Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui (2004)

Six ordinary Matoran are chosen to become Toa, guardians of the legendary city of Metru Nui. But as they accustom to their new role, conflicts quickly arise between them, and a sinister plot is set in motion right under their noses.

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Summary Details
Running Time1 hr 15 min
GenresAction Adventure Animation Family Fantasy
Crew MemberRole
David Molina Director
Terry Shakespeare Director
Henry Gilroy Writer
Bob Thompson Writer
Henry Gilroy Writer
Greg Klein Writer
Tom Pugsley Writer
Sue Shakespeare Producer
Nathan Furst Composer
Craig Russo Editor
Eric Hilleary Production Designer
David Max Production Designer
Gloria Shih Production Designer
Christopher Gaze
Michael Dobson
Paul Dobson
Tabitha St. Germain