Labios rojos

In Mexico City, Ricardo is a family man, pressed by responsibilities, when he finally lands a better job as creative director for an ad agency. But that's when his problems really begin: his boss is a martinet, and suddenly Ricardo finds himself unable to perform in bed with his luscious wife, whose red lips have driven him wild to now. She's dismayed that he's seemingly lost interest; she seeks advice from friends and tries to spice things up with Ricardo. Meanwhile, at the office, he faces other temptations. Can Ricardo find a way to succeed at work and succeed at home?


Domestic (7.2%)
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67 theaters
Running Time1 hr 33 min
In Release79 days/11 weeks
Widest Release67 theaters
DateDOW RankDaily %± YD %± LW TheatersAvgTo DateDay
Oct 14, 2011Friday31$20,952--67$312$20,9521
Oct 15, 2011Saturday32$26,505+26.5%-67$395$47,4572
Oct 16, 2011Sunday29$26,019-1.8%-67$388$73,4763
Oct 17, 2011Monday29$6,238-76%-67$93$79,7144
Oct 18, 2011Tuesday29$7,359+18%-67$109$87,0735
Oct 19, 2011Wednesday30$5,724-22.2%-67$85$92,7976
Oct 20, 2011Thursday31$5,016-12.4%-67$74$97,8137
Oct 21, 2011Friday39$6,508+29.7%-68.9%43$151$104,3218
Oct 22, 2011Saturday39$8,813+35.4%-66.7%43$204$113,1349
Oct 23, 2011Sunday34$8,914+1.1%-65.7%43$207$122,04810
Oct 24, 2011Monday34$2,526-71.7%-59.5%43$58$124,57411
Oct 25, 2011Tuesday35$2,480-1.8%-66.3%43$57$127,05412
Oct 26, 2011Wednesday34$2,448-1.3%-57.2%43$56$129,50213
Oct 27, 2011Thursday38$2,685+9.7%-46.5%43$62$132,18714
Oct 28, 2011Friday49$611-77.2%-90.6%11$55$132,79815
Oct 29, 2011Saturday49$1,007+64.8%-88.6%11$91$133,80516
Oct 30, 2011Sunday49$1,101+9.3%-87.6%11$100$134,90617
Oct 31, 2011
Nov 1, 2011Tuesday53$377+85.7%-84.8%11$34$135,48619
Nov 2, 2011Wednesday53$312-17.2%-87.3%11$28$135,79820
Nov 3, 2011Thursday51$365+17%-86.4%11$33$136,16321