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The Rock

Release Summary

Genre Action Adventure Mystery Thriller Action Crime Thriller Action Crime Thriller Action Adventure Thriller
DistributorWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney Studios
Release DateNov 19, 2004Jun 9, 2000Jun 6, 1997Jun 7, 1996
Domestic Gross $173,008,894$101,648,571$101,117,573$134,069,511
Production Budget$100,000,000$90,000,000$75,000,000$75,000,000
Running Time2 hr 11 min1 hr 58 min1 hr 55 min2 hr 16 min
MPAA RatingRated PG for action violence and some scary imagesRated PG-13 for violence, sexuality and languageRated R for strong violence and languageRated R for strong violence, language and a sex scene

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $173,008,894$101,648,571$101,117,573$134,069,511
Opening Weekend $35,142,554$25,336,048$24,131,738$25,069,525
Opening % of Total20.3%24.9%23.9%18.7%
Widest Release3,2433,0892,9412,426
Close DateJun 2, 2005Oct 16, 1997Dec 5, 1996
In Release408 days / 58 weeks210 days / 30 weeks209 days / 29 weeks210 days / 30 weeks
Weekends at #13111
Weekends in Top 107677

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$347,512,318$237,202,299$224,012,234$335,062,621
Foreign Gross$174,503,424$135,553,728$122,894,661$200,993,110
Foreign % of Worldwide50.2%57.1%54.9%60%
Domestic Gross$173,008,894$101,648,571$101,117,573$134,069,511
Domestic % of Worldwide49.8%42.9%45.1%40%