My Brothers' Crossing (2020)

Based on the true-life story of a couple killed while riding a motorcycle (based on the book "In The Blink of an Eye") and the forgiveness of the man responsible for their death.

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Domestic Distributor
Earliest Release DateSeptember 3, 2020 (Domestic)
Running Time1 hr 38 min
Crew MemberRole
Ricky Borba Director
Edna Janeen White Writer
John T. Clark Producer
Terri Lee Clark Producer
Torrey Clark Producer
Daniel Roebuck Producer
Tye Tribbett Producer
Edna Janeen White Producer
Tony D. White Producer
Jamar Jones Composer
Thomas L. Callaway Cinematographer
Dillon Black Production Designer
Elizabeth Bowers Production Designer
Jake Gum Production Designer
Dylan McClung Production Designer
Daniel Roebuck
James Black
Paul Ben-Victor
Eliza Roberts