Israeli Box Office Weekends For 2023

Data as of Jun 2, 1:39 PDT
DatesTop 10 Gross%± LWOverall Gross%± LWReleases#1 Release Week
May 25-28$792,593-39.5%$792,593-39.5%8Fast X21
May 18-21$1,310,900+1,227%$1,310,900+1,227%6Fast X20
May 11-14$98,786-38.8%$98,786-38.8%5The Super Mario Bros. Movie19
May 4-7$161,411-47.4%$161,411-47.4%5The Super Mario Bros. Movie18
Apr 27-30$307,075+2%$307,075+2%5The Super Mario Bros. Movie17
Apr 20-23$301,015-72.4%$301,015-72.4%4The Super Mario Bros. Movie16
Apr 13-16$1,090,688-29.2%$1,090,688-29.2%8The Super Mario Bros. Movie15
Apr 6-9$1,539,876+588%$1,539,876+588%4The Super Mario Bros. Movie14
Mar 30-Apr 2$223,820-35.2%$223,820-35.2%5John Wick: Chapter 413
Mar 23-26$345,361+248.7%$345,361+248.7%5John Wick: Chapter 412
Mar 16-19$99,036+9.1%$99,036+9.1%6Cocaine Bear11
Mar 9-12$90,770-31%$90,770-31%5Cocaine Bear10
Mar 2-5$131,636+27.5%$131,636+27.5%6Cocaine Bear9
Feb 23-26$103,218-27%$103,218-27%5Puss in Boots: The Last Wish8
Feb 16-19$141,397-37.3%$141,397-37.3%6Puss in Boots: The Last Wish7
Feb 9-12$225,390-36.6%$225,390-36.6%7Puss in Boots: The Last Wish6
Feb 2-5$355,746+88.1%$355,746+88.1%7Knock at the Cabin5
Jan 26-29$189,095-7.8%$189,095-7.8%5Puss in Boots: The Last Wish4
Jan 19-22$205,141-$205,141-3M3GAN3
Jan 12-15------2
Jan 5-8$499,178+67.4%$499,178+67.4%7M3GAN1
This chart only includes grosses from U.S. studios and does not include local films and may not include American and foreign features.