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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Alvin and the Chipmunks



Release Summary

Genre Anthropomorphic Animal Family CGI Animation 3D Adventure Comedy Anthropomorphic Animal Family Cartoon Adaptation Anthropomorphic Animal Family Cartoon Adaptation Comedy Anthropomorphic Animal Cartoon Adaptation Family Comedy Adventure Cartoon Adaptation Family Off-Screen Couples On-Screen Anthropomorphic Animal Dog Anthropomorphic Animal Comedy Family
DistributorWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 20th Century Fox Film Corporation 20th Century Fox Film Corporation 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Warner Bros. Universal Pictures
Release DateJul 24, 2009Jun 11, 2004Dec 23, 2009Dec 14, 2007Jun 14, 2002Apr 1, 2011
Gross To Date $119,436,770$75,369,589$219,614,612$217,326,974$153,294,164$108,085,305
Production Budget$150,000,000$50,000,000$75,000,000$60,000,000$84,000,000$63,000,000
Running Time1 hr 28 min1 hr 20 min1 hr 28 min1 hr 32 min1 hr 29 min1 hr 35 min

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $119,436,770$75,369,589$219,614,612$217,326,974$153,294,164$108,085,305
Opening Weekend $31,706,934$21,727,611$48,875,415$44,307,417$54,155,312$37,543,710
Opening % of Total26.5%28.8%22.3%20.4%35.3%34.7%
Widest Release3,6973,1503,7473,4993,4473,616
Close DateDec 3, 2009Nov 4, 2004May 20, 2010Jun 5, 2008Oct 31, 2002Jun 16, 2011
In Release168 days / 24 weeks204 days / 29 weeks374 days / 53 weeks384 days / 54 weeks201 days / 28 weeks275 days / 39 weeks
Weekends at #1100012
Weekends in Top 10646645

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$292,817,841$203,172,417$443,140,005$365,352,546$275,650,703$183,953,723
Foreign Gross$173,381,071$127,802,828$223,525,393$148,025,572$122,356,539$75,868,418
Foreign % of Worldwide59.2%62.9%50.4%40.5%44.4%41.2%
Domestic Gross$119,436,770$75,369,589$219,614,612$217,326,974$153,294,164$108,085,305
Domestic % of Worldwide40.8%37.1%49.6%59.5%55.6%58.8%