dec 27
73CycloLionsgate $226,0846$284,692Aug 1
74A Midwinter's TaleSony Pictures Classics $222,03327$469,571Feb 9
75The Grass HarpFine Line Features $212,83448$559,771Oct 11
76Manny & LoSony Pictures Classics $176,70227$502,313Jul 26
77Marvin's RoomMiramax $169,7571,158$12,803,305Dec 20
78HamletSony Pictures Releasing $147,32193$4,708,156Dec 27
79The Portrait of a LadyGramercy Pictures (I) $134,805570$3,692,836Dec 27
80Everyone Says I Love YouMiramax $131,678276$9,759,200Dec 6
81FreewayRoxie Releasing $131,5789$295,493Aug 23
82Things to Do in Denver When You're DeadMiramax $124,08636$529,766Dec 1
83A Perfect CandidateSeventh Art Releasing $123,4858$134,485Jun 19
84The Star MakerMiramax $122,00629$371,674Mar 8
85FlirtLionsgate $121,4807$263,192Aug 7
86JudeGramercy Pictures (I) $116,02020$409,144Oct 18
87Some Mother's SonSony Pictures Releasing $111,54935$671,437Dec 27
88Bottle RocketSony Pictures Releasing $111,49449$560,069Feb 21
89ParaĆ­so Perdido-$105,62311$272,750Sep 20
90Cemetery ManOctober Films $99,68125$253,986Apr 26
91The Last SupperSony Pictures Releasing $89,75840$459,749Apr 5
92Bitter SugarFirst Look International $81,44712$450,060Oct 11
93Denise Calls UpSony Pictures Classics $56,57516$148,121Mar 29
94Maggie's Stiletto Sisters-$51,26413$51,264Jun 14
95Unhook the StarsMiramax $50,74120$272,542Nov 1
96Curdled-$49,62018$49,620Sep 27
97Citizen RuthMiramax $39,69223$285,112Dec 13
98American BuffaloThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $39,39473$665,450Sep 13
99The Neon BibleStrand Releasing $37,6613$78,072Mar 1
100Sling BladeMiramax $36,6441,020$24,444,121Nov 29
101I'm Not RappaportGramercy Pictures (I) $26,0113$26,011Dec 24
102When We Were KingsGramercy Pictures (I) $25,68292$2,789,985Oct 25
103The SunchaserWarner Bros. $21,50823$21,508Oct 25
104Of Love and ShadowsMiramax $19,7104$19,710May 10
105Small FacesOctober Films $16,72412$155,239Aug 14
106Land and FreedomGramercy Pictures (I) $12,59510$228,800Mar 15
107The Whole Wide WorldSony Pictures Classics $12,56320$375,757Dec 20
108The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld StoryCastle Hill Productions $11,1357$50,605Sep 27
109GirlfriendsFirst Run $9,0561$18,000Jul 19
110Blue Juice-$4,5352$4,535Nov 13
111In Love and WarNew Line Cinema $4,1121,612$14,481,231Dec 18
112Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press-$3,2041$3,204Oct 11
113A Modern AffairTara Releasing $1,9552$14,286May 24
114American Strays-$1,9101$1,910Sep 13