Domestic Box Office For 1985

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Back to the FutureUniversal Pictures $190,581,4071,550$210,609,762Jul 3
2Rambo: First Blood Part IITriStar Pictures $150,415,4322,074$150,415,432May 22
3Rocky IVUnited Artists $86,484,7012,254$127,873,716Nov 27
4A View to a KillMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $50,327,9601,588$50,327,960May 24
5MaskUniversal Pictures $39,609,9551,024$48,230,162Mar 8
6Spies Like UsWarner Bros. $33,567,9141,700$60,088,980Dec 6
7The Killing FieldsWarner Bros. $33,398,595663$34,700,291Nov 2
8AmadeusOrion Pictures $32,724,363802$51,564,280Sep 21
9The Jewel of the NileTwentieth Century Fox $27,596,2261,490$75,973,200Dec 13
10The Gods Must Be CrazyTwentieth Century Fox $25,188,129147$30,031,783Apr 6
11Santa Claus: The MovieTriStar Pictures $22,463,7481,585$23,717,291Nov 27
12White NightsColumbia Pictures $22,335,5091,064$42,160,849Nov 22
13Agnes of GodColumbia Pictures $18,714,584646$25,344,257Sep 13
14A Nightmare on Elm StreetNew Line Cinema $16,050,029380$25,504,513Nov 9
15Out of AfricaUniversal Pictures $14,162,3711,102$87,071,205Dec 20
16Young Sherlock HolmesParamount Pictures $11,352,4781,502$19,739,575Dec 6
17One Hundred and One Dalmatians
1985 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $11,057,4641,185$33,049,729Dec 20
18Better Off Dead...Warner Bros. $10,051,223650$10,297,601Aug 23
19After HoursWarner Bros. $9,641,446503$10,609,321Sep 13
20The Purple Rose of CairoOrion Pictures $8,796,371419$10,631,333Mar 1
21GhostbustersColumbia Pictures $8,322,9921,506$229,242,989Jun 8
221984The Samuel Goldwyn Company $8,230,359295$8,430,492Dec 14
23Lost in AmericaWarner Bros. $8,187,956315$10,179,000Mar 15
24ClueParamount Pictures $7,625,9421,022$14,643,997Dec 13
25The RiverUniversal Pictures $7,537,6481,001$11,489,982Dec 21
26A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's RevengeNew Line Cinema $7,267,189614$29,999,213Nov 1
27The Color PurpleWarner Bros. $7,108,8011,109$94,175,854Dec 20
28PlentyTwentieth Century Fox $6,148,000228$6,148,000Sep 19
29A Chorus LineColumbia Pictures $5,970,853680$14,202,899Dec 13
30Enemy MineTwentieth Century Fox $4,993,731713$12,303,411Dec 20
31Places in the HeartTriStar Pictures $4,870,576868$34,901,614Sep 21
32Into the NightUniversal Pictures $3,945,1961,096$7,562,164Feb 22
33Real GeniusTriStar Pictures $3,884,335990$12,952,019Aug 9
34The BrideColumbia Pictures $3,558,669980$3,558,669Aug 16
35Starchaser: The Legend of OrinAtlantic Releasing Corporation $3,360,8001,020$3,360,800Nov 22
36Kiss of the Spider WomanIsland Alive $3,279,822204$17,005,229Jul 26
37Rappin'Cannon Film Distributors $2,864,8441,150$2,864,844May 10
38The Sure ThingMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $2,547,9921,115$18,135,531Mar 1
39Re-AnimatorEmpire Pictures $2,023,414185$2,023,414Oct 18
1985 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,952,741225$8,194,726Feb 8
41Mrs. SoffelMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $1,934,556801$4,385,312Dec 28
42St. Elmo's FireColumbia Pictures $1,830,1591,207$37,803,872Jun 28
43A Sunday in the CountryMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $1,783,57716$2,411,143Nov 16
44The TerminatorOrion Pictures $1,723,5621,112$38,371,200Oct 26
45Paris, TexasTwentieth Century Fox $1,611,2798$2,181,987Nov 2
46The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik YakThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,337,274500$1,337,274Jan 25
47BirdyTriStar Pictures $1,142,64218$1,455,045Dec 21
48A Private FunctionIsland Alive $1,018,24740$2,527,088Mar 1
49MarieMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $970,346465$2,507,995Sep 27
50The AviatorMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $893,913342$1,304,192Mar 1
51SupergirlTriStar Pictures $808,8801,620$14,296,438Nov 21
52WetherbyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $711,91230$1,299,985Jul 19
53The Care Bears MovieThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $655,0721,003$22,934,622Mar 29
54Tuff TurfOrion Pictures $636,415653$9,369,329Jan 11
55A Soldier's StoryColumbia Pictures $428,281581$20,721,578Sep 14
56Movers & ShakersMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $332,43813$372,438May 3
57The New KidsColumbia Pictures $199,108102$199,108Jan 18
58EleniWarner Bros. $143,1304$305,102Nov 1
59BrazilUniversal Pictures $86,918173$9,929,135Dec 18
60RevolutionWarner Bros. $86,55130$358,574Dec 25
61Fool for LoveCannon Film Distributors $81,09557$836,156Dec 6
62Murphy's RomanceColumbia Pictures $47,9061,046$30,867,525Dec 27
63The Official Story-$29,4261$29,426Nov 8
64Trouble in MindAlive Films $19,6321$19,632Dec 11
65Smooth Talk-$16,7852$16,785Nov 15
66When Father Was Away on BusinessCannon Film Distributors $16,1311$16,131Oct 11
67Colonel RedlOrion Classics $2,3571$2,357Oct 4