Domestic Box Office For 1995

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Batman ForeverWarner Bros. $184,031,1122,893$184,031,112Jun 16
2Apollo 13Universal Pictures $172,071,3122,347$172,071,312Jun 30
3Toy StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $146,198,6832,574$191,796,233Nov 22
4Ace Ventura: When Nature CallsWarner Bros. $104,355,7812,705$108,385,533Nov 10
5CasperUniversal Pictures $100,328,1942,757$100,328,194May 26
6GoldenEyeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $93,211,1052,667$106,429,941Nov 17
7Se7enNew Line Cinema $84,677,5982,528$100,125,643Sep 22
8Bad BoysSony Pictures Releasing $65,807,0242,132$65,807,024Apr 7
9BraveheartParamount Pictures $57,514,2572,037$67,047,523May 24
10JumanjiSony Pictures Releasing $57,500,2652,530$100,475,249Dec 15
11Father of the Bride Part IIWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $52,265,7352,148$76,594,107Dec 8
12The American PresidentSony Pictures Releasing $51,055,2871,508$60,079,496Nov 17
13BabeUniversal Pictures $50,324,9751,790$63,658,910Aug 4
14CasinoUniversal Pictures $37,482,5251,631$42,512,375Nov 22
15The Lion KingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $37,283,8522,624$312,855,561Jun 15
16HeatWarner Bros. $36,493,0951,704$67,436,818Dec 15
17Waiting to ExhaleTwentieth Century Fox $36,024,3301,402$67,052,156Dec 22
18Money TrainSony Pictures Releasing $34,659,3752,522$35,431,113Nov 22
19Little WomenSony Pictures Releasing $34,083,6201,579$50,083,616Dec 21
20SabrinaParamount Pictures $30,788,6701,976$53,672,080Dec 15
21Grumpier Old MenWarner Bros. $30,748,8412,037$71,518,503Dec 22
22Forrest GumpParamount Pictures $29,694,4992,365$329,694,499Jul 6
23Johnny MnemonicSony Pictures Releasing $19,075,7202,035$19,075,720May 26
24Street FighterUniversal Pictures $15,761,0811,738$33,423,521Dec 23
25Tom and HuckWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,604,2451,614$23,920,048Dec 22
26Sudden DeathUniversal Pictures $13,467,1401,687$20,350,171Dec 22
27Highlander: The Final DimensionMiramax $12,303,0801,594$12,303,080Jan 27
28The Shawshank RedemptionColumbia Pictures $12,277,224972$28,341,469Sep 23
29The Madness of King GeorgeThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $9,899,247464$15,238,689Dec 30
30Dracula: Dead and Loving ItSony Pictures Releasing $8,244,1931,425$10,772,144Dec 22
31Immortal BelovedSony Pictures Releasing $7,675,974463$9,914,409Dec 16
32NixonWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $7,578,588977$13,681,765Dec 22
33Cutthroat IslandMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $7,215,8601,619$10,017,322Dec 22
34BaltoUniversal Pictures $6,627,0451,433$11,348,324Dec 22
35SmokeMiramax $4,966,250128$8,367,636Jun 9
36Sense and SensibilitySony Pictures Releasing $4,347,8171,054$43,182,776Dec 15
37The Secret of Roan InishFirst Look International $3,977,840104$6,159,269Feb 3
38While You Were SleepingWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,959,8572,086$81,057,016Apr 21
39Hoop DreamsFine Line Features $3,715,579262$7,830,611Oct 14
40ExoticaMiramax $3,398,357439$4,221,036Mar 3
41PocahontasWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,105,6202,757$141,579,773Jun 16
42Quiz ShowWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,902,144822$24,822,619Sep 16
43Four RoomsMiramax $2,521,975319$4,257,354Dec 22
44PriestMiramax $1,965,635154$4,165,845Mar 24
45The NetSony Pictures Releasing $1,789,7222,027$50,727,965Jul 28
46Heavenly CreaturesMiramax $1,637,19157$3,049,135Nov 16
47Il PostinoMiramax $1,528,095430$21,848,932Jun 16
48CopycatWarner Bros. $1,417,1951,661$32,051,917Oct 27
49The Last SeductionOctober Films $1,288,514151$5,842,603Oct 26
50CrumbSony Pictures Classics $1,087,84256$3,041,083Apr 21
51UnzippedMiramax $1,087,680119$2,875,086Aug 4
52Vanya on 42nd StreetSony Pictures Classics $1,087,54928$1,746,050Oct 21
53CarringtonGramercy Pictures (I) $1,086,702127$3,242,342Nov 10
54JeffreyOrion Classics $1,072,55563$3,487,767Aug 4
55Death and the MaidenFine Line Features $1,037,362572$3,103,716Dec 23
56Burnt by the SunSony Pictures Classics $981,51755$2,302,338Apr 21
57A Man of No ImportanceSony Pictures Classics $916,56823$920,916Dec 22
58Mrs. Parker and the Vicious CircleFine Line Features $909,40767$2,144,667Nov 23
59Jefferson in ParisWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $896,212351$2,473,668Mar 31
60Village of the DamnedUniversal Pictures $688,4501,919$9,418,365Apr 28
61To LiveThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $642,66767$2,332,728Nov 18
62Leaving Las VegasMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $504,2211,310$32,029,928Oct 27
63Picture BrideMiramax $424,35243$1,238,905Apr 28
64Kicking and ScreamingTrimark Pictures $395,29626$718,490Oct 6
65Bar GirlsOrion Classics $381,26837$573,953Mar 24
66Love & Human RemainsSony Pictures Classics $357,49517$542,985Jun 2
67Shanghai TriadSony Pictures Classics $354,18443$2,086,101Dec 20
68A Pyromaniac's Love StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $345,972379$345,972Apr 28
69Wigstock: The MovieThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $323,51630$686,152Jun 9
70Federal HillTrimark Pictures $309,07211$514,775Dec 9
71Empire RecordsWarner Bros. $273,18887$273,188Sep 22
72The Sum of UsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $235,17330$766,464Mar 10
73Funny BonesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $217,25749$532,268Mar 24
74Search and DestroyOctober Films $215,80922$389,503Apr 28
7512 MonkeysUniversal Pictures $184,7761,629$57,141,459Dec 29
76Lie Down with DogsMiramax $159,6749$240,280Jun 30
77Party GirlFirst Look International $138,73110$472,370Jun 9
78Dead Man WalkingGramercy Pictures (I) $118,266821$39,363,635Dec 29
79NadjaOctober Films $111,51014$443,169Aug 25
80Pushing HandsLionsgate $106,5835$152,322Jun 2
81The Doom GenerationTrimark Pictures $98,36920$284,785Oct 25
82Richard IIIUnited Artists $91,915130$2,684,904Dec 29
83StalingradStrand Releasing $86,0042$152,972May 24
84A Pure FormalitySony Pictures Classics $82,82811$190,749May 26
85SafeSony Pictures Classics $81,82616$512,245Jun 23
86RestorationMiramax $75,514457$4,005,941Dec 29
87Feast of JulyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $72,26947$293,274Oct 13
88RoostersIRS Media $72,0649$148,919Jul 14
89Tom & VivMiramax $69,29221$538,534Dec 2
90Things to Do in Denver When You're DeadMiramax $65,81636$529,766Dec 1
91The AddictionOctober Films $65,34114$307,308Oct 6
92A Great Day in HarlemCastle Hill Productions $59,7868$527,034Feb 17
93The City of Lost ChildrenSony Pictures Classics $54,12636$1,738,611Dec 15
94Martha & EthelSony Pictures Classics $53,3846$91,874Feb 3
95Theremin: An Electronic OdysseyOrion Classics $52,75011$253,311Aug 25
96Killer-$46,2829$297,415Dec 30
97Nico IconRoxie Releasing $35,8014$306,691Sep 8
98Arizona Dream-$34,6263$112,547Jun 7
99An Awfully Big AdventureFine Line Features $33,71812$259,724Jul 21
100Delta of VenusFine Line Features $30,0654$63,174Oct 13
101Dance Me OutsideShadow Distribution $21,5996$66,229Jun 2
102Maya Lin: A Strong Clear VisionOcean Releasing $19,5116$62,186Oct 20
103Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business-$14,5281$14,528Jul 5
104Mr. Holland's OpusWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,4661,659$82,569,971Dec 29
105Black Is... Black Ain'tTara Releasing $10,1711$10,171May 5
106Moving the MountainOctober Films $1,2193$44,536Apr 26
107The Stars Fell on HenriettaWarner Bros. $1,13317$99,318Sep 15
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