Charlie's Angels Showdown

Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Mr. Deeds

Release Summary

Genre Spy Comedy Wire-Fu TV Show Adaptation Heroine Heroine Wire-Fu Sequel Comedy TV Show Adaptation Romantic Comedy Remake
DistributorSony Pictures Releasing Sony Pictures Releasing Sony Pictures Releasing
Release DateNov 3, 2000Jun 27, 2003Jun 28, 2002
Gross To Date $125,305,545$100,830,111$126,293,452
Production Budget$93,000,000$120,000,000$50,000,000
Running Time1 hr 38 min1 hr 46 min1 hr 36 min
MPAA RatingPG-13PG-13PG-13

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $125,305,545$100,830,111$126,293,452
Opening Weekend $40,128,550$37,634,221$37,162,787
Opening % of Total32%37.3%29.4%
Widest Release3,0373,4853,239
Close DateOct 2, 2003Dec 19, 2002
In Release424 days / 60 weeks188 days / 26 weeks189 days / 27 weeks
Weekends at #1211
Weekends in Top 10745

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$264,105,545$259,175,788$171,269,535
Foreign Gross$138,800,000$158,345,677$44,976,083
Foreign % of Worldwide52.6%61.1%26.3%
Domestic Gross$125,305,545$100,830,111$126,293,452
Domestic % of Worldwide47.4%38.9%73.7%