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Release Summary

Genre Comic Book Adaptation Adventure The Middle East Superhero Origin Story Comic Book Adaptation Chase Superhero Origin Story Science Fiction Comic Book Adaptation Adventure Superhero IMAX Comic Book Adaptation Adventure Superhero 3D Origin Story IMAX Fantasy Comic Book Adaptation Adventure World War II Superhero War 3D Origin Story Comic Book Adaptation Adventure Superhero 3D IMAX Alien Invasion
DistributorParamount Pictures Universal Pictures Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release DateMay 2, 2008Jun 13, 2008May 7, 2010May 6, 2011Jul 22, 2011May 4, 2012
Gross To Date $318,604,126$134,806,913$312,433,331$181,030,624$176,654,505$623,357,910
Production Budget$140,000,000$150,000,000$200,000,000$150,000,000$140,000,000$220,000,000
Running Time2 hr 6 min1 hr 52 min2 hr 4 min1 hr 55 min2 hr 4 min2 hr 23 min
MPAA RatingPG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $318,604,126$134,806,913$312,433,331$181,030,624$176,654,505$623,357,910
Opening Weekend $98,618,668$55,414,050$128,122,480$65,723,338$65,058,524$207,438,708
Opening % of Total31%41.1%41%36.3%36.8%33.3%
Widest Release4,1543,5084,3903,9633,7154,349
Close DateOct 2, 2008Sep 4, 2008Aug 19, 2010Aug 25, 2011Nov 10, 2011Oct 4, 2012
In Release974 days / 139 weeks202 days / 28 weeks239 days / 34 weeks240 days / 34 weeks168 days / 24 weeks242 days / 34 weeks
Weekends at #1212213
Weekends in Top 10857649

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$585,366,247$264,770,996$623,933,331$449,326,618$370,569,774$1,518,812,988
Foreign Gross$266,762,121$129,964,083$311,500,000$268,295,994$193,915,269$895,455,078
Foreign % of Worldwide45.6%49.1%49.9%59.7%52.3%59%
Domestic Gross$318,604,126$134,806,913$312,433,331$181,030,624$176,654,505$623,357,910
Domestic % of Worldwide54.4%50.9%50.1%40.3%47.7%41%