Domestic Box Office For 1991

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Terminator 2: Judgment DayTriStar Pictures $202,443,3452,495$204,843,345Jul 3
2The Silence of the LambsOrion Pictures $130,742,9221,642$130,742,922Feb 14
3The Addams FamilyParamount Pictures $88,784,1612,411$113,502,426Nov 22
4BackdraftUniversal Pictures $77,868,5851,983$77,868,585May 24
5HookTriStar Pictures $64,261,8452,254$119,654,823Dec 11
6Beauty and the BeastWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $63,690,9961,960$145,863,363Nov 15
7Kindergarten CopUniversal Pictures $60,658,7131,937$91,457,688Dec 22
8The Godfather: Part IIIParamount Pictures $60,278,7911,922$66,666,062Dec 25
9Cape FearUniversal Pictures $59,227,8671,707$79,091,969Nov 15
10Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryParamount Pictures $50,445,7602,147$74,888,996Dec 6
11My GirlColumbia Pictures $41,460,6842,089$59,489,799Nov 27
12The Last Boy ScoutWarner Bros. $30,799,5191,823$59,509,925Dec 13
13Father of the BrideWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $24,954,8291,712$89,325,780Dec 20
14JFKWarner Bros. $17,628,6241,395$70,405,498Dec 20
15An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestUniversal Pictures $15,024,0151,698$22,166,041Nov 22
16BugsyTriStar Pictures $14,781,5911,253$49,114,016Dec 13
17Home AloneTwentieth Century Fox $13,774,9232,173$285,761,243Nov 16
18The GriftersMiramax $13,148,441780$13,446,769Dec 7
19The Prince of TidesColumbia Pictures $10,035,4121,546$74,787,599Dec 27
20Dances with WolvesOrion Pictures $8,645,7831,636$184,208,848Nov 9
21GoodfellasWarner Bros. $5,807,4621,328$46,836,214Sep 19
22La Femme NikitaThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $4,945,971118$5,017,971Mar 8
23GhostParamount Pictures $4,636,9631,766$217,631,306Jul 13
24The Long Walk HomeMiramax $4,604,657272$4,873,620Dec 22
25Mr. & Mrs. BridgeMiramax $4,597,595240$7,698,010Nov 23
26Black RobeThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $4,528,842308$8,211,952Oct 4
27AwakeningsColumbia Pictures $4,003,2361,330$52,096,475Dec 22
28Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesWarner Bros. $3,445,5602,369$165,493,908Jun 14
29My Own Private IdahoFine Line Features $2,476,69298$6,401,336Sep 27
30EatingRainbow Releasing $1,750,29019$2,100,538Nov 16
31ImpromptuHemdale $1,516,486166$4,076,211Apr 12
32Everybody's FineMiramax $1,309,98848$1,745,470May 31
33Paris Is BurningMiramax $1,142,33391$3,779,620Aug 9
34Straight Out of BrooklynThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,103,88675$2,712,293May 22
35The Man in the MoonMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $962,025121$2,853,801Oct 4
1991 Re-release
Universal Pictures $916,37552$1,830,650Apr 26
37Truly Madly DeeplyThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $804,73848$1,554,742May 3
38Ju DouMiramax $711,47639$1,986,433Mar 6
39The UnbornConcorde Pictures $610,11767$1,159,578Mar 29
40The Nasty GirlMiramax $601,17440$2,281,569Oct 26
41Vincent & TheoHemdale $597,25959$2,231,274Nov 2
42City of HopeThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $519,09784$1,345,015Oct 11
43SlackerOrion Classics $468,80216$1,228,108Jul 5
44McBain-$456,127166$456,127Sep 20
45Hidden AgendaHemdale $384,451114$1,030,938Nov 21
46Two Evil EyesTaurus Entertainment Company $349,618150$349,618Oct 25
47The RaptureFine Line Features $341,25546$1,277,404Oct 4
48High HeelsMiramax $292,43122$1,710,057Dec 20
49The FieldAvenue Pictures Productions $276,49340$1,494,399Dec 22
50Auntie DanielleMiramax $272,08117$604,624May 17
51DogfightWarner Bros. $269,47024$394,631Sep 13
52Thousand Pieces of Gold-$265,86110$717,772Apr 26
53RushMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $258,981664$7,241,350Dec 20
54Madame BovaryThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $236,11353$1,942,423Dec 27
55Come See the ParadiseTwentieth Century Fox $223,58397$947,306Dec 25
56Meeting VenusWarner Bros. $202,88232$1,000,348Nov 15
57The Double Life of VĂ©roniqueMiramax $182,86622$1,999,955Nov 22
58At Play in the Fields of the LordUniversal Pictures $175,30425$1,345,903Dec 6
59The MiracleMiramax $169,50441$835,519Jul 3
60Young Soul RebelsMiramax $146,9478$225,664Nov 20
61The National Film Board of Canada's Animation FestivalExpanded Entertainment $146,73911$249,167Dec 26
62Journey of HopeMiramax $124,23618$261,718Apr 26
63An Angel at My TableFine Line Features $115,88720$1,054,638May 17
64Fried Green TomatoesUniversal Pictures $105,3171,331$82,418,501Dec 27
65The Comfort of StrangersSkouras Pictures $99,26417$1,244,381Mar 15
66Bright AngelHemdale $88,4337$158,243Jun 14
67True ColorsParamount Pictures $84,6319$418,807Mar 15
68Iron & SilkMiramax $80,18014$356,077Feb 15
69KafkaMiramax $76,22132$1,059,071Dec 4
70Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are DeadCinecom Pictures $72,32618$739,104Feb 8
71Mister JohnsonAvenue Pictures Productions $68,69543$1,464,242Mar 22
72Grand CanyonTwentieth Century Fox $67,5461,223$33,243,020Dec 27
73Europa EuropaOrion Classics $66,24234$5,575,738Jun 28
74Naked LunchTwentieth Century Fox $64,491102$2,641,357Dec 27
75Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's ApocalypseTriton Pictures $58,38028$1,318,449Nov 27
76Daddy NostalgiaAvenue Pictures Productions $42,81129$1,108,429Apr 12
77Until the End of the WorldWarner Bros. $38,55322$829,625Dec 27
78The Inner CircleColumbia Pictures $36,7823$93,292Dec 27
79Dark ObsessionCircle Films $32,60610$336,811Jun 7
80Twenty-OneTriton Pictures $28,47124$256,521Oct 4
81Life Is SweetOctober Films $18,31227$1,516,414Oct 25
82Hear My SongMiramax $12,965214$4,313,473Dec 27
83MindwalkTriton Pictures $11,23514$774,048Oct 11
84Robot Carnival-$10,6422$10,642Mar 15
85Screenplay: Antonia and JaneMiramax $10,20223$1,002,078Oct 11
86Let Him Have ItFine Line Features $8,89910$88,686Dec 6
87Paper MaskCastle Hill Productions $7,9913$7,991Nov 27
88Open DoorsOrion Classics $6,6486$123,470Mar 8
89Scissors-$2,3681$2,368Mar 22
90Rhapsody in AugustOrion Classics $1,75112$516,431Dec 19