Top Grossing Original Animated Openers

The Secret Life of Pets

Inside Out


Release Summary

Genre CGI Animation 3D CGI Animation Surreal 3D CGI Animation 3D IMAX
DistributorUniversal Pictures Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release DateJul 8, 2016Jun 19, 2015Mar 4, 2016
Gross To Date $368,384,330$356,461,711$341,268,248
Production Budget$75,000,000$175,000,000
Running Time1 hr 27 min1 hr 35 min1 hr 48 min

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $368,384,330$356,461,711$341,268,248
Opening Weekend $104,352,905$90,440,272$75,063,401
Opening % of Total28.3%25.4%22%
Widest Release4,3814,1583,959
Close DateDec 29, 2016Dec 10, 2015Aug 4, 2016
In Release182 days / 26 weeks203 days / 29 weeks303 days / 43 weeks
Weekends at #1213
Weekends in Top 107813

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$875,457,937$857,611,174$1,023,784,195
Foreign Gross$507,073,607$501,149,463$682,515,947
Foreign % of Worldwide57.9%58.4%66.7%
Domestic Gross$368,384,330$356,461,711$341,268,248
Domestic % of Worldwide42.1%41.6%33.3%