O Simdi Asker (2003)

Turkey's northwest has suffered a devastating earthquake on August 17th, 1999. The government is in need of lots of money to compensate the cost of recovering from this catastrophe. So they decide to pass a new, temporary law, which suggests that every man of Turkish citizenship over a certain age can now pay some certain amount of money to the government of Turkey, and in return for that, complete his military service in 28 days instead of the regular 18 months. Many people want to take advantage of that, including famous singers and businessmen, and they're all sent to the same army base to carry out their 28-day-long military service. One of them is a young man who has lost his home and his entire family in the earthquake, thus being allowed to join the 28-day crew without paying anything. Obviously, he's much different from anyone else around him, by all means. But he's not the only different one. There are many interesting and almost strange people there, one of whom cannot even speak or understand Turkish. All these young men, most of whom are rich or famous, live the utmost experience of their lives at the army base, involving mostly funny yet sentimental moments. They have all gone there to return home by the end of the month, but things take a different turn at some point. Maybe they should have taken their army duty more seriously after all...

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Earliest Release DateMarch 21, 2003 (Turkey)
Running Time2 hr 5 min
GenresComedy Drama

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

AreaRelease DateOpeningGross
GermanyMay 8, 2003$981,677
TurkeyMar 21, 2003$630,550$4,719,590