Weekend Report -'Compton' Tops the Charts Again
Straight Outta Compton fell 56% in its second weekend but still managed to take first place on the box office charts with $26.8M. It's Universal's 13th weekend with a film in the #1 position. Meanwhile the other new titles did little to turn around an August that can't compete with the record-breaking, $1B results of last year and the top 12 was down 10.46% from the same frame last year.

Universal added 268 venues to the hit biopic's 2,757 venues, for a total of 3,025, which feels like a bit of a tacit admission by the studio that they should have opened Compton wider its first week. They increased the theater count for Jurrasic World only 17 screens its second week, but that brought it to a whopping 4,291. Furious 7 was only given 18 more screens its second week but that brought it up to 4,022. Still, Compton's per screen average (psa) its first week was $21,835, while Jurassic World astonished with an opening psa of $48,855 and Furious of $36,760.

Sinister 2 was supposed to land somewhere between $15M - $18M but disappointed with $10.6M. The horror sequel, about possessed kids who murder their families, was on 2,766 screens, with a $3,818 psa. Compare that to the other scary kids movie from Blumhouse, the production company responsible for this series. The James Wan-directed Insidious opened to $13.3M going on to a $54M domestic gross in 2011. The sequel (also Wan), Insidious Chapter 2, opened to $40M on its way to $83.6M, and the third installment, Insidious Chapter 3 opened to $22M with an eventual $52.2M domestic gross. Though Blumhouse makes these in an ultra-frugal manner it may not be inspired to offer up another Sinister.

That may be the case for Lionsgate as well as their attempt at starting a covert agent franchise, American Ultra, fizzled with a $5.6M opening. On 2,778 screens, the film made $2,003 per, even with the well-known, Millennial-friendly faces of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Ultra feels like a film that will get discovered on home video but that doesn't help ease the pain that the film did little better than the actors' last collaboration, the under-appreciated Adventureland, which opened at $5.7M.

Hitman 47 was just to the left of its target opening with an $8.1M weekend. That's 34.6% lower than the 2007 $13.1M opening of the original Hitman. It must have been distracted by all the critical hammering as it had an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In holdovers Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, like Tom Cruise latched onto that A-400, held onto the #2 position on the charts, dropping only 32% for an $11.7M weekend. On 3,392 theaters the film has a domestic cume of $157.7M.

In limited release Grandma made 120,856 on 4 screens. That's director Paul Weitz's second best per-screen opening (albeit limited) in his career, coming in behind 2004's In Good Company (3 screens, $50.6K per) but well ahead of his biggest hit, Little Fockers. Though that sequel to Meet the Parents made a healthy $30.8M its opening weekend its psa was $8,720 on 3,536 screen. The well-reviewed Sundance hit stars Lily Tomlin whose star has risen again with this film and her Netflix hit, Grace and Frankie.

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