Daily Box Office For 2021

Data as of Mar 1, 14:46 PST
DateDay Day # Top 10 Gross%± YD%± LWReleases#1 Release Gross
Feb 28, 2021Sunday59$1,082,941-39.3%-12.3%20The Croods: A New Age$373,760
Feb 27, 2021Saturday58$1,785,481+80.4%-15.7%20The Croods: A New Age$603,130
Feb 26, 2021Friday57$989,954+284%-6.9%20The Croods: A New Age$277,770
Feb 25, 2021Thursday56$257,799+11.6%-1.8%18The Croods: A New Age$76,880
Feb 24, 2021Wednesday55$230,995-26.8%-7.2%18The Croods: A New Age$69,900
Feb 23, 2021Tuesday54$315,585+50.3%-7.5%18The Croods: A New Age$90,755
Feb 22, 2021Monday53$209,963-83%-77.8%18The Croods: A New Age$65,190
Feb 21, 2021Sunday52$1,234,202-41.7%-47.6%19The Croods: A New Age$506,800
Feb 20, 2021Saturday51$2,117,368+99.2%-9.4%19The Croods: A New Age$846,055
Feb 19, 2021Friday50$1,062,824+305%-15.7%19The Croods: A New Age$365,600
Feb 18, 2021Thursday49$262,435+5.4%-6.2%17The Croods: A New Age$87,770
Feb 17, 2021Wednesday48$248,949-27%+4.7%17The Croods: A New Age$92,445
Feb 16, 2021Tuesday47$341,230-64%+11.9%17The Croods: A New Age$115,015
Feb 15, 2021
Presidents' Day
Monday46$947,224-96%-96.4%17The Croods: A New Age$500,440
Feb 14, 2021Sunday45$2,355,692+0.8%+198.7%17The Croods: A New Age$864,895
Feb 13, 2021Saturday44$2,338,001+85.3%-2%17The Croods: A New Age$835,310
Feb 12, 2021Friday43$1,261,484+350.7%+1.2%17The Croods: A New Age$379,620
Feb 11, 2021Thursday42$279,894+17.7%-7.1%16The Croods: A New Age$93,275
Feb 10, 2021Wednesday41$237,737-22%-19.7%17The Croods: A New Age$75,135
Feb 9, 2021Tuesday40$304,977+27.6%-23.1%17The Croods: A New Age$92,805
Feb 8, 2021Monday39$238,935-69.7%+2.7%17The Croods: A New Age$77,700
Feb 7, 2021Sunday38$788,561-66.9%-43%17The Croods: A New Age$350,140
Feb 6, 2021Saturday37$2,384,699+91.3%-6.8%17The Croods: A New Age$919,885
Feb 5, 2021Friday36$1,246,557+313.8%-8.1%17The Croods: A New Age$410,220
Feb 4, 2021Thursday35$301,221+1.8%-25%16The Croods: A New Age$86,160
Feb 3, 2021Wednesday34$296,025-25.3%-16.1%16The Croods: A New Age$83,075
Feb 2, 2021Tuesday33$396,481+70.4%-17.3%15The Croods: A New Age$99,665
Feb 1, 2021Monday32$232,698-83.2%-30.4%15The Croods: A New Age$65,815
Jan 31, 2021Sunday31$1,384,155-45.9%-16.4%18The Croods: A New Age$510,495
Jan 30, 2021Saturday30$2,559,741+88.7%-24%18The Croods: A New Age$907,725
Jan 29, 2021Friday29$1,356,212+237.5%-27.1%18The Croods: A New Age$399,550
Jan 28, 2021Thursday28$401,875+13.9%-12.3%15The Marksman$123,628
Jan 27, 2021Wednesday27$352,959-26.4%-13.7%16The Marksman$102,998
Jan 26, 2021Tuesday26$479,307+43.3%-25.3%17The Marksman$153,353
Jan 25, 2021Monday25$334,419-79.8%-78.6%17The Marksman$105,750
Jan 24, 2021Sunday24$1,655,634-50.9%-33.3%21The Croods: A New Age$493,100
Jan 23, 2021Saturday23$3,369,740+81%-7.7%21The Marksman$994,045
Jan 22, 2021Friday22$1,861,635+306.2%-22.4%21The Marksman$597,574
Jan 21, 2021Thursday21$458,255+12%+19.3%14The Marksman$157,925
Jan 20, 2021Wednesday20$408,991-36.3%+8.2%13The Marksman$142,829
Jan 19, 2021Tuesday19$641,628-59%+28.1%13The Marksman$259,783
Jan 18, 2021
Monday18$1,565,478-95.5%-94.9%15The Croods: A New Age$506,755
Jan 17, 2021Sunday17$2,484,064-31.9%+60.7%15The Marksman$805,844
Jan 16, 2021Saturday16$3,649,548+52.1%+29.9%15The Marksman$1,248,209
Jan 15, 2021Friday15$2,398,685+524.6%+49%15The Marksman$1,050,151
Jan 14, 2021Thursday14$384,048+1.6%-21.6%11News of the World$88,410
Jan 13, 2021Wednesday13$377,924-24.5%-11.7%10The Croods: A New Age$85,440
Jan 12, 2021Tuesday12$500,838+48.2%-17.4%11News of the World$123,180
Jan 11, 2021Monday11$337,917-78.1%-40.6%11The Croods: A New Age$80,340
Jan 10, 2021Sunday10$1,545,551-45%-8.2%12The Croods: A New Age$521,040
Jan 9, 2021Saturday9$2,808,940+74.5%-6.2%13The Croods: A New Age$885,820
Jan 8, 2021Friday8$1,610,114+228.5%-36.5%13The Croods: A New Age$403,895
Jan 7, 2021Thursday7$490,114+14.5%-68.2%14News of the World$111,010
Jan 6, 2021Wednesday6$427,868-29.4%-70.1%14The Croods: A New Age$94,025
Jan 5, 2021Tuesday5$606,396+6.5%-57.1%14News of the World$146,820
Jan 4, 2021Monday4$569,353-66.2%-55.1%14The Croods: A New Age$161,045
Jan 3, 2021Sunday3$1,682,696-43.8%-11.9%21The Croods: A New Age$540,745
Jan 2, 2021Saturday2$2,994,934+18.2%+14.6%21The Croods: A New Age$897,990
Jan 1, 2021
New Year's Day
Friday1$2,533,759-95.2%-94.8%21The Croods: A New Age$785,700