Friday Report: 'Jackass 3D' Blasts Into Top Spot

by Brandon Gray
Jackass 3-D

October 16, 2010

On Friday, Jackass 3-D made a lot of jack. In fact, it boasted the biggest-grossing day that a Fall (Sept.-Oct.) movie has ever seen, and it tripled the debut of the solid Red. The holdovers were unphased by Jackass's bluster as well, contributing to a busy Friday by October standards.

Storming approximately 4,600 screens at 3,081 locations, Jackass 3-D raked in an estimated $21.8 million on Friday, exceeding Scary Movie 3's $18.4 million for the Fall single-day record. It also blew away the opening days of the previous Jackass movies: the first one took in $9.7 million at 2,509 sites, while Jackass: Number Two pulled in $11.8 million at 3,059 sites.

Jackass 3-D had 2,452 locations presenting the picture in the 3D illusion, and the 3D showings accounted for close to 90 percent of business. That means the initial attendance gains over the previous Jackass movies were not commensurate with the gross gains, and that Jackass 3D did not break the Fall single-day attendance record.

Distributor Paramount Pictures noted that Jackass 3-D also posted the October midnight gross record, $2.5 million (included in the $21.8 million), and that the movie saw a 15 percent increase in the female audience from Jackass: Number Two (which had a 35 percent female share).

In second on Friday, Red recruited an estimated $7.2 million on around 4,100 screens at 3,255 locations. The action comedy had a larger first day than Cop Out ($5.9 million) and Killers ($5.7 million) and it more than doubled The Losers among similar titles. Red's opening day gross was also greater than the entire first weekend of Lucky Number Slevin, the last movie to feature both Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

The Social Network posted another strong hold, dipping 31 percent. It made an estimated $3.3 million, increasing its sum to $55.4 million in 15 days. It held a bit better than 21 at the same point.

Life as We Know It had a relatively decent slip, down 41 percent to an estimated $3.1 million for a $22.7 million total in eight days. Secretariat, though, saw the smallest percentage decline among nationwide holdovers, slowing 30 percent to an estimated $2.8 million for a $20.9 million tally in eight days. The Town had another strong hold, easing 33 percent to an estimated $1.2 million for a $77.8 million sum in 29 days.

Also opening, N-Secure grossed a modest estimated $430,000 at 486 locations, while I Want Your Money was much worse with an estimated $85,000 at 537 locations. Clint Eastwood's Hereafter delivered a solid $58,000 at six locations, and it goes nationwide on Oct. 22 at over 2,200 locations. Meanwhile, Hilary Swank drama Conviction was a soft starter with a bit over $29,000 at 11 locations.

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