Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2012)

14 years have passed since the near third impact. Most of the world has changed except Shinji Ikari who awakens, unaged in a new and strange environment. Misato has formed a group that has is separate from Nerv. The fight is far from over but the biggest struggle might be against humans and former allies.

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Domestic DistributorEleven Arts
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Domestic Opening$110,825
Earliest Release DateNovember 17, 2012 (Japan)
Running Time1 hr 36 min
GenresAction Animation Drama Sci-Fi
Release GroupRolloutMarketsDomesticInternationalWorldwide
Original ReleaseNovember 17, 2012-January 10, 2014APAC, Domestic$174,945$60,313,399$60,488,344
Original ReleaseJuly 20, 2017APAC$47,103$47,103
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