Domestic Box Office For 2005

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the SithTwentieth Century Fox $380,270,5773,663$380,270,577May 19
2Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireWarner Bros. $273,281,1803,858$290,013,036Nov 18
3War of the WorldsParamount Pictures $234,271,3543,910$234,280,354Jun 29
4The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $209,440,0873,853$287,482,269Dec 9
5Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryWarner Bros. $206,459,0763,790$206,459,076Jul 15
6Batman BeginsWarner Bros. $205,343,7743,858$205,343,774Jun 15
7MadagascarDreamWorks Distribution $193,595,5214,142$193,595,521May 27
8Mr. & Mrs. SmithTwentieth Century Fox $186,283,8153,451$186,283,815Jun 10
9HitchSony Pictures Releasing $179,381,5573,575$179,495,555Feb 11
10King KongUniversal Pictures $158,709,8353,627$218,080,025Dec 14
11The Longest YardParamount Pictures $158,119,5003,654$158,119,460May 27
12Fantastic FourTwentieth Century Fox $154,646,1363,619$154,646,136Jul 8
13Meet the FockersUniversal Pictures $146,401,3953,554$279,261,160Dec 22
14Chicken LittleWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $131,744,9983,658$132,519,980Nov 4
15RobotsTwentieth Century Fox $128,200,0123,776$128,200,012Mar 11
16The 40-Year-Old VirginUniversal Pictures $109,449,2373,006$109,449,237Aug 19
17The PacifierWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $108,958,3163,181$109,151,000Mar 4
18Million Dollar BabyWarner Bros. $99,649,9502,375$100,492,203Dec 15
19Walk the LineTwentieth Century Fox $90,851,0043,160$119,514,920Nov 18
20FlightplanWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $88,209,5993,424$89,707,299Sep 23
21Saw IILionsgate $86,996,2342,949$87,039,965Oct 28
22Are We There Yet?Revolution Studios $82,155,0852,810$82,674,398Jan 21
23The Dukes of HazzardWarner Bros. $80,270,2273,785$80,270,227Aug 5
24March of the PenguinsWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $77,437,2232,506$77,437,223Jun 24
25The Ring TwoDreamWorks Distribution $76,231,2493,341$76,231,249Mar 18
26ConstantineWarner Bros. $75,934,9743,006$75,976,178Feb 18
27The Exorcism of Emily RoseScreen Gems $74,895,7433,045$75,072,454Sep 9
28Four BrothersParamount Pictures $74,494,3812,649$74,494,381Aug 12
29The InterpreterUniversal Pictures $72,708,1612,814$72,708,161Apr 22
30Guess WhoSony Pictures Releasing $68,843,6973,147$68,915,888Mar 25
31SaharaParamount Pictures $68,672,4253,200$68,671,925Apr 8
32Coach CarterParamount Pictures $67,259,8772,574$67,264,877Jan 14
33The Amityville HorrorMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $65,233,3693,323$65,233,369Apr 15
34BewitchedSony Pictures Releasing $63,467,0153,188$63,313,159Jun 24
35Herbie Fully LoadedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $63,290,9493,521$66,023,816Jun 22
36JarheadUniversal Pictures $62,422,7752,448$62,658,220Nov 4
37Cinderella ManUniversal Pictures $61,649,0942,820$61,649,911Jun 3
38Sky HighWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $60,901,1282,912$63,946,815Jul 29
39Red EyeDreamWorks Distribution $57,891,8033,134$57,891,803Aug 19
40White NoiseUniversal Pictures $56,085,3142,279$56,386,759Jan 7
41Be CoolMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $56,046,9793,216$56,046,979Mar 4
42Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-RabbitDreamWorks Distribution $55,969,1633,656$56,110,897Oct 5
43CrashLionsgate $53,404,8171,905$54,580,300May 6
44Corpse BrideWarner Bros. $53,359,1113,204$53,359,111Sep 16
45Kicking & ScreamingUniversal Pictures $52,842,7243,470$52,842,724May 13
46Hide and SeekTwentieth Century Fox $51,088,3333,005$51,088,333Jan 28
47SidewaysFox Searchlight Pictures $50,631,7851,786$71,500,193Oct 22
48Yours, Mine & OursParamount Pictures $50,328,6593,210$53,412,862Nov 23
49Fun with Dick and JaneSony Pictures Releasing $50,247,9113,239$110,332,737Dec 21
50Racing StripesWarner Bros. $49,772,5223,185$49,772,522Jan 14
51Diary of a Mad Black WomanLionsgate $49,688,9661,703$50,633,099Feb 25
52The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $48,985,6193,133$48,985,619Apr 29
53Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & FabulousWarner Bros. $48,478,0063,233$48,478,006Mar 24
54Just Like HeavenDreamWorks Distribution $48,318,1303,543$48,318,130Sep 16
55The Skeleton KeyUniversal Pictures $47,907,7152,784$47,907,715Aug 12
56Kingdom of HeavenTwentieth Century Fox $47,372,3103,219$47,372,310May 6
57BoogeymanScreen Gems $46,689,6803,052$46,752,382Feb 4
58Cheaper by the Dozen 2Twentieth Century Fox $45,958,9143,211$82,540,432Dec 21
59In Good CompanyUniversal Pictures $45,695,4901,963$45,806,659Dec 29
60The Legend of ZorroSony Pictures Releasing $45,243,5883,520$46,464,023Oct 28
61Must Love DogsWarner Bros. $43,894,8632,505$43,894,863Jul 29
62Transporter 2Twentieth Century Fox $43,022,7173,320$43,022,717Sep 2
63Fever PitchTwentieth Century Fox $42,040,1903,275$42,040,190Apr 8
64The Family StoneTwentieth Century Fox $41,405,3362,469$60,025,095Dec 16
65The Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsWarner Bros. $39,053,0612,583$39,053,061Jun 1
66The Phantom of the OperaWarner Bros. $38,311,9221,515$51,268,815Dec 22
67Beauty ShopMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $36,351,3502,659$36,351,350Mar 30
68SyrianaWarner Bros. $36,147,8581,775$50,824,620Nov 23
69The IslandDreamWorks Distribution $35,818,9133,138$35,818,913Jul 22
70DerailedThe Weinstein Company $35,667,5972,447$36,024,076Nov 11
71Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsParamount Pictures $33,877,4773,623$118,634,549Dec 17
72Bad News BearsParamount Pictures $32,868,3493,183$32,868,349Jul 22
73In Her ShoesTwentieth Century Fox $32,828,6782,840$32,856,690Oct 7
74Because of Winn-DixieTwentieth Century Fox $32,617,1873,188$32,617,187Feb 18
75Dreamer: Inspired by a True StoryDreamWorks Distribution $32,605,6042,735$32,751,093Oct 21
76House of WaxWarner Bros. $32,064,8003,111$32,064,800May 6
77The Wedding DateUniversal Pictures $31,726,9951,704$31,726,995Feb 4
78StealthSony Pictures Releasing $31,321,0463,495$32,116,746Jul 29
79Get Rich or Die Tryin'Paramount Pictures $30,783,3621,666$30,985,352Nov 9
80The FogRevolution Studios $29,396,7802,972$29,550,869Oct 14
81RentRevolution Studios $28,913,5762,437$29,077,547Nov 23
82DoomUniversal Pictures $28,212,3373,044$28,212,337Oct 21
83Zathura: A Space AdventureSony Pictures Releasing $28,045,5403,232$29,258,869Nov 11
84xXx: State of the UnionRevolution Studios $26,873,9323,480$26,873,932Apr 29
85ElizabethtownParamount Pictures $26,850,4332,517$26,850,426Oct 14
86SerenityUniversal Pictures $25,514,5172,189$25,514,517Sep 30
87Ocean's TwelveWarner Bros. $25,127,6233,290$125,544,280Dec 10
88Memoirs of a GeishaSony Pictures Releasing $25,117,0411,654$57,490,508Dec 9
89Æon FluxParamount Pictures $24,848,5432,608$25,874,337Dec 2
90Wedding CrashersNew Line Cinema $24,766,8463,131$209,255,921Jul 15
91ElektraTwentieth Century Fox $24,409,7223,204$24,409,722Jan 14
92Lord of WarLionsgate $24,149,6322,814$24,149,632Sep 16
93Dark Water
2005 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $24,015,1192,657$25,473,352Jul 8
94Good Night, and Good Luck.Warner Independent Pictures (WIP) $23,443,621929$31,558,003Oct 7
95Hotel RwandaUnited Artists $23,213,894824$23,530,892Dec 22
96Two for the MoneyUniversal Pictures $22,991,3792,397$22,991,379Oct 7
97PrimeUniversal Pictures $22,827,1531,837$22,827,153Oct 28
98Ice PrincessWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $22,501,5992,501$22,501,599Mar 18
99Hustle & FlowParamount Classics $22,202,8091,016$22,202,809Jul 22
100Deuce Bigalow: European GigoloSony Pictures Releasing $22,178,2643,127$22,400,154Aug 12
101Fat AlbertTwentieth Century Fox $21,929,1382,744$48,109,482Dec 25
102A Lot Like LoveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,429,8592,502$21,429,859Apr 22
103Rumor Has It...Warner Bros. $21,269,9062,815$43,000,262Dec 25
104Land of the DeadUniversal Pictures $20,700,0822,253$20,700,082Jun 24
105Man of the HouseSony Pictures Releasing $19,579,3122,422$19,699,706Feb 25
106Into the BlueSony Pictures Releasing $18,472,3632,789$18,801,234Sep 30
107National TreasureWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $18,399,8903,243$168,521,875Nov 19
108North CountryWarner Bros. $18,245,5132,555$18,337,722Oct 21
109ValiantWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,676,8292,016$19,478,106Aug 19
110The RingerFox Searchlight Pictures $17,265,6281,853$35,347,108Dec 23
111Roll BounceFox Searchlight Pictures $17,242,9631,661$17,380,866Sep 23
112Pooh's Heffalump MovieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,229,6702,529$17,229,670Feb 11
113The Devil's RejectsLionsgate $17,044,9811,757$17,044,981Jul 22
114ReboundTwentieth Century Fox $16,793,4862,464$16,793,486Jul 1
115The Perfect ManUniversal Pictures $16,535,0052,090$16,535,005Jun 17
116SpanglishSony Pictures Releasing $16,240,2472,587$42,726,869Dec 17
117Waiting...Lionsgate $16,124,5431,652$16,124,543Oct 7
118The GospelScreen Gems $15,551,325983$15,778,152Oct 7
119The CaveScreen Gems $14,982,7812,195$15,007,991Aug 26
120The Greatest Game Ever PlayedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,841,6291,810$15,337,393Sep 30
121The HoneymoonersParamount Pictures $12,843,8941,912$12,843,849Jun 10
122The Weather ManParamount Pictures $12,482,7751,510$12,482,775Oct 28
123MunichUniversal Pictures $12,275,6601,498$47,403,685Dec 23
124The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $11,833,0261,105$23,194,351Dec 10
125Lords of DogtownSony Pictures Releasing $11,273,5171,865$11,273,517Jun 3
126The Polar ExpressWarner Bros. $11,153,4533,650$162,775,358Nov 10
127Wolf Creek-$10,561,2201,761$16,188,180Dec 25
128In the MixLionsgate $10,223,8961,608$10,223,896Nov 23
129ShopgirlWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,052,081493$10,284,523Oct 21
130The Polar Express
2005 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $9,643,72266$10,900,597Nov 23
131The ProducersUniversal Pictures $9,263,542978$19,398,532Dec 16
132T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $8,638,74638$53,354,743Oct 23
133CloserSony Pictures Releasing $8,146,9771,098$33,987,757Dec 3
134Mad Hot BallroomParamount Classics $8,046,103202$8,117,961May 13
135The IncrediblesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $7,947,8823,933$256,887,647Nov 5
136Space Station 3DIMAX $7,494,95064$93,379,882Apr 19
137Bugs!SK Films $7,079,97233$19,062,359Mar 12
138MillionsFox Searchlight Pictures $6,572,419340$6,572,419Mar 11
139Flight of the PhoenixTwentieth Century Fox $6,438,4182,604$20,997,558Dec 17
140The JacketWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $6,303,7621,331$6,303,762Mar 4
141Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DIMAX $5,946,83182$34,136,978Sep 23
142Monster-in-LawNew Line Cinema $5,835,9393,424$62,445,081May 13
143Beyond the SeaLionsgate $5,307,776383$6,318,709Dec 17
144Alone in the DarkLionsgate $5,178,5692,124$5,178,569Jan 28
145Haunted Castle-$4,807,03810$13,644,921Feb 23
146A Very Long EngagementWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $4,396,424219$6,524,389Nov 26
147The SpongeBob SquarePants MovieParamount Pictures $4,311,6503,307$85,417,988Nov 19
148Howl's Moving CastleWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,260,851202$4,711,096Jun 10
149Being JuliaSony Pictures Classics $4,231,270328$7,739,049Oct 15
150Kiss Kiss Bang BangWarner Bros. $4,205,036226$4,243,756Oct 21
151The Constant GardenerFocus Features $4,128,3851,387$33,579,797Aug 31
152RayUniversal Pictures $4,053,2452,474$75,331,600Oct 29
153KinseyFox Searchlight Pictures $3,928,716588$10,254,979Nov 12
154Melinda and MelindaFox Searchlight Pictures $3,803,268302$3,803,268Mar 18
155GalapagosIMAX $3,772,93314$18,629,106Oct 29
156Bad EducationSony Pictures Classics $3,735,216106$5,211,842Nov 19
157The Merchant of VeniceSony Pictures Classics $3,732,193107$3,765,585Dec 29
158High TensionLionsgate $3,681,0661,323$3,681,066Jun 10
159StayTwentieth Century Fox $3,624,3031,684$3,624,303Oct 21
160Pride & PrejudiceFocus Features $3,486,6571,335$38,405,088Nov 11
161Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light KidsTHINKFilm $3,471,186127$3,515,061Dec 8
162RizeLionsgate $3,336,391352$3,336,391Jun 24
163Aliens of the DeepWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,230,47527$8,961,527Jan 28
164Grizzly ManLionsgate $3,178,403105$3,178,403Aug 12
165SupercrossTwentieth Century Fox $2,941,4211,621$2,941,421Aug 17
166Brokeback MountainFocus Features $2,761,5782,089$82,315,067Dec 9
167Walk on WaterIDP Distribution $2,713,93247$2,713,932Mar 4
168Broken FlowersFocus Features $2,705,072433$13,744,960Aug 5
169JunebugSony Pictures Classics $2,678,691143$2,678,691Aug 3
170The Work and the GloryExcel Entertainment $2,268,504112$3,347,647Nov 24
171Assault on Precinct 13Rogue Pictures $2,116,1302,297$16,643,000Jan 19
172Pulse: A Stomp OdysseyGiant Screen Films $2,104,80716$10,062,514Oct 11
173Oliver TwistSony Pictures Releasing $2,080,321779$2,080,321Sep 23
174The AviatorMiramax $2,061,9672,530$88,876,786Dec 17
175The Sea InsideFine Line Features $1,981,23399$2,104,923Dec 17
176G-$1,974,229495$2,964,475Sep 16
177Adrenaline Rush: The Science of RiskGiant Screen Films $1,945,59717$10,994,028Oct 18
178A Sound of ThunderWarner Bros. $1,900,451816$1,900,451Sep 2
179The Brothers GrimmDimension Films $1,830,5783,098$37,916,267Aug 26
180Look at MeSony Pictures Classics $1,737,30875$1,737,308Apr 1
181Everything Is IlluminatedWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $1,712,337110$1,712,337Sep 16
182State Property: Blood on the StreetsLionsgate $1,691,706202$1,691,706Apr 13
183Christmas with the KranksRevolution Studios $1,684,6363,416$73,780,539Nov 24
184The Ice HarvestFocus Features $1,682,9841,555$8,314,570Nov 23
185Vera DrakeFine Line Features $1,674,86697$3,775,283Oct 8
186Son of the MaskNew Line Cinema $1,588,4402,966$9,100,115Feb 18
187Ma vie en cinémascopeAlliance Atlantis Vivafilm $1,586,615-$2,750,263Dec 17
188The Chorus
2005 Re-release
Miramax $1,548,03659$1,548,036Jan 14
189MurderballTHINKFilm $1,531,15497$1,531,154Jul 8
190The Great RaidMiramax $1,445,185920$10,167,373Aug 12
1912046Sony Pictures Classics $1,444,58861$1,444,588Aug 5
192Salaam Namaste-$1,413,28363$1,413,283Sep 9
193PaheliEros International $1,409,49968$1,409,499Jun 24
194ThumbsuckerSony Pictures Classics $1,328,679330$1,328,679Sep 16
195Off the Map-$1,317,16770$1,317,167Mar 11
196Happy EndingsLionsgate $1,315,70174$1,315,701Jul 15
197UshpizinPicturehouse $1,298,41048$1,400,666Oct 19
198The Motorcycle DiariesFocus Features $1,246,241272$16,781,387Sep 24
199Saving FaceSony Pictures Classics $1,187,26656$1,187,266May 27
200HeightsSony Pictures Classics $1,160,81766$1,160,817Jun 17
201Bee SeasonFox Searchlight Pictures $1,148,085277$1,164,349Nov 11
202UndiscoveredLionsgate $1,069,3181,304$1,069,318Aug 26
203Paradise NowWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $1,025,02865$1,457,843Oct 28
204Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
2005 Re-release
IMAX $1,009,63132$1,222,538Oct 31
205My Summer of LoveFocus Features $1,000,91563$1,000,915Jun 17
206The AristocratsTHINKFilm $956,903234$6,377,461Jul 29
207Mangal Pandey: The Rising-$954,10863$954,108Aug 12
208Shall We DanceMiramax $919,8262,542$57,890,460Oct 15
209Separate LiesFox Searchlight Pictures $897,206127$897,206Sep 16
210Finding NeverlandMiramax $880,7241,411$45,691,722Nov 12
211The Work and the Glory II: American ZionVineyard Distribution $858,163206$2,024,782Oct 21
212Thérèse: The Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux-$852,79865$2,625,946Oct 1
213El vacilón: The MovieTelevisa Cine $850,62436$850,624Oct 21
214An Unfinished LifeMiramax $842,000888$8,264,735Sep 9
215Innocent VoicesSlowhand Cinema Releasing $837,87875$837,878Oct 14
216Ladder 49Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $836,2013,261$74,541,707Oct 1
217Après VousParamount Classics $830,29242$830,292Jun 3
218Waqt: The Race Against TimeEros International $815,06452$815,064Apr 22
219UnleashedRogue Pictures $807,4481,962$22,714,006May 13
220ParineetaUTV Motion Pictures $802,75850$802,758Jun 10
2005 Re-release
-$754,81945$754,819Feb 4
222First DescentUniversal Pictures $750,805243$750,805Dec 2
223The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-DDimension Films $743,3112,655$39,177,684Jun 10
224CasanovaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $725,3281,011$11,279,491Dec 25
225Mysterious SkinTartan $713,24023$713,240May 6
226The Ballad of Jack and RoseIFC Films $712,27574$712,275Mar 25
227Inside Deep ThroatUniversal Pictures $691,88027$691,880Feb 11
228The Assassination of Richard NixonTHINKFilm $691,06859$708,776Dec 29
229No EntryEros International $678,00049$678,000Aug 26
230Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
2005 Re-release
Empire Pictures Inc. $658,27422$658,274Jul 29
231SarabandSony Pictures Classics $645,63427$645,634Jul 8
232Dust to GloryIFC Films $640,01380$640,013Apr 1
233The Prize Winner of Defiance, OhioDreamWorks Distribution $627,84441$627,844Sep 30
234A History of ViolenceNew Line Cinema $611,0001,348$31,504,633Sep 23
235Gunner PalacePalm Pictures $607,84456$607,844Mar 4
236Schultze Gets the BluesParamount Classics $595,07135$595,071Feb 18
237UnderclassmanMiramax $560,7631,132$5,655,459Sep 2
238PalindromesWellspring Media $553,36846$553,368Apr 13
239NASCAR: The IMAX ExperienceWarner Bros. $547,84773$21,583,831Mar 12
240Alien Adventure-$542,47210$8,959,784Aug 20
241House of Flying DaggersSony Pictures Classics $525,1701,189$7,477,170Dec 3
242MadisonUnited Artists $517,26294$517,262Apr 22
243Travelers and MagiciansZeitgeist Films $506,79312$506,793Jan 7
244The Passenger
2005 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $500,47124$620,155Oct 28
245El Crimen Perfecto (The Perfect Crime)Vitagraph Films $495,13623$415,080Aug 19
246Kung Fu HustleSony Pictures Classics $493,0002,503$14,357,000Apr 8
247Saint RalphIDP Distribution $489,38961$489,389Aug 5
248Bluff MasterUTV Motion Pictures $478,30146$722,847Dec 16
249SteamboyTriumph Releasing Corporation $462,08146$468,867Mar 18
250Match PointDreamWorks Distribution $448,925512$23,151,529Dec 28
251Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonUniversal Pictures $447,6302,473$40,226,215Nov 12
252The Beautiful Country
2005 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $442,81328$442,813Jul 8
253Ghosts of the AbyssWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $440,81397$17,040,871Apr 11
254Head-OnStrand Releasing $435,3959$435,395Jan 21
255Ballets RussesZeitgeist Films $429,06321$815,221Oct 26
256Mobsters and Mormons-$409,60432$409,604Sep 9
257YesSony Pictures Classics $396,76026$396,760Jun 24
258House of DLionsgate $388,532305$388,532Apr 15
259Little ManhattanTwentieth Century Fox $383,55735$383,557Sep 30
260AsylumParamount Classics $375,40355$375,403Aug 12
261Mrs Henderson PresentsThe Weinstein Company $375,186522$11,036,366Dec 9
262Short Cut to Nirvana: Kumbh Mela-$366,0133$381,129Oct 22
263In the Realms of the UnrealWellspring Media $363,82213$417,120Dec 22
264Just FriendsNew Line Cinema $360,0002,505$32,619,671Nov 23
265Nine LivesMagnolia Pictures $355,54333$478,830Oct 14
266Sin CityDimension Films $348,0003,230$71,960,000Apr 1
267Green Street HooligansFreestyle Releasing $346,83029$346,830Sep 9
268KaalEros International $345,09140$345,091Apr 29
269Deewane Huye PaagalUTV Motion Pictures $338,02748$364,357Nov 24
270The Memory of a Killer
2005 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $333,70727$333,707Aug 26
271AlexanderWarner Bros. $333,5862,445$34,297,191Nov 24
272Shark TaleDreamWorks Distribution $330,0394,070$160,861,908Oct 1
273Viruddh... Family Comes FirstUTV Motion Pictures $327,61537$327,615Jul 22
274The Dying Gaul-$326,38624$342,747Nov 4
275Shaadi No. 1Eros International $325,77245$336,772Nov 3
276Winter SolsticeParamount Classics $319,35539$319,355Apr 8
2004 Re-release
Twentieth Century Fox $311,5043,001$36,611,066Oct 6
278Secuestro expressMiramax $307,20834$307,208Aug 5
279Pretty PersuasionIDP Distribution $305,80024$305,800Aug 12
280Dot the IFreestyle Releasing $304,21116$304,211Mar 11
281The Holy GirlFine Line Features $304,12412$304,124Apr 29
282The Upside of AngerNew Line Cinema $301,0001,166$18,126,000Mar 11
283CronicasPalm Pictures $300,32217$300,322Jul 8
284SwadesUTV Motion Pictures $295,51774$1,223,240Dec 17
285Breakfast on PlutoSony Pictures Classics $292,788125$828,699Nov 16
286After the SunsetNew Line Cinema $280,3572,819$28,331,233Nov 12
287Enron: The Smartest Guys in the RoomMagnolia Pictures $277,593151$2,650,410Apr 22
288The Best of YouthMiramax $274,0245$274,024Mar 2
289Ladies in LavenderIDP Distribution $267,004119$6,765,081Apr 29
290DumaWarner Bros. $252,65742$870,067Apr 22
291Happily Ever AfterKino International $252,3798$252,379Apr 8
292Dominion: Prequel to the ExorcistWarner Bros. $251,495110$251,495May 20
293Up and DownSony Pictures Classics $245,12716$245,127Feb 25
294TransamericaThe Weinstein Company $244,743656$9,015,303Dec 2
295Lucky: No Time for LoveEros International $243,50744$453,507Apr 8
2963-IronSony Pictures Classics $241,91431$241,914Apr 29
297Nina's TragediesWellspring Media $238,83115$238,831Mar 25
298Layer CakeSony Pictures Classics $237,864200$1,062,000May 13
299KontrollTHINKFilm $237,1836$237,183Apr 1
300CapoteSony Pictures Classics $231,3721,239$28,028,008Sep 30
301Ek AjnabeeEros International $213,14338$213,143Dec 9
302MondovinoTHINKFilm $209,6188$209,618Mar 23
303Modigliani-$205,1659$205,165May 13
304BewafaaEros International $195,23046$670,076Feb 25
305NovemberSony Pictures Classics $192,18627$192,186Jul 22
306ErosWarner Independent Pictures (WIP) $188,39216$188,392Apr 8
307The BaxterIFC Films $181,87247$181,872Aug 26
308HellbentRegent Releasing $181,13311$182,599Sep 16
309My Date with DrewSlowhand Cinema Releasing $181,04158$181,041Aug 5
310New York DollFirst Independent Pictures $176,30311$218,102Oct 28
311I Heart HuckabeesFox Searchlight Pictures $175,949901$12,752,075Oct 1
312The EdukatorsIFC Films $175,49319$175,493Jul 22
313In My CountrySony Pictures Classics $163,89315$163,893Mar 11
314Mughal-E-AzamUTV Motion Pictures $161,43432$161,434Apr 1
315Protocols of ZionTHINKFilm $160,55810$178,875Oct 21
316Matando Cabos
2005 Re-release
Televisa Cine $155,87482$155,874Aug 26
317China: The Panda AdventureIMAX $154,00721$3,918,213Jun 9
318Napoleon DynamiteFox Searchlight Pictures $147,5091,027$44,522,135Jun 11
319Kisna: The Warrior PoetEros International $147,00068$147,000Jan 21
320A Love Song for Bobby LongLionsgate $143,80024$164,308Dec 29
321The Young Black StallionWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $143,73451$6,751,389Dec 25
322Down and DerbyFreestyle Releasing $138,62163$227,548Apr 15
323Ong-Bak: The Thai WarriorMagnolia Pictures $133,011387$2,814,161Feb 11
324CachéSony Pictures Classics $131,36890$3,647,381Dec 23
325Dil Jo Bhi Kahey...Eros International $129,31933$129,319Sep 23
3265x2THINKFilm $128,7525$128,752Jun 10
327Garçon stupide-$124,4774$147,766Sep 16
328Tony TakitaniStrand Releasing $122,5685$129,194Jun 24
329Lila SaysIDP Distribution $121,3656$121,365Jun 24
330Sons of Provo-$120,4888$120,488Feb 4
331Neal 'N' Nikki-$111,55144$111,551Dec 9
332MoolaadéNew Yorker Films $107,6294$213,296Oct 15
333Fear and Trembling
2004 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $102,9873$125,185Nov 19
334The White CountessSony Pictures Classics $102,86867$1,669,971Dec 21
335D.E.B.S.IDP Distribution $97,44645$97,446Mar 25
336Postmen in the MountainsShadow Distribution $93,5447$203,975Dec 25
337Ek Khiladi Ek HaseenaEros International $90,86915$90,869Nov 18
338FaceIndican Pictures $86,4894$105,017Oct 15
339Without a PaddleParamount Pictures $84,2272,756$58,169,327Aug 20
340DarknessDimension Films $84,0891,718$21,479,864Dec 25
341ChrystalFirst Look International $80,85811$80,858Apr 8
342AppleseedGeneon Entertainment $79,81831$79,818Jan 14
343Three... Extremes
2005 Re-release
Lionsgate $77,53219$77,532Oct 28
344The War WithinMagnolia Pictures $74,65516$74,655Sep 30
345The Nomi SongPalm Pictures $74,6313$74,631Feb 4
346Days of Being WildKino International $74,6104$145,654Nov 19
347The MachinistParamount Classics $74,47072$1,068,146Oct 22
348Come Away HomeInnovation Film Group (IFG) $72,81016$72,810May 6
349Naked in Ashes-$72,0736$72,073Oct 21
350Lightning in a BottleSony Pictures Classics $70,26421$201,711Oct 22
351Mrs. Palfrey at the ClaremontCineville $69,14622$1,720,953Nov 25
352Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo DallaireCalifornia Newsreel $68,2494$68,249May 13
3539 SongsTartan $66,8533$66,853Jul 22
354The WoodsmanNewmarket Films $66,83384$197,623Dec 24
355Sky Blue-$66,0825$74,663Dec 31
356The Talent Given UsVitagraph Films $65,8273$65,827Jun 17
357Encounter in the Third Dimension-$63,98016$7,195,792Feb 26
358The Syrian BrideKoch Lorber Films $63,3674$346,327Nov 16
359Bride & PrejudiceMiramax $62,979288$882,610Feb 11
360Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van ZandtPalm Pictures $60,1725$80,143Dec 2
361Home Delivery: Aapko... Ghar TakEros International $58,49915$58,499Dec 2
362Bright LeavesFirst Run $57,3854$77,635Aug 25
363Swimming Upstream
2004 Re-release
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $54,96517$54,965Feb 4
364Masculin FémininRialto Pictures $53,4214$199,034Feb 11
365A Wake in ProvidenceIndican Pictures $53,1507$397,057Apr 15
366The ChumscrubberNewmarket Films $52,59728$52,597Aug 5
367The Warrior
2005 Re-release
Miramax $50,2575$50,257Jul 15
368The Bridge of San Luis ReyFine Line Features $49,9816$49,981Jun 10
2005 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $49,8385$51,420Nov 9
370Team America: World PoliceParamount Pictures $49,5262,620$32,786,074Oct 15
371Assisted Living-$49,0597$49,048Feb 2
372Raging Bull
25th Anniversary
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $49,0341$49,034Jan 28
373Chocolate: Deep Dark SecretsEros International $49,00020$49,000Sep 16
2005 Re-release
First Look International $48,0008$48,000Feb 11
375Manna from HeavenFive Sisters Productions $47,77733$505,675Aug 2
376Brother to BrotherWolfe Releasing $46,8593$78,295Nov 5
377The Inheritance
2003 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $46,6112$67,258Jul 9
378Caterina in the Big CityEmpire Pictures Inc. $46,39913$296,464Jun 3
379Bailey's Billion$Echo Bridge Entertainment $45,00037$45,000Aug 5
380Intimate StoriesNew Yorker Films $44,8463$102,214Mar 4
381The LibertineThe Weinstein Company $44,462819$4,835,065Nov 25
382Apaharan-$44,13317$44,133Dec 2
383Darwin's NightmareInternational Film Circuit $42,2096$200,936Aug 3
384The Boys of BarakaTHINKFilm $41,5579$65,380Nov 30
385Red LightsWellspring Media $41,26429$673,828Aug 20
2005 Re-release
Lionsgate $41,19613$41,196Jul 1
387After MidnightAvatar Films $41,1153$48,749Dec 3
388The WorldZeitgeist Films $40,9683$60,623Jul 1
389The MatadorThe Weinstein Company $39,676905$12,594,698Dec 30
390Tell Them Who You AreTHINKFilm $39,0754$39,075May 13
391Classe Tous RisquesRialto Pictures $38,2322$91,049Nov 18
392The Other Side of the StreetStrand Releasing $37,8063$55,225Feb 25
393Lost EmbraceNew Yorker Films $36,7186$190,860Jan 28
394The Two of UsRialto Pictures $36,6632$56,558May 27
395Dirty LoveFirst Look International $36,09944$36,099Sep 23
396Jiminy Glick in LalawoodMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $36,03924$36,039May 6
397On the OutsFader Films $34,93311$34,933Jul 13
398CampfireFilm Movement $34,8355$34,835Sep 9
399Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty HearstMagnolia Pictures $34,2179$105,054Nov 26
400KeaneMagnolia Pictures $33,2565$33,256Sep 9
401You I Love-$32,8734$51,171Nov 19
402Ma MèreTLA Releasing $32,5824$65,607May 13
403Going ShoppingRainbow Releasing $31,9086$31,908Sep 30
404Three BurialsSony Pictures Classics $31,644356$31,000Dec 14
405The New World
2005 Re-release
New Line Cinema $30,864811$189,864Dec 25
406Before the Fall-$30,6154$144,254Oct 7
407Vodka LemonNew Yorker Films $30,0523$59,131Oct 8
408Garden StateFox Searchlight Pictures $28,602813$26,774,462Jul 28
409EternalRegent Releasing $28,0899$28,089Aug 26
410Almost Peaceful
2004 Re-release
Empire Pictures Inc. $27,8373$104,416Aug 20
411Monsieur N.
2004 Re-release
Empire Pictures Inc. $27,5905$36,413Jan 22
412Guiana 1838RBC Radio $27,21516$220,131Sep 24
413MachucaMenemsha Films $26,6761$26,676Jan 19
414Sex Is Comedy
2004 Re-release
IFC Films $26,6754$38,100Oct 20
415Barely LegalSony Pictures Releasing $26,51120$26,511Oct 21
416Bear CubTLA Releasing $24,4204$96,685Nov 5
417Straight-JacketRegent Releasing $24,2324$45,291Nov 26
418Emmanuel's GiftFirst Look International $23,7286$23,728Oct 21
419Music from the Inside OutEmerging Pictures $23,3454$141,504Apr 22
420Apollo 13
The IMAX Experience
IMAX $22,68319$1,760,432Sep 20
421Bigger Than the SkyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $21,3989$21,398Feb 18
422Major DundeeSony Pictures Repertory $20,8073$20,807Apr 8
423Zizek!Zeitgeist Films $20,1771$20,177Nov 18
424L.A. TwisterIndican Pictures $19,9084$54,000Aug 13
425Beautiful BoxerRegent Releasing $19,4545$133,721Jan 21
426A Tale of Two SistersTartan $18,6129$72,541Dec 3
427The Aryan CoupleSlowhand Cinema Releasing $18,60618$35,000Nov 18
428Mr Ya Miss-$18,51610$18,516Dec 2
429Blackmail Boy
2005 Re-release
-$18,1391$18,139Nov 18
430AlfieParamount Pictures $17,8142,215$13,399,812Nov 5
431Sunset StoryVitagraph Films $17,5083$17,508Feb 25
432The Man Who CopiedTLA Releasing $17,1063$24,391Apr 22
433The Last DispatchFabrication Films $16,8481$16,848Jul 29
434Melancholian 3 huonettaIcarus Films $16,7172$19,317Jul 29
435PureIndican Pictures $16,7023$93,841Jun 10
436FascinationMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $16,67010$16,670Jan 28
437The Last MogulTHINKFilm $16,4692$16,469Jun 24
438Malevolence-$16,41410$99,899Sep 10
439Untold ScandalKino International $16,1948$58,538Oct 13
440The Passion of the Christ
Recut Release
Newmarket Films $16,000957$382,406Mar 11
441Drivers WantedIndican Pictures $15,6671$24,441Jun 24
442Bomb the SystemPalm Pictures $15,5202$15,520May 27
443My Mother's Smile
2005 Re-release
New Yorker Films $15,4962$38,937Feb 11
444Memories of MurderPalm Pictures $15,3571$15,357Jul 15
445Tropical MaladyStrand Releasing $15,2863$46,608Jun 24
446The Tunnel
2005 Re-release
Avatar Films $15,1912$46,296Apr 27
447Reel ParadiseWellspring Media $14,7976$30,170Aug 17
448C.S.A.: The Confederate States of AmericaIFC Films $14,69528$14,695Oct 7
449Wall-$14,5412$14,541Aug 26
450Up for Grabs-$13,9314$13,931May 6
451Baptists at Our Barbecue-$13,81913$150,551Oct 8
452Duane HopwoodIFC Films $13,5103$13,510Nov 11
453Edvard MunchShadow Distribution $13,2333$40,739Jun 17
454Goodbye, Dragon InnWellspring Media $12,8723$34,470Sep 17
455À Tout de SuiteThe Cinema Guild $12,6926$247,899Apr 29
456Go for ZuckerFirst Run $12,6867$86,553Dec 9
457Seducing Doctor Lewis
2004 Re-release
Wellspring Media $12,62315$488,562Jun 16
458Brodeuses - A Common ThreadNew Yorker Films $12,2192$25,583May 27
459All Babes Want to Kill MeHigh Cotton Films $11,9751$11,975Feb 16
460Girl PlayWolfe Releasing $11,5231$11,523Apr 1
461Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a SorcererIndican Pictures $11,4102$106,056Mar 5
462A League of Ordinary Gentlemen
2005 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $11,2884$17,172May 27
463Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control-$11,0891$11,089Apr 14
464Little Lili
2004 Re-release
First Run $10,7651$32,256Nov 12
465One More RoundSilver Plane Films $10,6292$10,629Feb 25
466Fighting Tommy RileyFreestyle Releasing $10,5145$10,514May 6
467The Future of FoodCinema Libre Studio $10,4075$74,761Sep 14
468ChaosDinsdale Releasing $10,2892$10,289Aug 10
469Or (My Treasure)Kino International $9,4862$28,563Jun 1
470Innocence and Experience: The Making of 'The Age of Innocence'Kino International $9,3951$9,395Jan 21
471The Keeper: The Legend of Omar KhayyamArrival Pictures $9,1415$222,768Jun 10
472FabledIndican Pictures $9,0813$27,305Dec 10
473The SwenkasSeventh Art Releasing $8,8601$8,860Nov 9
474Côte d'AzurStrand Releasing $8,75611$140,189Sep 9
475Torremolinos 73
2005 Re-release
First Run $8,5564$86,509Apr 15
476A Tale of Two PizzasCockeyed Caravan $8,4312$12,340Feb 11
477Who Killed Bambi?Strand Releasing $8,3901$14,213Nov 12
478A Talking PictureKino International $8,1702$18,944Dec 10
479The Far Side of the Moon
2005 Re-release
TLA Releasing $8,1081$9,963Dec 2
480Enduring LoveParamount Classics $8,07056$356,950Oct 29
481Occupation: DreamlandRumur Releasing $8,0182$8,018Sep 23
482The IntruderWellspring Media $7,5722$23,450Dec 23
483The Ninth DayKino International $7,5394$72,888May 27
484After InnocenceNew Yorker Films $7,4644$107,656Oct 21
485Schizo-$7,3905$52,633Mar 18
486Lipstick & Dynamite, Piss & Vinegar: The First Ladies of WrestlingKoch Lorber Films $7,2843$22,037Mar 25
487Saints and SoldiersExcel Entertainment $7,23737$1,165,065Aug 6
488The Goebbels ExperimentFirst Run $7,1662$44,242Aug 12
489A Decent FactoryIcarus Films $7,0851$7,925Jun 29
490DaybreakNewmarket Films $6,9951$6,995Feb 2
491The AggressivesSeventh Art Releasing $6,5331$6,533Oct 7
492A State of MindKino International $6,4915$41,468Aug 10
493Santa santitaUnico Entertainment $6,4703$6,470Mar 11
494White King, Red Rubber, Black DeathArtMattan Productions $6,4581$6,458Oct 21
495Searching for the Wrong-Eyed JesusShadow Distribution $6,4216$78,716Jul 13
496MarebitoTartan $6,2743$11,377Dec 9
497Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving TrainFirst Run $6,2214$122,011Jun 18
498Dear WendyWellspring Media $5,9067$22,568Sep 23
499SueñoSony Pictures Home Entertainment $5,7298$5,729Sep 30
500The RoostVitagraph Films $5,6424$5,642Oct 21
501Funny Ha HaGoodbye Cruel Releasing $5,5863$65,109Apr 29
502Quattro NozaLionsgate $5,4711$5,471Nov 23
503UzakNew Yorker Films $5,3472$95,299Mar 12
504Milwaukee, MinnesotaTartan $4,8003$16,822Jun 3
505PerlascaCastle Hill Productions $4,7801$4,780Apr 15
506A Silent LoveAtopia $4,7343$12,415Oct 29
507Isn't This a Time! A Tribute Concert for Harold LeventhalSeventh Art Releasing $4,6831$4,683Dec 9
508My Big Fat Independent Movie-$4,6551$4,655Sep 30
509Anatomy of HellTartan $4,6553$34,156Sep 24
510The ReceptionStrand Releasing $4,4801$18,389Jul 15
511Sacred Stage: The Mariinsky TheaterFirst Run $4,4101$4,410Oct 7
512Gory Gory HallelujahIndican Pictures $4,3842$9,696Jan 21
513McLibelCinema Libre Studio $4,3373$4,337Jun 10
514Oyster FarmerThe Cinema Guild $4,0092$15,456Jul 29
515First Love
2005 Re-release
Strand Releasing $4,0061$9,090Apr 6
516The Deserted StationFirst Run $3,9771$15,696Jul 2
517A Hole in My HeartNewmarket Films $3,7841$3,784Apr 8
518The Helix... LoadedRomar Entertainment $3,7006$3,700Mar 25
519Happy Here and NowIFC Films $3,5742$3,574Dec 14
520GenesisTHINKFilm $3,4731$14,620May 27
521Silent WatersFirst Run $3,4601$6,184Oct 8
522The Rider Named DeathKino International $3,3751$3,375Mar 18
523God's SandboxIndican Pictures $3,3743$50,326Jul 29
524Harry + MaxTLA Releasing $3,3401$11,318Feb 18
525Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touché'HB Filmworks $3,2521$3,252Feb 25
526UnveiledWolfe Releasing $3,0251$3,025Nov 18
527Stolen ChildhoodsBalcony Releasing $2,9961$2,996May 20
52816 Years of AlcoholTartan $2,9462$7,777Mar 15
529Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were ThereDada Films $2,86914$347,954Jun 11
530Three Days of RainRogue Arts $2,8411$2,841Sep 30
531An Adolescent
2005 Re-release
Indican Pictures $2,7542$64,796Aug 26
532One Bright Shining MomentFirst Run $2,6942$7,942Sep 16
533Two Men Went to WarIndican Pictures $2,5164$149,104Mar 26
534OldboyTartan $2,43028$707,226Mar 25
535The Beauty Academy of KabulShadow Distribution $2,40713$225,448Nov 4
536Mail Order WifeTartan $2,3935$56,097Mar 11
537The OptimistsCastle Hill Productions $2,3771$2,377Oct 21
538Wild SideWellspring Media $2,2592$14,855Jun 10
539Side EffectsHummingbird Pictures $2,2161$2,216Sep 9
540Steal MeCineville $1,9671$1,967Sep 9
541Callas ForeverRegent Releasing $1,94716$445,284Nov 5
542The Great RoleFirst Run $1,9442$11,419May 6
543Screen Door JesusIndican Pictures $1,9223$59,000Sep 30
544With God on Our Side: George W. Bush and the Rise of the Religious Right in AmericaLumiere Productions $1,8841$1,884Jan 19
545She's One of Us
2005 Re-release
Leisure Time Features $1,8701$1,870Jan 21
546Electric ShadowsFirst Run $1,8312$6,813Dec 16
547Das Boot ist voll
2005 Re-release
Castle Hill Productions $1,7181$1,718Mar 11
548Ethan Mao-$1,6321$7,259Apr 8
549Twin Sisters
2004 Re-release
Miramax $1,5631$1,563May 6
550Making GraceFirst Run $1,4961$1,496Jul 20
551The Great Water-$1,4802$14,826Jun 17
552The Letter: An American Town and the 'Somali Invasion'Arab Film Distribution $1,4791$1,479Feb 9
553Kamikaze Girls
2005 Re-release
Viz Media $1,4563$34,424Sep 9
554Kalyug-$1,4355$1,435Dec 9
555Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild AmericaFirst Run $1,4301$1,430Jul 22
556Twist of FaithArtistic License $1,2762$7,441Jul 1
557Proteus: A Nineteenth Century VisionIcarus Films $1,2461$1,246Aug 5
558Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
2004 Re-release
Regent Releasing $1,2352$13,036Sep 3
559Return to the Land of WondersArab Film Distribution $1,1211$1,338Jul 13
560A Grin Without A CatIcarus Films $9931$43,616May 1
561Games of Love and Chance
2005 Re-release
New Yorker Films $9371$6,797Aug 31
562Naked FameRegent Releasing $9092$28,773Feb 18
563ZelarySony Pictures Classics $83421$330,033Sep 17
564WatermarksKino International $8299$245,309Jan 21
565L'autre monde
2004 Re-release
ArtMattan Productions $7471$2,494Aug 6
566Spooky House
2005 Re-release
-$6374$637May 27
567Steve + Sky-$6241$624Jul 8
568The Comedians of ComedyVitagraph Films $5492$549Nov 11
56915-$5481$1,961Apr 13
570The Dark Hours-$4231$423Oct 13
571The Tracker
2004 Re-release
ArtMattan Productions $2332$52,806Jan 16
572Head in the CloudsSony Pictures Classics $17147$398,278Sep 17