Emirati Box Office Weekends For 2006

DatesTop 10 Gross%± LWOverall Gross%± LWReleases#1 Release Week
Sep 21-24$412,148-8.2%$412,148-8.2%5Little Man38
Sep 14-17$449,085-19.8%$449,085-19.8%5The New World
2005 Re-release
Sep 7-10$559,807-$559,807-5You, Me and Dupree36
Aug 3-6$599,494-$599,494-5Silent Hill31
Jul 13-16$842,982+94.3%$842,982+94.3%5Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest28
Jul 6-9$433,923-19.3%$433,923-19.3%5Stay Alive27
Jun 29-Jul 2$537,759+19.8%$537,759+19.8%5United 9326
Jun 22-25$448,970-20.8%$448,970-20.8%7RV25
Jun 15-18$567,178-34%$567,178-34%5RV24
Jun 8-11$858,970-15.6%$858,970-15.6%7Poseidon23
Jun 1-4$1,017,518+34.8%$1,017,518+34.8%5The Da Vinci Code22
May 25-28$755,076+38.7%$755,076+38.7%7X-Men: The Last Stand21
May 18-21$544,370-18.4%$544,370-18.4%5Lucky Number Slevin20
May 11-14$667,467-35.5%$667,467-35.5%6Mission: Impossible III19
May 4-7$1,034,972+33.2%$1,034,972+33.2%7Mission: Impossible III18
Apr 27-30$777,157+4.5%$777,157+4.5%6Final Destination 317
Apr 20-23$743,945-19%$743,945-19%6Ice Age: The Meltdown16
Apr 13-16$918,977+46.2%$918,977+46.2%5Ice Age: The Meltdown15
Apr 6-9$628,551-1.4%$628,551-1.4%5Valley of the Wolves: Iraq14
Mar 30-Apr 2$637,491+45.5%$637,491+45.5%8Inside Man13
Mar 23-26$438,288-17.7%$438,288-17.7%5The Dark12
Mar 16-19$532,227-14%$532,227-14%5BloodRayne11
Mar 9-12$618,613+2.5%$618,613+2.5%7Munich10
Mar 2-5$603,600-2.9%$603,600-2.9%8The Pink Panther9
Feb 23-26$621,402-4.4%$621,402-4.4%6Big Momma's House 28
Feb 16-19$650,289+10.9%$650,289+10.9%5Big Momma's House 27
Feb 9-12$586,209-4.2%$586,209-4.2%7Underworld: Evolution6
Feb 2-5$611,808+49.1%$611,808+49.1%7Underworld: Evolution5
Jan 26-29$410,275-41.2%$410,275-41.2%6The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe4
Jan 19-22$697,606-35.6%$697,606-35.6%7The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe3
Jan 12-15$1,082,656+228.9%$1,082,656+228.9%5The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe2
Jan 5-8$329,215-$329,215-5Fun with Dick and Jane1
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