Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear (2008)

6yr ago there was a talented youth being killed. his fiancée Reiko Akiba is now a very popular Soprano. the people who killed Reiko's fiancé are all killed by the point of "Definite Perfect Pitch" (Jor-Dai-Yin-Gan) from this youth's true father, Fuwa , Domoto Kazuki's piano pitch adjuster. Domoto Academy bought new Stradivalous Viola and perform in the opening of the Domoto Hall. But Fuwa had installed 24 bombs inside Domoto Hall. Before they explode, Reiko Akiba and Conan gotta stop Fuwa's 24th bomb that destroy all the facilities and kill everyone inside Domoto Hall. BTW, finally, Rachel spoke that when Kudo play Guitar there was a very bizarre habit from Kudo that she could easily figure that it must be Shinichi.

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Earliest Release DateApril 18, 2008 (Japan)
Running Time1 hr 56 min
GenresAction Adventure Animation Crime Family Mystery Thriller

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Original ReleaseApril 18-July 11, 2008APAC$22,996,756$22,996,756
2019 Re-releaseFebruary 14, 2019South Korea$763,420$763,420

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South Korea1$763,4202,306