Inside The Boys (2018)

The film was adapted from the terrorist incident at Bellow Tuberculosis Hospital. In a medical school of a combination of a tuberculosis hospital and a school, there are many patients who die from severe tuberculosis in this hospital. In particular, the anatomy room of the medical school is a gathering place for the dead, and the yin is very heavy. There are always a variety of terrorist events happening here. Lin Yu, a student of this medical school, posted on the Internet and found a research partner, Yuan Zhendong, a freshman in the medical department. The two started experimenting in the horror dissection room of the rumor that night. The original Zhendong of the first anatomical operation was unusually calm and familiar. With the arrival of the original Zhendong, various spiritual events were also staged: footsteps were always heard in a room where a medical school door was sealed and a metal mesh window was installed; students working in the dissection room often I will hear a low but clear Hello. cry from an adult man, but I will never see anyone else; Lin Yus several roommates seem to be in a spell: some people are inexplicably dying; some people are seriously injured in the building; When I woke up, I found myself in the dissection room; the anatomized body in the dissection room sat up in the middle of the night - The fascination of the medical school gradually surfaced, and fear shrouded everyones heart.

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Earliest Release DateAugust 31, 2018 (China)
Running Time1 hr 25 min


AreaRelease DateOpeningGross
ChinaAug 31, 2018$146,849$342,389