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Q. 'Happy Feet' and 'Casino Royale' have been the top two pictures respectively for three weekends in a row now, while 'Happy Feet', 'Casino Royale' and 'Deja Vu' repeated as the top three movies. How often does this happen?

A. The same two movies ranking first and second for three consecutive weekends has happened 24 times since 1982, when weekend box office was first widely tracked. The last instance was Black Hawk Down and Snow Dogs on Feb. 1-3, 2002.

For total consecutive weekends in first and second, the record to beat is six weekends, which occurred on July 13-15, 1984, when Ghostbusters and Gremlins led the box office.

As for the top three movies repeating in their respective positions for a second weekend, this occurred just three weeks ago with Borat, The Santa Clause 3 and Flushed Away and has happened 47 times since 1982.

Eight is the record for the most movies to repeat in their exact rankings for two weekends in a row, and it occurred on Jan. 14-16, 1983 and Jan. 28-30, 1983.

Records for single movies being at No. 1, in the top 5 or top 10 can be found on the Best Ranking Movies page in the All Time section by clicking here.

Filed by Sean Saulsbury on December 4, 2006

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