Possessions (2012)

Orlando is dying. Resigned to his fate, all he wants is to be left alone with his alcohol, drugs, and hermit crab. But his hopes of solitude are shattered when he is woken by Jean-Luc, an incessantly chatty Frenchman who happens to be a voice in his head. Now, in addition to cancer, Orlando must deal with Jean-Luc's never-ending questions and commentary, as well as the discovery that Jean-Luc is slowly taking over every sense of his body (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch).

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Earliest Release DateMarch 7, 2012 (France)
Running Time1 hr 26 min

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

AreaRelease DateOpeningGross
FranceMar 7, 2012$365,450$365,450
SlovakiaAug 30, 2012$23,185