'Monsters, Inc.' Goes on Hiatus as 'Monte Cristo,' 'Tenenbaums' Close
Monsters, Inc. has snuck back into the closet and under the bed.

Pixar's computer-animated feature left theaters on June 20—its 231st day of release—ranking No. 20 on the all time chart with a gross of $255,284,677. In case anyone missed it, though, Disney will re-release the picture later this summer before it hits DVD on Sept. 17 or about when the summer is technically over.

Disney also closed four other pictures on June 20.

After 147 days, the winter sleeper hit The Count of Monte Cristo hung up its rapiers. The swashbuckler starring Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce took in $54,234,062 and will be released on DVD Sept. 10.

Another sleeper success The Royal Tenenbaums bowed out after 189 days. Director Wes Anderson's quirky ensemble comedy earned $52,364,010, nearly three times what Rushmore and Bottle Rocket made combined. A Criterion Collection DVD edition of the picture will be released July 9.

Animal House-meets-Bosom Buddies comedy Sorority Boys was expelled with $10,200,032 after 91 days and will arrive on DVD Oct. 15. Big Trouble, the ensemble comedy that was delayed to April out of sensitivity to Sept. 11, ended up with $7,267,307 after 77 days and will strike DVD on Oct. 8.

Meanwhile, Lions Gate put The Cat's Meow to sleep at $3,209,481 in 70 days with a DVD bow set for Aug. 20, while it evicted Ethan Hawke's directorial debut Chelsea Walls at $60,902 after 63 days, which debuts on DVD Aug. 6.

Some of these movies may still be playing somewhere. However, as far as their respective studios are concerned, they have ended their runs. It's one of the vagaries of the system. Some studios will continue to track box office to the bitter end (Disney, MGM), while others decide to only keep track of their movies internally for whatever reason especially when they hit the second run. Grosses will occasionally be revised on the site to reflect second run stats.