Domestic Box Office For 1990

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Home AloneTwentieth Century Fox $152,103,2492,173$285,761,243Nov 16
2Total RecallSony Pictures Releasing $119,394,8402,131$119,394,840Jun 1
3Back to the Future Part IIIUniversal Pictures $87,727,5832,070$87,727,583May 25
4Dances with WolvesOrion Pictures $61,562,4281,636$184,208,848Nov 9
53 Men and a Little LadyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $54,014,3531,614$71,609,321Nov 21
6MiseryColumbia Pictures $39,903,6461,370$61,276,872Nov 30
7GoodfellasWarner Bros. $37,487,8661,328$46,836,214Sep 19
8Kindergarten CopUniversal Pictures $29,494,8051,937$91,457,688Dec 22
9Look Who's Talking TooTriStar Pictures $27,973,6861,647$47,789,074Dec 14
10Edward ScissorhandsTwentieth Century Fox $27,253,2821,372$56,362,352Dec 7
11Back to the Future Part IIUniversal Pictures $24,857,8072,107$118,450,002Nov 22
12The Rescuers Down UnderWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,644,3381,487$27,931,461Nov 16
13The RookieWarner Bros. $17,909,9831,862$21,633,874Dec 7
14MermaidsOrion Pictures $16,367,6981,154$35,419,397Dec 14
15My Left FootMiramax $12,012,528510$14,743,391Nov 10
16The Russia HouseMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $11,561,579768$22,997,992Dec 22
17The Bonfire of the VanitiesWarner Bros. $10,762,6611,395$15,691,192Dec 22
18HavanaUniversal Pictures $7,176,544835$9,243,140Dec 14
19The Godfather: Part IIIParamount Pictures $6,387,2711,922$66,666,062Dec 25
20Cinema ParadisoMiramax $6,002,858124$11,990,401Feb 2
21Almost an AngelParamount Pictures $4,779,2741,373$6,939,946Dec 22
22ParenthoodUniversal Pictures $4,519,9871,399$100,047,830Aug 2
23Pretty WomanWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,444,5171,811$178,406,268Mar 23
24Music BoxTriStar Pictures $4,049,436462$6,263,883Dec 22
25Driving Miss DaisyWarner Bros. $3,457,0181,668$106,593,296Dec 15
26Henry VThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $2,971,142134$10,161,099Nov 8
27The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her LoverMiramax $2,879,933239$7,724,701Apr 6
28Longtime CompanionThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $2,826,57885$4,609,953May 11
29Mountains of the MoonTriStar Pictures $1,701,154187$4,011,793Feb 23
30Joe Versus the VolcanoWarner Bros. $1,647,6241,802$39,404,261Mar 9
31StreetsConcorde Pictures $1,423,05377$1,510,053Jan 19
32The GuardianUniversal Pictures $1,229,4571,736$17,037,887Apr 27
33AwakeningsColumbia Pictures $1,111,3031,330$52,096,475Dec 22
34King of New YorkNew Line Cinema $1,015,743119$2,554,476Sep 28
35Def by TemptationTroma $971,51757$2,218,579May 11
36Body ChemistryConcorde Pictures $902,73891$2,415,312Mar 9
37To Sleep with AngerThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $812,85023$1,161,135Oct 12
38The Icicle ThiefAries Films $640,84522$1,231,622Aug 24
39Camille ClaudelOrion Classics $603,81534$3,331,297Dec 21
40Too Beautiful for YouOrion Classics $602,49529$1,776,440Mar 2
41May FoolsOrion Classics $496,48730$1,576,702Jun 22
42C'est la vieThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $445,57528$805,472Nov 2
43The Hot SpotOrion Pictures $404,505365$1,293,976Oct 12
44HamletWarner Bros. $401,832624$20,710,451Dec 22
45The Sheltering SkyWarner Bros. $393,89295$2,075,084Dec 14
46Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer-$377,8078$609,939Jan 5
47Monsieur HireOrion Classics $371,19726$1,417,030Apr 20
48AliceOrion Pictures $271,678325$7,331,647Dec 25
49State of GraceOrion Pictures $261,278335$1,911,542Sep 14
50Jesus of MontrealOrion Classics $244,05921$1,601,612May 25
51For All MankindApollo Associates $231,6789$770,132Nov 1
52Green CardWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $227,260757$29,888,235Dec 25
53Come See the ParadiseTwentieth Century Fox $203,74197$947,306Dec 25
54Coupe de VilleUniversal Pictures $200,439170$715,983Mar 9
55The Tall GuyMiramax $132,73741$510,712Sep 21
56Martians Go HomeTaurus Entertainment Company $129,778155$129,778Apr 20
57Apartment ZeroSkouras Pictures $106,57622$1,267,578Sep 15
58The GriftersMiramax $103,832780$13,446,769Dec 7
59Mr. & Mrs. BridgeMiramax $98,086240$7,698,010Nov 23
60A Show of ForceParamount Pictures $91,57812$91,578May 11
61Hidden AgendaHemdale $86,726114$1,030,938Nov 21
62The FieldAvenue Pictures Productions $80,38240$1,494,399Dec 22
63Triumph of the SpiritTriumph Releasing Corporation $72,22040$408,839Dec 8
64The Long Walk HomeMiramax $70,581272$4,873,620Dec 22
65Spontaneous CombustionTaurus Entertainment Company $50,36750$50,367Feb 23
66The Spirit of '76Columbia Pictures $42,31012$52,310Oct 12
67Vincent & TheoHemdale $36,24759$2,231,274Nov 2
68The Nasty GirlMiramax $30,57440$2,281,569Oct 26
69Fools of FortuneNew Line Cinema $19,5859$83,490Sep 14
70EatingRainbow Releasing $18,82019$2,100,538Nov 16
71Red SurfAcademy Entertainment $13,1366$13,136Jun 1
72Diamond's EdgeCastle Hill Productions $12,75130$12,751Nov 30
73The FeudCastle Hill Productions $3,1021$3,102May 4