Gyimesi vadvirág (1939)

Based, or paralleling, a Hungarian operetta that was popular there following World War I, and the film features the music of Johaan Sebastian Bach: Zoltan Greguss jilts his fiancée, Klari Tolnay, on their wedding day because her father had jilted his mother in the same church years before. (It doesn't occur to him that if her father had married his mother, neither he nor Tolnay would exist as the same people.) Shortly afterward, Tolnay marries Jozsef Timar. From there on, there are many squabbles and mix-ups until Greguss meets, romances, and marries another girl.

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Summary Details
Running Time1 hr 22 min
Crew MemberRole
Ákos Ráthonyi Director
István Géczy Writer
Károly Aszlányi Writer
Imre Hajdú Composer
Károly Vass Cinematographer
Zoltán Farkas Editor
Imre Sörés Production Designer
Klári Tolnay
Zsóka Ölvedy
Gerö Mály
József Timár