Domestic Box Office For 1994

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1The FlintstonesUniversal Pictures $130,531,2082,594$130,531,208May 27
2The Santa ClauseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $129,656,6882,388$144,833,357Nov 11
3Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire ChroniclesWarner Bros. $99,349,8942,604$105,264,608Nov 11
4Schindler's ListUniversal Pictures $91,077,9291,389$96,065,768Dec 15
5Star Trek GenerationsParamount Pictures $69,490,3652,681$75,671,125Nov 18
6Pulp FictionMiramax $61,554,3851,494$107,928,762Oct 14
7When a Man Loves a WomanWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $54,487,2261,511$50,021,959Apr 29
8Dumb and DumberNew Line Cinema $51,540,0482,565$127,175,374Dec 16
9Four Weddings and a FuneralGramercy Pictures (I) $48,840,2341,069$52,700,832Mar 11
10Beverly Hills Cop IIIParamount Pictures $41,812,1522,748$42,614,912May 25
11DisclosureWarner Bros. $39,943,4592,168$83,015,089Dec 9
12JuniorUniversal Pictures $29,578,4001,896$36,763,355Nov 23
13A Low Down Dirty ShameWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $25,991,5141,379$29,392,418Nov 25
14Reality BitesUniversal Pictures $20,982,5571,175$20,982,557Feb 18
15Drop ZoneParamount Pictures $19,677,8102,055$28,735,315Dec 9
16Quiz ShowWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $19,603,483822$24,822,619Sep 16
17Jurassic ParkUniversal Pictures $18,138,3072,566$357,067,947Jun 11
18Street FighterUniversal Pictures $17,662,4401,738$33,423,521Dec 23
19Little WomenSony Pictures Releasing $15,999,9961,579$50,083,616Dec 21
20Corrina, CorrinaNew Line Cinema $14,433,061972$20,164,171Aug 12
21Ri¢hie Ri¢hWarner Bros. $12,168,1261,761$38,087,756Dec 21
22The Jungle BookWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $11,996,9042,012$43,229,904Dec 25
23The PianoMiramax $11,751,383671$40,157,856Nov 12
24SpeechlessMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $11,443,7691,404$20,667,959Dec 16
25The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the DesertGramercy Pictures (I) $9,436,579192$11,220,670Aug 10
26I.Q.Paramount Pictures $6,659,8501,412$26,381,221Dec 25
27NellTwentieth Century Fox $6,610,1281,236$33,683,817Dec 16
28MaverickWarner Bros. $6,484,8792,537$101,631,272May 20
29SpeedTwentieth Century Fox $5,785,7092,169$121,248,145Jun 10
30The MaskNew Line Cinema $5,673,2972,516$119,938,730Jul 29
31The Next Karate KidColumbia Pictures $5,290,8961,489$8,914,777Aug 12
32Beethoven's 2ndUniversal Pictures $4,748,9112,048$53,443,066Dec 17
33Widows' PeakFine Line Features $4,685,700193$6,243,722May 13
34Getting Even with DadMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $4,641,4711,955$18,869,594Jun 17
35Shadowlands-$4,254,8511,023$25,842,377Dec 31
36SirensMiramax $4,231,402299$7,770,731Mar 4
37The Little RascalsUniversal Pictures $4,223,2721,927$52,125,282Aug 5
38City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's GoldColumbia Pictures $4,090,5852,243$43,622,150Jun 10
39FreshMiramax $4,086,741413$8,094,616Aug 19
40The Cowboy WayUniversal Pictures $4,084,0111,833$20,280,016Jun 3
41The FugitiveWarner Bros. $3,989,4032,425$183,403,565Aug 6
42The CrowMiramax $3,897,0902,119$50,693,129May 13
43Ready to WearMiramax $3,871,947736$11,300,653Dec 25
44The Remains of the DayColumbia Pictures $3,647,268517$23,237,911Nov 5
45Mixed NutsSony Pictures Releasing $3,537,6371,318$6,821,850Dec 21
46Blank CheckWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,537,4961,732$30,577,969Feb 11
47Ace Ventura: Pet DetectiveWarner Bros. $3,481,4761,963$72,217,396Feb 4
48Little Big LeagueColumbia Pictures $3,234,6941,606$12,267,790Jul 1
49The Pelican BriefWarner Bros. $3,131,5452,022$100,768,056Dec 17
50Renaissance ManWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,967,1091,788$24,332,324Jun 3
51The PaperUniversal Pictures $2,756,6211,577$38,824,341Mar 18
52The ClientWarner Bros. $2,646,0552,365$92,115,211Jul 22
53Philadelphia-$2,498,5411,604$77,446,440Dec 24
54Batman: Mask of the PhantasmWarner Bros. $2,162,8661,506$5,617,391Dec 25
55Eat Drink Man WomanThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $2,060,301217$7,294,403Aug 3
56ClerksMiramax $1,782,69796$3,151,130Oct 19
57Short CutsFine Line Features $1,572,745165$6,110,979Oct 1
58Red Rock WestRoxie Releasing $1,514,35722$2,502,551Jan 28
59BlinkNew Line Cinema $1,432,2501,540$16,696,219Jan 28
60IntersectionParamount Pictures $1,362,9971,300$21,355,893Jan 21
61Three Colors: BlueMiramax $1,024,27619$1,324,974Nov 30
62Romeo Is BleedingGramercy Pictures (I) $990,031247$3,275,585Feb 4
63Screen Two: The Clothes in the WardrobeThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $887,78663$2,106,846Dec 21
64Bitter MoonFine Line Features $847,73062$1,862,805Mar 18
65BarcelonaFine Line Features $582,125274$7,266,973Jul 29
66Three Colors: WhiteMiramax $568,74738$1,237,219Jun 10
67I'll Do AnythingColumbia Pictures $511,4591,205$10,424,645Feb 4
68GunmenDimension Films $499,395802$3,411,885Feb 4
69The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni RiefenstahlKino International $361,9063$449,707Mar 18
70Heavenly CreaturesMiramax $297,72357$3,049,135Nov 16
71NakedNew Line Cinema $280,01826$1,769,305Dec 17
72Faraway, So Close!Sony Pictures Classics $269,93615$810,455Dec 21
73NostradamusOrion Classics $258,1859$364,164Sep 16
74The War RoomOctober Films $246,62621$901,668Nov 3
75The AdvocateMiramax $225,03617$602,329Aug 24
76Spanking the MonkeyFine Line Features $220,01237$1,359,736Jul 15
77Legends of the FallSony Pictures Releasing $210,0932,038$66,638,883Dec 23
78The New AgeWarner Bros. $209,21712$245,217Sep 16
79CronosOctober Films $207,58528$621,392Apr 1
80The Browning VersionParamount Pictures $206,29424$487,391Oct 12
81Killing ZoeOctober Films $189,55214$418,961Aug 19
82Immortal BelovedSony Pictures Releasing $187,856463$9,914,409Dec 16
83Nobody's FoolParamount Pictures $166,1141,107$39,491,975Dec 23
84The Cement GardenOctober Films $165,1677$322,975Feb 11
85Mrs. Parker and the Vicious CircleFine Line Features $134,44667$2,144,667Nov 23
86That's Entertainment! IIIMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $121,9476$280,163May 6
87Death and the MaidenFine Line Features $113,170572$3,103,716Dec 23
88Wrestling Ernest HemingwayWarner Bros. $110,05447$278,720Dec 17
89Body SnatchersWarner Bros. $104,68734$428,868Jan 14
90The SlingshotSony Pictures Classics $97,70916$308,368Jun 3
91Dream LoverGramercy Pictures (I) $77,72413$256,264May 6
92The Last SeductionOctober Films $69,772151$5,842,603Oct 26
93Freedom on My MindTara Releasing $62,1771$71,176Jun 22
94To LiveThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $53,64167$2,332,728Nov 18
95The Secret Adventures of Tom ThumbTara Releasing $52,9923$70,441Nov 4
96Tom & VivMiramax $35,35221$538,534Dec 2
97Hoop DreamsFine Line Features $33,385262$7,830,611Oct 14
98La scortaFirst Look International $30,8445$147,107May 6
99Federal HillTrimark Pictures $27,10311$514,775Dec 9
100American Masters: The Life and Times of Allen GinsbergFirst Run $22,6922$22,692Feb 17
101A Place in the WorldFirst Look International $17,2073$99,707Jul 1
102Second BestWarner Bros. $13,9159$86,115Sep 30
103Pontiac MoonParamount Pictures $11,66910$11,669Nov 4
104The Saint of Fort WashingtonWarner Bros. $9,76416$134,454Nov 17
105Safe PassageNew Line Cinema $7,064263$1,618,282Dec 25
106FlounderingStrand Releasing $6,0322$20,031Nov 4
107A Man of No ImportanceSony Pictures Classics $4,34823$920,916Dec 22
108High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass MusicTara Releasing $7162$53,319Apr 29
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