Tomorrow Will Be Fine (2021)

Xiao is a girl about 30-years-old, lives in Beijing alone, far away from home which is based in the south. Xiao lost her job again and the co-tenant girl announced for moving out to live with her boyfriend. So Xiao has to move again for the ninth time, to live in an exurban rough place. Xiao is forced to visit a crew in other city for job opportunity and rent out the room to a frustrated singer Ji for a short-term agreement. But she is fired again by the crew and returns to the rental room which is still occupied by Ji. She has to sleep on the couch. The poverty-stricken two live in the same room and get along in daily life as partner, and the relation becomes sweeter and sweeter, and ironic events appear again and again.

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Earliest Release DateApril 2, 2021 (China)
Running Time1 hr 41 min
GenresComedy Drama Romance


AreaRelease DateOpeningGross
ChinaApr 2, 2021$3,520,000$3,520,000