Eiga 'Ichikei no karasu' (2023)

Two years after Michio Iruma left first criminal court of the Tokyo District Court, he now works as a judge at Setouchi in Okayama Prefecture. He currently has an injury case involving Japan's youngest ever Minister of Defense. Meanwhile, Chizuru Sakama works as a lawyer, following the system of judges' gain other work experience. She is currently working on a case involving a large local company. Her case is located in a neighboring town from where Michio works. Their two cases seem totally unrelated, but a secret is revealed between the two cases.

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Earliest Release DateJanuary 13, 2023 (Japan)
Running Time1 hr 59 min

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AreaRelease DateOpeningGross
JapanJan 13, 2023$1,848,363$7,377,092