Swiss-German Box Office Weekends For 2022

Data as of Nov 29, 14:21 PST
DatesTop 10 Gross%± LWOverall Gross%± LWReleases#1 Release Week
Sep 15-18$554,827-$554,827-2Ticket to Paradise37
Oct 13-16$234,643+6,229.7%$234,643+6,229.7%2Ticket to Paradise41
Nov 17-20$71,000+17.5%$71,000+17.5%1Ticket to Paradise46
Oct 27-30$180,567-3.8%$180,567-3.8%3Ticket to Paradise43
Sep 29-Oct 2$402,871-11.8%$402,871-11.8%2Ticket to Paradise39
Sep 22-25$456,548-17.7%$456,548-17.7%2Ticket to Paradise38
Oct 20-23$187,775-20%$187,775-20%2Ticket to Paradise42
Nov 3-6$136,956-24.2%$136,956-24.2%2Ticket to Paradise44
Nov 10-13$60,449-55.9%$60,449-55.9%2Ticket to Paradise45
Oct 6-9$3,707-99.1%$3,707-99.1%1Juniper40
Switzerland is divided into three separate markets: French-speaking, German-speaking and Italian-speaking. This chart combines all markets into one territory.