Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)

An orphan who has been raised at a kung fu school, where he is treated as little more than a dogsbody and practice target for the students, has a life-changing experience after helping an old peripatetic beggar.

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Summary Details
Running Time1 hr 37 min
GenresAction Comedy
Crew MemberRole
Woo-Ping Yuen Director
Chi Yuan Hsi Writer
Huo An Hsi Writer
Lung Hsiao Writer
See-Yuen Ng Writer
Chi-Kuang Tsai Writer
See-Yuen Ng Producer
Fu-Liang Chou Composer
Raymond Chang Cinematographer
Hung Poon Editor
Yuen-Tai Ting Production Designer
Jackie Chan
Siu-Tin Yuen
Jang-Lee Hwang
Dean Shek