'Megamind' Vs. 'Wreck-It Ralph'


Wreck-It Ralph

Release Summary

Genre Superhero 3D IMAX Comedy CGI Animation CGI Animation 3D
DistributorDreamWorks (at Paramount) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release DateNov 5, 2010Nov 2, 2012
Gross To Date $148,415,853$189,422,889
Production Budget$130,000,000$165,000,000
Running Time1 hr 35 min1 hr 41 min

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $148,415,853$189,422,889
Opening Weekend $46,016,833$49,038,712
Opening % of Total31%25.9%
Widest Release3,9493,752
Close DateFeb 24, 2011May 2, 2013
In Release422 days / 60 weeks425 days / 60 weeks
Weekends at #121
Weekends in Top 1067

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$321,885,765$471,222,889
Foreign Gross$173,469,912$281,800,000
Foreign % of Worldwide53.9%59.8%
Domestic Gross$148,415,853$189,422,889
Domestic % of Worldwide46.1%40.2%