Around the World Roundup: 'Pirates' Reclaims Crown with Italian Record
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest washed ashore its final beach over the weekend, Italy, and unearthed another record opening gross. Playing at 1,005 theaters—the widest Italian release ever—the supernatural swashbuckler claimed a massive $13.4 million in five days, more than doubling its predecessor.

Italy propelled Pirates back to the top of the foreign box office. Overall, the picture made $18.3 million from 4,361 screens in 42 territories, lifting its total to $613.3 million—it's the sixth movie in history to cross the $600 million mark internationally.

After a brief stint at No. 1, Cars shifted back to second place with an $8 million weekend from 3,276 screens in 32 territories, and its total rose to $192.8 million. Two top-ranked debuts set Pixar opening records: Greece's $510,000 from 85 screens and Turkey's $450,000 from 90.

Little Man bumped up to $6 million over the weekend after three strong debuts and its overseas tally grew to $22.6 million. The Wayans brothers comedy exceeded expectations in Spain with $2.1 million from 250 screens, while Russia's $1.1 million opening from 251 screens was more in line with its genre. Mexico's second place $1 million debut from 352 screens bettered the Wayans' previous movie, White Chicks.

Making its foreign debut in Mexico, World Trade Center opened to a market-leading $1.3 million from 247 screens, which is nearly as much as previous Sept. 11 drama United 93 has grossed there in its entire run. Overall, United 93 has made a modest $38.6 million from nearly all markets.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift glided into Japan, its final market, and saw a 75 percent plus improvement over its predecessors with $2 million from 229 screens. However, in Hong Kong, the action sequel tumbled 77 percent in its second weekend to $65,461 for a $435,533 total. All told, Tokyo Drift has racked up $88.2 million.

X-Men: The Last Stand stumbled in its second weekends in China and Japan. The superhero sequel managed just $189,000 in China, after a huge screen loss, for a $1.8 million total, while, in Japan, it fell to $1.9 million for a $6.2 million total. The international tally stands at $215.4 million.

Seeing its first No. 1, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby topped the United Kingdom with a moderate $2 million start from 400 screens. Otherwise, the Will Ferrell racing comedy continued its pathetic run outside the English-language markets. In Hungary, it produced only $10,298 from 14 screens, while, in Jordan, it saw just $1,797 from 1 screen and, in the United Arab Emirates, it grabbed $87,011 from 19. In total, Talladega Nights may struggle to reach $10 million, having just $2.8 million in the tank thus far.

An Inconvenient Truth was accepted in Australia with a solid $500,058 debut from 60 screens but rejected elsewhere with soft business in Denmark ($34,286 start from 12 screens), South Korea ($11,394 start from 7) and Thailand ($26,249 through three weeks).

Good times for The Break-Up in Spain, with a third place $1.3 million opening from 222 screens, which was 32 percent higher than Wedding Crashers' debut. Overall, the Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Aniston comedy has $74.6 million, with Italy ahead on Sept. 22.

Meanwhile, Miami Vice grossed $3.8 million over the weekend from 48 territories, raising its total to $79.6 million. There were no major releases, and the cop drama has only seven more markets to go, including Italy on Oct. 6.