Brand: Roald Dahl

Rank Release Lifetime GrossMax TheatersOpeningOpen ThRelease DateDistributor
1Charlie and the Chocolate Factory$206,459,0763,790$56,178,4503,770Jul 15, 2005Warner Bros.
2The BFG$55,483,7703,392$18,775,3503,357Jul 1, 2016Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
3Matilda$33,459,4162,006$8,208,6091,975Aug 2, 1996Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
4James and the Giant Peach$28,946,1272,268$7,539,0982,262Apr 12, 1996Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
5Fantastic Mr. Fox$21,002,9192,304$265,9004Nov 13, 2009Twentieth Century Fox
6The Witches$10,360,553879$2,221,402879Aug 24, 1990Warner Bros.
7Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
2016 Re-release
$526,633155$526,633155Sep 3, 2016Warner Bros.
8Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
2021 Re-release
$46,735----Warner Bros.