Domestic Box Office For 1997

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Men in BlackSony Pictures Releasing $250,690,5393,180$250,690,539Jul 2
2The Lost World: Jurassic ParkUniversal Pictures $229,086,6793,565$229,086,679May 23
3Liar LiarUniversal Pictures $181,410,6152,909$181,410,615Mar 21
4Air Force OneSony Pictures Releasing $171,482,5452,981$172,956,409Jul 25
5TitanicParamount Pictures $112,594,1733,265$600,788,188Dec 19
6Batman & RobinWarner Bros. $107,325,1952,942$107,325,195Jun 20
7Con AirWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $95,336,3372,941$101,117,573Jun 6
8Jerry MaguireSony Pictures Releasing $88,276,7752,531$153,952,592Dec 13
9FlubberWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $78,706,8962,679$92,977,226Nov 26
10Tomorrow Never DiesMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $78,609,3482,807$125,304,276Dec 19
11Scream 2Dimension Films $78,208,0162,688$101,363,301Dec 12
12The Fifth ElementSony Pictures Releasing $63,820,1802,500$63,820,180May 9
13Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
1997 Special Edition
Twentieth Century Fox $60,997,0742,375$138,257,865Jan 31
14The Devil's AdvocateWarner Bros. $58,994,8122,404$60,944,660Oct 17
15Starship TroopersSony Pictures Releasing $54,814,3772,971$54,814,377Nov 7
16AnastasiaTwentieth Century Fox $50,916,3372,511$58,406,347Nov 14
17Absolute PowerSony Pictures Releasing $50,068,3102,568$50,068,310Feb 14
18EvitaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $47,326,7341,045$47,786,821Dec 25
19The PeacemakerDreamWorks Distribution $41,183,4062,420$41,263,140Sep 26
20ShineFine Line Features $33,951,8521,050$35,892,330Nov 22
21L.A. ConfidentialWarner Bros. $31,511,8261,625$64,616,940Sep 19
22The Full MontyFox Searchlight Pictures $31,493,156783$45,950,122Aug 15
23Fools Rush InSony Pictures Releasing $29,481,4281,701$29,481,428Feb 14
24MousehuntDreamWorks Distribution $28,584,9682,233$61,917,389Dec 19
25As Good as It GetsSony Pictures Releasing $24,394,4691,837$148,478,011Dec 23
26Sling BladeMiramax $23,887,9411,020$24,444,121Nov 29
27For Richer or PoorerUniversal Pictures $21,327,5201,954$31,642,995Dec 12
28AmistadDreamWorks Distribution $20,636,3321,019$44,229,441Dec 10
29Home Alone 3Twentieth Century Fox $20,422,1252,261$30,882,515Dec 12
30MotherParamount Pictures $18,568,194735$19,145,198Dec 27
31In Love and WarNew Line Cinema $14,475,7511,612$14,481,231Dec 18
32Secrets & LiesOctober Films $13,040,360296$13,417,292Sep 28
33Ghosts of MississippiSony Pictures Releasing $12,557,1581,268$13,323,144Dec 20
34The Wings of the DoveMiramax $12,330,838261$13,692,848Nov 7
35Chasing AmyMiramax $11,502,732553$12,021,272Apr 4
36Marvin's RoomMiramax $10,673,4051,158$12,803,305Dec 20
37Everyone Says I Love YouMiramax $9,310,000276$9,759,200Dec 6
38ScreamDimension Films $9,032,0481,994$103,046,663Dec 20
39Ulee's GoldMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $8,579,648350$9,161,691Jun 13
40HerculesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $7,731,7952,930$99,112,101Jun 15
41The CrucibleTwentieth Century Fox $7,022,187344$7,343,114Nov 29
42HamletSony Pictures Releasing $4,100,98593$4,708,156Dec 27
43AnacondaSony Pictures Releasing $4,076,0682,456$65,885,767Apr 11
44Kama Sutra: A Tale of LoveTrimark Pictures $4,026,09581$4,109,095Feb 28
45KolyaMiramax $3,982,870128$5,770,254Jan 17
46RansomWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,851,2242,768$136,492,681Nov 8
47Jackie BrownMiramax $3,596,3611,642$39,673,162Dec 25
48An American Werewolf in ParisWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,384,8991,731$26,570,463Dec 25
49Space JamWarner Bros. $3,372,3912,650$90,418,342Nov 15
50The Portrait of a LadyGramercy Pictures (I) $3,175,450570$3,692,836Dec 27
51101 DalmatiansWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,512,3982,901$136,189,294Nov 27
52The Ice StormFox Searchlight Pictures $2,422,477230$8,038,061Sep 27
53Smilla's Sense of SnowFox Searchlight Pictures $2,265,903135$2,372,903Feb 28
54Mrs BrownMiramax $2,174,150432$9,229,808Jul 18
55Romeo + JulietTwentieth Century Fox $2,156,7581,963$46,351,345Nov 1
56The SaintParamount Pictures $1,880,9412,500$61,363,304Apr 4
57Jingle All the WayTwentieth Century Fox $1,649,5362,404$60,592,389Nov 22
58The Little Mermaid
1997 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,561,3862,057$27,187,616Nov 14
59The PostmanWarner Bros. $1,554,0672,207$17,626,234Dec 25
60When We Were KingsGramercy Pictures (I) $1,498,23092$2,789,985Oct 25
61Mr. MagooWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,237,8281,857$21,437,192Dec 25
62Brassed OffMiramax $1,084,472231$2,576,331May 23
63Children of the RevolutionMiramax $838,36859$838,368May 1
64The DaytrippersSony Pictures Releasing $727,90152$2,099,677Mar 5
65Waiting for GuffmanSony Pictures Classics $720,01359$2,923,982Jan 31
66The VanFox Searchlight Pictures $677,09525$712,095May 16
67Temptress MoonMiramax $546,15646$1,100,788Jun 13
68FargoGramercy Pictures (I) $528,657716$24,611,975Mar 8
69In the Company of MenSony Pictures Classics $526,198108$2,804,473Aug 1
70Career GirlsOctober Films $486,365148$2,416,734Aug 8
71Fast, Cheap & Out of ControlSony Pictures Classics $430,82540$878,960Oct 3
72The Eighth DayGramercy Pictures (I) $342,3215$416,401Mar 7
73Dream with the FishesSony Pictures Classics $341,66532$543,708Jun 20
74GuantanameraLionsgate $298,58312$903,840Jul 4
75Anna KareninaWarner Bros. $271,74034$858,553Apr 4
76Love and Other CatastrophesFox Searchlight Pictures $271,21232$294,212Mar 28
77The Sweet HereafterFine Line Features $244,78470$3,263,585Oct 10
78Prisoner of the MountainsOrion Classics $221,56436$790,078Jan 31
79A Chef in LoveSony Pictures Classics $215,47134$686,704Apr 23
80The House of YesMiramax $211,18054$626,057Oct 10
81Das Boot
1997 Director's Cut
Sony Pictures Releasing $201,61329$572,426Apr 4
82Hollow ReedLionsgate $191,0357$265,732Apr 18
83Rough MagicThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $188,20230$247,202May 30
84Boys Life 2Strand Releasing $171,4186$532,654Mar 7
85Ma Vie en RoseSony Pictures Classics $151,95663$2,162,043Dec 26
86Happy TogetherKino International $147,9689$320,319Oct 10
87Paperback RomanceMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $137,06828$151,068Aug 15
88The Myth of FingerprintsSony Pictures Classics $125,55550$523,025Sep 17
89Welcome to SarajevoMiramax $116,75815$334,319Nov 26
90Roseanna's GraveFine Line Features $116,3306$123,330Jun 18
91FlamencoNew Yorker Films $114,7726$480,941Apr 25
92The Whole Wide WorldSony Pictures Classics $109,63620$375,757Dec 20
93Some Mother's SonSony Pictures Releasing $97,03335$671,437Dec 27
94AfterglowSony Pictures Classics $92,805353$2,465,960Dec 26
95Latin Boys Go to HellStrand Releasing $85,5413$199,033Sep 5
96Different for GirlsFirst Look International $84,75716$300,645Sep 12
97BlissTriumph Releasing Corporation $76,38212$294,064Jun 6
98Critical CareArtisan Entertainment $62,99534$221,193Oct 31
99Telling Lies in AmericaBanner Entertainment $57,80960$318,809Oct 17
100Irma VepZeitgeist Films $56,7696$282,310Apr 30
101The Substance of FireMiramax $56,21111$31,638Mar 14
102JohnsFirst Look International $50,7898$50,789Jan 31
103Hotel de Love-$45,56042$165,845Feb 7
104Troublesome Creek: A MidwesternArtistic License $45,1838$140,000Jan 3
105The BoxerUniversal Pictures $43,818523$5,980,578Dec 31
106NowhereFine Line Features $41,6676$194,201May 9
107The ApostleOctober Films $40,969751$19,868,354Dec 19
108Good Luck-$39,962106$39,962Mar 7
109Twin TownGramercy Pictures (I) $39,48618$127,923May 9
110KoylaMiramax $37,7953$37,795Jan 24
111Wag the DogNew Line Cinema $32,1381,752$43,061,945Dec 25
112KundunWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $27,513439$5,684,789Dec 25
113Going All the WayGramercy Pictures (I) $15,84317$113,069Sep 19
114The Winter GuestFine Line Features $14,24321$870,290Dec 25
115Hugo PoolNorthern Arts Entertainment $13,3304$13,330Dec 12
116Independence DayTwentieth Century Fox $13,1782,977$306,169,268Jul 3
117Waco: The Rules of Engagement-$8,0475$142,193Feb 28
118The Education of Little TreeParamount Pictures $5,47952$323,411Dec 25
119GuyGramercy Pictures (I) $4,1341$4,134Dec 17
120Childhood's EndPlainview Pictures $3,8041$3,804Apr 4
121Beyond Barbed Wire-$3,1091$3,109Jul 18
122Trojan WarWarner Bros. $3091$309Sep 26
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